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    nice start

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    This should be intresting

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    Nice start

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    Her Christmas desire

    Episode 3

    Cassie quickly withdrew her hands from her sister’s shoulder, ‘Elvis contacted you? How long were you going to tell me that?’ She scoffed and stepped back, feeling upset that her sister would keep such a heavy secret from her.
    A tear ran down Elena’s face, ‘You won’t understand, if he comes here, our lives maybe endangered. Elvis was working with very powerful drug lords before his arrest. Now he has been pardoned, he must tread carefully.’ She explained the reason she hadn’t shared the information with her sister

    While the Benjamin sister were still talking, Tamar Benjamin, their mother stepped out of her room and descended on the steps slowly and gently, like a serpent that was watching its prey.
    She knew her daughters were talking about Eno, her eldest child whom she never agreed with. She missed Eno greatly, and she was very happy that she would spend this yuletide season with them. Her excitement increased by each step taken, she had plans for her daughter, and she had already set them into motion.
    ‘What are you two bickering about? There’s a lot to do!’ She rolled her eyes as she landed at the foot of the stairs.
    The sisters went quiet at once.
    ‘We were talking about dad.’ Elena hissed angrily. She had a temper and could be very rebellious at times.
    ‘Elena!’ Cassie gritted her teeth.
    Mrs. Benjamin raised a hand, ‘No, let her speak!’
    Elena’s hear thumped in an uncertain rhythm as she looked her mother in the eye.
    ‘How do you think Eno would feel coming home to find out that dad isn’t here to welcome her? And how would she feel knowing that you have sold her off to some arrogant King?’
    Cassandra understood the first line, but the second didn’t sit well with her. She looked from her younger sister to her mother, and realized something had been brewing between these two and she wasn’t even aware of it.
    ‘Excuse me, what is going on here and what arrogant King are you talking about?’ Cassie faced Elena for more explanation.
    Elena scoffed and ran her thick fingers through her curly hair, ‘Why don’t you ask your mother? She didn’t divorce dad because of his financial situation alone, she hated him for disagreeing with her.’
    Tamar’s mouth went dry as she stared at her lastborn. She couldn’t believe this girl still had delinquent tendencies. For heaven’s sake, she was no longer a teen!
    ‘What is she talking about mum?’ Cassie drew in a deep breath, expecting the worst but hoping for something different. She knew her mother was a greedy woman who hated to work. She could sell off her daughters just to purchase the latest jewelry in town.
    Tamar avoided Cassie’s accusing gaze, ‘Your sister is thirty six years old. Eno is a very beautiful woman and she has found purpose for her life…’ she paused.
    ‘Why don’t you just hit the hammer on the nail?’ Elena moved away from the scene angrily, and returned to arranging the table.
    Tamar s----d in air to calm herself, ‘You girls should all be married by now, but if your sister fails to get married, you two may not see the need to. I got married very early, though to a miserable man, but I have plans for you girls.’ She smiled, expecting them to understand that she wanted the best for them.
    Cassie was impatient with her mother’s explanation, ‘Mother, can you just tell me what I need to know?’
    Tamar closed her eyes, ‘Okay, your sister has always been betrothed to the King of Lagos, but she doesn’t know that. His parents helped her a lot in school though she doesn’t know that. I thought he would’ve forgotten about her after many years apart, but he didn’t. He just returned from Amsterdam two weeks ago and he has been pestering me to visit his wife. This is one of the reasons I pressured your sister to come home.’ She averted her daughter’s eyes.
    Cassie scoffed, ‘I don’t understand, what do you mean by “your sister has always been betrothed to the King of Lagos,” please explain it to me mum.’
    Mrs. Benjamin blinked away the tears that had gathered in her eyes, knowing that her kids would judge her for the decision she had taken in favor of them all.
    ‘Your sister had always dreamed of being a medical doctor. I couldn’t just fold my arms and do nothing like your father. I worked so hard to see her dreams come true, but I knew the meager salary I earned as a Civil Servant wouldn’t take her anywhere.
    So…I told one of my rich friends about it and she said she could help me. The first day the King and his wife saw the picture of Enobong, they fell in love with her and so did their son, Yemi. They said they would fund her education on one condition which was a marriage between Yemi and Eno whenever she was done.
    I agreed because I really wanted her to get better education outside. But I asked that the betrothing remain a secret between I and them, because if Eno knew about it, she would change her mind about going to school outside.’
    Cassie felt weak by her mother’s confession, ‘But what about the scholarship…I don’t understand…’
    Tamar brushed the tears off her face, ‘I went to a typist who helped me make that up. I knew that was the only way Eno would accept to school outside, I made it look like she had been considered for a scholarship when in truth, the King’s household had been funding her education.’
    She had been lying to the Royal family all these years about Eno, but they were tired of waiting. Yemi wasn’t getting any younger, and he wanted to get married to the beautiful woman he had seen in the picture.
    ‘I told you! I told you that she is a devil. She is going to sell us off to me because of money.’ Elena mistakenly dropped one of the ceramic plates which shattered the silence in the room.

    Tamar bit her lip angrily, ‘Enough! If it wasn’t for the goodhearted King, your sister would never have gotten a better education. None of you here would live in this beautiful house. You should be licking my feet in appreciation.’ She folded her arms into a fist, ready to fight anyone who would stand in the way of her promotion to Queen Mother.
    ‘But mum, have you thought of Eno’s happiness? What about her life in America? What if she has fallen in love with someone?’ Cassie asked in a gentle voice.
    Tamar smiled, of all the daughter’s she had, Cassie had always been the thoughtful and pragmatic one.
    ‘Darling, I don’t care if your sister has a man in her life. The gold from the King’s court flourished her body and made her destiny come through. She has reaped enough benefits from the Royal House, it is time for her to payback.’
    ‘But what if she doesn’t want him?’ Cassie asked.
    Tamar shrugged, ‘She has no option, but to want him.’
    Elena sat in a corner brooding over her sister’s fate, resentment for her mother growing within her.
    ‘You are the worst mother in the world!’ She yelled.

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    marcus Victoria
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    Her Christmas desire

    Episode 4

    A sharp pain struck Tamar in the heart as her youngest child said that, but she decided not to take her too seriously.
    ‘Thank you Elena for that compliment. I forgot to add that the King would be joining us to welcome your sister…’ she paused as she noticed confusion in Cassie’s eyes.
    ‘I don’t understand, is Yemi a king?’

    Tamar laughed, ‘Not yet darling, he would be, once your sister agrees to marry him.’
    Elena hissed loudly, ‘I would not be welcoming my sister then. I can’t stand you or that stupid King.’ She ascended the stairs immediately.
    Cassie sighed and folded her arms across her chest, she couldn’t believe this was happening. It seemed like a freaking movie, only that it was taking place in her house.
    ‘Why didn’t you tell Eno about this? She believed she worked to hard and that was the reason she earned the “schorlarship,” you made a fool of everyone mother. Is this the reason you divorced dad?’Cassie wondered.
    Tamar nodded, ‘Your father was a weakling, and I was always the only one taking decisions for the family. I have my flaws, but whenever I make use of my God given perfections, I do it for the good of everyone.’ She moved closer to Cass and placed a hand on her shoulder.
    ‘I know this is too much for you to ask, but I want you to help me convince your sister to marry the King.’ Tamar begged.
    Cassandra looked away, she knew that would mean betraying sisterhood.
    ‘I can’t do that.’ She released her arms and shifted away from her mother.
    ‘Of course you can, please, help me.’ Tamar begged. She knew Eno was closer to Cassandra, and would do anything that her sister advised.
    Cassandra stared into her mother’s eyes. She had to know just what exactly the woman was after. If her mother was telling the truth, then her sister would be in danger for not keeping to her own side of the agreement.
    ‘Only on one condition,’ Cassie raised a brow.
    ‘And that is?’ Tamar couldn’t wait to hear it.
    Cassandra like her father had fallen in love with the business of Fashion Designing, to her mother’s utmost disappointment. Her father had the best of ideas, but he didn’t have anyone to fund them and so he became a tailor instead.
    She wasn’t ready to let go of her dreams. Though she had been to the University, her first love was Fashion Designing and she had started her own brand which she named, “Sandra Hills.”
    ‘You are going to support my fashion designing dreams and you would introduce your rich friends to me.’ Cassie replied.
    She knew Eno may never forgive her for what she was about doing, why not make the price for the betrayal worth it?
    Tamar hadn’t expected that, ‘Is that all?’
    ‘Yes,’ Cassie nodded and Tamar shrugged, ‘Done.’
    Cassie was about to ask more questions about the Lagos King when the door flew wide open and a tall man who was the handsomest creature she had ever set eyes on walked in dressed in pristine robes.
    ‘Oh my God,’ Mrs. Benjamin held her breath as she beheld the Majestic presence of the King.
    ‘Who is that?’ Cassie wasn’t comfortable with the angry scowl on the man’s face as he seemed like an angry person.
    Tamar exhaled slowly, ‘King Adeyemi Adeola Lasisi.’

    She found it difficult to pull her eyes away from the man that had taken a seat beside her. Her flight was going to be delayed by two hours and she would be stuck in the waiting area with this nosy stranger.
    There was something familiar about his beady eyes, and the scar that travelled from his forehead to the end of his left brow. She felt like she had known this man her whole life, even though she was meeting him for the first time.
    ‘Excuse me?’ She pulled in a drag from her cig and blinked when he had threatened to take away the cigarette from her.
    ‘You heard me, smoking isn’t good for a lady.’ The guy replied in a teasing voice.
    She snorted, ‘Balderdash! It is none of your business what I do with my life?’ She shifted away from him, angry at his misogynistic statement.
    Eno knew it would be difficult to fit into the Nigerian Society after more than a decade of being away. Back in the States, she wasn’t judged for being a single lady and no one cared if she smoked or didn’t. Everyone was about their business, and she hardly interacted with her neighbors.
    Obviously, from his accent and his mannerisms, the man beside her was Nigerian and his reasoning made her sick.
    ‘Okay, I am sorry if I came off wrong, but smoking is bad for the health regardless of gender. I know I am not supposed to be giving a grown woman lectures on how to take care of her body, but there is something about you…’ Sam trailed off as he felt his phone buzz.
    ‘Excuse me, I’d love to take this, it is important.’ He rose to his feet and abandoned the waiting room immediately for a less noisy place to take his call.
    Eno sighed with relief at the exit of the ugly guy which she considered a nuisance. She quenched the fire of her cigarette and rose to her feet. She needed to flee this spot before he returned, because she had experience with such Nigerian guys before, and it never ended well.
    They always asked for her phone number, which didn’t sit well with her. Eno was not ready to get hooked to any guy, her job was her lover and she wasn’t prepared to let go of her career on the altar of love.
    Just in time, an announcement was made and she tilted her head closer to the speakers so she could hear it very well as the noise in the airport had tripled with the arrival of new flights.
    Her heart thumped with excitement as she learned that her flight which was earlier delayed would leave in thirty minutes time.
    ‘Yes!’ She quickly grabbed her box, and hurried out of the waiting area.
    She knew her family was waiting for her return, and she missed them too. She couldn’t wait to set eyes on her youngest sister Elena, who had been very little at the time of her relocation to America. She also missed Cassie, the sister she was closest too, and who understood everything about her.
    Eno thought of her father, and how proud the man would be of her achievements. But the thought of her mother ruined her happy mood as she knew the woman wouldn’t let her rest when it came to the topic of marriage.
    ‘God help me,’ she licked her lips while moving over to the counter to have her things scrutinized by the officials.
    ‘Where are you Samuel?’ A croaky voice at the other end asked.
    ‘Iowa, I am sorry for the delay but gather the boys around. I just learned of a new development and we have to work together this time.’ Sam replied.
    The man at the other end fell quiet, wondering just what it was Samuel OJonugwa had discovered this time.
    ‘Did you hear me Elvis? I need your support and that of the boys. We have to fight together for our community to avoid being exploited like the lands of the Niger Delta.’ He murmured.
    Elvis was curious about this new discovery. ‘Can you just break the ice and tell me what you have found?’ He asked his best friend.
    ‘Have you wondered why the Deidre Geological Company has suddenly taken interest on our lands? The people living in those rocky slums have not gotten any attention from neither tier of government, and this company just comes up out of the blue. Think Elvis, think!’

    To be continued…………………..

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    marcus Victoria
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    Her Christmas desire

    Episode 5

    Sam sighed. All his life he had been fighting with the Nigerian Government for the rights of the downtrodden, even though the means which he achieved his goals were crude at times.
    He was an outlaw. He was the sole head of a group of young men whose purpose was to avenge the greedy Political elites in the country and he wasn’t going to stop till he stripped them off the stolen gold they adorned their fattened necks with

    ‘I have seen one of the company’s trucks around the community a few times, but I never thought of anything serious. I hear the company is owned by Yemi Lasisi, the soon to be King of Lagos.’ Elvis replied.
    Sam nodded vehemently, ‘You are right. I did my homework and the company is owned by Yemi. He is just like his father, who bought a lot of oil wells in Delta and has refused to do anything for the indigenes. I will not let them steal one grain of sand from my land. I am ready to fight to the death.’ He pulled in a sharp breath as he remembered the secret he had stumbled upon.
    ‘We don’t have oil Sam, Lokoja is more of rocks, what do you think they found? Surely, limestone isn’t as valuable as Crude oil to our politicians.’ Elvis wondered.
    Sam was torn between ignoring his friend, and telling him the truth.
    ‘Vermillion,’ he murmured.
    ‘What?’ Elvis asked.
    ‘Vermillion is found in rocks. It is a form of mercury and it is very expensive. If mined successfully, billions of dollars could be gotten from the sales of the processed form alone. The raw form is more expensive, and dangerous.’ Sam explained.
    ‘Vermillion? F--k! We need to stop them from mining before it is too late.’ Elvis now understood why Sam had to come back to Nigeria urgently.
    They had been friends for a very long time, and Sam had been the one that had rescued him when he had been impounded for drug trafficking ten years ago. Sam’s father had been a man of high standing in the society, but he had been murdered by some Politicians.
    It was the death of his father, that pushed Sam to revolt against the Government, especially their heartless practices in the Niger Delta.
    ‘That’s why I’m coming home, get the boys ready and move camp to Badagry. We’ll fight the King and his family from there if they refuse to step back from Lokoja.’
    ‘Aye, captain,’ Elvis broke the call and got to work immediately.
    Sam felt relieved after sharing his latest discovery with someone. He had been mad when he had come across that information about the discovery of Vermillion in the rocky City of Lokoja. He had made up his mind to chase the vultures away before it was too late.
    He turned off his phone and advanced towards the waiting room where he had left the striking lady who’d been smoking without a care in the world.
    Apart from the fact that she looked familiar, he found her very attractive. She had striking and delectable facial features; a good height for a lady and a very milky shade of fair.
    He loved her pinkish lips and her wide eyeballs which seemed to stretch when she was upset. She had beautiful natural hair, and nothing won him over like a lady who was comfortable in the way she was created.
    Sam smiled as he stepped into the waiting room; he couldn’t remember the last time he was attracted to a woman after the death of his girlfriend. Edna had died in an auto crash, just about the same time his father had been assassinated.
    Those two life events triggered a darker side in him, which threatened to swallow the little piece of humanity left.
    The smile faded from his face when he noticed she was no longer there. Her seat was empty and her box was nowhere to be found.
    ‘Shit,’ he rustled his hair and closed his eyes.
    “We’re leaving in ten minutes for Lagos, Nigeria…”
    Sam gritted his teeth as he realized he had almost missed his flight. But he was torn between finding the lady who made him feel something again, and leaving home for Nigeria to fight for his homeland.
    ‘I have to go,’ he shrugged and hurried out of the waiting area

    The flight felt like forever, she couldn’t remember the last time she had stayed this long on an aircraft. Eno kept looking out the window, staring at the stars and the thick clouds, wondering when they would arrive home.
    A mischievous smile danced on her lips as she briefly remembered the guy she had outsmarted at the airport. She was quite certain that the idiot would go back to the waiting area to look for her, but to his utter shock, she’d gone.
    Tired of her stellar admiration, she pulled out her phone and decided to go surf the web for a little while, just before the landing.
    She was about clicking on the “Guardian,” when the musky scent of a highly masculine perfume penetrated the air she breathed. There was everything familiar about this scent and it reminded her of Elvis, her brother who had been home away for many years.
    He was a prodigal and had fled the house when he was just sixteen.
    Immediately she dropped the phone on her laps and looked up. Her enthusiasm waned as she realized the man standing before her wasn’t her brother, but the guy she had avoided at the waiting area.
    ‘You!’ She rolled her eyes. Her heart skipped as she realized he was on the same plane as she was.
    ‘Are you stalking me?’ She waved a finger across his face.
    Sam had a feeling the lady he had been looking for was on this plane and luckily one of the flight attendants which he had persuaded with a few notes had agreed to search for a woman with the description he had given.
    ‘Yes,’ Sam noticed she was sitting alone, so he quickly joined her.
    Eno rolled her eyes, ‘What is wrong with you? Why are you sitting next to me?’ She couldn’t believe his guts. The guy was so arrogant and full of himself and that pissed her off greatly.
    Sam ignored her rant and settled comfortably.
    ‘We’re landing in Lagos in the next twenty minutes.’ He grinned.
    ‘That’s not funny, can you leave?’ Eno felt choked with his presence.
    Sam wasn’t the type of guy that she was easily drawn to. First, he wasn’t tall and neither were his facial features appealing, the scar on his forehead made him hideous.
    ‘Why are you so eager to get rid of me?’ Sam smiled; he could feel her eyes boring into the scar on his face. He knew he wasn’t an Idris Elba or cute faced guy like Chris Brown, but ladies loved him and he would find just what it was that would get Eno Benjamin on his list.
    She scoffed, ‘Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not an interesting guy and you’re very unattractive. You have to believe that.’ She tongue lashed him, hoping that would hurt his feelings.
    Sam wasn’t surprised that she had called him ugly, it only confirmed what he had been thinking. He knew exactly what game she was playing, but he wouldn’t let her win.

    To be continued……………..

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    marcus Victoria
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    Her Christmas desire

    Episode 6

    ‘I have a feeling you like me. You’re scared of falling for me.’ He moved closer to her.
    Eno giggled, ‘Fall for you?’ She couldn’t believe her ears.
    ‘If you aren’t attracted to me, why did you run from the waiting area?’ Sam asked.
    ‘I didn’t run. I left because my flight was being announced, so don’t flatter yourself,’ She returned.
    He shrugged, ‘If that’s what you want to believe. I don’t know you, but you seem like you are running away from love. You don’t want to lose yourself in the arms of someone that truly cares. I wonder how long you’d keep running.’
    Before she could say anything in her defense, Sam leaned forward and planted a brief kiss on her lips.
    ‘I’ll be seeing you around Eno Benjamin.’
    Just in time, Eno felt the plane descending and when she turned back to scold him for kissing her like that, she found his seat empty.
    ‘How did he know my name?’ She wondered, before touching her lips, the place where he had kissed and left his indelible mark

    ‘You are welcome…your majesty,’ Tamar rushed to welcome the young regal who’d just stepped into the house. The atmosphere was immediately distorted as more guards poured into the house. This was supposed to be a small welcome dinner for her daughter, but the King was making it a very big deal.
    Tamar knew her daughter didn’t love crowds, she had a feeling Eno wouldn’t be happy about the King’s presence, but what could she do?
    ‘Where is my wife?’ Yemi barked, after running his eyes disdainfully over the unfitting environment where he had found himself. He wasn’t used to this sort of ordinary and simple place. He was a King and not a commoner.
    Cassie was awed by the imperial presence in the room, she had admired the attractive King who wasn’t more than thirty six, but the moment he opened his mouth, her admiration for him ended at once!
    He was uncouth and arrogant. She would never advise anyone to be with a man like that. Suddenly, his handsomeness faded before her eyes, and all she saw when she looked at his royal robe was a beast in white.
    ‘She hasn’t arrived yet. Please take a seat…’ Tamar rushed towards the trapezoid glass table and began pulling out the glassy chairs that had accompanied it. She had recently gotten the new set of furniture knowing the King could visit her home sometime.
    Yemi’s dark brows gathered together in disgust, ‘You insult me woman!’ He snapped at Tamar. How could anyone keep the King in waiting?
    ‘I shouldn’t be the one to wait for your daughter. You trained her poorly.’ He grumbled.
    Cassie struggled with the desire to tell the King to his face that he was nothing but an arrogant fool, but when she remembered that Eno was indebted to him, she kept her mouth shut.
    At first, she had imagined Yemi to be a very homely person and this was the reason she had agreed with her mother to convince Eno to marry him. But now she saw him for who he truly was, she’ll not be a part of her mother’s evil plan to plunge her sister into eternal unhappiness.
    ‘Please, do not be angry with me…’ Cassie watched with disdain as her mother fell to her knees, pleading with the King to wait for the return of Eno.
    She explained that a lot of things could have happened.
    ‘My King, what if her flight is cancelled? Surely, you cannot blame her for not being here. I know my house is an unworthy place to be, but just for the sake of the woman you love…take a seat.’ Tamar pleaded with the king.
    Cassie couldn’t stand it anymore, so she decided to join her younger sister in the room. Her mother’s actions were shameful, and they had to come up with a plan to rescue their sister from the hands of the evil King.
    All the while, Yemi had noticed the slender light skinned woman in the room. His anger towards Eno’s absence had prevented him from calling her out for her rudeness. But now that Tamar had pacified him with her kind words, he was ready to face the rude maiden.
    ‘Hey!’ Yemi called after her.
    Cassie felt he was calling one of his guards, but when her mother joined in the call, she paused in her steps and swirled round.
    ‘Yes?’ She wondered why the woman was calling her.
    ‘Come and kneel before the King.’ Tamar beckoned to Cassie.
    Yemi felt insulted that she would walk out of his holy presence without a word in recognition of his majesty. He hated disrespectful women, and he was certain that his bride to be wasn’t like this.
    ‘Are you kidding me?’ Cassie scoffed and crossed her arms against her chest.
    ‘Don’t test my patience!’ Tamar yelled.
    Cassie was quite sure that her sister would never be with a guy like Yemi, so what was the need of paying respect to a man that would never be her brother-in-law?
    ‘I don’t have time for this, excuse me.’ Cassie kissed her teeth angrily and ascended the stairs.
    Yemi had never felt this insulted by anyone since he was born. His guards were about chasing after the rude Cassie when her mother’s pleas intervened on her behalf.
    ‘You failed to train your daughter, is my bride like this?’ Yemi held his breath, hoping she would give him the answer he needed to hear.
    Tamar was so terrified of what would happen should Eno walk into the room. Cassie was the most cool headed of all her daughters, but if she was acting this way, it meant Eno would never agree to the marriage between herself and Yemi.
    ‘I…I tried my best my King. You know that I am a single mother and it hasn’t been easy to train all these girls on my own…’ she was about to give more reasons to the behavior of Cassie when the door flew wide open, and a confused looking Eno stepped into the house.

    She had arrived in her family house in high spirits. But one look at the congested driveway which was full of expensive looking cars and mean looking guards depleted the excitement in her.
    At first, she had wanted to ask if she was in the wrong house, but one look at the purple hibiscus in her mother’s garden reminded her of Elena’s favorite flowers.
    ‘What is going on here?’ Eno found it difficult to get her eyes off the dark handsome guy that was dressed in kingly robes. She didn’t need anyone to tell her that he was from a ruling house.
    Though she had stayed away from Nigeria for long, she still could recognize the peculiar dressing styles of each tribe. The man before her was a Yoruba regal, and it made her wonder what he was doing in the house.
    She noticed the house was decorated with balloons and ribbons. Christmas trees stood at each corner of the enormous living room, while a broody carol rumbled in the background. Where were her sisters? Where was her dad?
    ‘Is everything alright?’ She searched the man’s face and then her mother’s, as both remained quiet.
    Yemi was stunned by the beauty before him. Her eyes were little pebbles that would glow even in the darkest night. She was very natural, and that was what had attracted him to her photograph in the first place.

    To continued……………………

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