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    Nsala soup, also called white soup is a delicious soup in Igbo land. It is the only soup made without palm oil, so it tends to look like a slightly thick pepper soup.

    You can use fresh catfish, that is what is surd traditionally, but I don’t like fish, so I decided to use goat meat and assorted meat.

    -Goat meat
    -Assorted cow meat
    -Dry fish
    -Uziza seed
    -Ehuru (African nutmeg)
    -Dry crayfish/prawn
    -Fresh pepper
    -Seasoning cubes
    -Ogiri (optional as I didn’t use in mine)
    -Uziza leaves
    -Utazi leaves

    Pic 1: Some of my basic ingredients
    Pic 2: Local spices
    Pic 3: Meat (goat meat and assorted cow meat)
    Pic 4: Raw yam

    Start by peeling and boiling the yam, then you go ahead to pound in a mortar. The yam serves as thickener. DON’T SALT THE YAM BEFORE BOILING.

    Do well to roast your ehuru. You can put in a frying pan and roast. •

    After that, grind or pound your uziza seed, uda and ehuru together. Be careful with the uziza seed as it is spicy. If you have pepper soup spice, you can use it.

    Grind or pound your crayfish too.

    Slice your uziza and utazi leaves.

    Set all of them aside…

    Pic 1: Pounded yam, you can use a food processor for this.
    Pic 2: How I roasted my ehuru, works for me
    Pic 3: Local spices pounded together
    Pic 4: Sliced leaves. You need just small, it shouldn’t overwhelm the soup

    STEP 1: Put all your meat and dry fish into a pot, season them properly and allow it to cook till it is tender. The tougher ones should go first.

    STEP 2: When they are all properly cooked, add water to the pot. This should depend on the quantity of soup you want to make and most importantly, the quantity of your thickener.

    STEP 3: Allow the pot to boil for some more minutes, then you go ahead to add your fresh pepper, crayfish and local spices. Please the local spices should be added first, check for the spiciness before adding fresh pepper.

    STEP 4: Allow to boil for some minutes, then you add your pounded yam.

    STEP 5: After some minutes, your pounded yam should have dissolved.

    Pic 1: All my meat ready for cooking. I used a pressure pot to tenderize the tough ones.

    Pic 2: Added more water

    Pic 3: Added the pounded yam

    Pic 4: What your pot should look like when it dissolves.

    STEP 6: Go ahead and add your uziza and utazi leaves sparingly. Check for seasoning and adjust if necessary. Give it two minutes and turn off the heat. Serve with your favourite swallow.

    Source: My Food Blog

    What would you have this with?

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    Wow!!! My favourite soup, thanks a lot

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    This goes down well for me with fufu

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