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    ride on

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    Bãd bøy
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    Next episode, similar to “instagram queen”

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    ??❣️HIS VIRGIN BRIDE❣️??
    ❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️
    Rated ?
    ❣️❣️Episode Two❣️❣️
    (You’re getting married?)


    ‘Evening Dad’..I murmured as I walked upstairs with a smug look on my face not even bothering to get a glimpse of the silver line in the middle of his ebony black hair…

    ‘Oh hey honey how’s practice??’..He asked..

    ‘Hmmm it was okay I’ll be in my room now’..I replied turning to walk the remaining distance taking me to my room…

    ‘Ohhh Elena who broke up with you this time??’..He asked and I flinched…

    ‘Jeez is it so obvious?! Gosh i hate men!!!’..

    ‘I’m a man honey so don’t cross the kind and besides I never liked Jonas anyway’..he said giving me a lewd wink and I smiled…

    He always has a way to make me smile and that’s why I love him very much…

    ‘Thanks Dad but right now I’ve got to sleep I’ve got a long day ahead of me tomorrow’…


    ‘You’re betrothed Javier’..Mom completed her statement and I laughed with every gland in my body..

    ‘Ohhh mom you’re pretty good at Joking,you’re very good at making serious jokes’…I muttered and turned to leave but she gripped my left hand..

    ‘Javier I’m not lying please sit down’..She said and I scoffed…

    I arched my brows and sat on the edge of her bed with her hands clasped in mine and her gaze so intent…

    ‘When you were seven your father made a deal with the Duke of Humberg -Duke Viero,He saved your father when there was a bloody war between the two Kingdoms and your father overwhelmed by his kindness made a deal with him,more like a reward actually’…she explained..

    ‘So what you’re saying is that….

    ‘Just let me finish Javier,Duke Viero had a beautiful daughter,her name is Elena and so your father made a deal with Duke Viero that you’re going to marry his daughter Elena when you’re of age and when you finally ascend the thrones and from the looks of it you’re both of age’..She said and I scoffed loudly…

    I mean this doesn’t make sense in anyway..

    How can i be betrothed to someone I don’t even know and at the age of seven too!!! How could he even do this?..

    ‘So how old is she??’..i asked trying to hide the anger in my voice…

    ‘She’s 23 or 24 I’m not sure but I’ll call Duke Viero okay?? And Javier please don’t sleep with any other lady please I’m tired of seeing premium tears in your room’..She said and i nodded leaving the room…

    Mom is a woman who likes pulling pranks since there’s nothing she can do in the castle anymore and I’m sure this is another prank of hers..

    I’m betrothed??..


    I went into my room and when i turned on the lights only to see a very sexy girl on my bed like i always have every night..

    Gregory always goes into town to find a girl and say that there’s a ball in the castle and that she’s been invited…

    ‘Good evening your highness I..I was told that there was a ball but uhh i was brought here,is the ball going to happen here??’..She asked and I smiled taking off my tunic with a wicked gleam in my eyes..

    ‘Stand up’..i commanded and she scurried to her feet immediately…

    ‘I..I don’t understand your..your highness what’s going o..on??’..she stuttered as i trailed my finger under her green skirt while my tongue toyed with her earlobe…

    ‘How would you love to have a child for King Javier??’..I asked pretty much sure that I’m not going to get her pregnant..

    It always gets them every time…

    ‘Well i..I would love to’..she replied and I groped her thighs and pushed her hard on the wall..

    She moaned loudly as i unbuttoned her blouse and ripped her dress off quickly,luckily she wasn’t wearing a bra..

    My mouth went down immediately on her breasts and I s----d just like a baby s-----g it’s mothers and when I bit her n----e she let out a sharp cry…

    ‘Please be gentle’..She whispered and I smiled…

    Javier Orlando isn’t gentle…

    My fingers found a way under the chemise she was wearing and i ripped off her pantie not caring about how light the fabric was,she gasped as I dug my two fingers into her v**ina and moved so quickly until she came on my hands..

    ‘Get ready for the big boy’..i whispered and pushed her to the ground and removed the last of her clothes…

    And this is the life mom wants me to leave?!!..



    The Next Morning⛅
    I opened my eyes and groaned loudly when I checked the time and realised it was 11am…

    I walked downstairs past Dad’s study and when i heard him talking to someone on the phone I paused…

    ‘It’s time’..I heard him whisper..

    What does he mean by it’s time??..

    And why is he whispering??..

    Dad never whispers in the house cause he never hides anything from me,it’s like a special bond between the both of us…

    ‘Who were you talking to??’..I asked as he came out from the door and he jolted sharply…

    ‘Jeez Elena you almost gave me a heart attack!!’..He said and heaved his breath…

    ‘Sorry about that but who was on the phone and why were you saying it’s time??’…i asked with a frown on my face..

    He paused for a while and then i noticed the worried look on his face…

    ‘Follow me’..he murmured..

    I followed him into the study and we both walked towards my favorite bookshelf and the next thing I knew a secret door opened after he bent a book…

    ‘Whoa how did that get here?!’..I exclaimed as i followed him to the hidden room…

    There were swords,statues and a lot of things that I can’t even explain..

    Portraits,paintings and even glass enclosed vases!!!..

    ‘Blood of Moses Dad what is this?!’..I asked as my eyes brightened…

    ‘There’s something I’ve got to tell you’..He replied..

    ‘Okay I’m listening??’..

    ‘I’m a duke Elena,I’m the Duke of Humberg and you’re the daughter of a duke and uhmmm…

    ‘You’re a duke?!! The duke of Hamburger town of whatever you’re trying to say and I didn’t know?? What the hell is going on??’..I asked..

    My father is a duke and I don’t know??..

    ‘Yes I’m a duke,well I moved to New York when you were just a kid after your mother died cause i couldn’t bear the pain anymore and everything that had to do with my dukedom I kept it hidden from you but now I guess it’s high time you know cause you’re getting married’..He replied .

    ‘What do you mean by married Dad look I don’t know what you’re trying to say or what prank you’re trying to pull but I sure as hell don’t like it!!!’..I yelled trying to keep a neutral face..

    I mean I don’t even understand what he’s saying..

    He’s the Duke of Hamburger town and now I’m getting married??..

    Talk about a ride to crazy town!!..

    ‘Sit down Elena and I’ll explain everything,when you were four there was a war between the kingdom of Humberg and North ridge,I was against it but then the King of Humberg was a power hungry fellow,he made me go to war and that’s when i saved a stranger from dying which turned out to be King Ardan,I brought him to the house and he played with you which I’m sure you do not remember —Well as a reward for my kindness we became very good friends and made a deal,a pact or an oath of some thing that you would marry his son Javier when you’re both of age and…

    ‘Hold up!!! Hold up!! So you’re saying that you saved a man and He’s a king and blah blah blah now you’re saying I’m getting married?!!! Ohh what sort of a bull shit is this?!!’..I yelled rising from my seat…

    I think this is prank of some sort..


    So they both think it’s a prank??..

    Should we tell them guys???..

    So if you’re in Elena’s shoes what would you do if you find out you’re getting married to a womanizer like Javier??..

    Like and comment for the next episode..

    Love you all

    ©Kay writes .

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    Bãd bøy
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    Following reportedly….

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    Can she copy with that wicked Prince

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    Can she copy with that wicked Prince?

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    we will see about that

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