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    Α̲̅♍ seeing things OººOººh

    Α̲̅♍ highly dissapointed in U̶̲̥̅̊, dnt expect U̶̲̥̅̊ to bring dis @Mray matter here.

    U̶̲̥̅̊ a̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ doin a great job here, keep it up

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    ride on

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    wu d hel z mr a***

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    williams kaduna boi
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    2 episodes left myt be off-line for a while I’m rushing it

    The bike man took me to an old estate a few kilometers away.
    He chatted endlessly on the vices and virtues of women as we
    went along, arguing for and against why I should keep Nina as
    my girlfriend. I nodded automatically and “oh-ed” and “ah-ed”
    in the right places to make him think I was interested in the
    conversation and to keep him happy. When we finally arrived
    at the place I was laughing and grinning along with him like we
    were old friends. He seemed to appreciate the time spent and
    refused the fare I handed him. We had already stopped at a
    filling station earlier to fill up his tank so I felt his generosity
    was a little late but I didn’t point this out. He collected my
    number and said if I needed anything I should let him know.
    The estate was divided into two rows of buildings, one on the
    right and one on the left. He pointed to the third building on the
    left and smiled.
    “Na that one be her house. E be like say she dey stay there
    with her ‘Uncle’ o.” He stressed the word uncle mischievously
    and grinned. I thanked him and told him I’d be in touch and he
    nodded and rode off.
    Was this really the place? It seemed so quiet. There were no
    security guards at the entrance to the estate and I presumed
    the place would be protected by vigilantes at night. Some cars
    were parked outside the apartments but they were not many
    and given that the time was around noon, I supposed it was
    because people were still at work. There was an old tarred
    road that ran down the middle of the estate and all the
    apartments were fenced, some higher than the others and
    barricaded by huge gates. I cautiously approached the house
    the bike man had pointed out, wondering how I would react if
    Nina suddenly came out of the gate but nothing like that
    happened. On getting to the gate I hesitated for a moment
    then pushed the pedestrian gate a bit. It swung open with a
    slight creak and I was able to look inside. It was a fairly large
    apartment, painted yellow on the outside with green stripes at
    the base of the building. Some sordid looking plants served as
    meager representations of a once glorious hedge. There was
    no vehicle in sight and no noise coming from inside the house.
    I paused for a moment then took a stone and flung it against
    the door. It bounced off the protective bars of the front door
    with a clang and I waited patiently, listening for the sound of a
    guard dog or someone coming to the door. Nothing. Finally I
    took a deep breath and ventured inside.
    All the while I had been outside the compound I had sensed
    nothing, but the moment I entered I was assaulted by a variety
    of sensations. The walls of the building emanated strange
    vibrations that made me feel uncomfortable. There was an old
    dead looking broom that had been lying by the corner that I
    had seen before I entered but now I saw the old, dead looking
    broom had a gold chain attached to it. The chain was pointing
    straight upwards, defying gravity and waiting for an unlucky
    person to pick up the broom and start sweeping. I avoided it
    and moved towards the door where I heard a cacophony of
    noises from above. I looked up and sure enough, those Bat-
    like creatures I had seen the day I was abducted were
    hovering just above the roof with a few perched at odd angles
    in some places. They screeched when they saw me but made
    no move to attack. I ignored them as well and went to the front
    door where a sheet of white cold flame barricaded the inside
    from unwanted intruders. This place had charms all over it. I
    was sure I would see more when I moved inside. A flicker of
    fear crossed my mind but I (chuks the stronger) stifled it. I
    honestly believed there was nothing here that I could not
    handle. With that I passed my hand through the cold white
    flame and knocked on the door.
    The sound seemed to reverberate through the whole house and
    I waited for a while for the echoes to die down. I knocked
    again and received no answer. I felt around the protector and
    saw that there was a padlock which had been put in place but
    not locked. I turned and removed the padlock, opened the
    protector and then twisted the door knob. The door swung
    This was it. Anything else I did right now would be regarded as
    breaking and entering by the law. I paused again only for a
    second before walking through the door. Normally this is
    where a thief would have stopped. The white flame would have
    prevented him from opening the door and even if he somehow
    succeeded the broom would have called to him and he would
    have had no choice but to answer that call. As soon as he got
    to the broom the gold chain would wrap around his wrist. The
    thief would have swept that compound till the owner came
    back. However I entered unharmed and instead when I turned
    back I saw that the white flame had disappeared and the gold
    chain attached to the broom now lay lifeless on the floor. I
    entered into a short and narrow corridor that led into the parlor.
    The whole house seemed empty, there were some pieces of
    furniture around but they were mostly old and outdated stuff.
    The television that rested on a stand must have been about
    twenty years old and the floor was cemented with an archaic
    rug at the centre. All in all, a shabby old place. Two windows
    provided ventilation to this room and without thinking I went
    over and opened them. At least while I was here, let small
    fresh air enter the place.
    I entered into another room, a bedroom filled with better luxury
    items unlike in the parlor. Obviously whoever lived here stayed
    in this room most of the time. The room had a singular foam
    mattress which was placed on the floor. Around it, books and
    magazines littered the place and there was a mirror with a
    small shelf for placing accessories. I left that room and went
    on to the next door which opened into the kitchen. The dirty
    pots and pans in the sink coupled with fungus growing on the
    chopping board indicated a person with poor hygienic taste.
    There were some tubers of yam and potatoes on the floor and
    a small working fridge with fruits and sachets of drinking water
    inside. The walls of the kitchen had been blackened by years
    of cooking with a kerosene stove. It gave off the feeling of a
    makeshift place for me. Whoever was staying here wasn’t
    planning on staying long.
    So far I had not encountered anything out of the ordinary since
    I stepped into the house, much to my surprise. Whatever
    paranormal activity that was in the vicinity seemed to be
    outside the house. I had just made up my mind that the house
    was totally empty and was about leaving when I heard a slight
    cough. I stiffened and held my breath. I heard it again, more
    like someone clearing their throat this time. I looked cautiously
    around the corridor to see if I had missed a door. Sure enough,
    there were three other doors at the end of the corridor. I had
    not spotted them at first because a large clothes hanger had
    been placed across the corridor, making it look like the
    corridor had ended midway. I gently placed the clothes hanger
    sideways and moved down towards the three doors. Two of
    them were obviously the toilet and bathroom; they had
    symbols indicating this on their pedestals. The third appeared
    to be a store room and it was here the coughing had emanated
    from. As I got closer I noticed a glowing light from under the
    door, coming from inside the room. The person coughed
    again. It was a dry, throaty cough, like someone in need of
    medical attention. I tried peeking through the keyhole to see
    who was there but try as I might I couldn’t get the person in
    my line of vision. I tried my best to pick out anything at all that
    could clue me in on what was happening in the room, what
    was giving off that faint light, and finally I saw it.
    Lying at the far end of the room, pulsating in its own
    effervescent light, was a single white feather. A feather so
    large it could have only come from one place. I closed my
    eyes and braced myself for a showdown. And then I pushed
    hard on the lock. It opened easily enough, it wasn’t locked
    either, and I almost fell as I rushed in.
    Sitting on a chair, looking thin and sickly was Nina. Her wings
    still shone as bright as the day I saw her but now the gold
    chain binding them was emanating a bright red fiery glow. And
    even though from what I could see it appeared to be causing
    her great pain, her features were blank, expressionless. She
    barely blinked when I rushed towards her and held her in my
    arms. Her body was cold and clammy, as if she hadn’t been
    out in the sun for a while.
    “Nina! Nina!!” what’s the matter? Say something!” I shouted
    but she remained mute. I looked around to see if she had been
    bound somehow to
    the chair but I couldn’t see any restraints. I lifted her up from
    the chair but then she made the first voluntary movement
    since I had met her in this condition. She forcefully sat back
    down again. I carried her up and she struggled away from me
    and sat down again. And then I saw what the problem was. A
    thin stringy substance like steel cobwebs was attached to her
    head and some of then ran down her head to the chair. She
    had been hypnotized. I had seen it on some other people when
    I was younger. Someone else was in control of her thoughts
    and didn’t want her to get up from that chair either till he
    returned or he gave the order for her to do something else. I
    went behind the chair and saw the intricate network of wires
    and I closed my eyes. How would I get her out of this? What
    did I have to do?
    “You can see them can’t you? Then remove them! Don’t think too
    much.” said chuks the stronger.
    I waved my hands over the steel webs and they burnt away as
    soon as they made contact with my skin. I continued until I
    had burnt away every last string. Then I carried Nina up. This
    time she remained in my arms.
    I carried her out of the store and into the other more
    comfortable room and lay her down on the bed. she appeared
    to have regained consciousness and was crying. I told her
    everything would be alright and rushed to the kitchen to get
    some water. I found a clean bowl and fetched some water into
    it from the tap. I also looked in the fridge and took a sachet of
    water for drinking and rushed back to the room with Nina in it.
    She had sat up in bed now and was looking at me bewildered. I
    gave her the water to wash her face and the sachet water to
    She did this and soon enough was looking more relaxed. She
    held my hand as if I would suddenly bolt from the place and
    leave her alone again. I assured her that we were alone and
    that nobody was around at the moment.
    “But what happened?” she asked, “Weren’t you at the
    psychiatric hospital?”
    I explained the whole story to her, how I had been abducted by
    her father in law, how he had set me up to appear mad and
    thus my incarceration in the hospital, and how I had finally
    freed myself from his creature.
    She listened wide eyed and trembled occasionally. Obviously
    she had been through some experiences of her own and I
    asked her what she was doing here.
    “I don’t know chuks, really!” She said, still looking bewildered.
    “The last thing I remember was coming back to your
    apartment to bring your clothes for you. I got to the hospital
    and my father- in- law took the clothes and told me to wait in
    the car. I said, no I wanted to see how you were doing. The
    rest was like a dream. Like I wasn’t myself. I’ve been
    dreaming a lot lately, but the most scary is that once in a while
    it is as if I wake up and my father- in- law is there, asking me,
    almost pleading with me to do something, something that I
    can’t remember right now. And each time I refuse. Then he
    takes me to a small room, that small room we were in, and I
    sit there for hours and hours! Wait…did I quit my job, or was
    that a dream as well?
    I told her she had been hypnotized and yes she had quit her
    job but that could all be sorted out once we escaped from this
    place. Right now I felt we were in the belly of the beast, this
    was Mr A****’s hideout, where he came to do his shady deals
    while in lagos. We needed to leave here as soon as possible.
    She agreed and I stood her up from the bed.
    “One thing,” I said, “Why do you keep calling him father- in-
    law? Have you agreed to marry his son now?”
    She shuddered. “Are you crazy? After all this? Never! It’s just
    force of habit I guess. I have never been comfortable calling
    him M r A****.”
    “Okay then, just to be sure.” I said although my heart had
    missed a few beats just then
    She eyed me mischievously. “What, you wouldn’t have come
    to save me if I had agreed to marry his son?”
    “What? No!!! I mean Yes, of course I would have come to save
    you even if you…”
    She kissed me then, a sudden, full mouthed kiss that left me
    breathless. I now understood why American movies depicted
    kissing in the direst of situations. Even now, as we faced
    unknown danger, that kiss drew us away from our
    predicament and into a wondrous sphere of peace and calm.
    Stars exploded in my head, imaginary stars, not spiritual, and I
    could sense chuks the stronger savoring the kiss as well.
    When she finally let me go it took all my willpower not to drag
    her back in my arms for another one.
    “I was just teasing you, you know.” she said smiling, “I knew
    you would come to rescue me. Let’s go.” And she went ahead
    of me.
    I savored the kiss a little while longer and made to go when I
    felt a gentle tug in my mind. I held my hand to my mouth and
    pretended to be
    coughing. “What is it?” I whispered under my breath.
    This girl…that kiss…wow. This girl is something else, said chuks
    the stronger.
    “Now? Really? You want to analyze a kiss now?” I thought
    “The taste of her, the aroma of her breath, the softness of her skin,
    even her spirit went into that kiss.”
    I moved forward and tried to ignore chuks commentary in my
    brain. This was not the time to be behaving like a schoolboy
    having his first kiss.
    We were through the corridor and were almost out the door
    when I heard the sound of a vehicle approaching. We both
    froze at the door, hoping the car would pas but it didn’t. it
    remained purring at the front gate and then somebody came
    down and opened the gate from the outside. We ran back
    inside and watched from the windows as the car drove in. It
    parked across the front door and the driver went back to close
    the gate. We waited in anticipated breath, hoping he was
    alone, maybe he came to collect something but we were
    having no such luck. The driver went to the back of the car and
    opened the doors and out stepped Mr A*****. Nina let out a
    small scream and I closed her mouth with my hands and led
    her to the kitchen. We hid behind the kitchen door with the
    hope that when he entered and went to check on her we would
    be able to make our escape. We heard the parlor door open
    and Mr A****’s calm voice, telling the driver he could go. He
    obviously handed him something of value because the driver
    started to thank him profusely and finally we heard the car
    come to life again and drive out of the compound. Mr A***
    seemed to settle down in the parlor and for a while everything
    was silent.
    Nina’s body trembled beside mine as we stayed behind the
    kitchen door, waiting for a chance, for him to make a move.
    After about what seemed like an eternity although in reality it
    couldn’t have been more than ten minutes, we heard Mr A****
    yawn and say to himself, “I’m tired of all this.” There was a
    little more silence then he shouted.
    “Mr Chukwudi, will you please stop hiding and come out where
    I can see you!”
    Nina almost fainted. I felt her knees buckle and held her up as
    she trebled even more uncontrollably. We were still silent then
    I heard his voice again:
    “Surely you remember what I told you before about my pet
    bats, or wasn’t that what you called them? They are my
    lookouts, my sentries. I have been alerted of your visit ever
    since you entered this compound. Please come out.”
    In my mind I felt Chukwudi the stronger giggle. “That’s more
    like it. Let’s have this over and done with!” Then he became
    quiet again. I stood up and decided I might as well come out,
    but Nina could stay behind, he had no way of knowing I had
    freed her from his spell. If he did I would find out soon
    enough. I motioned for her to stay hidden and came out. Tears
    were streaming down her eyes and she looked terrified. I
    smiled at her and whispered there was nothing to worry about,
    we’d be fine and then I walked out of the kitchen into the
    corridor. As I approached I felt Chuks the stronger in my mind
    pushing, straining to say something. I stopped.
    “What is it?” I asked.
    “The girl…that kiss”
    “Honestly Chuks, now is not the time! We are about to face Mr
    A***! The one who put us in a psychiatric hospital! Goodness
    knows what
    arsenal he has at his disposal and you are here going gaga
    over a kiss!”
    “Well, yes.” Chukwudi the stronger said. I could feel him
    becoming uncomfortable, like he was about to admit
    something that was very unpalatable to him.
    “ What is it?! ” I asked out loud.
    “Good, you finally decided to show, Chukwudi.” Mr A**** said.
    “Come out, come out, I won’t hurt you”
    “Are you happy now? He has heard us!” I said angrily.
    “You were going to meet him before anyway, weren’t you?”
    Chuks said. “Relax. Besides, from what I have seen I don’t
    think he is the one you
    should be worrying about.”
    I stopped short.
    “What do you mean?”
    “Well, I’ve been trying to tell you…” he said with a jovial voice,
    “The kiss… the girl we left in the kitchen. She is stronger than
    both of you.”

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    Next plzzz

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    Stronger than both of them???? Next plz

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    Welldone@williams,we kw u r doing well 4 us,just leave does ill talk pple

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    Hmmmmm dis really serious o

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