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    Oyo is ur case

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    ✍️ Chapter Eighteen


    He wasn’t kidding! And what a perfect timing to choose to appear when Greta has left the apartment.

    I stand dumb struck as I stare at his offending figure looming over me. His dark hair clings on his face from the rain. His dark blue eyes leer at mine in a cold calculated look. Then, as if I’ve invited him in, he makes his way into the apartment.

    “Why aren’t you at work?” He swiftly asks with a cold tone that tells me of his anger.

    It’s been a full day since I last ran away from his office when he kissed me. That offending kiss that left pungent cigarette taste in my mouth. I shiver coldly.

    “I meant what I said, I’d never work for you.” My anger flares immediately.

    I mean who the hell did he actually think he is to think he can dictate everything?

    “And I meant what I said, I will come dragging you there.” He glares.

    I glare at him back and for a moment my eighteen year old rebellious teenage hormones want to dare him to.

    But I know he will actually do it and so I keep my mouth shut.

    “Why are you so intent to have me working for you?”

    “Do you serious want me to answer that?” He arches an eyebrow.

    I frown, waiting for him to continue.

    He shakes his head as if in disbelief. “Well for starters it can actually help you get money to pay her off and–”

    “I don’t need your help or your money.” I cut him off mid sentence.

    He glowers at me as if I’m out of my mind, then he does something unexpected.

    He curses, “Stupid stubborn kid,” he mutters angrily as he searches in his pockets for something.
    He takes out a pack of cigarette but before he can light one up, I spring into motion; I haul the pack away from his hands and throw it out across the unclosed door.

    “What the fûck!” He bellows.

    “If you’re going to smoke then take it outside and while you’re at it, leave this f-----g building.” I’m surprised at my outburst.

    Instead of him glaring at me and giving me his piece of mind at what I just did, he does something I completely don’t expect.

    He laughs.

    His musical chuckle fills out the whole apartment and I catch genuine amusement in his eyes. But for some reason this makes me even angrier.
    When his laugh dies out, he says in a somewhat serious tone.

    “I tried to reasonable with you, but you leave me with no choice.”

    Suddenly he scoops me up by my thighs and hauls me onto his shoulders. I let out a frantic squeal as the impact takes me completely by surprise.

    “Let me go!” I scream as I I squirm away from his hold, trashing my legs just so he can let me go, but his grip is firm and tight and he doesn’t seem to budge.

    My face is upside down staring at his offending back and I contemplate punching him but I know whatever fitful trash I manage won’t result in any impact.

    He strides outside the apartment and kicks the door shut. He continues walking swiftly down the few steps as if my weight is nothing but a sack of feathers to him.

    “Put me down!” I howl, trying my best not to let the panic that’s slowly seizing fully attack me.

    He ignores me as he walks to the pedestrian and stops next to a sleek black car and from upside down I can tell it’s an expensive make.

    He shifts my weight to one hand as his others dig in his pocket for keys.

    “This is ridiculous I’m not a two year old! Put me down!”

    “Scream all you want but it’s not gonna happen.”

    “If you intend to drag me to your restaurant without any shoes on my feet then what will the customers say?” I try to calm myself.
    “Your feet are least of my concern.” He simply takes out his keys and unlocks his car.

    You must trust him. My inner voice conjectures. You must trust him to let him keep this up.

    “If I put you down, you won’t ru–”

    “Matthew?” A voice behind us interrupts him…not just any voice.

    He freezes, in fact we both freeze.

    “Matt? What are you doing?” I recognize Jeremy’s voice instantly. From upside down my heart lurches at his voice.

    In a few strides Jeremy is right before us. “What are you doing to her?” This time his anger goes unnoticed.

    So Matthew is his name? What a way to find out! Thinks my sarcastic side.

    Matthew unceremoniously puts me down and I slide off his shoulders and fall crouching on the ground.

    Jeremy is quick to react as he pulls me up and immediately draws me into his arms. I’m too weak to pull back and my senses are now hyperaware of his bodily warmth so I simply melt in his arms.

    “What were you doing?” Jeremy asks Matthew.

    I move to stand beside Jeremy and his arm is on my waist in a possessive gesture.

    Then the whole thing suddenly dawns on me. They know each other?

    “What are you doing here, Jerry?” Matthew frowns at him, specifically on his arms which are around me.

    His condescending blue eyes travel to mine and I look away instantly.

    “I asked you first.” Jeremy glares. “And why were you treating her like that!”

    Then as if realizing, “Shit, Leyla are you okay? What did he do to you?” Jeremy turns to me, taking my face in both of his hands.

    My heart lurches at his touch, heat transcending on my skin and a deep ache in my abdomen tells me of how much his touch affects me.

    “Let go off her.” Matthew grasps my arms in an effort to pull me away from Jeremy.

    “Don’t touch her!” Jeremy hisses as he pulls me behind him and he glowers Matthew with his jaw clenching and fury printed in his eyes. They’re the same height and the tension that’s between them is ice cold.

    Matthew’s eyes are in slits as he frowns at Jeremy and for that moment my brain wonders how they possible know each other.

    “I see you still haven’t let go of the Cassie incident.” Matthew rudely smirks at him.

    Wait, the Cassie incident? Does that mean–

    “This has nothing to do with Cassie. Brother.” I can feel Jeremy tense beside me.

    That’s his brother!? I practically grow cold from inside.

    “Or isn’t it? Then why are you here specifically, you must’ve have followed me. How else will you know her?” Matthew points at me.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Leyla.” Matthew states my name. “How do you know her?”

    “How do you?”

    For a moment they glare at each other as if having some sort of unspoken conversation.

    Then Mathew’s demeanour changes as he shifts his glare towards me.

    “You know what I couldn’t care less, she’s a wh0re anyway.” He leers with a twitch from the corner of his lip.

    I snap. I ball my fist up and in a few strides I’m before him ready to return his unforgivable behaviour with a punch, however Jeremy swiftly pulls me away sending me staggering a few steps back.

    Before I can even process what is happening, I watch as Jeremy draws a fist on Matthew’s jaw. There’s an ear-splitting crack sound from the punch filling the air.

    Matthew staggers back from the contact his hand flying to his newly bruised jaw in surprise. He winces as he sees the blood on his hand and then return his glare at Jeremy.

    “Don’t ever use that sort of term towards her!” He bellows and I watch his form shake with anger.

    “Term? Really Jeremy? Open your eyes, lil bro, and just look at her. She practically lives like one.” He sneers at me.

    “That’s enough!” I find my voice.

    “Oh, are you denying it?” He glares with absolute hatred towards me.

    I glare back but before I can do anything to damage his face, which I so want. Jeremy once again reacts.

    “You’re a fool, Matthew! Pestering on someone that can’t defend on themselves.”

    “She’s not just a someone now, is she?” Matthew gives me disgusted look.

    My blood runs cold. What the heck is his problem?

    “Yes, she isn’t just a someone, she’s more than. She’s a better person than you are.” Jeremy retorts right back.

    Matthew only laughs coldly. “Wow I never took you for a wh0re defender, lil bro.”

    “Don’t push me, Matthew!”

    “Are you going to punch me again? Go ahead.” He offers his other cheek.

    Jeremy shakes his head. “I’m not going to punch you. I’m simply going to leave you alone in your blatant misery.”

    Great Leyla! Just great. You’re in the middle in sibling feud and you’re standing there gaping at the both of them in disbelief. Fantastic! My inner voice interjects sarcastically.

    I have an odd feeling that their bickering isn’t because of me. From what I’ve collected so far, it’s as if the conflict between them has always been constant.

    Wait a minute, if Matthew is Jeremy’s brother and they weren’t on agreeing terms even before the Cassie incident, then why the hell did Jeremy take her on a date specifically in Matthew’s restaurant?

    To be continued

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    So what gonna happen @coolval222-2 Roger on

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    Keep it coming…. next

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    ✍️ Chapter Ninteen✍️

    I watch Matthew sneer at his brother before Jeremy takes me by his arms and pulls me away.

    The last glimpse from Matthew is when he is staring at our departing figures with pure utter aversion; his expression is as if he has swallowed something unpleasant.

    Jeremy tugs on my elbow as he leads me across the street to his Audi, which is parked on a corner of a building. I don’t think of anything as I let him.

    Before he opens the passenger door for me, Jeremy yanks me into his open arms and I can’t do anything but succumb to him.

    “Leyla? Did he hurt you before did he–?” His voice seems strained. As if he’s dreading the worst.

    I shake my ahead still unable to find my voice, “No,” I whisper.

    He releases me from the hug but his hands remain on my shoulders as he looks down at me in confusion… or is it concern?

    “Then what was he doing hauling you in his shoulders like that?” His tone is calculated.

    I shake my head. “It wasn’t like that.”

    Why are you defending him? The guy practically called you a living, breathing, smelling whôre!

    He frowns at me but before he can say anything more I continue.

    “He was trying to get me to work for him.” I tell him because that is a simply explanation I can give towards Matthew’s actions, although they were childish and uncalled for.

    “Work for him?” Jeremy looks horrified as he scowls at me.

    I shrink under his glare, feeling the intimidation once again.

    “Tell me exactly how did you two meet?” He drops his arms that were holding my shoulders and immediately I feel stripped of his bodily warmth.

    It’s out of pure intimidation that leads me to explain exactly to him how I found him in Greta’s apartment and then again at his restaurant when I’d been job hunting.

    After telling him this, he simply closes his eyes in a strained anger and when he opens them again, I feel as if I’m being swallowed whole by the intensity of them.

    He sighs, “You shouldn’t be looking for a job, Leyla.”
    I scowl at him. “I might not have been clear, before but I remember mentioning it to you how I am at disadvantage.”

    My rage surprises both of us.

    He scowls back. “Well if you weren’t so stubborn and just let me help you, then you wouldn’t be in this situation.” He shoots right back.

    Here we are, both seizing each other with our glares, however within seconds, that same electric pull between us stems and our scowling shift into heated gazes. Before I know it, Jeremy is before me within a breath.

    He grabs my face and pulls me hard toward him. Before I can even catch my breath, my lips are drawn to his in a passionate kiss.

    The flame explodes within me like a rocket.
    My immediate response is to close my hands on his neck and pull him closer to me as possible. My fingers thread to the familiarity that is his neck hair, they fist upon his silky locks and yank.

    He moans in response before pushing me backwards to the side door of his car, initiating my moan. With the part of my mouth, he plunges his tongue inside and our tongues dance together in a game of seduction.

    Inside, my heart is hammering in an intangible beat whilst my blood runs wild to the release of my nerve endings.

    I want him, now.

    His hands move from my face and roams down to my waist as he yanks me closer.

    “Oh God!” I catch my breath when his lips releases me and begins the torture of nipping my line of jaw, tailing downward toward my neck. One of his hand grasp my inner thigh and places it around his waist.

    Instantly, I feel the bulge of his erection digging below my pelvic bone.

    I’m already convulsing with need in my panties and knowing that he wants me just the same, deepens that ache.

    “I want you.” He kisses me behind my ear and then presses his arousal deeper in as a way of demonstrating how much he does.

    “I want you too!” I groan in response.

    One of his hands moves to my br**st and starts kneading at it. I tense the leg that is at his waist effectively pushing myself to him.

    He moans at that and then launches his mouth against mine again.
    “Seriously, I could take you here and now, but I don’t think the people passing by would appreciate that.” He growls softly.

    He dips one of his hands into the sweatpants I’m wearing and his hand finds my panties.

    I squirm and shiver when he cups me and his hand begins the motion of stroking me through the lace, making me even wetter than I already was.

    I gasp unexpectedly when he slides his hand through my panties so that his warm fingers contact with my heated flesh.

    Oh god, those fingers!

    “Jesus, Leyla you’re dripping wet.” He hisses on my neck.

    I groan as he palms my throbbing c--t whilst his middle finger and index finger strokes the folds of my flesh. The sensation renders me speechless and I find my breathing rate palpitating.

    “Oh, Please.” I beg.

    I want him; all thought and reason have all been shred to pieces only to be replaced by this undeniable need for him.

    “I know, baby.” His breathing is strained.

    “I want you too, Leyla, but not here.”

    And at this declaration he draws his hands along with himself away from me and leaves me hanging.

    I scowl at him. Right now my hormones have taken over my mood and all I can think about is him being inside me. He has deprived me of that!.

    He smirks at my reaction. “Frustrating, isn’t it?”

    I arch an eyebrow.

    “Being stripped of something you want so badly.” He explains.

    I stare up at him in confusion. “That’s what you did to me Leyla when you walked out on me.”

    I gasp as realization dawns.

    “You’ve instilled a longing in me, a need that can only be met by you.” He tells me as if, reading my mind.

    “But I thought Cassie–” I begin but I stop when glowers at me.

    “Cassie? Cassie is the past Leyla, she’s nothing to me anymore.” He scowls at me, his tone breaming with anger.

    “Then why were you on a date with her?” I scowl back.

    “It wasn’t a date. I told you it’s complicated.” He dominates in a calculated tone.

    I cower at his tone and frown at the ground. Don’t push him Leyla.

    He sighs when he sees my reaction, “Leyla, I’m not with her, if that’s what you think. I don’t want her, I don’t want anyone but you.” He tilts my chin up to stare at him.

    His fingers leave a tingle on my chin and one of his finger strokes my swollen lips.

    “Come with me.” He says taking hand.

    “Okay.” I answer without any restrictions.

    I let him guide me into his car as he opens the passenger door for me. He is in the driver’s seat minutes later. He starts the engine and then drives us away from the dark building, away from the Greta’s apartment and the misery of the whole place.

    I sit in his car with awaiting anticipation to where he will take me.

    ✍️To be continued ✍️

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    Watin wan happen now

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    Beware: Not edited

    ✍️ Chapter Twenty✍️

    Just a little warning this chapter will contain sexual content and if that’s not your thing please don’t complain you have a right to choose not to read it!


    Jeremy drives us out the east and heads down south and for a moment I wonder if he’s taking us back to his hotel but when he blatantly miss the road to that part of town and takes the road to the freeway, my curiosity piques.

    Where are we going?

    Don’t look to me like I have any answers! My inner voice shrugs.

    I immediately berate myself for having a conversation with myself. I’m not crazy.

    “Where are we going?” I ask him.

    He gazes at me from the corner of his eyes, his whole face beaming with a knowing smirk.

    “Just a place.” He answers.

    I frown at that, it’d been twenty minutes since we left and we were now heading towards the outskirts of town.

    My frown is stripped off my face when Jeremy blatantly places his hand on my knee while the other stays on the steering wheel.

    “What?” He asks, innocently as if unaware of how effective his hands were on my knees.

    His fingers on my knee travels slowly, steering toward my thigh, tracing delicately through the fabric of his sweat pants. Even the layers of fabric do not elude the heat I feel radiating from his touch.

    Immediately I cross my legs as the ache from before stirs suddenly. In the process of crossing my legs I effectively trap his hand between my thigh and the friction of his hand makes the fabric rub against my heated flesh.

    My breathing hitches and begins its frantic pant, all the while Jeremy stares at the road with a mischievous smirk on his face.

    “If only you were wearing a skirt or a dress.” He cast me a heated look.
    I gulp. “It wouldn’t make a difference.” I dare tell him.

    The heat in his eyes intensifies as he gazes at me and I’m most affected by the look.

    “Eyes on the road, Jeremy.” I smirk. The tables have turned.

    I watch as he swallows making his Adam’s apple do a flip and then he swiftly casts his eyes back on the road whilst cussing.

    “You’re exasperating.” He smiles as he shakes his head. “Simply maddening.”

    I smile secretly at my audacity.

    “Do you have any idea the effect you’re infusing on me now?” He looks at me quickly before returning his eyes on the road.

    I shake my head.

    He surprises me by taking my hand and placing it on his lap, moving it towards his ever-growing bulge.

    I gulp again for the second time, unsure of what to do when my hand stays there.

    “That’s the affect.” Jeremy says as he gazes heatedly at me.

    “Fück!” He hisses when I move my hand over his bulge.

    I don’t know what makes me do it and I don’t know where the courage I’m having now is coming from but by the strained effort to compose his face as I move my hands on him, simply initiates my next move.

    I begin rubbing against the fabric of his jeans. His breath hitches at the contact and this only makes me increase in effort. I’m aware of my own breathing rate increasing.

    The ache inside me churns. The desire I feel clouds my thoughts, all I can think about is having him inside me. This only makes my panties liquidate even more.

    “Stop. God, do you want us to have an accident?” He hisses and then takes hold of my hand and pushes it back to my own lap.

    I pout at him but inside I’m turned on like there’s no tomorrow.

    He gazes dangerously at me but there’s also deep lust in his eyes. The pull between us is so thick and heavy that I feel that the whole closed space of his car is heating up by it.

    I’m simply consumed by him, that when he retracts his gaze back at the windshield, my breathing is heavy. I cross my legs ever so tightly in an effort of squeeze out this ache.

    However it’s within minutes that the car stops on some remote land where only one house resides.

    Jeremy unbuckles my seat belt and pulls me to his lap so quickly that I find myself sitting astride on his lap with both of my hands resting on his chest in seconds.

    In this position we are face to face and he doesn’t take a moment of recollection before he advances his lips on my mine. I let out a small gasp of pleasure and he takes this as an advantage to implant his tongue in my mouth.

    My hands move along his chest tracing up to his neck. I draw my arms around his neck to pull him closer and his hands roam my back. The increasing arousal in his jeans rubs against the material of his sweat pants I’m wearing.

    I moan when his hands move under the hem of his t-shirt and contact with my bare skin. I remember that I’m not wearing any bra so his hands move freely on my back without any restrictions.

    “God, I want you so much. Right now. In my car.” He groans when his head buries on my neck as he plants kisses there.

    “What’s stopping you?” I’m already breathing as if I’m having an asthma attack.

    He growls, the sounds reverberating against the skin of my neck which in turn sends tingles firing up my nerve endings.

    “Maybe not today. Come, let’s go.” He orders as he opens the driver’s door and swiftly untangles himself from me as he gets out.

    He holds out his hands for me to take while his eyes studies me.

    “You’re only in socks?” His gaze lingers on my feet.


    I have completely forgotten that Matthew had dragged me out of Greta’s apartment without any shoes.

    I bite my lip as I stare up at Jeremy’s disapproving face. Then his eyes move to my lips and his gaze liquefies with heat.

    He clenches his jaw and then suddenly lifts me up into his arms bridal style. I shriek from the surprise. I clasp my arms around his neck to keep from falling but in doing so I move my face closer to his neck.

    He pulls me out of his car and I face what seems to me to be the biggest mansion I’ve ever laid eyes on.

    In the dark, the exterior itself is stunning,with greyish blue paint. The colour that reflected his eyes. It made sense that he’d paint his mansion this colour.

    I have no time to really assess the whole building when Jeremy hurriedly leads us to the porch. I gaze up two pillars architecturally crafted to give the walk-in a more medieval look to it. They guard the dark brown mahogany door.

    Once we inside the house, the grand two sets of stairway which curve together to meet in the middle catches my attention before Jeremy set me down.

    “Wow.” I gape, transfixed at the crystal chandelier shinning with diamond lights. Just below it, right under the curve of the stairs, there’s coffee table holding two extremely delicate vases which have wild flowers on it. Beyond the entrance there’s another entryway made of double glass doors leading to whatever is beyond that room.

    “Beautiful isn’t it?” Jeremy says as he gazes down at me with a look of wariness.

    “It’s… wonderful.” I’m simply awestruck at the luxury in front of me.

    “Is this your place?” I ask as I shift my gaze up to him.

    He smirks at me while he nods. Both my eyebrows arch.

    How rich is he?

    “But it gets lonely here, so I tend to stay in town more often.” He continues.
    “Then who looks after it?”

    “Mr and Mrs Brown.” He shrugs.

    “The hired help?”

    He nods.

    I frown.

    “So they’re here?” My curiosity piques.

    He laughs indulgently. “No, I gave them a day off, they’re not exactly inside the house.” He explains.


    What a change of topic. I think. Then I realize something.

    “So you must’ve have known that I will come with you?” I gasp.

    He smirks, “I hoped.”

    I stare at him for a moment, my mind wondering so sorely what I possessed to make him want to take me here of all places. He wants me to be in his house, this mansion instead of a simple hotel?

    My thoughts disappear when he cups my chin. “What are you thinking?”

    I shake my head.

    “Tell me.”

    To be continued ✍️

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