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    Chapter 57


    When I first met Yusuf, I had despised him not knowing he would someday be my husband. If I had knew, maybe I would not have despised him. Anyways, today was the day the knot was tied. A lot had happened in the past few days, I wish I could tell but let me save our time. Our wedding took place at Luxury Bay , a five star hotel in Minna. It was big and we had booked the entire hotel for all the ceremonies. People from different part of the world came to grace our wedding, and most of them were business tycoons too. Verily, many people were invited.
    Politicians, armed forces officials, film actors and actresses also came. Truth be told, I liked how the events were planned and everything happened so fast that today; I would be taken straight to my husband’s house. It was a mix of both happiness and sadness. I was happy because I would finally be living with Yusuf, and sad because I would miss my parents. If you are married, you will know what I mean.
    “Tears again?” Qudrah glared at me. “Haba!”
    “But I am not crying!” I muttered with a sniff, not knowing what else to say to her. It wasn’t really the first time I had spoiled my makeup with tears, she must be tired with me already.
    “Says someone in tears!” Jasmine chimed.
    “Please you guys should leave my sister alone o!” Said Humairah, the wife of Ahmad Jaafar .
    “Thanks Adda Humairah” I beamed at her, at least I had someone — so darling by my side.
    “You are welcome, cute sis” She beamed back.
    “Ohh, so you are supporting her ba?” Jasmine uttered as she wrinkled her thick dark brows.
    “Eh, she’s supporting me din sai me?” I pouted.
    “Quiet, jhor!” Qudrah knocked my head.
    And before I could give her hand a slap, I was interrupted by a sudden sound by the door. It was Yusuf’s elder sister, Jasraa. “What is this? I thought you guys have finished already fa!”
    “No, but almost done” Humairah replied her.
    “Not almost o!” Qudrah chimed in. “And also, we would have to re–do her makeup for her again because tears have blemished this one”
    “Abeg leave the makeup like that” Jasraa said.
    “But why?” Qudrah queried.
    “Because it is getting late, 7:30pm fa yanzu!” Jasraa said about leaving when she stopped. “Besides, we love our bride the way she is !” She smiled and left saying, “We are waiting”
    “This woman with her problem” Qudrah said.
    “No, she is right!” Humairah huffed. “After all, her face would be covered from here till she’s finally in her husband’s room . And I believe, Yusuf will touch her with or without makeup”
    “Exactly” Qudrah busted into a laughter. And so also did Jasmine, to them it was funny. But to me it was factful , something I would face!
    Immediately I was done getting dressed, I was taken out of my room to my mother’s room. It was there I received many Nasiha from her. I really cried, and she cried too. Thus, she bade me goodbye and before I knew it, I was taken downstairs to my father in the sitting room. I had thought he would be more cool but I was wrong because his words were more hurtful.
    After that, I was taken to the convoy that was waiting for me outside… with people singing and clapping. I could hear securities trying to control the crowd. We kept walking until we eventually reached our car, Humairah sat by my left and Qudrah sat by my right. It was a nice arrangement, with Jasmine in the front with the driver. I so much wanted to take off the veil they covered me with but they refused to let me do that, saying only when I am in my husband’s room should I do that. It was funny.
    I wondered what kind of tradition it was, but whatever the case might be we would reach our destination soon or wouldn’t we? Indeed, we would. By the way, my parents’ words kept ringing in my head. In fact, I was beginning to be scared of marriage already. How could I be able to submit to the full will of my husband? Does that mean I would have to try? Well, no problem. I would definitely try my best, after all marriage is sacrifice… as well as devotion.

    The drive to Yusuf’s house was longer than I had expected, probably because of our slow drive. And just as we arrived, we all alighted and headed into the house with our escorts. I was still with my veil but I could point all the people around me judging from their voices. They kept singing and clapping until they took me upstairs to a room. “Finally!” Qudrah said with a sigh. “I’m hungry sef” She complained.
    Yes, and why wouldn’t she be hungry?
    After all, she’s a well-known glutton!
    The room seemed to be crowded with many people, all snapping pictures with me – even though my head was well covered. Thus, as the noise became much Humairah told them to excuse us, leaving the four of us. Yes, me, her, Qudrah and Jasmine. Even so, they told me not to uncover my head. And while I was patiently waiting for the right time to come, Yusuf salaamed into the room. Hence, I felt a strange beat in my heart. It had never in my life happened before. And before I knew it, Qudrah and the rest bade me… goodnight .
    “You people are wicked” I heard Yusuf said.
    “And what have we done?” Humairah asked.
    “You told those silly girls guarding the door not to let me in till I pay N300,000” He said.
    “What, no fa!” Humairah said. “Or did we?”
    “Yes, I told them to!” Qudrah said. And that was how they kept talking until eventually they left, thus the room became very silent.
    “Better open your face” Yusuf sarcastically said. “Or do you want me to do it for you?”
    I shook my head.
    I was even tired of the veil so I took it off.
    “Now you are talking!” He smiled taking off the babban riga he wore, leaving the inner one. Actually, he looked handsome as usual. “We should pray all our missed prayers and then eat and… you know the rest” He smiled.
    Well, I didn’t say anything to him…
    I just kept looking at his handsome face.
    After taking off his shoes, he headed into the bathroom and performed ablution before he came out and asked me to go and do the same. Thus, I did as he said and together we prayed and ate a very delicious fried rice and chicken.
    Now what?
    I asked myself looking at him.
    He also looked at me as well but with a smile. And why was he always smiling at me today? “Let me take all these outside” He said as he packed the leftover of what we ate out of the room. I thought he would come back but he didn’t, and when I started feeling sleepy… I took off my gown and wore my nightwear.
    If he comes back, he can wake me up.
    But God, was I even ready for this?
    I hadn’t even done it before!
    I slept of thinking about a lot of things.

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    Congratulations on your wedding

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    Chapter 58


    This night was the night I had been waiting for, but now I didn’t even know why I was acting naively. Was it because Fatimah was already my wife or what? I mulled over as I walked downstairs with our leftover food. I didn’t even finish taking the stairs when the crockery was taken from my hand by Aisha. “Go back, I will help you with this” She said.
    That was my niece, remember?
    “Thank you” I said about turning back when my phone began ringing. It was Adnan. He’d returned back home safely. We talked for 20 minutes or so before he ended the call after having told me to take it easy with Fatimah.
    Actually, he was very funny!
    Hmm, I sighed returning back upstairs.
    The mansion was so quiet, it seemed many people have returned back to their houses. The remaining ones however seemed to be fast asleep already, which ofcourse is good.
    But wait a minute,
    What if my wife is also fast asleep already? No, she shouldn’t even be because I would never let this first night pass the two of us.
    I quickly ran back to our room, hoping she was still awake but then I found her in her nightgown sleeping? “Shit!” I uttered sadly. And just then, she rose her head. Wallahi, I had never been happy in my life. She was sleepy, obviously, but she had to be patient with me because I would not sleep well if I didn’t get what I’d been dreaming for ever since I fell inlove with her. “Did I woke you up?” I queried, wrinkling one of my brows.
    “No, I couldn’t sleep!” She adjusted into a sitting position. “And… I don’t know why!”
    Hmm maybe you need me, baby… I thought.
    “Don’t worry, you will sleep after this” I said gently walking over to her. She wasn’t even scared as I thought she would be. She stayed mute, and that was how I gently placed my lips on hers and began kissing her gently. It seemed to be her first time, so I guided her.
    After a while, we averted for a breathe. The way she was breathing, I had to smile at her. “What??” She queried in a whispering tone.
    “Nothing” I said looking into her eyes. “I just love you, Fatimah. I love everything in you!”
    “Everything?” She wrinkled her brows.
    “Yes, even this…” I pressed her breast, hence she huffed. “I thought you will shout at me”
    “No, not anymore” She smiled a little bit.
    And the next thing I did was to kiss her again. Let me not use too much strong language, our first night went perfectly well and I could say Fatimah was the best of all women. I mean, I had slept with many women before but none of them tasted like Fatimah. Indeed my uncle was right, marital intimacy would forever be the best, he was absolutely right about it!
    May Allah forgive me for all my sins, Ameen.

    The following day, I was the last to get out of bed. Fatimah was perhaps in the bathroom, I could hear her washing something. I heaved a sigh and withdrew from the bed, just then I found out what I did to Fatimah; blood! I only smiled and then went to her in the bathroom.
    “Good morning” I greeted.
    “Morning” She sniffed, rinsing her nightwear.
    “Hmm, the blood is normal for a virg…” I said as she quickly cut in while lowering her gaze.
    “I know!” She said.
    She didn’t seemed okay, but I was sure it was normal. Even the pain I’d caused her in the night was enough to make her act that way.
    “If you are done, tell me so I can take my bath and pray in time okay?” I said and she nodded. “Good!” I pecked her and left the bathroom.
    Minutes later, she came out all wet and then told me she’s done. So I went to the bathroom and did my own. And when I came back, she had changed, prayed fajr, and had replaced the bedsheets already. Also, she had selected a cloth for me to wear which I humbly did. It was like I was a king, she went out and then brought breakfast for me. “Eat and gain more strength” She said and then went to the mirror to adorn herself. And what did she meant by …gain more strength? Lol, if I should gain more strength wouldn’t it be bad for her? 😂
    “Qudrah and the rest, are they gone?” I asked.
    “No, they are downstairs” She replied slowly.
    Wait a minute,
    Why is she acting weird?
    I should ask her!
    “Fatimah, is everything okay?” I asked.
    “Yes, what?” She turned looking at me.
    “Sorry, I thought I hurt you… you know” I said.
    “Ohh” She turned back at the mirror. “You see, the thing is I… I feel bad the fact that you had used that thing on… on many women before”
    Her words made me to drop my food.
    Thus, I withdrew from the bed and walked over to her. “Are you doubting my medical result?” I asked hugging her from the back.
    “No!” She stared me through the mirror. “If you don’t understand me just forget kawai”
    “Baby, I understand. And I am sorry” I said.
    And before I knew it, she broke into tears. I had to cuddle her, and Alhamdulillah since then she had never talked about that again.

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    I don’t understand this Fatimah, I thought she knew about Yusuf’s past before agreeing to marry him, why the attitude?

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    Chapter 59


    10 years later…

    “But mum she started it!” Abba said with his hand up about hitting his kid sister, Raliyah.
    They were four years apart.
    “Touch her and see my red eyes…” I warned him. I just didn’t know why he is aggressive.
    Abba was 9, Raliyah was 5.
    “Mum, why are you always siding her?” He complained, squeezing his mouth in anger.
    Hmm, he was really funny.
    “Men are not supposed to be beating women, or have you ever seen your dad beating me?” My words made him to sigh. “I’m asking you”
    “No, mum” He uttered in a whispering tone.
    “Good, that’s because it is not good!” I smiled, and then told them to off the tv and go to bed.
    “Goodnight, mum” They uttered respectively before going upstairs to their separate rooms.
    “Sweet dreams!” I had smiled at them.
    I was very proud to have them both.
    Abba resembled my father, but he was fair like his father. While Raliyah (Ummie) took almost all her things from Jasraa, also from Farzana but more beautiful due to her skin colour. Yes, she wasn’t fair and wasn’t dark too. She somehow took my complexion but was more light than me. God is really great.
    As for the baby inside me, I didn’t know the person it would resemble but I hoped that it shouldn’t resemble Munir. Infact none of my kids should! I truly disliked Munir more than words could ever say, though he had packed with his family to Lagos… now working with Bonny Petroleum of Nigeria (BPN) as a clerk.
    Wait a minute,
    Where is my husband? I looked around.
    I had been searching for him since.
    Could he be outside… in the compound?
    But it is night already, why outside then?
    Well, let me find out. I huffed.
    I was about heading out when he walked in gently with his face brimful with sadness. It seemed someone, probably our gateman had pissed him off. “Baban kids, what happened?” My words made him to heave a strange sigh.
    “It is Farzana” He said walking over to me.
    “Hmm, what did she said again?” I queried.
    “They are not even close to Minna” He said.
    Actually, Farzana was coming over. She had finished her secondary school in Jigawa and had now gotten admission into Zulu College, here in Minna. The same university both her father and I met each other some years back.
    “She should have taken the plane” He added.
    “Honey, don’t worry. She will be fine!” I said.
    “I pray so!” He said holding my bump. “How are my twins? Or should I even say triplets?”
    “They are fine” I smiled encircling my hands around his neck. “And so worried about you”
    “Really?” He took his hands off the bump and placed them on my butts. “What do they say?”
    “Hmm” I sighed looking into his eyes. “They said you shouldn’t worry about their sister”
    “And what again?” He kissed my forehead.
    “And that we should go to bed and…”
    “Have sex?” He cut me halfway.
    “No, just sleep” I pouted.
    “Impossible!” He squeezed my butts.
    “Okay… okay, they agreed. But only if you can carry us upstairs which I doubt so” I smirked.
    Verily, I had increased weight…
    Yes, due to my pregnancy.
    “Well, lets see…” He giggled and before I knew it, he had carried me up. Hence I screamed in fear lest I fall from his hands but he was very strong. Thus, he took me to our room and laid me onto our bed. “Prepare for world war 10 !”
    “I am ready for even 11” I said laughing hard.
    “Right?” He evilly wrinkled one of his brows.
    “Hmm, ka dai yi a hankali please” I implored.
    “Toh, shikenan” He smiled taking off his shirt.
    And the rest is history.
    The next day, as early as possible his phone began ringing. The phone woke us up. It was Farzana, and she had arrived… “Alright, I am coming” Yusuf said and then ended the call. I thought he would send our driver but he left the bed and began preparing. “Sai na dawo!” He pecked me just as he was done preparing.
    “Drive carefully, please” I said to him.
    “In Shaa Allah, my love” He said and left.

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