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    i congratulate you dayo

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    Yes YEs YES!!!
    We won ????????????

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    Now let the reunion start
    But we still need to know how Moyo no about Iteoluwa

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    At long last, Dayo is free once again….
    Now what’s next? I guess u r going to marry Arike abi?

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    Theme: A disguised sponsor

    Arike’s POV

    “Arike…” a familiar feminine voice called my name.
    I turned to see Mrs Moyosoreoluwa there in the court room.
    “I thought you didn’t attend until I saw you when I was about to leave with my family.” She folded her arms.
    I just nodded my head. “Where is Dayo?” I asked.
    “He is reconciling with barrister Bamidele, settling issues from the past.” She answered.
    “Alright..well I have been thinking -“ she interrupted me.
    “How I found out about your daughter.” She completed my intended statement.
    “Yes.” I said.
    She walked closer to me. “How did you find out about my child?” I asked.
    “I think about two years ago.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa answered.
    My head snapped up to look at her. “What?!” I gasped out.
    “I saw you in New York at a children home precisely.” She said.

    My eyebrows drew together. “What are you talking about?” I asked.
    “The first time I saw you in New York was at a children funfair in Charlie pack. You were with a little girl of about two years but later on I found out you came with other kids from a foster home.

    I researched about your foster home and donated a part of the money I got for compensation from my husband upon the order of the court.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa explained.
    I was still a bit confused. “But I am in charge of records and I have never seen your name on the list of the foster home sponsors.” I said with a furrowed eyebrows.

    “Mrs Joanna.” She blurted out.
    My eyes widened in shock. “You are Mrs Joanna?” I gasped out in shock.
    She nodded her head in agreement. “The anonymous Mrs Joanna who never showed up to see the children or even attend special events is me.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa said.
    Mrs Joanna was one of our top ten sponsors. Each time we send her an invite through the phone number she dropped in the information book, all she ever did was reply by crediting the foster home bank account.

    I didn’t know Mrs Moyosoreoluwa has been the home sponsor for over two years now.
    “I had to hide my identity because I didn’t want you to know anything about me. I thought revealing myself to you would make my parents know about my whereabouts. I had it in mind that you were still in contact with Dayo and I didn’t want to have anything to do with him after he turned down my advice and help.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa explained in a calm down.

    Mrs Moyosoreoluwa still hasn’t explained how she got to know I was carrying Dayo’s child.
    “Don’t be confused.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa said as if she had read my mind.
    “I didn’t know that little girl was your child until three days ago. When I visited Dayo at the police station, we talked about a lot of thing and one of which was his regret of ever letting you go to be with Shalewa. And then he told me what happened between the both of you few days to his wedding.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa narrated.
    I looked away from her as tears streamed down my cheeks.
    “So I put two and two together and fixed things up in my head. be honest, I have always thought you would end up with Dayo but when he informed me that he was getting married to someone else I scolded him for letting you go.” She said.
    “It wasn’t supposed to happen..I know it was wrong of me to have slept with him knowing that he was soon getting married but -“ I pursed and nibbled on my bottom lip.
    “Arike-“ i interrupted her.
    “I love much.” I said shakily.
    “I know..I have always known that you felt something towards my brother.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa said as she covered the gap between us.
    “It had hurt me to watch him date other girls and even get married to someone he doesn’t love just because he wanted to fulfill a responsibility to the company. And after I found out I was pregnant..I couldn’t tell him about it because I never wanted him to get into trouble with his father.” I cried as I rushed out my words.

    Mrs Moyosoreoluwa pulled me in for an embrace. “Everything you have ever done is to make my brother happy. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for him.”
    We embraced the each other for a while before she pulled away from me. Mrs Moyosoreoluwa had tears in her eyes too.
    “You don’t know how happy I am to find out that you have Dayo’s child. Thank you, Arike.” She hugged me again.

    And I couldn’t control my tears as I kept wiping my face.
    “I will tell him about my child..she has longed to meet him but I kept postponing her. I promised her that I would bring her to meet her father once everything is settled.” I sniffed.
    “So I guess..this is the right time for you to be happy with Dayo. You deserve to be with him together with your daughter.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa said as she gave my hand a small squeeze.
    “Arike, I am hoping that you will give Dayo a chance to make things right and be the father your child deserve.” Mrs Moyosoreoluwa said as she reached out to wipe her face.
    I shook my head in agreement before she hugged me again.

    The End ??

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    Hahahaha, the should not be the end joor

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    Hope the story have season two2 sha
    Anyways welldone for story I really enjoy it very

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    Very well?????

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