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    ?Episode 4 ?
    Roxanne pov
    I blinked rapidly trying to assimilate the whole thing, Tak e off my clothes.
    “I don’t repeat myself” He said coldly.
    “I can’t” I whimper
    He use the back of his hand to slap my face and I burst into tears.
    I start taking it off slowly, within a minute I am naked in front of me.
    His eyes roam around my body lustfully.
    He push me to bed and came between my legs immediately.
    He pulled off his trouser and slowly I felt the tip of his c--k in my v and I winced slowly.
    He pushed it in completely and t----t into me fastly and roughly.
    “Your father raped my mom to death in my presence so I am going to do that in ten folds” He said painfully and slap my face continuously.
    After a long time he pulled out of me and stepped down immediately, he start putting on his clothes.
    “Expect more of this”
    With that,he walked out of the room.

    Episode 5
    ?Roxanne pov ?
    I groaned in pain as he left the room, how can he be this heartless.
    I felt hot pains in my v and I cried softly.
    The door opened again and a woman in her late sixties enter the room with a brief case like bag with her.
    She sat beside me quickly.
    “He did this to you right” she asked and I nodded weakly.
    She cleaned me up, administer medication for me, she packed up and tuck me in.
    “Don’t tell him I came here” she warned and I nodded.
    With that, she left the room.
    I walked into the room and feeling guilty for forcing Myself on her.
    But she is suffering for her parents sins right?
    ?Mike pov ?
    ” Tell me what you know about it” my wife cried.
    “I swear to God I knew nothing about it” I said truthfully.
    “That means I won’t see my baby anymore ”
    She whimpered and I tear stream down my face.
    This is the worst moment of our lives.

    The unknown pov ?????
    He walked into the room.
    Hmmmm A devil in white clothes.
    He is one of Damon most trusted guards.
    “Good evening sir ” he said with a straight face.
    “Any news” I said coldly.
    “Damon forces himself on her”
    A smile crept on my lips.
    “Thanks Go and meet him for the normal stuff”
    I said and he knew what I mean.
    That bastard, he thought he will be the only billionaire in this country.
    I will make sure I kill him with my bare hands.

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    Too short

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    Why forceing urself on her bcos of ur stupid revenge

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    Ok , let’s see how it goes.


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    It’s not fair, she shouldn’t suffer for her father’s mistake

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    His perfect obsession ????
    PG Rated 18+
    By iyanuoluwa Akinniyi
    Episode 6
    ?Roxanne pov ?
    Next morning…..
    I walked out of the bathroom dragging my legs, they still hurt badly.
    I look up and met him sitting on the bed calmly, I quickly tighten my grip on the tip of my towel.
    He notice my presence, he look up and smiles at me, with that evil smirk in his face.
    “Good morning ” I stuttered
    “strip”He said coldly and my heart leapt, my v still hurt badly.
    “Please I am still weak, once I am a little bit strong, I will come to your room myself” I plead with little tears on my face.
    “I don’t repeat myself” He said sternly and I felt so scared.
    I loose it slowly and let it drop at my feet, he feed his eyes on my body.
    “Move to the bed and spread your legs” he commanded.
    I walked slowly to the bed and spread my legs a little cos it still hurts badly.
    He stood up and unbuckle his trouser leaving his boxers only.
    He climb the bed, he came in between my legs and widen it more and I screamed in pains.
    He teased my v with his erected c--k and pushes himself in.
    I moan and moan in pain, begging him to stop but he increased his pace more.
    He f----d me till I start bleeding.
    After sastifying himself, he pulled outta me and took a deep breath trying to absorb the pains.
    He wore his trouser and walk out of the room leaving me in my bleeding state and I cried helplessly.
    The same woman of yesterday came to take care of me.
    “who are you” I inquired.
    “I am his nanny since birth” she answered and handed me a glass of coffee.
    “Good news”she said ecstatically.
    “what ”
    ” Damon will be traveling for a month”
    “what” I screamed.
    “I overheard him speaking to his manager angrily this morning, he can’t afford to lose the contract, he has being bidding for it months ago ”
    “wow!!!! ”
    “l am busy in my room but I decided to tell you this”
    She said hastily and made to go but I held her back”
    “what? “she said curiously
    “why did you care so much about me”i said emotionally.
    “I care about you because of who you are” she said tenderly and mouthed I will be back and I nodded gently.
    “can’t we postpone the meeting” I said angrily.
    “I am sorry sir, but that’s is the already fixed day for it” my secretary said timidly.
    “f--k!!!!! ” I groaned and walk out of the company, the bodyguards sights me coming and they collect my briefcase and opened the door for me, I stepped in and the driver zoom off.
    I was in the room watching news on the TV and he came in, I shook with fear immediately and stood up.
    “I am traveling” He said and I screamed happily in my mind.
    “Don’t be too happy it’s just a month” He said and my heart sank.
    At least I will be free for a month ???
    “Good night”He said coldly and walk out of the room.
    A month later☝️☝️☝️
    I groaned as I vomited all I ate in the morning, I wash my face and walk out of the room.
    I met nanny Kira in the room.
    “Again” she said and I nodded weakly sitting down on the bed.
    “hope it’s not what I am thinking? ”
    “what ” I answered innocently
    I will be right back” she said and walk out of the room.
    It’s been a month since Damon travelled and i have been free as a bird in the house until this stupid sickness which started three days ago.
    Nanny Kira walk in to the room with something in her hand.
    “what is this” I asked confused
    “it’s called pregnancy test”
    “you think I am pregnant ” I asked chuckling
    “maybe ”
    Hmm is she really serious”
    After making me do some annoying stuff like urinating in a bowl and others.
    she waited patiently for the results and suddenly she screamed.
    “Roxanne you are pregnant ”

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    His perfect obsession ????
    By iyanuoluwa Akinniyi
    PG Rated 18+
    Episode 7
    ?Roxanne pov ?
    I gulp down nothing trying to comprehend the whole thing, I was too devastated about my condition when he forced himself on me every night and I don’t even remember using contraceptive pills every night he forces himself on me.
    Tears drop down my face as I thought about how my life changed from good to worse.
    I mean I live the best of life with family and friends until he came a month ago and change everything.
    Oh God I am ruined.

    “why are you crying”Nanny Kira asked surprised.
    “How can I be pregnant for a devil”i cried.
    “I have a plan so stop crying and Iisten to me” she said emphasizedly and I sit down properly to listen to whatever plans she had in mind.
    “The thing is that you will tell him you are pregnant, Damon love babies and he would like to have one now and he will not kill you after five months” she said mischievously and I smiled.
    I hope it works.
    They think it’s that easy ?????
    ?Alex pov(private investigator) ?
    Why do I have this weird feeling that Mike is not the one responsible for killing Damon parents.
    I just don’t know what is wrong with me, I wish that I did not tell Damon about the killer, it would have been easier to investigate more about the matter.
    I think about how I will investigate deeply about the matter and suddenly an idea popped into my head and I smiled triumphantly hoping it will work.
    Haha I hope it works.
    What are Alex plans ?????
    ? Roxanne pov ?
    I watch as four flashy cars drive into the compound.
    They find a suitable place to park and one of the guards quickly open the door and he stepped down gracefully.
    He look so cute and hot.
    He walked into the house heading to his room I think because I was peeping through the window.
    He must have been tired, I waited patiently for him to freshen up and eat.
    After waiting for sometime I stood up and rubbed my tummy deliciously and walk out of the room.
    ?Damon’s pov ?
    “you said you want to see me ” I asked tiredly after a long and boring trip.
    “yes sir I want to ask for the keys to your parents house, I mean where they are living before the incident happened” He said and bowed.
    D--n he shouldn’t have said that it held a Lot of memories.
    “for what, we all knew Mike is the killer.” I said dryly not interested in the conversation.
    “to investigate more about the matter”
    “OK ”
    I walked to the drawer where I kept the keys and handed it to him.
    “Thank you sir”
    He walked out of the room and the door opened again and it was Roxanne .
    Hmm she look fresher now.
    “hi” she said shyly
    “what ” I snapped.
    “I am pregnant ”
    “for who”
    She looked shocked at my answer but cover it with a fake smile.
    “For you of course ” she stuttered.
    “OK I will call my doctor tomorrow”
    For what if I may ask ”
    “To abort it of course ”

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    Ha! Abort ke!

    He must be joking

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