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    This mahira is senseless

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    That is good next pls

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    confused human being

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    He could have married sani instead. Sani would taught laiba a lesson

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    Mahira 🤦

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    Let me wait and see how the idiot will act now that the stupid s--t is around. Next please

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    Itz Judy
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    Sani can u pliz put someone to her place.

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    Chapter 39

    “I’m going to drink some water” I whispered in his ears. +

    I called the waiter and asked him to give me a glass of water. I turned to see him and everything stopped. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t stay here anymore suddenly I was feeling very suffocated. I turned and just walked out only to be called by Arhaan.

    I hurried down the corridor. Almost broke the button of the elevator in order to call it upstairs. As soon as the elevator came I rushed inside and closed the door.

    “Mahira listen..wait” Arhaan came shouting.

    After getting out and quickly dashed out and got in one of the empty cab. I told the address to the driver. And then I didn’t stop the tears that was already flowing. I was stupid that I couldn’t see him in pain when Sani punched and slapped him. Why did I cared for him even after what he did to me??

    D--n me!! I could see from my window seat Arhaan’s car following my cab but due to heavy traffic and signals he was always stuck behind. I was really shocked to see Sani at first and when I asked her that she was supposed to come day after tomorrow then how was she here before??

    She just shrugged and answered that he deserved to be trained so she came here before the original date. I might still haven’t forgiven him and wasn’t even planing to do also so early. But still his words made my heart melt.
    He asked me to accompany him in this party has caught me off guard. I never thought that he will actually take me with him to a party with dignity and that where all his business associates will be present. Last time when he had taken me to a party was just horrible because he was literally behind my back just to insult me. +

    But today he actually had made me happy. He had introduced me to many people and had actually stayed by my side every time. I was enjoying his attention alot. And the dance we share was just awesome. But no nothing can go right with me that Laiba had to put her leg in between us. 10

    I saw them in each other’s arms. How can he be with me and that Laiba in same time. I know very well that he loves her alot..he doesn’t have to show it every time. No Mahira calm down..it’s only a matter of just one month and then after that you’ll be free!! Calm down!! I repeated this every time. 1

    “Drive fast” I told the driver.
    I heard my cell ringing I picked it up and it was Sani.

    “Ri listen to me before you cut the call” she said as soon as I picked up.

    “Not now Sani..I’m not in mood.” I said wiping my tears.

    “I know Ri..but just listen to me once.” She said.

    “Bye Sani” I said and ended the call and put my cell on flight mode. I know in this it wasn’t Sani’s fault..but right now I didn’t wanted to talk with anyone.
    Finally I reached home. I quickly paid the driver and rushed inside. I opened the main gate and Arhaan entered with his car. God!! How can he drive so fast??

    I quickly went inside and closed the gates and rushed upstairs but soon a grip on my hand made me turned. was shocked how can he enter the house?? I have locked it…oh fish!! He must be having spare keys.

    “Listen to me for once??” He said.

    “And why should I??” i asked.

    “Whatever you saw over there…didn’t happen” he said.

    I was confused

    “I mean what ever you saw in the party is not the truth” he said.

    “And why are you saying all this to me” I said.

    “Because I know you are angry” he said frustratingly.

    “Why does it concern you??” I asked.

    “Stop asking d--n questions..and listen to me” he said cupping my face and I can see that he was angry. But he wasn’t that kind of angry where you feel scared. He was angry because he so desperately want me to hear him out once which I wasn’t ready.
    “Why do you always feel that everyone will listen to you” I asked. +

    “I don’t feel…everyone does” he said raising his eyebrows.

    “But I’m not in that everyone” I said and jerked his hand away from me and started walking towards my room but soon I was again stopped by him.

    “Mahira I haven’t even met her from fifteen days. I didn’t knew that she’ll be there because as far as I know her she hates such type of parties.” He explained.

    “Well, I’m not interested in her likes and dislikes” I replied.

    “I didn’t hugged her..she was the one who came and hugged me from the back” he said

    “And you were too shocked to actually realize what the hell was going on. Right??” I said.

    “Yes..I was shocked” he said. And this made my anger more rise.

    “To hell with your explanation. I don’t give a d--n” I shouted.

    “You have to listen to me Mahira…sometimes what you see is not the actual truth. You have to listen” he hissed.
    “And why suddenly you want me to listen to you?? You love Laiba so you can hug her or kiss her..why the hell you’re sharing your private moments with me?? With a Maid??” I snapped at him. +

    “Mahira I didn’t kissed her. Why the hell are you not understanding?? I was just standing there and was just answering Rehan’s question when she suddenly came and hugged me. I was shocked at first but then when I turned I was even more shocked to see her. If you have seen properly then you would have seen that I wasn’t hugging her back…dammit!!!” Now he snapped.

    “Listen Arhaan I’m done with you and your lame excuses. And I just don’t understand why the hell are you wasting your time with me??” I said irritatingly.

    “I’m not wasting my time.” He said.

    “But my time is getting wasted by standing here with you. Tell me one thing why this sudden change in you?? Why you actually caring that what I saw over there might have hurted me and then you suddenly want to make me understand?? Why?? It’s not like my thoughts will matter to you??” I asked keeping my hands on my waist.

    “Because I…..” He said and stopped.

    “Yes..you what??” I asked.

    “Mahira I…” He again said.

    “Yes I’m listening” I said glaring at him.

    “You know what just forget it. It’s of no use to even talk to you at this moment. Good night.” He said.

    “Feelings mutual. Good night” and with that we both slammed the door shut.
    I don’t know what time it was but it was late at night. Sleep is not all near me. I was only tossing and turning on my bed. Finally I groaned and sat up. It’s of no use to try to sleep. I walked down to the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee and came back to my room. +

    I opened the door of my balcony and just stood peacefully gazing the moon. Today it was a full moon night..the moon was shining brightly. Half of my room and my balcony was full lighted up by the moonlight. It was so d--n romantic but at the same time it was very peaceful. I just stood there and sipped my coffee. Suddenly I heard my door opening. I turned to see it was Sani. I smiled at her. 1

    “Not feeling sleepy??” asked her.

    “No” she replied looking at the moon.

    “Ri..you know you were right. Arhaan is not that bad he had just lost the track of the right path…other than that he is good” she said.
    “Says the girl who repeatedly punched him” I asked smiling. 5

    “That was just to remind him..that you are not alone and he can’t do just anything and get away with it” she said.

    “Yeah yeah I know. My possessive bff!!” I said and gave her a side hug.

    “Ri..it wasn’t his fault” she said all of a sudden.
    I was confused..”whose fault are you talking about??”

    “Arhaan’s” she replied.

    “Ri we were there when that girl came and hugged him. In fact we saw you going towards the waiter and then Rehan started telling him that what had happened to him?? From where this sudden change?? And he just laughed and said it’s all because of Sani’s punches. And then we all started laughing. That time only she came and hugged him from the back. He was shocked and when he turned he was even more shocked. He didn’t hugged her back. But when he saw you in tears without thinking and looking back at once also he ran after you. I knew you have gotten all wrong and that’s why I called you..but you didn’t wanted to listen.” She said.

    Now I was shocked. Means he was saying the truth but I was so foolish that I didn’t listened to him. “Oh My God!! Sani…what have I done?? I thought he was again lying. He tried to make me understand numerous time but I just didn’t listened to him. It’s all my fault.” I said keeping both my hands on my mouth.

    “No Ri..its not your fault. You did what you thought was right. Arhaan has always lied to you..so this time also you thought he is. You know when a person always lies to you everytime and then when he says something odd its different to make out whether he’s saying the truth or not?? This exactly happened with you” she explained.

    “But still..I should have listened to him for once with a calm mind.” I said and tears started coming out.

    “You can always clear it out. Talk to him. And Ri…he’s changing.” She said and patted my shoulder giving me a knowing look. +

    I understood what she meant to say but I would never believe. “I hope he changes for the good.” I said.

    The next morning I woke up and rushed to Arhaan’s room. But he was not there..I asked the guards and they said that he left early morning. Guess..had to wait for his return. I was making breakfast in the kitchen when Sani came down.
    “Assalamualaikum” she said. +

    “Walekumasalam” I replied.

    “What happened someone’s in a bad mood and that to early in the morning??” She asked.

    “Arhaan is not in home” I said and slumped down my shoulders.

    “Ooo..no issues. We’ll wait!!” She said hugging me from behind. I smiled. We had breakfast and was just chatting like old times when the doorbell rang. Sani went to see and Rehan came.

    “Asslamualaikum” he said.

    “Walekumasalam” we both replied together. And I didn’t miss the the extra smile that Rehan send towards Sani. I started coughing and they both came back to reality.
    “Where’s Arhaan??” Rehan asked +

    “He’s not home..left early” I replied.

    “I guess then I’ve to wait” he said and plopped down casually on one of the sofa.

    In the meantime we were just laughing away when again the doorbell rang. This time I went to see and was surprised to see Laiba. My inside was burning with anger..but I masked it with a smile.

    “Asslamualaikum” I said and welcomed her inside. She just ignored me and automatically went inside and I was standing there like a fool.

    “Babbbbyyyyyyyyyy” she called out loud. Ufff!!! Why does she has to shout that much.
    “Oohh!! Somebody’s still not updated with latest technology” Sani commented casually.

    “Sanii” I glared at her.
    “You keep your mouth shut” Laiba said. +

    “I don’t even want to open my mouth but don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you from before” I said and sat down. She simply ignored me.

    “And you what do you mean??” She asked directly to Sani.

    “I mean if you would know what is a cellular phone i.e we call cell in short then you would not have been standing here and disturbing our ears by your annoying voice” she said examining her nails.

    “For your kind information I know what a cell is and I have a latest cell phone IPhone6s.” She flaunted her cell.

    “Really..show show” Sani jumped up suddenly from her seat. I and Rehan both of us shared an amused look.

    “Wao..this cell is just so d--n awesome.” Sani said taking her cell in her own hand.

    “Obviously it has to be” Laiba said in a duh tone.

    Sani smirked and I instantly knew what she was about to do. I shrieked and just at that time she threw her cell on the floor.

    “Now..it’s not that awesome” she said and sat down. I was now looking at her broken cell and then to Laiba. And Rehan was equally shocked. I could see Laiba was now fuming in anger..and before she could jump on Sani I came in between.

    “Laiba just leave her. I’ll pay for your loss. ” I said.

    “You get lost of my way b****” she said and pushed me and I landed on the floor.
    Before she could take a step forward Sani had already punched her making her bleed from the nose and even slapped her. Well Laiba also tried to slap her but Sani was alert. Guess..that’s why we shouldn’t mess with anyone who’s a boxing champion. Yes, she knew how to do boxing.
    Laiba again tried to hit but in return Sani knocked her down on the floor. I screamed “Saniii…stop!!”. This made her froze.

    “Why Mahira why?? Because of her you’re suffering and she’s enjoying. She needs to learn her lesson by heart!! Guess..she has never done her homework well enough in her entire life. But now she has to” she said and glared.

    “You..you’ll pay for this. I’ll tell Arhaan about what you did” she said.

    “And what will he do?? Do you really think that he is brave enough to even come to me and raise his voice after receiving endless bruises from me. And even if he came I’m very much ready to show more..because you both haven’t seen anything yet. I just broke your cell and your getting so hyped have you ever thought they how Mahira is feeling when your just breaking her relationship everyday ” she said.

    “Sani..enough. She’s our guest.” I shouted.

    “Yes and this is how you all treat the guest” all our heads turned towards the owner of the voice. Arhaan was standing there with his office briefcase in his hands and was d--n angry. D--n!! Why now??? He was already angry on me and now more.

    “Babyy..you saw what she did to me?? See..” And Laiba started showing the bruises. He saw and started walking towards us. He stopped in front of Sani.

    “This is what you do if you know some of the hits??? I’m very much sure that what you will do..when you’ll have a face off with me?? And don’t think that I don’t know how to dodge the hits..it was only a one time thing..which I deserved. Never ever challenge a person who knows Martial Art.” He said.
    And we all were shocked. I didn’t know he knew Martial Arts. I turned to look at Rehan and he nodded in confirmation. +

    “Arhaan but she started it before. She was the one who pushed Mahira and she fell on the floor. And I guess uptil now you must have come to know me that I can’t stand any person who troubles my best friend or hit her.” She said in a daring tone.

    “Laiba did you really pushed Mahira??” He asked straight.

    “Babbyy but this Sani girl broke my cell by throwing it on the floor.” Laiba said defending her.

    “So..you’ll push her. See she had hurt her forehead. Can’t you see” Sani said. Arhaan gestured him to stop.

    “Did you pushed her??”

    “Babbyy but”

    “Yes or No”


    “Apologize now” Arhaan said in a serious tone. We all gasped.
    “You must be kidding??” Laiba asked shocked. +

    “Does it seem so??” He asked.

    “No I will not”

    “Arhaan just leave. It wasn’t her fault. I came in between so this was bound to happen. Laiba you don’t need to apologize”I said.

    “You stay out of it” he snapped.

    “Arhaan” Rehan tried to say but he was cut in between.

    “You…you were sitting here and enjoying.” Arhaan accused him. He didn’t said anything.
    “I’m waiting Laiba and if you don’t do..then I’ll cancel our business deal. And you know what it will cost your dad’s company??” He said. Laiba looked at him in horror. +

    “I’m sorry” she said and went away.

    Arhaan quietly went to his room. I looked at Rehan and Sani.

    “I’m sorry Ri” Sani said.

    “You don’t have to be” I said and rushed towards his room.

    I went to his room and he was getting ready.

    “You going somewhere??” I asked slowly.

    “Hmm..meeting” he replied without any emotions.

    “Arhaan listen to me once” I said.

    “Did you listen to me last night??”

    “I’m sorry about that..” I said.

    “I’m getting late..bye” he said and started walking towards the door.

    “I’ll wait for you we’ll have dinner together??” It came out more like a question. He didn’t said anything and just walked out.

    This time I screwed up.

    To be continued…

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