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    His first love (Mine).Episode 7

    Feelings2 💖💖
    I say down close to Betty the next day in class.. we were waiting for the lecturer.. I was nervous . Betty looked at me and smiled
    Are you having Mr Troy syndrome ? She asked.
    I glared at her and she giggled
    I looked around the class and noticed we were double and we were mostly females.. I wondered.. just then philo came joined us and she sat down on the sit we kept for her..
    You are late.. I queried her
    Yeah. She replied .. the bus broke down
    Oh! She was excited and then the whole class became a bit noisy
    “Oh he is cute”
    “ I wish he can just stare at me”
    “If I can just have him for a day, I will be so lucky, I rolled my eyes..
    How many girls want him.. I said to myself and my heart is racing .. can he ever like me with so many beauties around who are offering themselves so cheaply…
    He walked into the class
    Hello class. He greeted
    The whole class became silent because obviously most of the girls were drooling and as for the guys. I don’t really know… he started looking around as if searching for something or someone and his gaze with the prettiest sea blues eyes I have never seen landed on me.. he stared for a long time and when the class started murmuring, he looked away..
    Betty exchanges looks with me while philo gave me a weird look.. I was already blushing.. I look beside me and a lady gave me a killer look ?.
    Why did he stare at me? I kept on asking myself.. I tried listening to his teaching but I could not concentrate.. I forced myself ..
    Wow, see his abs… I was drooling.. I hit my head .. Efua what is wrong with you ?.. pls concentrate.. I begged myself.. he continued teaching but glanced towards my direction several times
    He rounded up the class and soon left..
    My friends came in front of me
    Efua what just happened? Philo asked
    What? I asked back
    Are you too dumb to see he was staring at you .. philo continued
    Maybe he is into you .. Betty said smiling
    What? No way.. philo said .. she was really angry.. you might be beautiful but he is too cute to date you .. he is your lecturer you know
    So? Betty said he is just 22.. he is cute and she is equally cute
    Friendship go for it.. I think he is into you .. she said clapping her hands..
    Excuse me guys I said I ran off .. I just need to be alone .. I kept on running until I got to the roof top.. And guess who was also on the roof top.. Troy….


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    His first love (Mine) Episode 8

    The kiss 💋 and confession 😍

    Troy. I whispered in surprise
    His eyes also widens in surprise
    Hope you ain’t stalking me. He said .. I kept mute and walk towards him… I held his hands.. he just keep on staring at me without saying a thing…
    I just wanted to kiss him … I raised my legs since he is taller and place my lips on his.. he didn’t reciprocate.. I felt like and an idiot and comported myself
    I em er sorry.. I apologised stuttering and was about to walk away when he pulled me towards him and kissed me. My eyes widen in surprise as I kissed him back
    We stayed like that for a long time then he broke the kiss.. I looked down shyly but he raised my head and caress my face then hugged me …what the hell did you do to me? He asked smiling.

    Efua. He called
    Yes sir. I replied
    Troy . Call me Troy he said
    Ok Troy I replied
    Will you be my girlfriend?he asked
    I gasped in shock. I wasn’t expecting this. I was very much excited.
    Me? Why me? I asked
    I don’t know .. I just want you to be beside me, I just want you .. this feeling I am having Is new and I don’t want it to stop.. I am sorry if I am too forward but I am attracted to you , only you .. I don’t know why but my heart race only for you.. I don’t know how to explain it to you because it is my first time feeling this.. he said panting
    His first? New feelings? What is he trying to say .. haven’t he dated before ?i don’t think I understand this
    How am I your first? I asked him
    He smiled .. your are the first person I am asking out.. the first person I really want to own.. he said
    Oh! I thought ,girls would have throw themselves at him ; he does not need to love to have them
    I must be very lucky then he have feeling for me.. I thought then I said
    Yes? For what he asked
    Yes I will be your girlfriend. I responded…
    He hugged me tightly and I felt his excitement
    He kept on saying mine mine mine mine………

    Troy P O V
    I knew she was surprise when I told her she is my first.. I really kept thinking about her and was excited coming to class knowing she will be present.. I got to the class and overheard ladies Saying cool things about me but I was only interested in seeing one person . My Efua…. what! I actually called her my Efua… I really want to make her mine but I really don’t think I will fit at all.. she is pretty and am very sure lot of guys will be hovering around her..
    I searched throughthe faces of ladies drooling over me for her and I smirked when I saw her drooling also.. I stared at her .. her Long black hair, Her bright crystal blue eyes and only looked away when I heard the murmuring from the students……. I started teaching and occasionally glanced towards her…and I knew she was trying hard to concentrate….. I rounded up the class and headed for the rooftop, I spend most of my free time there.. it is usually quiet .. I stayed there thinking about her , then I heard foot step and when I turned back I saw my charming princess .

    She walk towards me, held my hands.. I was surprised and just watched her. Then she raised her legs and planted her lips on mine.. I was speechless and did not reciprocate… she later disengaged herself and apologised and was about going away.. when I caught her arm and kissed her.. I kissed her for longthen I broke the kiss.. she look down shyly.. i caressed her face and hugged her..
    Will you be my girlfriend? I asked her
    She was shocked
    Me? Why me ? She asked
    I apologised for being forward and told her I could not hide my feelings.. and she would be my first since I am new to this feelings…I wanted her to be with me always and that was the d--n truth….she became quiet and I knew she was thinking about lot of things …
    How am I your first ? She asked
    You are the first person I want to own I told her
    Yes. She said
    Yes? I asked her not understanding
    Yes I will be your girlfriend..she replied me.
    I could not believe it
    I wanted her and she became mine
    I hugged her and kept on repeating mine mine mine…….

    Aww so cute

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    His first love ( Mine) Episode 9

    Efua POV

    Are you kidding me? You mean hottie is your boyfriend.. Betty asked
    Yes, he is .. I replied grinning…
    Oh! Holy moly… I am happy for you.. I ain’t even surprised, you are pretty .. she winks at me
    I hit her playfully
    Let’s go .. I said to her as we walked out of the class.. It was time for sports .. as we walked , all eyes were on me and girls glared at me..I knew the reason.. I nudged Betty to walk faster ..
    Efua. She called
    Yes. I answered
    Be strong, don’t let all these ladies eat you up..:
    I glared at her .. go away
    She smiled as she headed to the tennis room…

    I got to the swimming room and it was the same case .. I ignored everyone and went towards the changing room.. I met philo there
    Hey . I greeted
    Hi Efua, seems you are popular.. she said
    What do you mean ? I asked her
    You are Mr handsome girlfriend.. she replied.. how did it happen? Or did you seduce him…
    philo. I called ….just stop please
    Why ? Are you scared I am saying the truth.. come on Efua.. I know you in love with him , but how did he love you ? I don’t get.. how did he notice you?.. she kept on ranting..
    I just stood there surprised.. when she was done ranting.. I excused myself .. philo was jealous.. it was obvious…

    Troy was already instructing some students.. he looked cute.. wow.. see his abs .. I can’t believe he is mine.. he looked up and his gaze met mine .. he began walking towards me ..
    Hey . He said as he hugged and kissed me lightly
    Wow! Oh! They are really dating..
    oh! How did it happen?
    Some ladies kept on whispering and murmuring…..
    I felt elated and was blushing.. he was proud of me, he didn’t hide me.. he hugged me in front of all, he even pecked me..Efua ain’t you lucky .. I whispered to myself giggling…….. just then I looked towards philo and her eyes read no emotion.. she stared on blankly..I shifted my gaze to Troy ..he was instructing some ladies.. he looked towards me and smiled…

    Philo pov
    I watched in anger as Efua and Troy exchanged smiles.. I was pained .. so this b---h showed her bitchy attitude again.. I wanted Troy , I really wanted him.. why must it have to be her..
    First of all I had crush on Tony but he showed interest in Efua.. d--n Efua.. she is pretty , I am also pretty …though she is more prettier that I am ..
    I watched jealously in secret when she and Tony were an item , till she dumped him… now Troy….she is so selfish.. always having the guys I want…
    After the swimming practice, I went to the changing room. … I met Efua there.. I smiled at her and hit her playfully.. she was stunned
    I thought you were mad at me, she asked
    Mad? Why? I asked pretending.. I was just in a bad mood .. I assured her
    I am glad we are good.. she said
    Yeah..I replied .. I had to be friendly with her .. I don’t want people especially Betty to think it is because I am jealous… we moved toward the lecture room
    Oh! My bad .. I need to go back to the swimming room.. I forgot a book…
    Ok. she said , don’t be long .. I will keep a seat for you ..
    I watched her go and turned back heading towards Mr Handsome office……..

    What is philo up to?

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    Princess JulietPrincess Juliet
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    His first love (Mine) Episode 10

    Philo P O V continues

    I got to his office and knocked…
    “Come in”. He said.
    “Helo sir”. I greeted when I stepped into his office.. how can I help you . he asked without even taking a simple glance at me. I stood there playing with my fingers
    “Em em. I stammered. I just want to let you know I love your teaching, I love everything about you .”em.. i mean the way you teach ….
    “ thanks”. He replied staring at me with a puzzled look..
    I am philo and it nice having a chat with you .. I said quickly .. he just stared on with the same look…
    “ I will get going now .. I said as I turned to leave .
    “Wait”. He called . You are Efua friend right , just be a good friend to her and you can take your leave now.. he said as he continued reading ..
    “Thank you sir”. I said
    What does he mean by that ? Being a good friend ? I knew I sounded foolish back there on his office , I just wanted him to notice me and he was obviously bored with my “ friendly talks”. How the hell did Efua do it ? Just imagine I was with him talking and he still mentioned the b---h name ..
    “Oh Efua you cant have it all..

    Efua P O V ?
    I waved at me friends and headed to the car park and guess who was leaning on my car? Tony…
    “ move “. I said
    “ why baby?. I just wanted to talk”. He grunted.
    “Fine , what is it?”. I asked
    Do you think you can just dump me and go like that ? no way. I want you Efua and I always get what I want .. he said and he winked at me before leaving…..
    Did he just threaten me?

    I got home and met both and met both my dad and mom in the sitting room. I knew I was in for a truckload of questions..
    “ hi”. I greeted
    “ hey baby , my mum responded. How was school today?”.. before I could answer her my dad asked,
    “ what is this that is trending now? You are dating Troy Adams”.
    “ yes dad”. I replied shyly
    “ hmmmh , he was the reason you asked me that question then right “..
    “ oh dad, you have forgotten “. I said as I smiled .. just be careful baby . he said and remember we love you ..
    “I love both you and mum also “. I smiled as I hugged them .. They are so understanding..

    Do you think Efua should talk Tony threat seriously ?


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    His first love (Mine) Episode 11

    He is mine 💖
    Efua POV ? continues

    I sat on my bed reading for the next day lecture and my phone beeped, I checked it and it was a message from my Troy, yes my Troy “ he is mine “.. I clicked on it and it reads,
    “ hey baby, can I call your now”
    “Yes”’I replied and sent and immediately my phone started vibrating
    I received the call
    “ Helo princess “. He said .. I am really missing you ..Can we go on a date? . He asked calmly
    “ yes . I replied grinning .. Tomorrow by 6, if it is okay”. I said
    “Fine. I will pick you by 6, send your address”. He said
    I love you Troy
    I love you too princess and the call ended.. I smiled as I continued reading and soon drifted off to sleep….

    Betty and I walked towards the library arguing about stuffs from the reading. She loved arguing a lot and a lady bumped into her.. she was pretty and should be in her mid – twenties .
    “ oh sorry”,she said ..
    “ No we are sorry “. Betty chipped in, we were to engrossed in our argument that we didn’t see you coming.
    She smiled and said I am Mira
    “ I am Betty and this is my friend Efua”. She looked at me with a surprised look
    “You are the Efua “. She said and I bet I saw a glimpse of anger in her eyes which she quickly covered with a fake smile.
    You are more beautiful in person she said as she walks away
    What the hell just happen? Weird.

    We got to the class and the literature lecturer was yet to arrive .. we heard the lecturer was transferred so we will have a new one. just then philo came in and she sat down on the seat we kept for her. She looks gloomy nowadays and she said it was stress.. Betty nudged me to look at the entrance and when I looked it was that Mira of a lady
    “ wait”, are you kidding me ?. Is she the new lecturer. She walked into the class and introduced herself and started teaching and she occasionally glanced towards me and I swear I could read those eyes.. it was filled with Jealousy..

    Who the hell is Mira?. We shall know in the next episode.. she will explain to us her self

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    His first love (Mine) Episode 12

    Meeting Mira
    Mira POV

    I really can’t believe that Troy will date someone else … I mean we were friends in college.we used to be close friends and I actually confessed my feelings to him,he told me he was not interested in being in a relationship. I smiled and acted like it was no big deal but I was really hurt but still waited for him in secret..
    I am also brilliant but not as brilliant as Troy and also a little bit older than him.. I was a lecturer at Donalds university but as soon as I saw the pictures of Troy and his mystery girlfriend online, I had to call my dad to process my transfer to Eagles college immediately.
    You might be wondering how I was able to process my transfer ,smile., I will tell you. My dad was once a president. yes , I am the daughter to the ex- president and he has lot of connections that I can use to my advantage..
    I got to Eagles college and was soon rushing to my office when I bumped into two girls and later found out one of them is gonna be my rival, i must admit she is really pretty . I was clearly angry but I managed to hide it with a smile.
    I stepped into the class and she was already seated with her friends and they whispered as they stared at me. I know they must be surprised . I started lecturing and couldn’t help glancing towards her and I knew I was jealous of this pretty angel Efua.. I rounded up with the class and headed to my office .. I later had a change of mind and headed towards Troy office

    Troy POV
    I was excited,I can’t wait to go on a date with my princess.. she is mine and I vow never to let her go..
    Just then I heard a knock and without waiting for my reply , the person walked in
    Mira. I stood up and hugged her,we used to be very close in college . I disengaged from the hug and walked towards my seat and told her to sit down.. she looked pretty as always.
    “Troy, she called. You look more handsome”. She said .you look more pretty I replied
    “Really “. She said blushing
    Yeah and why did you leave Donalds for here. I asked her
    “Nothing . She said , just need to change environment and be close to you”. She replied
    Close to me. I repeated raising an eyebrow.. I know Mira , she look bothered but I decided to wave it off..
    “Any plans today?she asked. We can just hang around to catch on with old times .
    That won’t be possible.. I am going on a date with my girlfriend. I said excitedly.
    “Efua right ?”she asked
    Yeah, how news circulate ..
    She looked at me and her look held no emotion……

    Oops! Hope Efua is save?

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    His first love (Mine) Episode 13

    The Date 💑
    Efua POV
    I scattered my closet looking for a perfect dress for the date and soon settled for a beautiful short blue gown, It was a gift from my dad.The gown brought out my curves perfectly and I wore a silver heels to match, I packed my hair into a single ponytail and applied little makeup..

    I stared at my reflection in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I grabbed my silver purse and headed downstairs..

    Troy was already waiting and i assessed him immediately he wore a plain red shirt and a black chinos pants with white sneakers. He looked really hot.

    My parents were having a conversation with him, he stood up as soon as he saw me and walked towards me
    “Hey, you look beautiful “. He said
    “Thanks . I replied blushing . he turned to my parent and said
    “ We will be on our way ,thanks for your hospitality.. My dad nodded while my mum smiled, it was obvious he was already loved…
    “Be careful baby”. My mum said and I smiled towards her ..
    Troy held my hands and we headed out..

    We arrived at a First class hotel, it was classy and beautiful..The staffs bowed and welcomed us as we walked in..
    I looked on in surprise as a waiter ran towards us taking our orders. Troy ordered for salad and chicken with fruit wine and I did same..
    He seem to be familiar with everything and everyone ..
    As if reading my thoughts,he said
    “ I own this place “
    I gasped in awe.. it was so big and I bet it cost a fortune.. I was not only dating Mr hottie or Mr popular, he was also f-----g rich……….

    We left the hotel after eating and knowing much more about each other..
    “Where else can we go ?“. He asked
    “Your house”. I blurted out foolishly.. “I mean I will love to know where you stay”. I said playing with my hands
    He chuckled and leaned towards me as if he wanted to kiss me and whispered you are right
    He straightened up and went toward the car nudging me to come along but I stood there with a tingling sensation within..
    “What the hell am I thinking of?”

    What is Efua thinking of oooo?

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    His first love (Mine) Episode 14

    He is a virgin
    We were quiet all through the drive to Troy’s house and when we got there, I was d--n speechless….
    He house was double my house and very beautiful.. The gate was opened by his bodyguards” of course he will have bodyguards since he is rich and popular but choose not to come to class with them “
    We drove into the compound and I must confess it was “paradise”.I followed him inside and no one was around..
    He explained to me that his cook and maids do come in the morning and leave in the evening and he stays in the house with his bodyguards alone who have their own quarter…
    “Feel at home “. He said , what can I offer you ?he asked .
    I smiled ,”I am filled, I had a lot to eat at your hotel “. I said rolling my eyes..

    I moved closer to him as we talked and gist.
    “Oh”, what is this feeling ? I asked myself as I felt the tingling sensation again, I knew I wanted him and I leaned toward him and kissed him..
    He looked at me surprised and returned the kiss, we kissed for long and still needing more than the kiss, I took his hands and placed it on my breast..
    He became stiff and broke the kiss, I looked at him in surprise, What the hell is wrong with him?
    “Why”. I suddenly asked .”am I not attractive to you?”.I asked foolishly.. you know, I continued. I am the lady , you ought to be in charge ……
    “ I am sorry “. He replied, I em er just want to know if you are ready, he said stammering.
    “Of course I am , I love you and it is not my first time .. “or is it yours? “I asked jokingly
    He became quiet and his countenance changed .. I understood immediately, it was his first time
    He is a virgin, Troy is a virgin…….

    Speechless 😶

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