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    His first love (Mine) Episode 15

    Troy POV
    I stared at the beauty in front of me, I can’t believe she is mine , she is so much different..
    She was lost in thought and I leaned towards her whispering
    “Yes, I am a virgin but I am ready to lose it”.I love you Efua… immediately I kissed her and she responded back hungrily . I chuckled..

    I lifted her and we headed upstairs to my room, I dropped her on the bed as soon as we got inside, I laid on top of her kissing her body and made sure I gave her hickeys “her deep moan filled the room “
    I removed her gown and she was without bra.”d--n”. I took a n----e in my mouth and suckled on it, she held me tight as I pinched the second one..
    “Off your clothes , I want to see you nude “. She said grunting .
    I smiled and did as she said
    She gasped in shock when she saw my manhood
    “You have something big and you did not use it”. She said as she started stroking it…
    I smiled, she was really crazy. I got down on her ( I do watch p--n so I know most moves).
    She started moaning loudly and soon had her first o----m .
    “I need you now baby”. She said and came on top of me. She positioned my d--k to meet her P---y and she starting going in and out, She increased the pace and I was in cloud nine..
    I rolled her over , came on top her and started thrusting in and out of her, our moans filled the room ..
    She soon went on all fours and I banged her from behind..we both climaxed together.. I released In her and held her close to me, we were both exhausted..
    “Oh! shit!, it is already late”.She said
    “Just call your parent and explain the situation, they will understand “. I said to her assuring
    She did and they understood
    “ your parents are really understanding. I said to her , how I wish I met mine.
    “Don’t worry , I will be there for you “. She said as she patted and kissed me
    I felt complete and vow to keep this treasure forever…
    She cuddled And we made love throughout the night …………….

    I am loving this………:

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    His first love (Mine) Episode 16

    Wanting Efua back
    Philo POV

    I listened to Efua as she excitedly told us about the date she had with troy, I felt jealous, I was not happy , I wanted Troy to myself..
    I excused myself and rushed towards the bathroom when I bumped into someone.”Tony “. I apologised and was about leaving when he stopped me
    “Wait. Philo”. He called
    I turned looking at him
    “I need your help “. He said . I looked at him in surprise..
    Tony used to be my crush until Efua stole him from me, I will gladly help him with anything .
    “What can I help you with?”. I asked
    He looked at me and smirked ..
    “I want Efua, I still love her . Help me get her back. He said
    “Fine”. I readily agreed , if Efua is out of the way, I can get Troy myself.

    Troy POV
    I sat down in my office arranging some files, I have a photo shoot to do in an hour time..
    I also have to pick Efua this evening, she will be spending the night at my place ..Her parent gave me their full support when I made my intentions of marriage known to them..
    I really don’t mind marrying her now, but I don’t want to rush her.. I will wait till she is almost done in school or anytime she wants it , she is worth the wait….

    I was hungry and decided to get some food from the cafe, I passed through the music class and sighted Efua .she was concentrating and didn’t notice me
    “Good girl”. I muttered to myself grinning
    I got to the cafe, it was quiet as most students were in class, I got snacks and fruit juice and left with the package heading to my office when I saw that Efua friend ,philo.
    “Hi, Mr Troy “. She smiled as she greeted me..
    “Hi philo”. I responded
    “I am fine, thank you , do have a good day”.She said with a cheerful smile
    I looked at her and I felt uneasy.. I don’t know why but I feel something strange about her….

    Hmmmh, what is Tony and philo planning?

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    His first love (Mine) Episode 17

    Troy POV continues

    I got to my office , opened it, walked in and sat down when I noticed an envelope.. I was surprised, I was so sure it wasn’t there before..
    I opened it and scoffed when I read it. It reads:
    “Mr Tony,I want to tell you something, I am a very shy student, please meet me in the library by 5”.
    I scoffed and put the letter aside.
    I checked the time, it was 12:00pm.. I ate my lunch and left for my photo shoot where I do model….

    Efua POV?
    I rounded up with music class and was really hungry.. I signalled to Betty and we headed to the cafe.
    Philo and mike were already there eating , we ordered lunch and went over to the table and took out seat..
    “Won’t you take food to your boyfriend?”.philo asked me
    I grinned as I punched her playfully while Betty and Mike laughed,
    “I am sure he could have eaten “, he has a photo shoot today and will be back by 4pm. I said
    “Oh! If that is the case, let us meet in the library by 5pm. I bet you won’t be able to do our online group reading “. She said smiling
    “What about me?”Betty asked , I won’t be able to come to the library because I am going on a date with Mike .
    “Don’t worry then,we can both do the online night reading”. Philo assured her.
    “Why can’t we just forget about reading today and do it tomorrow “. Betty suggested
    “No, we can’t “. Philo said quickly
    We all looked at her in surprise. “I mean just because you guys are fixed does not mean we can’t read “. She said
    “Fine ! I will study with philo by 5pm, you guys can do the night reading”. I said and philo beamed happily
    We ate and soon left to our various classes…

    I waved at Betty as she drove off with Mike .
    I headed towards the library “perfect”. It was empty , I sat down waiting for philo so we can start reading..
    “You are late “.l said as I heard footsteps
    There was no response, I looked up as was surprised to see Tony …
    “What are you doing here?”. I asked him in anger
    Efua. He called .”I just want to talk”. He said moving closer, I figured out you will be here..
    He was soon very close to me, I tried moving back but he held me close by my waist ..
    “What are you doing ?”, leave me alone , I said struggling to break free
    “Efua, I love you , I miss you , remember the way we do cuddle, remember the last night we spent and he kissed me……
    I was surprised and tried pushing him away when I heard a slight noise..
    Tony looked towards the entrance and left me immediately and when i turned around , it was my Troy
    He stared on without emotions, I ran towards him trying to explain but he did not spare me a glance and left
    I fell on the floor crying……

    Sad mood ?, will Troy ever believe Efua ?

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    His first love ( Mine) Episode 18

    Troy POV

    I was restless, I walked around my room, I was angry at the same time confused finding it hard to believe Efua cheated on me.
    I knew the guy was her ex. Are they still together?
    “I remember our last night “. He said and kissed her
    “What last night ?,was it before we met or after , and if it were to be in the past , why did they kiss ?”.
    I got there because of the letter,”yes”,the letter. I didn’t meet any shy girl or wait, was it a setup?

    I picked up my phone and saw 20 missed calls and several messages, all from Efua . I ignored all, I was not in the mood to talk to her ….
    I dialled my friend number ,Abel. He is a detective. I explained the situation to him and asked him to track Tony Denmark , I need his house address…
    He called back in less that 30 minutes explaining that Tony is the son of the ceo of Denmark architecture , one of the biggest architectural company in the country.. I had no interest in architecture so I know little about the Denmark’s….
    He sent me the address and I drove to the place hurriedly, I checked the address and sighted Tony outside the huge gate with a lady..
    I took a closer look and it turned out that the lady was philo. They were both laughing ..
    I just confirmed my suspicions about this philo of a girl, I knew she was up to no good.

    I got down from my car and walk towards them with rage
    When they saw me, philo hid behind Tony. I grabbed him by the collar and started punching him, I did not even care if he was bleeding
    Philo was begging saying she will confess..
    She started telling me how they planned the whole thing ,how they placed the letter on my desk when I went to get lunch,how they deceived Efua and how they al planned it..
    I was speechless and at the same time relieved , happy that Efua wasn’t cheating and is really Mine..
    I smirked and turn towards Tony
    “Please”. He said after seeing my face, he was clearly no match to me…
    I punched him hard
    “This is for being a d--k” . I said angrily
    I gave him another punch
    “This is for toying with my girl “ and was about to give him another one when a car pulled up and a man alighted from it..
    “What is going on here?”. He asked and gasped when he saw Tony
    “Son, why are you like this?”. He asked , then his gaze shifted towards me..
    I stood there speechless staring at the man, his face was very familiar. I have seen his face before.”yes, the picture that my grandma showed me …
    He was just older but still the same person………..
    He looked at me and his gaze rested on my neck ,”my necklace “.. it was special to me.. I was told my dad gave it to my mum…..
    He moved towards me as Tony and philo watched in surprise, he touched the necklace and said Lauren
    Yes, Lauren is my mum name, his hands were shaking as he said
    “Are you Lauren child?”
    “Are you Troy ?”.. my son

    What the hell just happen?

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    His first love ( Mine) Episode 19

    Troy father
    Mr Denmark POV

    I was confused, I knew I failed Troy . He grew up believing I was dead before he was born, I am very sure his grandmother told him that..
    I looked at the two boys in front of me,”my two sons”,they were both quiet..
    I invited Troy over to my house hoping to explain everything that him

    *. *. *. *

    I really loved Lauren , she lit up my world, she meant everything to me but my parent never approved our relationship.
    I was the heir to Denmark architectural and she was the daughter to a maid….

    I was in college when she told me she was pregnant with you, I was very happy and confused at the same time .. I planned eloping with her but my parent later found out
    My mother had a weak heart and she begged me not to leave her else she will die. I loved my mother so much and decided to do as she say ..

    I was immediately betrothed to Anna , my father’s friend daughter, they were equally rich and my parent believed the marriage will boost our wealth..
    I was a coward then,I was not man enough to fight for our love and with my mother constant pleas I travelled out of the country to further my studies..

    I gave her the necklace you are wearing before travelling.
    It is a rare diamond necklace made specially for you and made her promise to name the baby Troy if it was a boy and Tracy if it were to be a girl..
    I promised to come back for her………

    After two years of studying,I came back to the country and the first thing I did was to look for your mother because I lost contact with her but the house was already occupied by another persons.

    I asked the neighbours around and I was told Lauren died after giving birth to a baby boy who she named Troy ..
    I became devastated. She kept her promise and named the baby Troy despite me breaking my promise to her..
    I tried searching for you and your grandma but I got no news..
    I gave up searching after I married Anna and she gave me a baby boy ,Tony .
    I was happy once again but was never complete…….

    I looked at Troy and then at Tony after explaining what happened expecting them to say something but they remained quiet..
    I studied Troy , he had my stature and my eyes but everything else ,he took after his mother . Lauren was really beautiful..

    I moved towards Troy,
    “Troy, please forgive me”. I pleaded
    He looked at me and I couldn’t read his emotions and then said
    “I can’t just believe it, I grew up thinking I had no parent but now I met my father accidentally and a brother who planned to separate me and my girl “.
    “Mr Denmark”. He called and continued “ I don’t need you in my life , you will remain dead to me”.
    He turned towards Tony and said
    “Forget all this brother stuff,if I ever see you near Efua I will kill you”
    “Why?”. Tony asked , she was mine and I need her back
    “Try me “, he said and left
    I just watched my two kids fighting because of a girl..
    Tony was my panting in anger
    “I can’t take this , I really can’t “. “F--k brother!”. He said and stormed out in anger..
    This is not how I want my kids to be.. I just want peace . I said and broke down in tears.
    This I have never done in a long time …….:

    It has really gotten to this , so Troy and Tony are brothers.. I wonder what will happen now.

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    His first love ( Mine) Episode 20

    Troy POV

    I picked my phone and the only person on my mind was Efua .
    I dialled her number and she picked up immediately..
    “Helo Troy “. Her voice echoed from the other end. It was obvious she had been crying.
    “Helo baby “. I said. I am sorry for everything, I believe you and know you will never cheat on me. I said rushing my words
    I promised myself that I will never hurt or make her cry again..
    She signed in relief.
    “I love you very much Troy”. She said sniffing
    “I love you much more angel”. I replied
    “Go to bed dear”. I said, I will pick you up tomorrow. You will spend the night ..
    “Okay baby”. she said

    I laid on my bed thinking about what happened
    “My dad is alive” and Tony is my brother
    What a life …

    My phone rang and I checked the caller. It was an unknown number.. I picked it.
    “Hi”. I said
    “Hi sir”. This is philo
    “Oh philo”,How can I help you ?. I asked harshly
    “I want to apologise sir, I am sorry for everything, she pleaded.
    “If you want my forgiveness then you will confess to your friends and apologise to Efua”. I said
    She remained quiet
    “Are you there?”. I asked
    “Yes sir”. I will do it .She said but promise to forgive me..
    “I will”. I promised and ended the called

    What a day! I said as I continued pondering and soon drifted to sleep….

    Unknown POV

    Aaaargh! I screamed in anger throwing my phone against the wall..
    I need to separate those two, I can’t be the loser, I said walking up and down thinking of a plan…..

    I smiled when an idea came up.
    I smirked
    I just have to go about it carefully and pretend to be happy for them and soon everything will fall in places
    I grinned wickedly as I dialled a number…..

    Philo POV

    I sat down in class quietly waiting for Efua and Betty . I need to confess to them, I was really scared but I need to do it to be forgiven .
    I know I will loose their trust , but I will do anything to earn it again.

    I looked towards the entrance of the class and saw them , they walked towards me whispering an giggling to themselves and I tried comporting myself..
    “Hey philo”. They greeted .
    “Hi”. I replied forcing a smile. I need to see you guys after class. I said
    They exchanged confused look, just them miss Mira walked into the class making everyone to take their seat.
    She started lecturing and I noticed she stole glances at Efua several times….

    I sat down with my head bent after explaining everything to Efua and Betty , they were both shocked ..
    “Philo”, Efua called . What did I do to you ? She asked crying.
    I just sat crying
    “You deserve a slap philo”. Betty chipped in. What did you gain? She asked , you even sided with Tony . I agree you did it out of jealousy but you went too far..
    “Philo”, Efua called .
    “What did you say about Tony being Troy brother?”She asked
    “He just found out yesterday, both of them just found out. It was the chain on Troy neck that solved the puzzle and the fact that Troy has seen his father pictures”. I answered.

    She stood up and walked towards me
    “I trusted you , I told you everything, you knew I was happy with Troy but you betrayed me, I have forgiven you but just know it won’t be easy to forget”. She said and walked away .
    I sat down and was remorseful
    Betty looked at me and said
    “ you surprised me, you disappointed me. You look so innocent but you are evil inside”
    “If you date hurt Efua again, you will have me to contend with . I promised not to take it likely”. She warned me
    She shook her head and left also
    I sat silently murmuring to myself
    “It wasn’t my fault , it wasn’t. They should blame love……..

    ThankGod Efua and Troy are at peace..
    Who is planning evil against them again?
    And is it really love she should blame


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    His first love ( Mine) Episode 21

    Love conquers all
    Efua POV ?

    I was lost in thought, there were so many things running through my mind
    “Philo betrayal and most of all Tony and Troy being brothers

    I dated both brothers and I am madly in love with one of them
    “Will he change towards me knowing I once dated his younger brother”. I asked myself.

    I said a silent prayer and prayed for all to be well when I bumped into that woman again.”Mira”.
    “Sorry ma, I was lost in thought”, I said pleading.
    She smiled
    “Stop thinking love, it can’t solve anything. Just face your problem any how it comes and am sure you will overcome it”. She advised
    “Thank you ma’am ”. I said gratefully
    She patted me and smiled and I swear I saw a different look, I can’t really detect what the look means…

    I entered Troy office without knocking, he was on call and smiled immediately his eyes met mine.
    “Troy”. I called when he ended the call
    “Baby”.he called back standing up, he came towards me and kissed me..
    “I heard what happened”. I said , philo told me everything .
    He caressed my face and pecked me
    “It is alright baby”. He said. Just be careful of the kind of friends you keep and I promise never to distrust you again. He said grinning .
    Troy,”Tony”, I also heard about both of you..
    “Really”,he cut me short . She told you that

    I was planning on telling you myself and please stop all this brother stuff.
    I don’t care who he is to me but the moment I see him hurt you or come closer to you again, I will kill him. He said and he was obviously angry

    I kissed him to calm him down and it worked
    “Will anything change between us”. I asked wanting to be sure his feelings did not change
    He looked confused
    “Why?”, “What will change?”, I don’t get you. He asked with the same confused tone
    “Your feelings toward me”. I said
    “And why will my feelings change?”. He asked
    “Because I once dated your younger brother”. I blurted out and began to sob

    He stared at me for a long time and began laughing
    “Baby, don’t tell me that was all what you were thinking”. He said wiping my tears and laughed again.
    “Is it funny?”. I asked frowning
    “Yes, it is funny”. He said , I can’t believe you will think about something like this ..
    “Baby, I really love you . That was all in the past and nothing more”. He said re assuring me..
    I can’t trade you for anything and no body can separate us be it brother or anything. I found you first and you are my first family. He said and he hugged me
    “I love you too baby”. I said feeling relieved..
    I disengaged from the hug and kissed him…
    “F--k”. He said gritting his teeth. I am having an erection.
    “We can make out here”, I replied grinning
    “Crazy girl”. He muttered, we will leave that for the night. You will get enough of that. He chuckled

    We hugged and started kissing when the door flung open
    We broke the kiss and look towards the door and Mira stood there staring at us

    She cleared her throat
    “ I em er am sorry”. She stammered. I knocked but there was no response that was why I barged in….
    I just came to remind you about the meeting . She said
    “Oh!, that is true”, Troy said and went over to his seat to arrange some things,
    “I will go to class now”, I said excusing myself .
    “Okay love , pick you by 6”. He said blowing me a kiss

    I turned ready to take my leave and my gaze landed on Mira. She smiled at me
    I looked at her weirdly , the look I saw before she smiled was different..
    It was the same look I saw earlier .. it was the look of jealousy, no anger , hatred
    Yes ,it was hatred……….

    Love conquers all this.
    What is wrong with Mira? She seems jealous


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    His first love ( Mine) Episode 22

    The kidnap
    Efua? POV

    I woke up to a new day as I stretched. I was alone in the room, I took a glimpse at the wall clock ..
    “F--k, I am late to school”. I exclaimed as I got out of bed..
    “Why didn’t Troy wake me?”. I thought within.
    I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath.

    I was dressing up when Troy walked in holding a tray, he was already dressed.
    “Breakfast”. He said dropping the tray on the table and walking over to me.
    “Good morning”, he greeted and kissed me
    “Morning babe”. I greeted also
    He nodded as he watched me dress
    “Why didn’t you wake me, you knew it is almost time for my class”.i queried
    He caressed my cheek and said
    “You were sleeping peacefully , how do you expect me to disturb you?”, and I guessed you were tired of all the love making we had last night . He said winking at me.
    “Eat your breakfast love , I will be waiting downstairs.
    “ okay sir”. I said rolling my eyes
    I weaved my hair into ponytail, rushed my breakfast and joined him…….

    When I got to school, class was already on..
    “Good morning ma”, I greeted the philosophy lecturer as soon as I stepped into the class. I expected her to scold at me for late coming..
    “ I am sorry I am late , I ……….:
    “Don’t worry Efua , you can go to your seat..
    I widened my eyes In surprise as I went to sit down. I knew it was the influence of Troy..
    I smiled at Betty as I sat down……..

    We walked in the library after class laughing and mimicking the philosophy lecturer..
    “That woman is too strict, I said. I was even surprised she allowed me into the class “
    “You should know the reason Efua, she dares not walk you out.
    I must be really lucky then…

    We sat down and picked a book, we were about to read when Philo walked towards us..
    “Can I join you”.she asked
    “No, go away”. Betty said
    “I am deeply sorry, I have realised my mistakes . You know you guys are the only friends I have . She said obviously sad
    “ you could have thought about that before you betrayed our friendship “. Betty said angrily

    She felt really sad and was about to leave when I called her
    She turned to me
    “You can come join us, I understand you are sorry. I have forgiven you but can’t trust you for now “. I said to her
    “I am okay with that “. She beamed happily .
    Betty was clearly not in support with it but she said
    “Fine, if Efua wants it that way, then I will take it like that”. Come join us..
    Philo sat down happily with us and we all read together….

    Everything had been going on well, I was getting along with philo, Troy has been the best boyfriend.
    I talked to him about his father, I begged him to settle with him, he was reluctant at first but soon agreed..
    Tony was no where to be found, since he left, no one heard a thing about him…..

    I was home alone ,Dad was not back from work while mom went for shopping..
    I was bored and decided to go to Betty’s since Troy went to see his father..
    I changed my dress and was soon on my way when a message popped in from an unknown number, l clicked on it and it reads:
    “meet me at Petra gardens… love you, from Troy”..
    I read it all over again
    “Is he done with his dad?hope there was no problem?”…

    I stepped out of the house, got into the car and drove off to Petra gardens.. I soon got to Petra gardens, it was quiet ….

    I got down and went over to a swing and sat down on it, a woman walked over to me…
    “Waiting for someone”. She asked .
    “Yes, I answered smiling “
    “Oh!” She said ,the garden is not opened for today and she walked away..
    I guessed she was a janitor

    I was wondering why Troy will ask me to come here when it is not opened today.. I brought out my phone to call him when a black van pulled in front of me and two men got down from it..
    “Hello miss”. one of them said while the other grabbed me
    I was alarmed and kicked him hard on his stomach , he grunted in pain and slapped me hard , I winced in pain..
    “Please let me go”. I said in pain struggling to free my self when the other man covered my nose with a white handkerchief…..
    The smell was unpleasant,I became weak , my vision became blurred and I soon blacked out……….

    OMG! Who will save Efua?
    I am I tears ?


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