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    I checked in for my flight that cold misty morning… After surviving a break failure… (story for another day)
    It was drizzling. This raining season must have been heart broken and is taking out its anger on mankind.

    I wanted to wear something simple, like a very short skirt and sheer top but changed my mind and wore an up and down Ankara peplon top and straight trousers. I even had a Jean jacket in my bag, just incase. The weather ain’t no body’s Friend.

    After checking in my luggage, I made my way to the departure lounge, with my ticket and ID card in hand. I sat down and brought out my phone to call mum.
    A few minutes later, I was done with the call.
    I looked up and saw this guy.

    Usually, I don’t stare at people, no matter how handsome, fine, or gorgeous you are. I look once or twice and look away. Always.
    But this time, I stared.
    He had just passed the annoying security check, where you had to remove jewelries and shoes.
    He wore a black trouser, a light blue polo and a black jacket, he had a backpack with him too.
    He stood scanning the area for where to seat.
    Then he looked in my direction.
    I looked away and pretended to be focused on my phone.
    I cant be caught staring, haba!
    A few minutes later, I heard a smooth male voice say; hello.
    I looked up, it was that handsome, cute, oh-so-gorgeous guy.
    He had a smile on his lips.
    Can I join you? He asked.
    I nodded.
    ( I hope I didn’t nod too much. Wait, it’s like I did o. I think my jaw touched my chest!
    What an embarrassment!!. )
    Anyway, he sat down and his cologne assaulted my nose.
    He smelt like warmth, musk, breeze… And this little after softness scent…
    We sat quietly.
    He made a call. I listened to every conversation. I know it’s bad. On a normal day, My ears are too sharp, how much more when I want to listen to someone.
    I flipped a page in the book I was reading, making a mental note to come back to it because I didn’t understand a single thing I read.
    After a few minutes, I flipped again, Heigod! Two pages.
    Wet day Huh? He said.
    I didn’t reply, I thought he was still on call.
    He touched me lightly on my upper arm.
    (Why Was his hand so warm sef?)
    I turned my gaze to him.
    Wet day. He said.
    (Oh! He was even talking to me.)
    Yea, wet day. I replied with a smile.
    I am heading to Port Harcourt. You?
    Port Harcourt too. I replied
    Which airline?
    Eish! He said.
    Guess my airline.
    Air peace?
    He smiled broadly and said; No. You have one last guess.
    I chuckled. Are you sure you are going to Port Harcourt?
    He laughed. Of course!
    So which airline are you going with?
    Chisco Air.
    I guffawed.
    He joined me.
    Don’t mind me joor, I am on Aero too.
    I smiled. Okay…I tried not to smile too broadly.
    He looked at me a while and said; my name is Henry but I prefer you call me Chinedu.
    My name is Uju.
    Is it Obianuju or ujunwa?
    Anyone, I don’t even know, just call me Uju.
    Don’t you have an English name?
    They said its christabell, but please call me Uju.
    He laughed.
    (Kai! What kind of fine is this? I thought. His eyes twinkled when he talked and his dimples appeared and disappeared. His perfect dentition was pure white, I made a mental note to ask what kind of toothpaste he uses or if he bleached his teeth.
    He was saying something about the weather but I wasn’t listening. I stifled a yawn)
    Am I that boring? He asked.
    No!!! Not at all. I am cold.
    Say no more, he replied and removed his jacket.
    My head just did poof!!!
    (I saw us dating, getting married, having kids and even travelling the world together)
    Let’s get some tea from that cafe, he said standing up.
    I followed him.
    We got to the cafe he pulled out a seat for me, he ordered tea and meatpies for us.
    We ate and talked about everything and anything.
    After the meal, I was feeling a lot warmer.
    Are you sure we would leave Abuja today? We are already 1 hour behind time.
    I don’t care when we leave, he said. I am enjoying your company.
    I blushed. I couldn’t hold it. I couldn’t hide it.
    He smiled and stared at me for some seconds.
    You seem to know everything. Politics, entertainment, football, technology… Cars too!!! I am Impressed.
    Thank you. I replied. Trying not to smile so much.
    He put back the Mercedes magazine we were poring over and in the process, knocked down my book which had my boarding pass.
    He apologized and bent down to pick the items.
    He put the boarding pass back in the book and handed it to me with a small smile.
    All of a sudden, I noticed his mood change.
    He became distant, he tried to laugh and chit chat but I knew something was amiss.
    They announced our flight and he asked me to keep going, that he wanted to use the restroom.
    I was puzzled
    Maybe he saw an ex or so? Or maybe he just lost interest?
    The confusion followed me till I was seated in the plane.
    I kept looking out for him, To no avail. Then he came in, I saw him come into the plane and our eyes met for a brief second.
    Then he sat there, in front. At the business class.
    I tried to brush it off and enjoy my flight.
    The guy close to me wanted to start small talks but I wasn’t in the mood at all. Dude reeked of garlic and to make matters worse he left the seat at the Aisle,, which was his assigned seat and sat on the one directly besides me. I faced the window, plugged my earpiece and closed my eyes.
    We got to port Harcourt and I wasn’t in a hurry to get down. I hate that unnecessary human traffic to leave the plane.
    Then from the window, I saw him walking slowly and glancing backwards.
    He couldn’t See Me.
    Finally, I came down and made my way to the baggage area. There he was, waiting.
    I didn’t smile or move to greet him.
    He walked up to me.
    Ummmm…. Have you gotten your bag?
    Okay, I have to go now, he said.
    Sure, take care. I replied calmly.
    It was nice meeting you.
    Yea. I replied.
    He hesitated for just a brief second. Ummmm… Alright, bye. My regards to your family. He said quietly.
    I nodded.
    He turned and left.
    It was later on that I understood what happened…
    When he picked up my boarding pass at the cafe, this is what he saw.
    It was an error.

    As shared by a Facebook User Okoroafor Uju Christabel.

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    Who tells you he’s your future husband

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    Daniel Edem
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    Nawa for ladies oo

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    Daniel Edem
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    Some of our ladies always think non-sense

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    Did they write future husband on his forehead?

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    Did they write future husband on his forehead?

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    Fweshex heritage Mob
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    did you see why they dump u girls so easy

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    May be u saw him in ur dream as ur future husband

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