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    I don’t know how it will end o but if you end up with this man……. let’s keep following

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    Sani I love ❤️ that

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    Itz Judy
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    Sani really got guts

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    good for him,,pls give him another hot slap from me stupid boy

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    good for him,,pls give him another hot slap from me stupid boy…

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    Chapter 38

    Arhaan POV

    The doorbell rang and I went to open it only to be welcome by a punch. “Ouch man!!” I shrieked. And someone gasped when I saw who it was..it was Mahira. +

    “Sani” she said. Oh!! So she is her best friend. But why the hell did she punched me?? “This punch was for beating the shit out of her and leaving her out in the cold” she said. Before I can say anything I was slapped!! Wait what the hell was her problem??

    “This slap was for treating her like a maid” she hissed all the way glaring at me.

    “Saniiiiii” I saw Mahira shouting and was almost running towards us. Oh!! No no…running is bad for her. I quickly straightened myself and was about about to call out to her to not to run well I again got a kick. Where??? Holy moly where the sun doesn’t shine…I fell on the floor..I hissed in pain.

    “This one’s for making my best friend’s life a living hell!! Now whenever you wish to hurt her or treat her bad..just remember these three things..but if you somehow forget then I won’t mind at all to make you remember back” with that she walked towards Mahira and hugged her. I cursed under my breath.

    “Arhaan, Arhaan are you alright??” Mahira came to me and she sat beside me.

    “I’m fine, I’m fine..no need to worry. Come get up..you shouldn’t be sitting like this” I told her..and we both got up.

    “You hit like a man girl” I said to her.

    “Well I have more to show” she smirked.

    “Sani” Mahira mouthed to her “don’t”.

    “Fine..where is your room. I’m tired!!” She said. Wait!! Her room?? Is she gonna stay here??? D--n…means now I’ll be getting bruises frequently.

    “Coming with you.” Mahira replied. She turned towards me and said “go to your room I’ll be there in a minute” she walked towards her. I sighed.

    I went to my room and was inspecting my wounds. I cursed..when it sting me. D--n her!!! Soon the gate opened of my room and Mahira entered with a first aid box. “Sit on the bed” she said.

    I went and sat on the bed all the while hissing and cursing. “Stop cursing Arhaan..you haven’t gotten that much hurt also. Just a little bit of cut and that’s it” she said inspecting my face.

    “Are you out of your mind?? That girl punched me, kicked me, slapped me…and you’re saying that I’m not hurt???” I said with very much shock evident in my voice and face.

    She took a deep breath and said “so what you want me to do?? Take you hospital and put her behind the bars for just these three things??? Grow up Arhaan.”
    “Yeah..grow up!! If anyone here needs to grow up is that girl, she surely needs to grow up” I said in annoyance. +

    “Correction she’s not “that girl”, she is Saniya” she glared. “And it was your fault only why you have to mess with her??” She said.

    She surely is out of her mind. “I think you’re having a memory loss. I didn’t mess with her, I only opened the door and then everything came to me instantly” I replied.

    “But you sure messed with me so the outcome was natural” she said and shrugged.

    “Why did you have to say her everything??” I asked.

    “Why do you say everything to Rehan??”

    “He is my best friend”

    “So she is mine”

    “But he sure doesn’t go punching around people who had messed with me”

    “Because he also believes in nonviolence just like me”
    And I was quiet. Because I didn’t have anything to say. She is right. “If you have stopped bickering then can I attend to your wounds now??” She asked. I slowly nodded. “Good” she said. +

    “This will sting a bit..okay??” She asked. I nodded. I can see that she was scared more than me. “Mahira please, I’m alright” I said.
    She quickly put the cotton on my wound and I hissed..d--n!! This really stings. Her eyes were closed and slowly slowly she was dabbing the cotton..she says that she doesn’t care about me now, then why does it hurt her by seeing me like this??

    “You can open your eyes” I said. She opened her eyes and I instantly got lost in her hazel eyes. She quickly averted her eyes and started looking for the ointment.

    “You’re a liar” I said.


    “You didn’t care about me, you were ignoring me, not letting me to touch you…and see your the only one who is sitting right beside me and attending to my wounds..which is not that major compared to yours” I said straight looking into her eyes.

    She froze. “If I’m attending to your wounds that doesn’t mean I care for you. It is also called humanity, which lacks in you” she snapped.

    “I know many things lacks in me, that’s why I want you to rectify it. I know what I have done can’t be forgiven and what Saniya has done today is totally fine. Because I deserved these hitting. I’m so sorry Mahira that I know even my sorry will be nothing for you. All I can say is that I totally regret what I’ve done and please tell me what should I do that you forgive me” I said with my head low. I didn’t wanted her to see me because I don’t know why but my eyes have become moist. I guess due to staring the ground for so long.

    “I need some time” she said and stood up.

    “Can you please come with me today at a party?? It’s related to the business even Rehan will be there and if you want you can bring Saniya also with you” I said. I don’t know why I said because I knew she will not come. I sighed and went towards the window.

    “I’ll be ready by eight.” She said and opened the door and went away. I smiled. I really smiled after a long time. Soon my cell started ringing and I groaned as I checked the caller id. It was Laiba’s. It has been fifteen days since I had met her or talk to her. I don’t know why but now I don’t feel like talking to her. I only want Mahira to be in front of me.

    I left my cell ringing like that on the bed and went to take the shower. After taking a long and nice shower I went down only to see Rehan sitting on the sofa and laughing. Saniya and Mahira were also there. By seeing them I could say they were going out. Oh!! No…Mahira shouldn’t go out like this. She is not fully cured. And is it is she’ll be going to the party tonight.

    “Hey bro” Rehan came forward and did a fist pump with me.

    “Hey..what’s up” I said.

    “Umm..nothing just wanted to talk to you” he said keeping both the hands in his pocket.
    “Yeah sure” I said and motioned him to come to my bedroom. +

    “Well you guys talk..we’ll leave” Sani said.

    “Where are you going??” I asked Mahira.

    Before she could answer Sani answered.”Why does it concern you??”. I was shocked. But before I could answer she again spoke “who are you to ask her where she is going, with whom she is going and what time will she return??” I again tried to speak quote tried but she again cut me off. “And don’t you dare tell me that you’re her husband and blah blah” God!! How much she speak??

    “She’s going with me..and whenever I’ll wish to come back then we’ll both come back..and dare you utter a single word or try to stop us or stalk us..I swear whatever things I have done in the morning was just a trailer..” She smirked and took Mahira’s hand and then she went out.
    Even Mahira was confused as what just happened?? She’s mad..!! And then suddenly I hear a sound of someone’s laughing loudly. I turned my gaze and it was none other than Rehan. He was clutching his waist from one hand and was laughing. I glared. +

    “Sani is perfect!!! She made your mouth sealed….hahahahaha. You were standing here like a dumb and she was just shouting at you. God!! Arhaan Sheikh didn’t had anything to respond hahahahaha” Rehan teased.

    “Are you done” I said in annoyance. He nodded and again started laughing.

    “Seriously yaar!! How can she talk so much..and let me tell you she hits like a man..she’s a wild lion!!” I said.

    “Then why do you mess with her?? She was very good with me” he said proudly.

    “Why do you and Mahira think that I have messed with her?? In the morning also without doing anything I recieved a punch, slap and got kicked where it hurts d--n badly. And just because I opened the door???” I said hissing.
    “Whaaaaattttttt????? You got all these hitting from a woman??? I should check the footage..it would have been a sight to behold” he said in amaze. I was glaring at him like Lion glare at their prey when they try to run. He quickly raised his hands in surrender. And I relaxed. +

    “What did you wanted to talk about??” I asked sipping Cola.

    “I wanted to talk about Laiba” he said. And this caught me off guard.

    “What about Laiba??” I asked.

    “Well day before yesterday I saw her with other guy coming out from the coffee shop” he said.

    “So what?? He can be her friend??” I said shrugging.

    “Well, I also thought the same..but I went to this hotel to meet one of my clients and there also I saw her going in the elevator with that guy. When I asked the reception she declined to give any details of their guests.” He said and exhaled a deep breath.

    “So basically you’re trying to say is Laiba is cheating on me with some other random guy??” I asked raising my eyebrows.

    “Well, I’m not sure but what I saw I can’t deny that also” he said.

    “Look Rehan I know how much you hate her and I also know that you will never lie to me..But I’m sorry I can’t believe you. If you have any proof that you can show me then please go on” I said.

    “Right now I don’t have any but I’ll sure get..and then with the proofs you can go to her and ask her” he said. By seeing his attitude and confidence I can say that he’s not lying and overall he’s my best friend so there’s no chance of him lying. But still I didn’t like to trust at this topic.

    “Okay..but till then drop down this subject because I totally wanted to focus on how to make Mahira forgive me.” I said.
    “Dude you sure are whipped by Mahira” he said smirking. +

    I threw cushion at him and glared. “What rubbish I only want her to forgive me because what I did with her was utterly wrong.” I said in my defense.

    “Keep saying that to yourself. I just don’t understand why you both like to deny everything when in reality we all can see that you both are lying.” He said as he raked his fingers in his hair.

    “What do you mean??” I asked.

    “Nothing..I’m leaving now. Will see you at a party” he said and stood up to leave.

    “Rehan” I called out.

    “I know what you’re gonna say. Don’t worry I’ll come and pick up Sani. But I’m leaving Mahira alone with you because I’m trusting you this time. If I hear one complain I’ll not hesitate in calling your mother.” He said and smiled.
    Geez what is wrong with him and Sani. They are totally after me!!!
    After a while they both came and they directly went to her room.
    It was already seven fifty and I was waiting for her to come down. Sani was already gone with Rehan after threatening me alot. I don’t know how he convinced her but she was gone and I was slightly nervous that what if Mahira objects on Sani’s leaving with Rehan and she’ll be coming alone with me. But to my surprise she didn’t said anything. +

    I was wearing a grey color tux. I was scrolling my cell just to pass time when she descended down the stairs. I stopped blinking and mouth opened. She was looking absolutely breath taking. How can someone be so beautiful even if she is not wearing any revealing outfit??

    She was wearing a pink and grey color gown. Her hijab was in pink color which was tied securely. And she had done a little make up. God!! I so badly want to hug her right now. She was wearing a heart shaped pendant and some rings on her finger. And to top it all her fair skin was more glowing than usual.

    I could see that she was getting nervous under my gaze because she was fiddling with her fingers. I cleared my throat and regained myself “you’re looking very beautiful Mahira” I said with all honesty.

    She looked at me first. The she gave a shy smile and softly muttered “JazakAllah”.
    Seeing her smile made me also smile.

    “Come Let’s go” I said. She nodded and we both went out at the same time. To be safe side I had already brought the car right in front of the main door. What happened in the morning I couldn’t risk again.
    She chuckled seeing the car already parked. I nervously scratched the back of my neck. I quickly open the passenger door for her and she slid in. I quickly went to my side and started the car. +

    Whole car ride was silent. I was only thinking ways on how to keep her away from those cheap men’s gaze. Soon we arrived and gave the keys to the valet. I quickly went to her side and opened the door and gave her my hand to come out.

    She grabbed my hand and my I smiled like a monkey and she stepped out clutching my hand making the paparazzi go wild. We both walked inside by holding each other’s hand and I was liking her touch. I had never felt before with Laiba. Mahira has certainly changed me.

    We went inside and I greeted a lot of people. After greeting people we both went towards Rehan and Sani who were chatting and laughing as if they know each other from a very long time. We both looked at each other and shared a knowing smile.

    “Assalamualaikum” Mahira greeted Rehan and hugged Sani.

    “Walekumasalam” Rehan replied.

    “I hope the ride was good??” Sani asked in a daring tone. She looked at me and my heart skipped a beat.

    “It was good” she replied and I exhaled a breath.

    After chatting and eating Rehan took Sani to accompany him on the dance floor. Leaving me and Mahira alone.

    “May I have the pleasure to dance with you??” I asked as I gave her my hand. She bowed down a bit and grabbed my hand. I took her on the dance floor. I could see Rehan’s and Sani’s wide eyes as if we were aliens. But soon there wide eyes were replaced by a big smile.

    Sani was also looking pretty but not as much as Mahira. She was also wearing a sky blue color gown with some work. I don’t know what it’s called. She also wears hijab just like Mahira. My favourite song was playing…Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran.

    I hold her by her waist añd she gasped. She was looking at me or staring at me. Her one hand was on my shoulder and her right hand was on my heart. And my heart started beating frantically.

    We started moving slowly..and I could see her blush was forming. This Mar me smile. Soon we started dancing..and I could see she was enjoying but at the same time she was feeling shy.
    We found love right where we are!! +

    She buried her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her waist securely. We were moving very slowly. As if we are not here to dance just to hear each others breathing.
    I spin her many times she falls in my arms perfectly…

    So bay now take me into your loving arms…
    Kiss me until the light of a thousand stars…
    Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart..
    I’m thinking out loud but….
    May be…We found love right where we are…

    And I sweep her off of her feet and started spinning her…she closed her eyes. Then we both hugged each other. The music also stopped. She went to drink something and then suddenly someone hugged me from the back. I turned and my smile dropped.

    “Babyyyyyyy” she said and hugged. I didn’t hugged her back. When I looked at Mahira she was already in tears.

    To be continued…

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    Mahira is stupid…. Come to think of it, what if she died during the torture the animal gave her or Rehan doesn’t come in time, is it her ghost that will be dancing Ed Sheeran song with him? Nonsense. For her stupidity she need to be thought a lesson. I’m for her before but her stupidity is getting me pissed already. What nonsense tears?

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    Mahira don’t tell me that you are in love with that animal that wanted to kill you.
    Hmmmmm , anyway let watch and see what will become of you guys.

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