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    It’s been a day since I was discharged from the psychiatrist
    hospital at Yaba. And Nina has not called. My parents were
    ecstatic when I came out of the doctor’s office and told them
    that I had been discharged. They wasted no time in clearing
    whatever outstanding bills were left, thanked the doctor
    profusely and bundled me home like a long lost child. I didn’t
    blame them though. I hadn’t seen them in a year and the next
    thing they were hearing is I was crazy. And having the kind of
    gift that I do, I can imagine they were terribly worried. My
    mum keeps on hugging me from time to time, getting quite
    irritating. My dad is faring much better. I can tell he is happy
    by the way he nods at any suggestion my mum makes. Apart
    from that his expression has remained the same. He is more
    observant and has noticed that I am anxious about something
    and soon he figures out what it is.
    I’m lying down in my room trying to read a novel, ‘A mile in my
    shoes’. My mum is in the kitchen, having gone to the market
    previously. From the deliciously titillating aroma that emanates
    from there, I deduce she is making Egusi soup. I can hear her
    humming happily to herself and I sigh quietly. I can’t wait for
    them to leave. I have to find out about Nina. I have to know
    why she didn’t call, why she didn’t visit, if she is alright. I have
    thought of calling her many times but I don’t know what
    situation she is in and I don’t want to alert Mr A**** to the fact
    that I am back and very sane. Not yet. What if I call and he is
    with her at the time? Would he feel threatened and harm her in
    some way? What if that fiancée of hers has convinced her to
    take the pact? What if she has simply forgotten about me and
    decided I wasn’t worth being around anymore? Maybe she
    believed it that I was a hemp smoker, that everything I had said
    I was capable of was just because of the effects of the weed I
    was purported to have been smoking? My head was a
    spaghetti plate of confused thoughts and it was giving me a
    headache. I planned on secretly going to visit her yesterday,
    as soon as I was discharged but my mother wouldn’t hear of
    it. She didn’t care where I was going, she said. I needed rest,
    she said. My house was devoid of soup and stew, how had I
    been feeding, etcetera, etcetera. And my dad had nodded in
    agreement, not saying a word in my defense. Parents!
    The night before had been difficult, I kept tossing and turning,
    and when I finally went to sleep I was accosted by Chukwudi
    the stronger who wanted to know why I was so restless. It
    seemed like a dream but somehow I knew it wasn’t. I found
    myself explaining about Nina and my feelings for her. He
    laughed, or rather, giggled and asked if we had kissed yet. I
    told him yes and he said I should make sure to kiss her again
    now that he was awake to experience it. Pervert. Wait, he’s
    me, so…
    Anyway here I am this afternoon, the morning having been one
    long boring lecture by my mother on how to keep my
    immaculately clean house cleaner, how my fridge is devoid of
    soup, how to keep my wardrobe neat else I wouldn’t attract
    the right kind of girl, (a statement that had so many things
    wrong with it but I didn’t want to argue with her) and so on. I
    kept quiet and endured until she finally went off to the market.
    My father had stayed in the parlour all through, reading the
    newspaper when there was no light, watching CNN when there
    was, and didn’t say anything at all to me which left me to my
    tormenting thoughts until I decided to come to the room and
    have a quiet read.
    I heard a quiet knock on the door and I looked up from my
    novel. My dad was at the door, still holding his newspaper.
    “Can I come in? He asked, and then came in regardless. I
    shifted over to one edge of the bed while he sat down at the
    other end. We sat still in awkward silence for a few minutes
    and then:
    “Does she mean that much to you?”
    “Yes,” I said, “Yes she does.”
    He sighed. “We are not leaving until we are sure you are
    “I’m an adult. I can take care of myself” I replied a little rudely.
    “Sure you can,” countered my dad, “That’s why they called us
    to come and visit you in the psychiatric hospital.”
    I opened my mouth, and then shut it again. Some more
    minutes of silence.
    “You said the man was responsible for this? And you want to
    confront him again?”
    “Yes sir.”I replied.
    “What about the police?” he asked.
    “What about them? I said. “Do you want me to go to the
    station and tell them, ‘Come and arrest this man, he made me
    mad, he has evil spiritual guardians and wants to steal his only
    son’s wife destiny after paralyzing him in an accident’? No
    way sir.”
    “Don’t call me sir!” my dad said getting angry. “Are you crazy?
    Or you enjoyed the madness he dashed you so much that you
    want to experience
    it again?! And over a girl you have barely known for a year?
    “He insulted me, dad…” I said, getting angry myself.
    “That’s not you talking. That’s Chuks the stronger…”
    “I am Chuks the stronger!” I said, raising my voice.
    “You men should shout very loud o, let all the neighbors know
    our secret o!” came my mother’s voice from the kitchen.
    We kept quiet for a while. I lay back on the bed and closed my
    eyes. My dad sat still, looking at nothing in particular.
    “I forbid you to go.” My dad said.
    “Oh no you can’t sir!” I shouted getting up from the bed at
    once. My father looked up at me in surprise. I heard my
    mother sigh in exasperation and come out of the kitchen. A
    while later my sound speaker was on and blaring Anna
    Nalick’s “Breathe”, and then she was back into the kitchen. I
    tried to speak calmly.
    “Look dad, you don’t understand, I think maybe the reason I
    have this gift, this sight is because I’m supposed to help
    people, right? Well what if it’s because of her? What if the
    reason I have the sight is so I could meet this girl in this world
    and help her out? I don’t know why I feel so strongly but I
    really need to see her again. I need to know she is alright, that
    I didn’t let her down somehow. You should have seen her the
    day I told her I could see things! She believed me outright! The
    first person I have told outside of my family and she didn’t look
    at me like I was some sort of loon! She trusted e to come to
    her place and check out her fiancée and now that I know they
    have something sinister planned out for her you want me to
    just abandon her at her point of need? That’s not the son you
    raised. My conscience wouldn’t let me! She’s in trouble and
    even if I don’t get anything out of it, even if she doesn’t love
    me, I need to know I did everything in my power to help her!”
    “Chuks,” my father said
    “No wait! And as for that Mr A****, I honestly feel I can do
    better this time. Chuks the stronger taught me some things
    when we met. I feel he unleashed a lot of hidden potential in
    me. And I can feel his anger, his annoyance at being treated
    so lightly. I feel it myself. Nobody makes a fool out of chuks.
    Nobody makes an out of me! If it takes me using my bare
    hands I will make sure I strip him of whatever powers he
    “Chuks!” my father said standing
    “You can’t forbid me from doing anything for goodness sake! I
    am full grown adult-“
    “ Your book is on fire! ” he shouted pointing.
    I looked down at my hand. It was true; the novel I had been
    reading was smoking and smoldering. I gasped and dropped it
    and we both stamped on it until the flames died out. I looked
    at my hands. It was not burned. My father looked at my hands
    as well and then met my bewildered eyes.
    “Not a word to your mother. Not yet.”
    I nodded in agreement.
    “You really feel so strongly about this girl?” he asked.
    “Yes Dad, yes I do” I replied emphatically.
    My father shook his head sadly. “ I knew times like these
    would come. That’s why I tried to send you to a monastery
    when you were small, so you won’t have opportunity for such
    things eh?”
    I raised my eyebrows but said nothing.
    “Well, we can’t stay here to monitor you forever. If you are
    going to do anything it should be when we are around so we
    can get you out of trouble if necessary. Please don’t confront
    the man alone, go tomorrow in broad daylight and be back
    before sundown. If there is any problem call me or send me
    text or something, I’ll find a reason to come with the police.
    But if they are no longer around you’ll leave the matter to die
    naturally. You are not here to save the world.”
    “What about mum?” I asked
    “I’ll find something to tell her. That woman does like she
    doesn’t know what is going on but I tell you, nothing escapes
    her! My battle with her tomorrow is going to be as tough as
    yours so please save my life as well as your own and come
    back before sundown tomorrow, okay?”
    “Okay dad,” I said and suddenly hugged him. It was a bit
    awkward because we didn’t do that sort of thing. He grunted
    and backed out after a few seconds. It would have been more
    awkward if my mum hadn’t come in at that precise moment.
    “Akpu and Egusi with goat meat for lunch. Are you
    “Yes,” I said, quickly kicking the partially burnt novel under the
    bed. “Yes I am.”

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    I have never read such a nice story on this site….kudos to you willy

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    what next

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    expectin d next,great work william

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    I’m eager to read more. Nice write up.

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    Original Ann
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    Keep it rolling

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    dis is biafra war season 2……………. letz go dere jawe……. chucks

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