How I met my husband

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    (A short Love Story ? from Anny’s desk)


    I walked into this beautiful restaurant, I located an empty table and sat down. I look around me there were two, three and more people in each table, eating, talking and laughing together while I stayed quiet.

    I felt lonely, I felt sad. A drop of tears fell from the corner of my eyes I cleaned it instantly so that people won’t notice it.

    Sorry I didn’t introduce myself..

    My name is Lydia James, am 28 years old.

    You see that surname of mine, I don’t know if it’s truly my surname, I was only told it’s my father’s name.

    I’ve never for once set eyes on my parents, I was told when I was 12 years that my father killed my mum and was sentenced to life in prison that was why I was brought to a family house where I grew up and attended my primary, secondary school and college.

    According to my godmother, she said I was eight months old when my dad killed my mum I don’t know if is true or lie, I grew up believing that.

    I left my godmother’s house after her death and burial, it wasn’t easy for me but I survived it.

    Now I’m a graduate, you won’t believe if I tell you that I’ve worked in more than six companies in just one year, every little mistake I made, they will just sacked me .

    Everywhere I go people hates me for nothing no matter how hard I try to make them happy or see me as a good person, they will always hate me.

    Life is so unfair to me. I’ve heard of people being unlucky I never believe it until now. I’m just unlucky, am a bad luck.

    Anywhere I enter disaster must happen there, nothing good comes out of me. Because of this people hates me and don’t want to see me anywhere close to them.

    I’m always lonely, no family, no husband, no boyfriend not even a common friend that will console me. Everyday I cried and cried regretting why I came to this world, I’ve never being happy all my life from my childhood till adulthood.

    Today at work, I mistakenly poured coffee on my boss, that was it. The next thing he did was to sacked me upon all my pleads they all turn deaf ears.

    Nobody begs him on my behalf because they hates me and they wants me out of the company. My boss throw me out of the company, I cried in pain and frustration.

    {Where will I go from here? How will I get money to pay my house rent? God, why did you bring me to this wicked world to suffer when you know very well nobody will like or accept me?} I thought in tears and agony looking up to God maybe he will answer me.

    Sometimes I wondered if am the only one going through all these pains infact am the only one, I’ve never see anyone suffering or being treated like me.

    The whole universe is against my existence I know that, God should just take my life so that I can rest cause I’m physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally break down.

    I wonder if I still have tears in my system.

    Life is just too strong when its gets to me but soft and smooth to others. Why me?

    I left the company and came to this beautiful restaurant as soon as I sat down I look at everywhere, there were a lot of people having fun with their families, boyfriends, girlfriends and best friends while I sat lonely.

    I found liquids rolling down my cheeks I know what it’s, it my tears the little ones that remain in my system I guess.

    I buried my head in my hands and allowed the tears to poured out freely.

    I wish I’ve a sister or a friend I can go out with or lay my head on his or her shoulder at this point of my life it would’ve been good but unfortunately I’ve none. Am just alone here on earth.

    “Excuse me madam”, a tiny but nice voice came.

    I cleaned my tears with my white handkerchife and raised my head to behold a young beautiful and healthy girl standing before me. She’s actually a waitress.

    I stared at her from head to toe, I wish I can have her as a friend or better still a sister I’d be the most happiest person on earth.

    “Ma, are you ok?”, She asked

    “Yes I’m”, I replied and nod, she stared at me for a while then swallowed her saliva.

    “Ok, what can I offer you?”, She asked

    “What do you guys have?”, I asked softly

    “Everything”, she said

    “Ok, give me what you think I’d like to eat and drink”, I said.

    She nods and smiled at me exposing her beautiful white set of teeths before she left.

    I actually did not came here to eat, I came here to think about my life but since this beautiful waitress is involved I think I’d manage to eat.

    Not long she came with a tray, she had chicken burger, chips, a glass of champagne, a bottle water and drinking cup. She place it before me and I smiled.

    It seems she knows what I like.

    “Here we are; am sure you’d like this, oh I forgot to add maionese, let me go get it”, she said turning to leave

    “No, no, don’t worry I don’t like maionese”, i Said

    “What about kechtup?”, She asked

    “Same thing”,

    “Ok, I’ll go back to work now, if you need anything come over to that small bar over there”, she pointed at my right and I nod then she left.

    I take a bite from the chicken burger and slipped from the champagne, the pain and sadness in my heart wouldn’t let me eat.

    I close my eyes thinking about my life, I didn’t know how long I spent that way in tears until someone tapped me gently on my shoulder. I opened my eyes, my dress had wet with my tears.

    I quickly cleaned my face with my handkerchife then look up to know who tapped me only to behold this cute guy.

    He’s such a pretty angel on earth, he looks so gentle and innocent. His blonde curl hair and grey eyes makes me feel like staring at him for enternity

    “Can I join you?”, He asked.


    What do you think about this episode?

    It’s interesting right?

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Yh it’s interesting n I do believe de subsequent episodes will be more interesting…


    scroll down for episode 2

    Episode 3-4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Last Episode

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    Jos Andy
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    Nice. Just sit and console her

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    (A short Love Story ? from Anny’s desk)


    I nod slowly still staring at him

    “What’s wrong with you? Have been watching you from my table for some minutes, what’s the matter?”, He asked. His voice sounds like that of an angel.

    Am sure he’s an angel but wait a minute, did he say he has been watching me from his table? How come I didn’t see him when I looked around?

    “I’m fine”, I managed to say after long stared then look away.

    He chuckled and turned my face to his

    “You are not, it’s written all over you. Your heart is heavy I can see the pain in your eyes, you need a comforter. You need someone that will stay and console you in times like this. You are emotionally down I can see it in your eyes”, he said softly as tears poured out of my eyes like water.

    I never knew I still have such tears in my system.

    “Please stop crying you are too beautiful for this”, he said and hug me.

    Have I ever hugged someone before? The one and only person I’ve hugged was my godmother. Since she died eight to nine years ago I’ve never hug anybody.

    I felt a bit relief as he pace my back gently, he seems caring. We stayed like that for God knows how long, I slowly disengaged from the hug and bend my head. He raised my head and stared into my eyes.

    “You need some rest, come let me take you home”, he said taking my hand

    “I need to pay my bills”, I said

    “Don’t worry about it, I’ve taken care of it. The waitress that serves you minutes ago is my kid sister”, he said

    OMG! I can’t believe this! They must be good people in their family.

    “Ok”, I murmured standing up

    He guide me to his Ferrari, the car is too beautiful. I’ve never own a car talk more of driving one though I’ve a driving license.

    He opened the front door for me, I entered and he close it then went to the driver’s seat.

    “Where do you live?”, He asked

    “I live in Boston here, the second Street opposite train station number 42”, I said and he nods.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    I wake up to find myself on a very soft bed in a beautiful room, I look around and noticed I wasn’t in my room.

    {Did he brings me to his house?} I thought as I climbed down from the bed.

    I walked through the hallway slowly, I came down from the stairs and there he was playing video game alone. I quietly went to meet him.

    “Hello”, I said, he turned to me and smiled.

    I don’t even know his name I forgot to ask him.

    “You’re awake, come sit beside me”, he said tapping the couch he was sitting, I went and sat beside him.

    “Where are we?”, I asked

    “In my house of course”, he smiled warmly

    “Ok and your kid sister the waitress, does she stays with you?”, I asked

    “Sometimes she does but she mostly stay with her boyfriend, the room I kept you is her room”, he said and I nod.

    The house is nice and he has a beautiful living room. I just realized how cute he is, I feel like touching his blonde hair.

    “Let me get you something to drink”, he stands up

    “No, am fine I mean am ok”, I said

    He look at me with his sexy eyes, I look away because I was kind of shy, I guess he notices cause he takes his glance off me.

    “Why did you bring me to your house?”, I asked, he smiled and sat beside me

    “Before I got to your house you were already asleep I didn’t want to disturb you that’s why I brought you here. Well am sorry for that if…..”,

    “It’s ok you don’t have to apologize beside am not angry”, I cut him short

    “Really?”, He asked and I nod

    “Ok, so what’s your name? I forgot to ask you”, he said

    “My name is Lydia James and you?”,

    “Am Larry Scott, am 32 years old and you?”,

    “Am 28 years”, he stared at me strangely for some moments.

    “Why were you crying today at the restaurant?”, His voice sounds like that of a child’s own.

    “Life is so unfair to me”, I said not looking at him.

    “Do you mind sharing your story with me?”, He asked

    I told him everything I know about myself, what my godmother told me concerning my parents how my godmother died and how I’ve been suffering from the hands of haters for good nine years.

    He breathed down after listening to my story, he takes my hand to his and turned my face to look at him.

    “But that wasn’t the only reason you were crying today right?”, He said and I nod as tears poured out from my eyes.

    “Pretty, please don’t cry ok?”, He said softly and hug me.

    His skin is so warm and I love the sounds of his heartbeat, it calms me down.

    Truth is, I don’t even know why I feel ok with him around me, no man has ever approach me for the past 28 years of my life on earth but here I’m lying on this Mr handsome’s chest while he pace my back like a baby.

    “Don’t worry, if you don’t want to talk about it no problem I just want you to be fine ok?”, He said

    I disengaged from his and look into his grey eyes. I love staring into those eyes of his. It just makes me feel better and it’s looks so innocent and calm.

    “Why are you being nice to me I mean you barely know me”, I said and he chuckled

    “Dearie, we get to know everybody one day, nobody knew each other before coming to earth”, he said

    He’s right but how come nobody knew me all these years? How come I end up alone in this wicked world? Why did fate didn’t gave me exactly what I desire instead of a dirty and bad luck life.

    “So what do you want from me?”, I asked

    “I want to be your friend, I want to be that person that will stay and console you in times like this”, he said

    “You can’t be my friend”, I said somehow harshly

    “Why?”, Came his cool and sweet voice, I stared at him then look away.

    “Because am a bad luck and anywhere I go disaster always happen”, I said, a soft laugh came out of his mouth but fade away instantly.

    “What do you mean?”, He asked

    “Nevermind, I want to go home”, I said as I stand up.

    “It’s late, it half past ten already”, he said

    “No problem but I still want to go home infact goodnight”, I rushed to his sister’s room, take my small bag and ran out.

    He tried preventing me, I pushed him away, I don’t want to bring disaster to him and his family even though I want to stay with him. He followed me.

    “Lydia please wait”, he pleaded following me

    I didn’t stop nor look back, I ran to cross road when the car carries me up then let go of Me, I fell hitting my head on the ground.

    “No!! Lydia!!”, I heard Larry’s voice

    It’s suddenly began to rain as everywhere went dark, I blink my eyes twice before closing them.

    I found myself in a dark and endless railway, I was running calling for help, I couldn’t feel myself again.

    I suddenly felt trapped to where I stand, I tried to move when I saw a strange train coming from my right but I couldn’t move my legs and hands.

    I watch the train as its came closer to me, I close my eyes waiting patiently for its to kill me.

    “Lydia!!”, Someone called me from where I don’t even know.


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    Next please

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    All would be well

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    Its alright

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    N who told u u r a bad luck?
    Never think of DAT cuz datz not how u were created!!!

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