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    chi that ur mom has mental issues,why would she trust you in that man hand instead of that woman nah

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    Next please

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    Abeg fire the waiting for nxt episode

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    Dãñîél wírê
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    fire on

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    Episode 02

    (flash back continues)

    “I brought Ife’s launch, it seems she has forgotten out of anger with her big head ” I heard my mum saying immediately she berged into the room without knocking, uncle Austin quickly stood up from me and pretended like something never happened.

    I was quiet, my mum was not able to see him cause he turned off the light, he lives in just a room, his bed was at a corner demarcated with a transparent curtain aside the other part of the room.

    He walked to her swiftly in the dark to collect my launch box. “haaa uncle why not turn on the lights the place is too dark” mum said to him.

    “no don’t worry, I turned off the lights because Ife still wants to sleep, immediately she came she layed on my bed” he lied

    “what kind of nonsense sleep does she wants to sleep at 5am in the morning, is it because the place is dark ” mum quarried not seriously
    “mum I’m not sleeping ” my little voice echoed
    “don’t mind her, go and dress for your work cause children always have problems ” he managed to cheer my mum up.

    My mum left out of ignorance while he resume the s-----g, my nipples were red already, I cried in my heart blaming God for giving me a wrong mother.

    (end of flash back)

    “so you mean that was how everything started? ” the psychologist who’s name was Dickson asked and I shook my head

    “miss Love what you narrated seems you were not happy initially but my question is that how comes you suddenly changed and acting p--n became your carrier? ” Mr Dickson asked, I know he wants the details.

    “well, it’s a long story but I’ll explain everything bit by bit. ”

    (Flash back)

    I became addicted to the s-----g to the extent I began to ask for it and uncle Austin eventually became my home teacher.

    I don’t tell mum anything about me cause he said I should always tell him every slight changes on my body.

    At primary six then I was eleven, I’ve started seeing some withish fluid (vaginal discharge) on my pant, I told uncle Austin about it.

    “you are now becoming a woman and that whitish fluid is the juice that every man desires from a woman especially beautiful once like you, I can’t wait to taste your juice if you don’t mind, trust me you’ll like it ” he said

    “if you say it’s good then it okay by me, I’ll allow you to s--k it” I said

    Without feeling of love we both engaged in an intense kiss, the kiss was deep until I began to moan.

    He gently slipped his hand down my skirt and fondle with whatever his hands touch.

    He resume in my breast as usual then it was big already but still growing, he fondle the right one and s--k the left one.

    His hands on my navel making circles, he tickled me while I twist on the bed like fish, then softly he whispered to my ears “you are nice and beautiful ” I blush.

    He gently thrusts a finger in and out of me, I felt a sharp pain. I had to jump up from the bed, he quickly drag me back and pushed me on the bed, I fell on the floor and my head hit the bed furniture.

    I was unconscious cause I hit my head so bad on the bed, my uniform were soaked in blood already while I layed lifeless on the floor.

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    Imagine the nonsense, and when you regain consciousness you still did not tell your mum at least ?

    Hmmmm odikwa risky o baby.

    Ride on biko.

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    Why not tell your mum

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    Sly Man Sly
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    Nna eh dis one e choke oooo

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