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    His perfect obsession ????
    PG Rated 18+
    By **Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi
    **what happened in Cebu phillipines**
    Fifteen Years ago

    Gerald and Mike were two jolly friends and business and business partners,a Chinese deal came up in which they lobbied for and Gerald won the contract which made him the richest man in Philippines and Mike was still struggling to get to the fifth richest man in Philippines.
    This infuriated him but he did not have evil intentions against him.
    Not long after Gerald was murdered while his wife was raped to death and this made Mike so scared and he ran out of the country immediately.
    Fifteen years later Damon their only child decided to take hot revenge on Mike only daughter Roxanne.
    ** Will he be able to carry out his revenge on Roxanne **
    **Is Mike really the murderer **
    **Who is the unknown **
    Find out in this suspense filled story by Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi(cara).

    Please share the page.

    Thanks in addy.
    **Who is the unknown **
    Find out in this suspense filled story by Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi(cara).

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    His perfect obsession ????
    PG Rated 18+
    By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi.
    Episode 1
    ?Damon’s pov?
    The b---h sashayed her way inside my room with my eyes on the floor without sparing her a glance.
    “I want b-----b”
    “okay ”
    She moved her hand slowly to my belt and unbuckled it and slowly pull it down and my d--k popped out and she stroked it slowly.

    “huh… hurts please ”
    I turned her around and fix my d--k into her and thrusts into her roughly and deeply and harder, she cried in pain but they were like music to my ears.
    After sometime I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the bed I sighed and walked to my drawer and bring out a bundle of money and threw it in her face.
    “Get out”
    ” i can’t walk”
    “Get out”
    I roared and she crawled out of the room immediately.

    My name is Damon kings,a billionaire and k pop artist,my parents were killed fifteen years ago and Mike was the killer, I have been searching for him but he ran out of the country after the incident.

    I came out of the bathroom mopping my face with a white towel when my phone ringing disrupt my attention, I picked the call immediately.
    “Hi sir”
    It was Alex my private investigator.
    “yes” I said tiredly

    “we’ve found Mike sir”

    This is the first episode,how was it guys?

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    His perfect obsession ????
    PG Rated 18+
    By iyanuoluwa Akinniyi
    Episode 2 ❤

    ?Roxanne pov ?
    I walked down the stairs gracefully towards the dinning and I met Dad and Mom eating.
    “Good morning family ” I greeted full of smiles.
    “Awwn how is my baby doing” mum said caringly.
    “fine mum”
    “How was your night princess” Dad said,he normally call me that.
    “fine Dad”
    I replied and settle down to eat.

    I am Roxanne Cruz,i am in the class of high working class and wealthy hot ladies,i live a happy life with my family,in don’t have a boyfriend,just my best friend -Nancy who is also my co-mate at work.
    The knocking door disrupt my beautiful thought and I wonder who could be there.
    Suddenly the door opened and some people who are dressed like bodyguards troop in and I wonder what they could be doing here.
    Suddenly, I spotted a guy who dressed nicely among them,he walk in with his eyes on the floor but raise his head up Immediately he stepped in the living room and I recognized him instantly.

    Damon Kings!!!!
    What is he doing here????
    I look at Dad with a surprise glance and I noticed Dad is trembling seriously.
    What is happening?????
    “Good to see you again Mike,after all this years surprise visit huh”
    “I am sorry”
    Dad said and busted into tears,i stood there looking like a bloated goat trying to assimilate the whole thing, is there something between them.
    “sorry for what” He said forming an innocent face.
    “sorry for killing my parents,sorry for leaving me alone all this years”
    I gasped at shock trying to assimilate everything,Dad killed his parents,could Dad be this heartless,wiping a whole family.

    “Well Nothing to talk about, I came for revenge,i won’t kill you guys but I would have love to borrow your daughter for a while and return her dead body after six months.

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    we seatd…

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    Letz see how it goes… Seated with bigi cola and chin chin and plz no sharing

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    Johua Andre Smith
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    later damon would fall in love

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    Bring it on

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