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    Episode 1

    It was snowing heavily outside. She watched as the winter kissed clouds rained down the pristine flakes down the earth in anger. A thick fog built an empire over the Iowan atmosphere, making it difficult for people to see.
    She took a deep breath and peeled herself from the window, knowing she wouldn’t spend this particular Christmas in the United States of America. Home was calling, family was whispering and she couldn’t deny the yearning of her mother

    Eno Benjamin pulled the curtains together and moved towards the table where she had dropped her house keys. She was leaving for Nigeria in the next few hours, and she had to move fast to the airport as she had a flight to catch.
    She closed her eyes and pulled in a settling breath which made her feel a little warm. Her heart was beating fast against her chest as she thought about the family she had left behind for many years. She hoped they had all changed. And she also hoped that she wasn’t making a grave mistake by travelling home.
    Slowly, she grabbed her box which she rolled outside, while pausing at the entrance, she ran her eyes over the dark bluish painted interior.
    ‘I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.’ She muttered underneath her breath. In five minutes, the driver she had called would be there soon. Satisfied with her mini scrutiny, she shut the door with a bang and proceeded to the wooden bench she had on her porch, where she would wait for the taxi.
    The chilly weather didn’t do much for her mood. She was having period cramps which made her very irritated. She hated the weather, and the snow.
    ‘D--n,’ she exhaled, her hands finding their way to her abdomen instinctively.
    Though she had been a Medical Practitioner for many years, she had never gotten around the stinging pain that accompanied periods. She pursed her lips and pulled out her phone, just to distract her mind from what she was feeling.
    Eno had just returned from the Indian City of Tamil Nadu, where the Hospital she worked for had gone on a Charity mission to the locals who couldn’t afford medication.
    A smile played on her lips as she remembered the beautiful places, she and her colleague had visited in India. She had touched the Umaid Bhawa Palace, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. She had tasted some Indian foods, and their Spiced Chicken was the best for her.
    Her light brown eyes glowed like little sea pebbles at night as she went through the different pictures she had taken with her colleagues, who she would miss by the way.
    “Good morning Ma’am!”
    The loud honking of a sienna interrupted her picture viewing session and she quickly jumped towards the cab. It was time to leave for the airport.
    ‘Hello,’ she whispered and tightened her coat as she stepped into the snow. A river of snowflakes kissed would’ve kissed her dark hair if she hadn’t worn a winter cap.
    Respite poured on her as she finally settled in the back of the car. She was safe from the insensitive cold as the car heater was on. Soon, she would be in the airport and then her home country.
    Eno had relocated to the United States when she was nineteen years old. She had always had the passion to study Medicine and Surgery, but not in her home country, because of the faulty academic foundations.
    At first, the plans she had for her future had seemed very elusive, just like a mirage. But luck had smiled on her, when she had won a scholarship to study abroad.
    After six years of study, she had emerged as one of the best graduating students in her class and had been offered automatic employment in one of the state hospitals.
    ‘Can you turn that off?’ Eno bit her lip. She hated songs that that were depressing, especially when it was snowing so heavily.
    ‘Don’t you have a Christmas Carol or something?’ She rolled her eyes. She wasn’t comfortable with the gloomy voice of Jimmy Reeves, which always sent a chill down her spine whenever she was travelling.

    The taxi driver quickly apologized and began to search for a suitable song for his customer.
    ‘Would you like “Love came down at Christmas?” It’s the latest Rhythm and Blues Song by Beyonce.’ He sought her consent. Eno shrugged, any song other than Jimmy Reeves’ was fine by her.
    ‘Play it.’ She relaxed against her seat and stared out the window.
    The taxi driver wasn’t the type to allow a lull in his car, ‘It is a beautiful love song and I find the lyrics kind of prophetic.’ He began.
    ‘Why?’ Eno asked coldly, not pulling her eyes away from the snowcapped rooftops of buildings as they journeyed towards the airport.
    She wasn’t in the mood to talk, and even if she were, she hated talking to strangers.
    ‘What many people don’t know is this, Christmas is a season of love and you can get connected to the man or woman of your dreams.’ He explained, and went further to give Eno a long list of celebrities who fell in love at Christmas.
    Cutting him off would be rude, and she hated being rude to service people, so she decided to use this opportunity to go through the pictures on her phone. While his baritone rumbled through the journey, her eyes and her mind were glued to her phone screen.
    At first, she kept on smiling at the happy pictures they had taken at Tamil Nadu, but a sick feeling crept up within her as she stared at the picture of an eight year old girl that was battling with a heart disease.
    ‘Jahnvi,’ her lips trembled as she called the name of the hazel eyed girl in the picture.
    Little Jahnvi had suffered a rare heart disease , Truncus arteriosus which is a rare heart condition that occurs when the aorta, coronary arteries, and pulmonary artery all come out of one common trunk.
    Her parents didn’t have the money for surgery even though they had been saving up since the little girl was born. Tears rushed down Eno’s face as she remembered the last moments she shared with the girl, just before the surgery which had led to her death.
    Her heart wrenched at the thought of her first failure after several years of practice. She found it difficult to push the images of the crying parents out of her mind when she had announced to them that their little daughter had died in the theater.
    ‘I failed Jahnvi, I failed everyone,’ she sobbed quietly at the back of the car. Though this had happened two months back, the wounds were still fresh and she found it difficult to sleep without seeing the images of the innocent child.

    To be continued………………….

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    Eno, its not your fault that the girl died. Am sure that God allowed it for a reason, so don’t punish yourself too much
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    Her Christmas desire season 1 &2

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    ride on

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    Her Christmas desire

    Episode 2

    The cab driver had been watching her, at first, he didn’t want to probe. But when the tears gushed out more generously, he found it difficult to ignore her.
    ‘Are you alright Ma’m?’ He asked.
    Quickly she remembered she wasn’t alone. She found it difficult to cry in front of people, so she wiped her face and told the man that she was okay.

    ‘You can drop me here,’ her face brightened as she realized they had reached the airport. Spending Christmas alone in her current emotional state wasn’t advisable, and that was one of the reasons she had decided to travel home.
    They both stepped down from the car. While the driver went to the trunk to get her box, she fed her eyes with the beehive of the airport. The International Airport was flooding with people. Some were coming in, and some were leaving.
    A rush of excitement replaced the sorrow she felt earlier as she looked on, she couldn’t wait to set foot in Nigeria after seventeen years.
    ‘Here you go, have a safe trip.’ The driver flashed a smile which she returned.
    ‘Thanks, you too,’ She collected the box and advanced towards the waiting area, where she would stay just before her flight was announced.
    A smile played on her lips as she remembered the first time she had travelled by airplane to America. She had been so young and afraid; her mother had kicked against it, but she had fought so hard to make her dreams come true.
    Her smile faded another time as she thought about her family, her mother especially. She wasn’t too close to the woman, because of her arrogance towards their father whom she considered weak at times.
    Eno was the first child out of four. She had two younger sisters, and a prodigal brother who had run away from home when he was just sixteen. Elvis was still alive, and the last time she saw him was on Television where he was being arrested for drug trafficking.
    She thought of her younger sisters- Cassandra and Elena, whom she missed a great deal. Along the years, they had only communicated over the phone and social media platforms. Eno had made sure that she helped her family in the littlest way that she could do. If it wasn’t for their support, she wouldn’t have made it out here.
    A gust of wind rustled her hair as she reached the waiting area, and she decided she had enough of the wintery torture. She had been fighting the urge not to battle the cold in her own way, but she had no option. Her fingers itched for a cig. Her body yearned for another kind of warmth that only a stick or more of Marlboro could offer.
    She dropped her box gently and assessed the box like tent she had entered. She was the only one in there, and that made her plans more appropriate as some people were allergic to smoke.
    Her fingers fumbled through her hand bag as she searched for the pack of Marlboro and her lighter. The urge to quench the coldness within her, and to calm her nerves increased with the frantic search.
    ‘Finally,’ she smiled as she found it.
    She pulled out a stick neatly, and lit it without hesitation. Before taking the burning stick to her lips, she dragged in the seducing scent of tobacco and mint leaves, a mixture that always drove her crazy.
    Eyes closed, ears shut to whatever was happening around her, Eno took the first drag and let the heat dance through her slender body. It was heaven. She felt like heaven. And she wasn’t going to stop in a long while.
    “A beautiful woman and a Cigarette is one hell of a combination.” A deep voice whispered close to her, and her eyes cracked open at once.
    She glared at a guy who was far from handsome, but had this aura of confidence around him. His eyes were sharp and arrogant, piercing deeply into her soul. She’d wanted to ignore him, but he walked towards her and took a seat next to hers.
    ‘You shouldn’t be smoking darling, it’s not healthy.’ He smiled and leaned closer to her. He was going to take the cigarettes from her fingers and she wasn’t going to stop him.

    The Benjamins were all complete in the dining hall, in a few hours, Eno would return from the States and this would be a very great occasion. The hall was decked with roses and dahlias which were her favorite flowers. Yellow ribbons and white balloons were littered all over the floor, as the decorations weren’t completed yet.
    ‘You should hurry with those ribbons Cassie, we have a lot of things to do in the kitchen.’ Elena called out to her elder sister.
    ‘Whatever, where is mum anyway?’ Cassie fired back, while working on binding the ribbons and balloons together.
    Elena rolled her eyes, ‘on the phone, she says she has a surprise for us and I’m wondering if it is dad.’ She sighed and moved over to arranging dishes in a vertical order on the glass table.
    The sisters fell silent at the mention of their father, whom their mother had divorced five years ago. Mrs. Benjamin was a very materialistic woman who wanted a lot of things that her ex husband couldn’t afford.
    Their marriage suffered a lot of hassles, which had roots in financial disagreements, until she finally took the decision to end things with him. At first, her children had been shocked, they had persuaded her, but all to no avail.
    Her mind was made up and she wasn’t going to turn back. All of her children begged her to take their father back, except one, Eno.
    ‘Do you think father would come tonight?’ Elena, who was just twenty three, asked in a sad voice. She had loved her father very much and she shared a resemblance with him, but her life was empty and lonely without him.
    She knew the consequences of visiting her father, and she wasn’t prepared to face her mother, who was now the breadwinner of the family.
    Cassandra who was often called, “Cassie,” dropped the balloons and rose to her feet. She missed their father too, but there was nothing they could do to bring him back.
    ‘Ellie…’ she called her younger sister gently.
    ‘I want dad here, nothing is the same since his departure,’ tears welled up in Elena’s golden eyes but she blinked them away.
    Cassandra felt his absence too, but tonight wasn’t about their father. It was about their elder sister who had worked very hard to give them a comfortable life. Tonight was about a selfless personality who had sacrificed a lot to make them happy.
    ‘I miss him too, but I don’t him he would be here. We have to be strong Elena. Every one of us is hurt except mum, because she never loved dad. We can talk about him some other time, but tonight we focus on our sister.’ Cassandra bit her lip as she remembered their brother Elvis was equally absent.
    Elena knew exactly what she was thinking, ‘Elvis is fine, he sent me a message on Facebook. But he just doesn’t want to come home yet. He wants to be fully prepared to face mum.’

    To be continued………………

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    Ride on

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