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    Kajairo Mwana Wa Adam
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    I’ve never been inside an aeroplane my whole life!..the only aeroplane i’ve come close to is the flightmode on top of my phone screen….!

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    Whiteman Umeasiegbu
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    our new driver

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    Agamah Francis
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    Bounced By My Brother

    Bounced By My Brother

    Hei Friends ! THE TIME Has come for another BLOCKBUSTER Story.
    It is full of suspense, breathtaking events and emotionally appealing scenes.
    Watch out. This story will hit your screens…soon

    ☆☆SYNOPSIS ☆☆

    Sarah’s siblings were all females. She always wished for a big brother. One day, her father told her she had a half brother, a product from a past relationship he had with a lady teacher.
    He claimed he wasn’t aware of his ex’s pregnancy
    Let alone the existence of his son because his ex- girlfriend had initially wanted to hide the boy from him after they broke up but later changed her mind.
    On the day of his visit, Sarah was so excited. Then came Martin, her half brother. She fell in love with him the moment he entered the house.
    Her desire for having a big brother soon turned into a passionate love and obssession but Martin had respect for tradition and culture and wouldn’t give in to Sarah’s temptation. Then came a DNA Test which changed the Dynamics of the STORY.
    Will Sarah finally marry her half brother Martin? Find out in this thrilling romantic Story.

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    ride on,next pls

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    rahmat jibril
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    the poor orphan

    nkechi’s parent died in ghastly motor accident living her and her junior brother emeka as orphans who feed from hand to mouth.Nkechi grew up to be very beautiful,strong and crazy who does not tolerate nonsence from any one.See as this poor orphan go through the valley of poverty,tradegy and disgrace.

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    Agene Manuel
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    Letter To Love

    This is me Shola writing later to love
    According to the ancient actor it is stated that love is a very strong feeling of affection towards persons who are romantically or sexually attracted to each other. But to me love is a strange being leaving inside everyone it can be dangerous sometimes, it kills, it hills, it wicked, its beautiful.
    Let me take you back 15 months ago April 7th between me and my lover QUEEN
    It all started when shola was on a trip to a northern part of nigeria Yola for his NYSC disclaimer he wanted to serve in Ondo state, in the same state with his girlfriend all because of the love he had for her
    Shola called her when he get to Yola, hello babe I got to Yola safely , hope everyone is fine in Ondo I will join you soon I just pray and hope they will accept am request over here, Queen replied I pray so too dear, always take good care of yourself I love you.
    A week after the arrival of Shola in Yola state, they keep postponing him about his request to Ondo state they insist he should stay at Yola, But he keep hoping they will hear him out one day.
    After weeks and all the bribe and begging to the staffs in charge they finely accepted his request, shola was so happy about that and could not wait to see his girlfriend, he informed queen he will be leaving to Ondo first thing the next morning they where so happy hoping to see themselves the next day.
    On his way to Ondo unfortunately Shola had a terrible accident that lead to the death of everyone except him, he manage to survive the accident he’s body was covered with blood the near by citizens rushed him to hospital immediately.
    Its getting dark already queen as not hear from shola, his number is not going through anymore, while she as no idea of what happened to her boyfriend.
    3 days later Queen was so worried about him, she could not eat any longer, deferent thought on her mind, wait a minute is my shola fine? Till now I have not herd from him yet and his line his not connecting, queen asking herself in a crazy manner
    While Shola is suffering due to the accident, its lead him to coma a 50-50 chance between life and death, the most complicated part is that no one as an idea of who shola was neither his friends or family in Yola state and his phone was no where to be found after the incident.
    After a week queen did not still hear from her boyfriend she decide to travel to Yola State, even if she did not know anywhere she just hope she will find her way and see Shola her boyfriend, she left Ondo for Yola on the 2nd of June, she arrival Yola safely and lodge in an hotel.
    The next day she take a walk to the NYSC branch in Yola and describe how her boyfriend look like if they recognize him but everyone seems to give her the same answer- no I did not recognize him, at this moment she’s totally confuse of what to do next but she keep roaming around the streets of Yola because of shola
    Its June 22 already still shola is nowhere to be found, she decide to travel back to Ondo state the next day unfortunately for her she was kidnaped later in the night when she’s was returning back to the hotel she lives after searching for shola the whole day, she was kidnaped on the 22nd day of her stay in Yola by some tug guys sent by a rich man for ritual.
    Weeks after weeks queen was still wondering why have they not use her for the ritual all hope is lost already.
    Finally Shola as open his eyes at the hospital after weeks, he was asking the doctor where am I ? who am I ? what am I doing here ? the nurse and doctor where confused, he was asking questions, the doctor decide to run a check up on him and he discover Shola as lost his memory. The doctor explain to the nurses so they treated him calmly hoping he will recover fast so they will ask him about his family.
    The day is here, they are about to use queen for sacrifice she pleeded for her life, she scream in tears its all because of Shola I came to Yola, no one know I am in Yola!! The rich man felt pity for her and ask who is shola?
    She explained everything to him, and luckily for Queen he spread her life and told her she’s welcome to his home but she should keep all the secret whiten herself then they will both look for shola…. She was very happy and appreciate him for his kindness towards her.
    Its September already still Queen as not seen Shola, while doctor Fatu as taken Shola to his house and treat him from home and hoping he get back to his senses one day, only what shola keep saying was queen queen, and he could not remember his own name doctor fatu keep asking who is queen? His reply is always queen that is the only statement he could remember.
    while Shola and Queen are in Yola state for months now without seeing each other the rich man queen is staying with is doctor Fatu father.
    Its weekend Fatu decided to go visit his father in his mansion, him getting there he saw queen setting by the pool inside the command he walk straight to his father In his room and ask who is the pretty beautiful lady setting outside? His father told him she lost her way and she is looking for her boyfriend here in Yola, Fatu took permission can i go and approach her? his father gave him the go ahead.
    Fatu walk close to queen and introduce himself calming to her, he asked what’s your name ? she lied I’m Love by name she answered they go into long discussion fatu keep sterling at her pink lips and her beautiful body, she noticed it she have to take permission she went inside, fatu went back home to his surprise Shola mention his name doc-doctor fatu welcome. He was very happy seeing that he’s recovering already,
    Days after days only what he could remember was my girlfriend name is Queen, doctor fatu keep asking a lot of questions, where is queen? What’s your own name? your family? Where do you live? But he could not answer any of these questions.
    Doctor Fatu decide to give him a name Ola since he could not remember his name, Its November already Love fallen in love whit doctor Fatu due to their closeness and forget the reason she came to Yola State, on the 19th of November Love decide to go and know her new boyfriend’s house, but fatu promise her, that will be tomorrow if I’m coming back from work, she accepted then fatu went home immodestly to check up on Ola.
    Doctor got home he saw ola crying and he asked what happened? He answered my name is Shola! at this point Fatu was so so happy he hugged him with a big smile on he’s face then he asked slowly where are you from? I’m from Ondo state and my girlfriend queen is waiting for me in Ondo.
    Doctor Fatu reply him with joy YES!! This is the day have being waiting for, don’t worry I will follow you down to Ondo Sate next week just relax stay calm and recover fully. They both look at each other with a hug smile and huge them self, Thank You doctor fatu.
    The next day Fatu wakes up with a big smile and walk to Shola good morning shola I am gald you are fully fine now this cause for celebration I will be inviting my wife to be later this evening lets celebrate together, wife to be? Hmmmm!! Who is she? Her name is Love don’t worry you will see her soon.

    Its evening Shola as arrange the sitting room like an event center because his helper doctor Fatu is bring his wife to be home, he want them to be happy seeing the balloons the candle and the beautiful flowers. Fatu and his girlfriend step inside the house its so beautiful then Shola walk to them to welcome them.
    He saw Queen. He called QUEEN! With tears in his eyes Queen was shocked she could not do anything Doctor fatu asked what’s going on here? she’s not Queen she’s Love , he turned towards her your name is love Right? At this moment it was as if the world should come to an end for Queen.
    Shola and Fatu truly loved Queen the both heart was broken

    Whose Fault ?
    This is me shola, this is my story, this was the reason I said love is a strange being leaving inside everyone it can be dangerous sometimes, it kills, it hills, its wicked, it beautiful.
    What’s Your definition for LOVE?

    Written by: Agene Emmanuel (Ma-Nuel)
    Instagram:. @only.nuel

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    Barnz Stibenz Ada
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    Destiny Can Delay But it Can Not Change

    Once upon a time live a young boy called Terungwa in a village called Mbayegh.He got marriage and died in two days.luckly his wife delivered a bouncing baby boy name Ada.he was attended his secondary nd Terttiary institution at LONDON,and by the grace of the lord he became the President.

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    Martins gab
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    ADVENTURES OF RITA (1) Love*world international l.t.d Rita was the courage,wise and intelligent girl.she was one of the princess of AGUGU village.king Abool’d wise’as he was normally called got married to six wives and had fifteen children,Olama the first wife,Ojalabi the second wife,Ife the third wife the forth palov,Umona and Mata. The first wife gave birth to three children oshoba,owolabi,and rita.oshoba is the next of kin,he took after his father and he was a great warrior.Rita never dreamed of becoming a so called fighter instead she insisted in going to school than going for training this got her dad angry that he called her one day,he tried in convicing her to keep up with her training as her master has reportnd her of not coming to training but still yet she kept on having more time on her studies.

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