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    I slowly opened my eyes, I look up at the ceiling then look at my left hand side, Larry was there dozing off. I tried to move my body but I couldn’t, I felt pain in my back.

    “Larry”, I called with a low tone almost like a whisper, he opens his eyes and smiled at me.

    “Oh Lydia, how are you feeling?”, He asked with so much care in his eyes.

    “Feeling some pains”, I said calmly

    “I know, you should’ve listen to me yesterday”, he said

    “Am sorry for….”,

    “Ssshhh! You don’t have to apologize infact you own me no apologies ok?”, He said and I nod.

    He’s such a caring man, I wish I can stay with him forever but I can’t. Just look at what happened yesterday, he should be at work now not at the hospital.

    The doctor came later to check me he said I’m fine but I’ve to spend some days at the hospital for better treatment since am awake.

    I refused but Larry insist I stay, he went out with the doctor and came back minutes later, am sure he went to pay money for my treatment.

    He told me he was going home to change but he’d be back. I can’t stay in this hospital, I hate it so much.

    I unfix the drip in my hand though blood was coming out but I don’t care, I climbed down from the bed and sneak to the door, I peep to know if there’s anyone or nurses.

    I tiptoe to the end of the corridor then follow the other corridor by my left. I succeeded in sneaking out of the hospital.

    Just when I wanted to go out from gate, looking back to know if anyone was watching me, I end up hitting someone mistakenly I turned to know who the person was and behold it was Larry. My mouth went wild opened, my jaws drops.

    {I thought he said he’s going home to change? How the hell did he comes back so quick? Not up to ten minutes he left} I thought staring at him.

    “Where are you sneaking to?”, He asked and I look down , I couldn’t utter a word

    “Why are you running away?”, He asked, I still didn’t say anything.

    “Come let’s go to your ward”, he said taking my hand

    “No, I don’t like staying at the hospital”, I said removing my hands from his.

    “Nobody likes to stay in hospital but you have to because of your health please”, he said

    “Am scared”, I said crying

    “Don’t be scared, am here with you ok?”, He asked he takes my hand again.

    “What if they inject me when you’re not around?”, I asked, he chuckled and touch my cheeks

    “You’re funny, nobody is gonna do that ok?”, Be said and I nod.

    We went back to my ward after much pleading with me.

    🌺 🌺 🌺 DAYS LATER 🌺 🌺 🌺

    His kid sister the waitress whose name I now know as Katie came to visit me twice at the hospital before I was discharged.

    Larry took me to his house, he treats me like a queen. He’s just a perfect guy, lively, caring, sweet and fun to be with.

    I spent one week in his house before I decided to go back to my house to continue with my bad luck life.

    “Larry”, I called while we were eating

    He was the one that prepared the food, he’s such a good cook.

    “Yes dear”, he answered and look at me

    “I’d be going back to my house tomorrow”, I said


    “Because I’ve stayed him for too long”,

    “But am not complaining”,

    “You don’t have to complain, I’m already doing it for you”, I said and he smiled

    “If it’s about your job, I can be dropping you off at your workplace and come back to pick you in the evening”, he said

    This is what am saying, he’s too caring I don’t think I deserve a man like him though he hasn’t say anything like relationship to me.

    “Larry, if I tell you that I don’t have a job will you believe?”, I asked, he dropped his fork on the table

    “Was it one of the reasons you were crying the day I saw you at the restaurant?”, He asked and I nod trying to hold back my tears

    “I was sacked and throw out of the company by my boss that very day”, I said allowing the tears to poured out freely, he quickly came beside me.

    “Please stop crying you know I don’t like seeing you like this”, he said cleaning my tears with his thumb

    “What was your crime?”, He asked when he noticed I was calm.

    “I mistakenly poured coffee on him, that was my crime”, I said

    “Please what’s the name of this company?”, He asked

    “Lasco manufacturing Company”, i Said, he suddenly moved away from me, I was surprised.

    “What’s it?”, I asked

    He didn’t answered, he rushed upstairs and came back within a blink of an eye. He brought his laptop close to me and opened it.

    “Is it this company?”, He asked showing me a picture of the company

    “Yes, any problem?”, I asked

    “Not really but am the CEO of the company Derrick sacked you because you mistakenly poured him coffee, hmm no problem”, he said nodding his head.

    I stand up and went close to him so close that we were feeling each others breath.

    “Are you truly the CEO of Lasco manufacturing Company?”, I whispered, he held my face and stared directly into my eyes

    “Yes I’m”, he replied letting go of me.

    “I thought Derrick is the CEO because of the way he behaves”, I said

    “He’s not, the last time I visited that company was four Months ago, I’ve being busy with my other company so I barely have time for myself”, he said.

    He even has another company, no wonder his house is this big and look expensive too.

    “Hmm what’s the name of your other company?”, I asked

    “Larry’s cosmetic company, do you still want to work?”, He asked and I nod.

    We talked about other things like his parents and how he started his life with his only sister. He told me everything, their parents are dead and they are all alone in this world but not as lonely as I’m for 28 years of my life.

    If I had been alone in my house, depression would has killed me by now. I honestly feel better staying with him.

    The next day, I went back to my house, he made me promised him that I won’t cry, think or say negative words to myself like I always do.

    He call me almost every minute to make sure am ok and I’d keep telling him not to worry about me that am fine.
    I like him so much and am always happy hearing from him.

    🌹 🌷 🌹 A DAY LATER 🌷 🌹 🌷

    I received a letter from him, I opened it and read.

    It was an employment letter as a managing director in Lasco manufacturing Company, he sacked Derrick and put me in his position.

    He also gifted me a brand new car, am so happy.

    All those employees that were looking down on me will start looking up to me as their new boss.

    They thought all conditions are permanent, God has answered my prayer and I bless the day I met Larry for he is a God sent to me.

    On Monday morning at work was a boom, none of the employees believe their eyes that I’m their boss and they will do what I say.

    After work that day I went home with my new car, I parked at the corner of my house then step down, I carried my handbag and went to my door.

    I opened my door and was about to enter when he called me

    “Lydia”, I look back instantly as he removed his glasses and cap.

    I was shocked that I lose my balance.


    Guess who called him

    Watch out for the action and romance in this story coming……?🀷🀷

    Good morning all 😘😘

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    (A short Love Story πŸ“ from Anny’s desk)


    I opened my door and was about to enter when he called me

    “Lydia”, I look back instantly as he removed his glasses and cap, I was shocked that I lose my balance.

    “Der…Derr…Derrick”, I muttered slowly.

    He smiled wicked as he starts coming close to me while I moved backward almost in my living room.

    “Please what do you want?”, I asked feeling scared.

    “You’ve the guts to tell Larry that I sacked you so that you can take my place in his company right?”, He asked as he continues coming close to me.

    I move backward into my living room and close the door forgetting I left the key at the front. He opened my door and came in then lock it with key.

    {Oh no! Am finished 😭😭} I thought as he faced me.

    “Derrick please I never knew he is the CEO of the company, we met the day you sacked me”, I said already crying.

    “How and where you met him is none of my business. You, Lydia James, will never take my position in Lasco manufacturing Company dead or alive”, he said as he sat down on my couch.

    “But is not my fault that….”,

    “I know, that’s why I came with a proposal”, he cut me short

    “Which is?”, I asked trying to calm down.

    “I learnt Larry likes you a lot and would do anything to make you happy right?”, He asked

    “How would I know if he can do anything to makes me happy?”, I asked too cause I don’t understand.

    “Is it not obvious that you can ask him of anything and he will do it?”, He asked

    “I don’t know”, I said and look away

    “How will you know when your brain is empty”, he said

    “Did you came here to insult me?”, I asked facing him.

    “Shut up am not done yet! Anyways, my proposal is this and you have two options so choose wisely.
    Option number one; you will go to his house, tell him how much you love him and would like to be his girlfriend when he accepted, kill him let’s take over his companies, cars and houses. 40 percent of everything will be given to you, as for his sister, she will be taken care of.

    “Derrick, you want me to kill Larry so that you can take over his properties? His sweat? What he suffered for”, I cut him short.

    “Shut up! You don’t talk when am talking else I’ll kill you here and now”, he said harshly.

    My body shiver, I can’t do what he wants I will never in my life shed blood talk more of shedding Larry’s blood never! I rather die than committee murder.

    “Option number two; you will go to his house tell him you’re no longer in interested in working in his company as managing director, tell him to re-employ me and hand me everything about the company that I’ll take care of his business. Also tell him to stay away from you that you are evil and you will kill when next you see him around around you. After that, leave the rest for me to handle”, he said

    Look at how easy is it in his mouth to say, he wants another man’s wealth.

    He continue staring at me waiting for me to tell him the option I choose.

    “Which option do you choose?”, He asked

    “None of the above”, I said, he stands up angrily.

    “Do you think am joking?”, He asked

    “Derrick, get out of my house before I call the polices on you”, I said, he laughed

    “Look at this weakly threatening me with polices, do you think I, Derrick is scared of polices?”, He asked coming to me

    “Derrick, stay away from me”, I said moving backward as I reach for my phone in my bag.

    He suddenly snatch my phone from me and throw it on the floor then push me to the couch I fell sitting on it. I kick him on his stomach with my two legs as he was coming to hit me

    He fell backward hitting his legs on something he groaned in pain, I quickly stand up and rushed to the door, I hold the key and made an attempt to unlock the door when he dragged me which makes the key to pull out from the door.

    I used the key to hit his hand and elbowed him very hard, he groaned in pain again holding his chest.

    “You’ve just worsten the case”, he said as he charges on me.

    He carried me and hits me on my TV, the screen scattered into pieces, he punch me on my cheek causing blood to come out of my mouth.

    I pick a piece of my TV screen and stab him with it on his leg, he groaned in pain as he kicks my jaws which make blood to come out of my nose and mouth.

    I managed to stand up, I took my already broken TV and hits him with it, he turned and hold my neck pushing me to the wall.

    I was losing my breath, I grabbed his manhood and press it so hard, he yelled letting go of my neck and fell on the floor while I tried to catch my breath.

    He tries standing up when I kick him on his jaws then on his waist, I took the already broken TV again and hit him with it on his head, he fell facing floor.

    He suddenly grabbed my leg and I fell on the floor, he turned me upward and kneel beside me. He hold my neck again and press it very hard.

    “You think you are smart and strong right?”, He asked still holding my neck, I tried to talk but I couldn’t as I was losing my breath.

    I prayed sliently that someone should come to my rescue, oh no, he locked the door and I don’t know where the keys are.

    Is this how am going to die? God, am I going to die without telling Larry what i feel for him? Is Derrick truly going to kill me or someone will come to my rescue?

    I look at Derrick, tears poured out of my eyes, I wish he’d stop so that I can apologies to him, I wish he’d give me 30 seconds to write a letter for Larry and tell him how much I wish to be with him, how much I cherish his love and care towards me.

    I just wish he will stop so that I can take my last breathe.

    I tried removing his hands but he was way stronger than me, I couldn’t move my legs that were shaking before because my spirit and soul are weak already.

    {Oh my dear Larry, I wish you are here so that I can tell you how much you mean to me and how I desire to stay with you. I just pray Derrick won’t come after you when am gone but if he does, please forgive me it’s all my fault}

    I thought as my eyes gently went close then I took my last breath.


    Author’s note: Sorry for the last post and it’s short too. Will see what I can do about it.

    Is Lydia dead?😭😭😭😭

    Afternoon blessings to you all

    Enjoy your reading dearie 😍😘

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    He is way stronger than she is

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    I hope help arrives on time

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    wonderful,, we can’t guess, just bring it on

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