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    Love is mad Ooooo

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    Sorry for him

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    It’s hurt when your love is unrequited

    I don’t blame Fatimah, you can’t force love

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    I support fatima, some people were destined to good friends, if they get into a relationship, they wil both suffered and when they eventually break up, they would become worst of enemies, ride on OP, you re doing well

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    I can’t but feel sorry for Adnan, I understand that feeling like seriously… Seeing someone u are in love with getting more beautiful but can’t have her, e dey pain like hell

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    *I AM ABLE*

    Chapter 20


    Few days ago I met the girl I violated in fresher’s orientation party at a restaurant, she happened to be an employee there. Also, she was pregnant although I had no idea whose really it was. And she was so angry with me, no matter how hard I tried to talk to her nothing literally worked. It was as if my presence irritated her. I had no time to waste on her so I dropped my card for her to reach me whenever she was ready to talk. Thus, I returned back to the hospital where Zubaina was and stayed with her until she was later on discharged around 7 in the evening.

    Today happened to be a sunny day, and for that reason I spent the whole afternoon at home. First, I took two sticks of cigarette in the backyard and then added up with a bottle of beer to quench my worries. Yes, I was worried about my mother. She and my father had been denied access from returning to Nigeria due to the Covid 19 of a thing that had been killing people across the world. Although only one case had been reported here so far, the government wanted to make sure our country is safe by cancelling flights from infected countries. May Allah protect us, Ameen.

    After taking dinner, I took shower and then got myself dressed into a bodyhug shortsleeve caftan and its trousers. My head was so bushy, I intended to trim it in my favourite Barbershop which was few kilometers away from our house.

    “Where to?” My sister asked as soon as I walked downstairs with my car key dangling in my hand. “Da kai nake yi”

    “What’s your business?” I muttered.

    “My business is I am your elder sister by far and I was asked to take care of you har sai su Baba sun dawo” She uttered.

    “I don’t have your time” I rolled my eyes at her. “Your life is different da nawa…”

    “Zaa je ganin mace kenan” She smirked.

    “Eh, uwar gulma!” I hissed at her.

    “Well, I pity the girl” She giggled and glanced at me. “By the way, you look great today. I just pray she shouldn’t give you whatever you have in mind”

    “Nonsense!” I squealed and headed out of the mansion to my car in the parking lot. Bismillah. I stormed in and just as I was about igniting the engine into action my phone began ringing, it was an unknown number. Who could it be? I wondered, and before I could pick the call it ended. It seemed to be a flashing.

    If it’s important, the person will call me again. I thought as I started the car and drove out. In the barbershop I went to, I met Suleiman who briefed me about Adnan’s self isolation. Yes, he had been isolating himself ever since Fatimah humiliated him. He once told me he needed some time alone. Well, I gave him all the time he asked for. Verily, every broken heart needs time to heal.

    “I wonder what is wrong with him” Suleiman out of ignorance uttered.

    “Me too” I lied and continued. “I think he only needs some time alone kawai”

    “Just like that?” Suleiman asked.

    “Yes” I responded with a faked smile.

    “Well then, I wish him well don yanzu he doesn’t even used to answer my calls and doesn’t used to reply my messages” Suleiman said brushing his curly hair.

    “Me too…” I huffed. Hence, we began talking about our semester break, our preparation for the next level and so on. We both missed school, you know?

    After having trimmed our hair we left the barbershop and bade each other goodbye. Suleiman went straight to his car and I headed to mine as well. As soon as I was about starting the car, my phone began ringing again. It was the same number that called me before but this time around I called the number as soon as the phone stopped ringing…

    “AsSalama Alaykum…” I calmly uttered immediately the person picked my call.

    “Wa’alaykumus Salam. It’s me, Aminah — the girl you took advantage of. Meet me in Old Airport junction, I’m ready to talk to you” She said and ended the call.

    God, have Mercy! I quickly started the car and thus drove to the junction of the said area. Just as I parked my car by the roadside, I called and told her where I was and she told me to wait for her there. Luckily, the house she was living in wasn’t far. In fact, my car was facing it and I didn’t even know until I saw her coming out of the gate while adjusting her veil. She was still beautiful to me.

    As soon as she approached my car, I hopped out and leaned by the door. “Good evening” I calmly greeted her.

    “I thought you would not come…” She said folding her arms across her chest.

    “I gave you the card, remember?” I said.

    “I know” She uttered not looking at me. “You asked me that day if the child I am carrying is yours, right? Well it’s yours”

    “Mine?” I blurted out lowering my eyes to her belly, it looked somehow normal.

    “Yes, you are the only man that ever touched me so far and for that reason the child is certainly yours” She said. 

    Just then, I felt a piercing pain in my heart. If I was married, this might’ve been the happiest moment of my life but I was single. Also, I wasn’t even ready to father a child yet plus the shame I’d bring upon my family. Ya Allah, what have I done to myself?

    “I am already raising money to abort it” She continued. “That is why you saw me working in that restaurant. I only have a uncle, my parents left me in this world since when I was 2. I know my uncle and his wife doesn’t care about me that much but wallahi if they find out I am pregnant they will surely deal with me severely” She said and before I knew it, she’d already began sobbing.

    “I am so sorry” I uttered taking a gulp of my saliva. My mouth had become so bitter, as if I was sick or had tasted an unripe fruit. “Abortion is not the right thing, Aminah. You are just 18, what if you die in the process? I’m going to be thrown into hellfire if that happens”

    “Yes, because you are the cause…” She sniffed and continued. “You raped me, although I know I caused it for myself. I just wanted to be your friend but you took advantage of me and even had the guts to keep 50k close to me like I was a prostitute. Well, I left the money there”

    “You were hot, and I… I couldn’t control myself. I tried Aminah, I swear…” I said.

    “Lets just forget about it. I’ve learnt my lesson already and right now all I want is for this thing to be out of my stomach. I am not ready to mother any child” She sniffed wiping her tears with her hand.

    “I am also not ready to father a child but I don’t think abortion is the best, lets just keep it. I promise, I will take full responsibility of it” I huffed and continued. “Take me to your uncle”

    “You don’t understand” She uttered unleashing another series of tears. “That man will kill me, plus I… I am very young for this. I can’t give birth now, it will annihilate all my dreams”

    “You know what?” I said thinking she would reply me but she sniffed instead. Thus, I heaved a sigh and continued. “Give me some time to think about it, I will get back to you… In Shaa Allah”

    “Okey” She uttered and left without waiting for me to say another word.

    When I drove back home, I could not even pray Magrib in time. I was so very weak, all I could think of was Aminah. God may never forgive me if I let her go for an abortion and then die in the process, same as both her late parents.

    Oh, Ya Allah please forgive me for all my wrong doings, I know this is a test from You. I promise, if You find a way for me out of this I will permanently stop drinking, smoking and… and even Zina. I promise, please Ya Allah help me. I supplicated after praying Magrib.


    Written by;
    Muhammad Abubakar (KingMoha)

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    Chapter 21


    “Wake up, Fatimah” My mother patted me. “Get yourself cleaned, breakfast is ready” She uttered heading to the door.

    “Mu… m” I yawned stretching up my hands. “So, it’s even…” I glanced at the wall clock. “Seven O’clock already?”

    “Yes” She smiled and left.

    “Dear God” I yawned again as I lazily stood from my bed. “Thank You for waking me up” I gulped and then withdrew from the bed and went straight into the bathroom. I was so deeply unclean so I took my bath, replaced my pad and then brushed my teeth before preparing myself for breakfast. I knew I was so d--n late.

    Just as I was walking to the dining area I saw my father already done with his meal. He cleaned his mouth and stood up about to leave when I greeted him.

    “Good Morning, sir” I said.

    “Morning” He uttered as if he was forced to respond to my greeting.

    Sometimes, I used to wonder what kind of a father he was to me. As if I was the one that chose to be a female. He should be angry with the Creator instead since I wasn’t the one that created myself.

    “Kin shirya mun documents din?” He said to my mother as he took his iPad.

    “Yes, I arranged them for you” She said.

    “Okey, let me go and get them” He said.

    “Alright, Alhaji…” She said to him while serving me my own breakfast. And as soon as he was already upstairs she told me to hurry up that I would be going to work with him today. “Please, hurry up”

    “But mum…” I said as she cut in.

    “Babu wani but a nan, just hurry up and finish your breakfast!” She said.

    “Okey, mum” I muttered.
    “Good” She said adjusting her cleavage. “Let me go and buy you some time” She winked and I didn’t even know when I busted into laughter. “What is funny? Am I not hot ne?” She wrinkled a brow.

    “Sure, you are” I chuckled.

    “Jita kawai” She rolled her eyes and left.

    That was my mother, sometimes funny and sometimes strict. She was a beautiful woman, fair in complexion and had all it takes to make a man bow down for her. Oh yes, she had ample breasts and buttocks. At first when my breasts refused to grow bigger I was so worried and also sad, I wanted them to be like hers… just like in the case of buttocks! Thus, she told me not to worry that with time I will see some changes. I practically didn’t believe her at first until now. Presently, my breasts are becoming more bigger than before.

    While sipping my tea with a mouthful of bread, Munir came out of his own apartment with puffy eyes. Perhaps he was just waking up from sleep, he really loved sleeping after fajr prayer.

    “Can’t you greet?” He queried as he sat opposite me and began serving himself.

    I kept taking my breakfast pretending as if I wasn’t hearing him at all. Verily, he had lost his respect from me already.

    “Well, since you don’t want to greet me ai sai ki tayi” He said wearing a smile.

    “Mtswww” I stood and left the dining area to my room. After all, I was even done with my own breakfast already.

    Just as I was changing into a jallabiya, my mother Salaamed into my room. “Wai ke what are you waiting for ne wai? Baban ki fa sauri yake!” She said.

    “Rolling ya rage mun” I said.

    “Let me help you” She swiftly walked to me and helped me with my rolling. Thus, we headed downstairs together and there we met my father scolding Munir. He seemed to be pretty angry.

    “Is this how you will run my company when I’m off? Lazy ass kawai” He said.

    “Ai Munir din nan lazy man ne sosai” My mother chimed in as we walked closer to them. “He’s a very lazy man”

    “Hajiya wallahi is not like that” Munir said trying to defend himself as usual.

    “Whatever!” My father chimed in about leaving when my mother stopped him and collected his suitcase with a smile.

    “Why not Fatimah ta raka ka yau?” She suggested handing the to suitcase me.

    “I don’t understand, did I say I need an escort? I never said that” He bellowed.

    “Yes, I know” She said moving closer to him. “Just take her with you today, ok?”

    “No!” He squealed.

    “Why not, Alhaji?” She asked.

    “Because I’m not going there to watch a movie, I’m going there to work” He said.

    “Well then take her with you now, let her learn some things too so that she can one day help you with your work” She said as she gently held his hands.
    “Hmm, help me with my work fa kika ce? How can she be of help to me when she’s incompetent? She’s a girl” He said.

    “Yes, a girl and also the only child Allah bless us with. Why can’t you just accept her? Many people are out there praying to have even an handicap but here you are, Alhaji, blessed with a healthy child yet you are despising her because she’s not a male child. Toh wallahi ka sani cewa Allah Yana fushi da wanda baya godewa. And talking about being incompetent, who knows if she might even be a better CEO than you? Just give her a chance and see!” She said and gently walked to me. “If he said he’s not going with you, just escort him with his suitcase to the car and come back”

    “Okey, mum” I said trying to be strong. I could literally feel some moist in my eyes already, I was practically touched.

    “Raliya…” He summoned her but she was deaf to his calls while heading upstairs. She seemed so very angry.

    “Oh God, sai dai na dawo kenan” He uttered walking out of the mansion.

    As speechless as I was, I walked after him while holding his suitcase. Verily, surprised was I the moment I handed him his suitcase and he told me to hop into the car as well. “Thank you, sir” I smiled though his face was frowned.

    Just as we arrived at our new cement factory, we were welcomed humbly by the staff members. Nina, my father’s secretary introduced me to nearly all the staff there. “…and this is Faisal Bashir, our chief accountant” She said.

    “Nice to meet you” I said smiling.

    “The pleasure is mine” He winked at me. Actually, he was black but cute.

    After the introduction, she took me to a conference room where I met my father and other boad members of the Cooperation having a grand meeting.

    “Please, permit me to introduce Fatimah Bulama, the sole heir of this company…” Nina said while walking me to a chair.

    Thus, my father nodded at her.

    “Thank you, sir” She said and just then she clapped together with the board members before asking me to sit down.

    “Thank you, dad” I bowed to him. “And thanks to you all” I said to the board members. “And I really appreciate it!”

    “You’re welcome” They chorused. Thus, I sat down and the meeting continued.

    “So, what were you saying Mr Ayodeji?” My father said and then a man cleared his throat and began talking his mind.

    “Actually sir, it is about our biggest rival — The DAF Limited. I heard both Alhaji Dolari and his wife have been denied visa to return back from their trip overseas, and now the company is under the full control of Jasraa” He said.

    “Their daughter?” My father asked.

    “Yes, sir” The man said and continued. “And sir, she’s planning on joining her hands with Yargote in order to boast their cement production. She’s clever”

    “And Yargote has obviously been our enemies since the day we ended our partnership” Another man chimed in.

    “Yes!” Mr Ayodeji said and continued. “I fear lest they file more lawsuits against us concerning our past joint production of recently discontinued B&Y Paints”

    “That girl, how old is she?” My father queried referring to the CEO of DAF.

    “Jasraa? She’s 29 I guess” A man said.

    “No,” Mr Ayodeji chimed in. “She’s 26”

    Thus, my father heaved a sigh and then glanced at me. He must be scared already how a girl of 26 was about taking away his cement market. Now I believed he would start respecting women. We are not weak or naive!

    “I think we should partner with Zaki Group” My father said sipping water.

    “Zaki Group?” A woman queried. “Will Ahmad Jaafar Zaki agree? Sir, the last time I checked he wasn’t interested in any cement production whatsoever!”

    “Do we have any choice? We must try and see first, today is not yesterday” My father said as he shut down his laptop.

    “Okey sir” The woman nodded.

    “Do we all agree?” My father asked.

    “Yes, sir!” They all chorused.

    And that was how the meeting ended.


    Written by;
    Muhammad Abubakar (KingMoha)

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    It’s going well

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