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    Be expecting mine soonest!

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    Tee dak Wong
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    So many ups and down In life but don’t let it weigh u down. We have to live for something. Don’t live a conservative life, Be open to ideas, love and be loved.
    Though life might look like a tunnel but note, there is always a light at the end of it.
    From @T-Dak
    To @Coolval
    And @Co.
    We present

    “Out of this darkness”.

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    [3:58PM, 7/1/2015] Daniel: THE ADVENTURES OF TOMMY TASH:the prince wu never wanted to b a prince.CHAPTER ONE.
    U could never imagine wat it was to be living in a fantasy.. A story world..where u meet magical people like cinderalla..little red riding hood..merlin..and living the impossibility as a possibility..the craving for adventures

    “….and tommy forever lived happily ever after with his bride in a tall castle..the end”….natally tash ..a fair beautiful woman in her early 30’s said, reading the last words of a kid adventure series to her 14 year old son.tommy tash..blonde… Blue eyes and cute..”mum?..I think I’m d tommy in d story book”…the boy said …hiding his small body underneath d wide spread blanket “yes…Tommy… U are my prince”….his mum said closing the book….and giving the little boy a good night kiss..she stood up and put of the light switch “mum?”…the boy said again…dis time his blue piercing eyes glowed in d darkness “isn’t it funny the prince in d book has my name?”…his mum turned her head at the little boy one last time and smiled “its always funny of history has a course”…and DAT was it…she was gone…there was absolute silent…the boy could be assumed to b asleep..but then a tiny little voice spoke under d thick blanket “Im tommy tash …and I also don’t wanna be a prince..all I ever want is an adventure”..the wind roared for a moment almost changing the course of the night..but that was all…and all DAT was left was a silent peaceful night…****
    [3:58PM, 7/1/2015] Daniel: CHAPTER 2..
    YEARS PASSED by two units…and the adventurous little boy had grown into a great teenager.. 16..his blondes grown longer and fuller…he was taller..his eyes was ever blue..piercing and seductive… He is d definition of beautiful.. He is naughty.
    The morning bell rang at Rockies villehigh school .the students could be seen running into their various classes..finally..the school doors got closed…a teenage boy could be seen running on a roller skater across d street…he was accelerating at full speed…trying to make it to the schools back door before it also got closed..he managed to whiz pass d janitor before d door finally shut behind him…”pheew…DAT was narrow”..the boy said still on the skate board..”u are late again tommy”…the janitor said dipping the key in his pocket.”sorry …gat lost on my way to school”..the boy said waving at the old man..skating down d hall way.”what?..are u kidding me?”the man said looking confused like a lost sheep “just kidding sir”..the boy said and gave a smirk.”how many times do I ave to tell u d principal said no skating in d hallway”..the man shouted at the lighted spirit boy…his thick shivering voice echoing down d hall….”sorry Mr Marcus… My bad”…the boy said getting off the skate..the hallway was full of students.. Each went to their locker stuffed their things in it…and headed for class.
    ..ITS been up to half an hour since d lecture had began…maths..oh no.tommy hated mathematics..almost everybody did except for the four eyed geeks in d class…it was boring….he couldn’t pay attention… Neither could he stop staring at the beautiful girl in d front row..”would this bore kingdom ever get destroyed?”..he said..with both eyes still on the angel taking a maths class with them..Alexie pitt .”wonder if this class lasts forever”…he said without thinking..”excuse me Mr tash..”…the maths teacher said with shock almost cutting in..dropping the chalk on her desk “what did just say tommy😡”…. “Unhmm Mrs Beatrice I didn’t ..I was..just.. ..oh ghad not again”…he said… Standing up and walking towards d door as he already knew his punishment “detention…I know”…he said exactly at the same time..with d angry teacher…as he took his not so long journey to the detention room..

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    Is dus were to post story @danielsherzs

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    People won’t know dat the story is here @danielsherzs

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    how abt wen you want to post a pic? @coolval

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