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    Better send him out of your house

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    Phavourite numzyPhavourite numzy
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    ouch that hurts

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    its Ur fault oooo,,,, which kind pastor be dat

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    He’s just camouflage, he wanted to duped you

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    rubbish! he is just using u. run 4 ur life my dear.

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    episode 4

    I have always loved the aftermath of rainfall. I love the wet smell it produces. But sometimes it can be really annoying, and today is one of those times.

    A few minutes ago, it didn’t seem like it was going to rain. But here it is, pouring heavily.
    My stomach rumbled and my hand unconsciously went to it. No way. Not this early morning. I have been craving for fried rice and chicken, the exact one they sell at Chicken Republic, but from all indications, the rain was going to hinder my lunch today.
    I hissed and started towards the elevator.
    “If I had my car this wouldn’t have been a problem,” I murmured.
    It’s been two weeks already since Kayode started using my car. At first, I thought he would return it since he knew that I would be needing it for work and mobility generally. But Kayode had insisted on dropping me off every morning and then leaving me to find my way back home after work hours.
    I had ignored it initially. After all, we were engaged. But now the whole thing was starting to get on my nerves. He was starting to annoy me with his attitude; almost on a daily basis. Somehow, Kayode knew exactly how to pacify me. He has my ‘mumu’ button right in his hands. For instance, if I returned from work on my own, he would shower me with praises and kisses, and then we would end up having a heavy dose of sex. Or, he would take me out and we would do other clingy and mushy stuff that couples do when they go out and I would forget my day and my car.
    The Elevator made a ding sound. I had gotten to my floor. It opened and I walked out; grateful to be wearing my flats , If I had worn my stilettos I would have fainted because I was running short of energy. In fact, the past 2 weeks had been extraordinarily hectic for me and I haven’t been too strong either. The worst part is, I have not even found the courage to go to the hospital for a malaria test. The hospital is not my favourite place.

    I opened the door to my office. Shola was at her desk; scribbling down something in her notepad. To be candid she looked slightly better than the state I saw her in 3 weeks ago. She looked better in her blue coloured gown . It suited her dark skin and brought out her lean body figure. Her face was devoid of makeup although it showed some slight bruises around her eyes, while some parts of the bruises on her face were hidden by her
    curly weave .
    I was genuinely happy for her. I took my seat and swiped out my phone to surf the internet as I waited for the rain to stop. I am one of those people that do not like to do any work while it’s raining. If I was at home, I would simply curl up in my bed.
    “Rita, are you okay?”
    I looked up to see Shola watching me. I was surprised because we hardly asked about each other’s well being. It was always straight to business.
    “Why? do I look sick?”
    “Kind of,” she dropped her pen and relaxed in her chair, “you look pale.”
    “Ehn, maybe it’s malaria because I’ve been feeling tired and sleepy most times in the morning, and I’ve been sweating unnecessarily too,” I explained. I liked the fact that we were talking like normal human beings.
    “Ah! In this middle of April? We are not in heat yet nau.”
    I saw concern written all over her face. She’s becoming human. I thought.
    “Yeah. I will try to go to the hospital.”
    I went back to checking through my phone again. Then I heard Shola say something I didn’t really comprehend at first.
    “What did you say?” I questioned, raising my brows.
    “I said I finally got a divorce,” she replied; smiling like she had won a lottery.
    “Wait, you are not kidding?”
    “No, I’m not!”
    I sat up in my chair. “You,” I pointed my perfectly manicured finger at her. “Shola, that would never leave her husband, has now divorced him? I’m surprised,” I didn’t know how to react to the news. I finally gave her a thumbs up and mouthed, “Congratulations.”
    She gave a nod and smiled; a smile that actually reached her eyes, unlike her former self.
    “Hey! Babe finally. I’m happy for you,” I got up. She deserved a hug. I went over to her corner, hugged her and returned to my seat.
    “How did you do it?”
    “Well, I called an organization that handles domestic violence and reported my case to them. They told me that they would support me. According to them, no woman should have to endure 8 years of constant battering and raping from her husband.”
    “Wait. What!” I’m sorry did she just say eight years? Like eight good years?
    “Yes. I’ve been married for ten years. I have a child for him like you already know. I can’t say exactly what happened but at a point, I could no longer recognize the man I married. He became violent, beating me today, raping tomorrow. At first, I thought it would stop but it only got worse., she smiled. “I’ve endured it ever since,” the smile on her face when she said the last part got me calling her a survivor.
    “Oh my goodness! No wonder you’ve always acted cranky and angry every morning at work. I’m sorry.”
    “No need to be,” she smiled again. I was beginning to like that smile.
    If there was anything I learnt from Shola’s story that morning, it was never to judge anyone because you really don’t know what they have passed through to make them react or behave the way they do. Shola and I ended up gisting for hours, catching up on the days we never got to talk but never did I tell her about Kayode. I was too scared to open up because, I was scared of hearing the truth, which was becoming obvious as the day went by.
    Soon, we closed from work and Shola offered to drive me to the bus stop where I would get a taxi going to Kubwa. After she dropped me, I called Kayode several times but he didn’t pick up. Now, I wouldn’t lie, I was beginning to get very worried for the first time since my relationship with him.
    Why was everything going the wrong way? I prayed for a man with cars, a job and a lovely house, but I got the opposite; not exactly the opposite, but something close.


    What if he didn’t even have a house that is undergoing renovations? What if he didn’t even have a car? What if he was just a fake Abuja pastor trying to make ends meet? What if….
    I sighed. Those were the thoughts that raced through my mind as I walked home that evening. I didn’t know how I was going to go about it but, I knew I needed answers to the numerous questions I had.
    I groaned. I had been stupid. Stupid enough to fall for beauty rather than getting to know him first. I didn’t want to end up like Shola. That she endured eight years of sexual abuse doesn’t mean I should too. I opened the gate to my compound and stepped in. The compound was quiet; which was strange. It’s unlike my neighbours, except there was power supply and everyone was indoors. Even at that, the only bachelor in the compound, Emeka, would still disturb the whole place with his loudspeakers.

    It was drizzling now.
    I walked on, brushing the thoughts behind me. I’ve been away all day and I needed rest. Then I heard some noise, like a complain. Or was it someone ordering another? And as I drew closer to my flat, the first thing I noticed was my car. It was safely parked underneath the tree. I smiled. It meant Kayode was home.
    As soon as I climbed up the front porch and reached for the knob, the door opened and Tiwa, my neighbour, the ‘Sharer’ walked out.

    I instantly grew mad. What the hell was she doing inside my flat?
    She was even smiling sheepishly, but the moment she saw me, the smile erased from her lips. And before I could open my mouth to speak, she ran towards her flat.
    What was she doing here? Why was she smiling? My head was on fire. So many questions begged for answers of which I couldn’t provide.
    Only one person had the answers.
    I went straight to the room and met him in his multicoloured boxers shorts.
    I pride myself on being a smart lady and I knew how to figure out things pretty fast. If Tiwa just stepped out of my house and I met Kayode in boxer shorts then it certainly means, they’ve been sleeping together. My eyes darted from one side of the room to another, looking for a clue.
    While I was still carrying out my investigation, I dumped my handbag on the dressing table, removed my flats, and rolled up the sleeves of my blouse.
    “Babe, welcome home,” Kayode stared at me. I couldn’t tell If he was shocked or not but If there was anything I should praise him for, it was the fact that he knew how to hide his emotions well…too well even.
    “What was Tiwa doing here?” I asked in my most calm voice, although I was boiling with rage, so much rage that I could feel my hands shaking.
    “Oh, you must have met her on your way out,” he made to come close to me.

    I rolled my eyes and stepped back. “I ask again, what was she doing here, you cheat?” I yelled. I was surprised at myself. It was the first time I was raising my voice at him.
    He had never seen me angry but yet, he still maintained a neutral expression.
    “Relax, Rita. I have been meaning to let you know about it.”
    I folded my hands, waiting for his answers.
    “Tiwa has been disturbing me for sex ever since I moved in here with you.”
    I burst into laughter. Wait? Does he think I’m dumb or what? How does he expect me to believe such crap? Come on! Not in this 21st century.
    “Great! I know you don’t believe me, Rita. But I would never lie to you. She has been saying some funny things about you, about how you sleep around with men and all that but I refused to listen.” He came closer and held my hands, this time around, I let him. I think the last words he spoke softened my heart.
    That isn’t news. I knew Tiwa was only jealous of my achievements.
    “Why are you in boxer shorts, Kayode?”
    “I’ve been sleeping since I came back about an hour ago, and by the time I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see Tiwa here, on our bed, touching me!” he sounded irritated and annoyed.
    I was shocked. What effrontery! How could she? “Did you leave the front door open?”
    “Yes. I had to yell at her to leave.”
    That was true. I had heard a noise when I came into the compound. I believed him. I believed Kayode. He might be a gold digger but he wouldn’t cheat on me. I hugged him and we stayed that way for some time until he cleared his throat.
    I looked up at him; into his big beautiful eyes.
    “I was scared. I thought you wouldn’t believe me, babe.”
    I held his face and kissed him. “I trust you, Kay”
    “Good,” he kissed me, briefly, and then pulled back. “Sit down princess. I bought us Chinese take out. We can just eat and watch TV. Sounds good?”
    “Sounds great, Kay.”
    He winked at me and disappeared into the kitchen. I was still thinking about the moment we just shared when I suddenly felt like puking. Few seconds later, I was puking my stomach out in the washroom.
    The malaria must have worsened. I thought.

    As I rinsed my mouth, I made a mental note to see the doctor the following morning.
    To be continued…

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    isn’t too late to change ur mind abt him

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    hmm ur husband abi,are u sure that guy is for real? to me he is not, nice start

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