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    Feel good to be here!

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    Owiti Ronny
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    Under the bright moon we made our vows
    Between the trees we said our flows
    we opened the book of our heart and the flaws
    Of our making were given blows

    Like a thief she borrowed my heart
    Like a parent her love gave me a hut
    She assured naive me it wouldn’t hurt
    My precious little heart was full of but

    Her white large eyes made me stuck
    Her curvaceous body laid an attack
    Slowly I started to feel her duck
    She made me low one who was once my ark

    Her flaxen hair bathed my eyes in haven
    Her love like a blanket warmed my coven
    Her absence like a ghost haunts my heaven
    Her rebuke gives me an elephant burden

    ©Js junior

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    Ìfè Ølùwæ
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    Babysitting The Bad Boys

    Episode 1
    ?Babysitting The Bad
    Boys ?
    ?[Our Nanny] ?
    By Ìfè Ølùwæ

    (Getting to meet the boys.)

    ?Kendra’s POV ?
    “Arrggh, I groaned as I got up and sat upright in my bed.”

    Am gonna start my work as a babysitter today.

    Babysitting grown up boys.

    I looked at my well arranged clothes and sighed, got out and went into the toilet to ease myself.

    I live alone in my one room apartment.

    “Yea, cause am orphan. No family whatsoever.”

    I’ve been working really hard to pass through school but the money isn’t enough to feed myself, pay my one room apartment rent and also pay for school fees.

    I’d come across Mrs Rebecca Salvador and she asked me to look after her boys.

    It sounded funny to me at first but when she mentioned the amount of money involved I couldn’t help but agree to it.

    I heard the boys are so rude, proud, womanizer’s and I have been wondering how am gonna do it.

    I came out of the toilet and ate the tiny bread on the table as breakfast and later went to shower.

    After I was done, I carried the bags which contained my clothes and turned to stare at the room I’ve been leaving in for years.

    “Good bye, I said inside me and left.”

    I boarded a cab straight to Salvador’s estate.

    We got to the estate and the cabby left me.

    “Oh geez! Am I gonna trek to the main house?”

    I carried the few bags with me and started walking turning my head left and right.

    I trekked for what seems like forever passing through different buildings which looked alike but Mrs Rebecca had told me that her mansion was painted in white and brown colour.

    I got to the big gate and saw a writing on the gate.

    Its says “Salvador”

    I exhaled tiredly and knocked on the gate.

    Few minutes later the gate opened and a security guard showed up.

    “Hi sir, please am here for Mrs Rebecca, I said calmly.”

    The security guard looked at me sternly as if doing an examination on me.

    He stepped outside and beckoned on me to go in.

    I thanked him and went in with my bags and oh heavens!

    This is Paradise.

    What the….?

    So human being actually live in this kind of house.


    I stood starring around until a maid walked up to me.

    “You must be kendra, the boys nanny?” The pretty girl asked.

    I nodded and she smiled and collected my bags.

    “Follow me, she said and started walking away while I followed.”

    We got to the sitting room and I almost fell down tho to how it was spacious and well organized and really beautiful.

    I’ve never been in such a place beautiful.

    I only no my one room apartment and I don’t even have people that own such houses.

    Immediately I sighted Mrs Rebecca walking towards me with two maids behind her.

    I stood and waited for her to get to me and she did.

    She was smiling all the way.

    “Hi ken, she called.”

    “Hello ma, I greeted.”

    “Come on, take her bags to her room, she beckoned on the first maid I saw earlier and she left.”

    “Come on, she said to me and started moving towards a direction.”

    “My sons are all in the dinning room, she said along the way and my heart beat increased.”

    “Oh! Am really Gonna be meeting those troublesome boys.”

    We got to the dinning room and my eyes met with one.

    I quickly throw my eyes away.

    I don’t even have the nerve to continue starring at me.

    Mrs Rebecca sat down and beckoned on me to sit.

    I sat nervously gulping down saliva multiple times.

    “So boys meet kendra, I told you about her, didn’t I?”

    “And she’s not needed mom, one of them said and I raised my eyes to look at him.”

    Hmm he looks like one of the twin.

    Shut up! Mrs Rebecca scolded him.

    “So kendra this is my first son Rico, she said and touched one who has been focused on his phone since I showed up.”

    He raised his head and looked at me and oh holy molly!

    I think am gonna faint.

    Please someone hold me.

    I blinked repeatedly.

    How can a human being be this cute.

    He noticed the way I was drooling at me and smirked then took his eyes back to his phone without saying a word.

    “And this is Mason, she continued and touched another one.”

    He is super cute.

    Mrs Rebecca is a beauty goddess so its not so shocking that her children turned out like that.

    “And this is Jason his twin, she added and touched the one that said and she is not needed.”


    This is unbelievable.

    They are super super and heavenly cute.

    Now I understand why they are rude, proud and all.

    So kendra you’ll be taking care of them in my place cause am hardly home.

    And their dad isn’t available. He is really busy.

    Kendra I hope you can take care of my sons in my place, she asked starring calmly at me and one chuckled.

    I think Rico did.

    “Y…Yes ma’am, I replied and the three of them bursted out laughing.”

    I was also tempted to join them cause I know it’s mission impossible.

    They laughed for a while and Rico got up.

    I’ll be in my room, he said and left.

    The others stood up and left as well.

    “Don’t mind them ken, ignore their arrogance, Mrs Rebecca said.”

    Please I really need you to find a way to help me change them.

    If you can do that I’ll take care of all your education, I’ll take you to any lever you’re willing to be in just please help me change them.

    I won’t be around starting from next tomorrow.

    I’ll be gone for months and you’ll be the only one here ken.

    Kendra please if you can help me change my boys I promise to be forever grateful to you, she said softly and grabbed my hand.

    “Remember all our agreement ken, don’t disappoint me, she said and finally let go of my hand.”

    Since you’re in the mansion you’ll have to start school with the boys.

    Our family school, you won’t go to your formal school so as to watch the boys from a close range.

    So if you need anything you can ask the maid to direct you to my room.

    “Go see your room first and they’ll show you around afterwards, she said and got up.”

    “Good luck, she added and left.”

    I sighed and closed my eyes.

    I don’t think I can do this.

    I really can’t.

    They look uncontrollable.

    Even the first son is a year older than me.

    “How on earth am I gonna babysit them?”

    “Should I tell her now that I can’t do it?”

    I think I should do it but wait…

    The money.

    “Ah, there is no way am leaving all the benefit involved.”

    I think I’ll just give it a shot.

    I stood up and found the first pretty maid waiting few steps away from the dinning.

    Probably waiting for me.

    She ran to me immediately.

    “Lemme take you to your room, she said calmly and I nodded and followed her.”

    She took me upstairs and led me towards a corridor until we got to a door.

    She stopped and opened it.

    “Here, she said.”

    This is your room.

    I looked and discovered there were other rooms ahead.

    “Why is mine the first?”

    I gulped in and got in.

    I’ll be waiting if you need me, she said and step aside.

    I got into the beautiful room and couldn’t believe its mine.

    Geez! Am just a nanny.

    “Why is it decorated like this?”

    Its not like am her daughter or a member of the family but the room looks like she called designers to specially design it for me.

    I closed the door and kept running my eyes left right.

    Oh kendra!

    You’ve hit jackpot.

    I went to the big comfy bed and lay down.

    “Aw! I love you so much, I said to the bed.”

    I closed my eyes enjoying the nice scent of the room when the door suddenly bursted open.

    I opened my eyes and sat up immediately.

    The boys came in – the three of them.

    “Wait, why are they here?”

    One of them smiled and closed the door.

    I think his Jason.

    “Hi, he said and sat on the bed beside me.”

    I adjusted away from him and he moved closer to me.

    “What’s going on?” I wondered.

    He moved closer again and held me before i could move.

    “W..What do you want?” I found myself asking.


    So how was it?

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    DE King Speeder Boss
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    My 2020 waec experience

    EPISODE 1 it was on march, we’re preparing for our waec (western african examination council) 2020 a year of coronavirus I was very happy and so prepared for the exam, but I never knew that this so called coronavirus will spoiled everything for me. First of all I’ll apologize for not introducing myself, my name is tobiloba Samuel but my colleagues call me de king speeder boss cos am the sport perfect of the school, some people call me esin abusi school meaning, horse of abusi school cos no one can run like me , even I’ve got recognize by sprinting, I never represent the school and lose ,and Ive also represent many areas , some times I ran for milo and got an award I’ve represent other places that got me into fame; pardon me for saying too much about me, back to what I was saying before , I woke up around Monday morning at 7:05am and I was very late , I quickly got up cos no body will wake me up cos I’ve been living alone by myself when I was in sss1 till now , so I quickly got up I never even bother to do some chores before I dash out to school , on my way to school I met some of my friends returning back from school , some are even very happy and I was wondering what was going on until I asked one of my friends what is going on; seyi please what is happening why is every body going back home or is it government that just call on a strike, he replied bro we just dey hear say make we no com school until further notice; what????? I exclaimed , I didn’t believe what I was hearing. Please if you really like this story please comment for the next episode, and I’m very sorry for any errors cos it’s my first time am writing a story online please just let me know if you really want next episode just comment next , thank you God bless you.

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    Ifeoluwa Abodunrin
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    Dickson Diary(a must read story) Episode 1

    So I can achieve all this I said to my self, looking at my success and remembering everything I face through in the past.
    My name is Dickson, I am the number one citizen in my country. I know you know what that means I am the president.let me give you a shock I have no certificate nor go to want to know I did it follow me I will tell you .The story of my life begins December 1980.
    To be continued

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    It Advance
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    Just about an early hour of the morning i had a terrible nightmere though difficult to explain i tried to recall back the scene but it all prove abortive.what happen to me that morning was alarming i couldnt eat nor remember to brush my teeth going to work was not easy as i laid back in the bed trying to go through my memory,that was a nice but horrible dream how would i be eating with my death wife and having sex with her in my dream.i question myself all this question yet no answer then i remember once in my secondary school days when my literature teacher taught us about literary appreciation yes i remember the one i was struggling with very simple”RHETORICAL QUESTION”yes it is she said a question without an answer so was i making fooly of my self,actually no it was a dream and a serious one indeed such as eating with the death in the dream,i was sweating profusely just then i heard a knock on the door,my blood nearly dried up who could be knocking at my door at this hour of the day i went to open it…

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    Nice val

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    Damilare Adeniran
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    The morning came,the sun shone into my eyes i woke up and i looked at the time it was 7:25am.I did my morning prayers and my fifty push ups i went into the bathroom brush my teeth and i sank my self into the bath tub to bath.I forgot to introduce my self,i came from the family of a father and a mother,the name of my parents are Mr&Mrs Lugard my dad is from uk while my mum is a Nigerian.My parents died in their private jet crash when going for a business trip in china.My name is Maxwell Lugard i have two younger sisters,i am the first born of the family while Princess is the second born and Precious is the third born.After my parents died my dad elder brother came and inherit all my fathers property because they came with a lawyer and a will with my fathers signature on the will.

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