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    Pedro vibezPedro vibez
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    This was a story I picked up on my first account on coolval which had some problems. Now I wish to complete it hope you enjoy it

    Episode 1
    I was sitting down in class trying to solve some
    questions from my MAN mathematics ss2. Suddenly
    my classmate and best friend in school suddenly
    rushed from outside to meet me, his name was Joshua
    Josh for short.
    Before I continue you should know my name is Okeke
    Pure, popularly known as presh, the only child of Mr
    and mrs okeke the creme day la creme of the
    community, my father was a business morgue and a millionaire who is approaching billionaire. I’m sixteen approaching seventeen, but
    perhaps taller than my age. I’m fair in complexion
    courtesy of my fair mother, and also with pink lips
    girls die for (wink), plus my curly dark hairs.
    Back to the present.
    Josh :Presh, come, come Nkechi in SS1 and Peace
    your gf dey quarrel seriously for cafeteria.
    I quickly rushed to him and held his mouth before
    other people mostly girls who refused to go out for
    break should hear.
    Me :Guy sofri talk na, you know say I dey eye that girl
    Deborah wey dey for back seat.
    Josh :But that one too mature for you na.
    Me:Forget that one, so tell me what do you mean by
    Nkechi and Peace quarreling.
    Josh :Na serious tin o dey fit start exchange blow self,
    the only thing I know be say na because of you they
    dey quarrel.
    Me:Because of me?
    Josh :Jamb question, you better follow me before e
    pass like this.
    I quickly stood up and we ran towards the cafeteria.

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    Links To Available Episodes
    Scroll Down For Episode 2

    Episode 3-4

    Episode 5-7

    Episode 8-9

    Episode 10-11

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    ride on

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    Ride on

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Nice start….
    Ride on!!!

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    Ride on

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    Pedro vibezPedro vibez
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    Episode 2
    When we got to the cafeteria, the two girls were still at
    it, quarreling seriously with other people watching
    thank God no teacher was in site. It got to the point
    where Peace wanted to give her a hot slap, I had to
    step in and held her hand. She started ranting that I
    was siding against her because of that small girl(mind
    you she is not small in any way, her front yard be like a
    well cultivated farmland that brings out bountiful
    harvest, don’t mind me Jo).
    Me:Josh abeg lead Peace out
    Pear;Lead me where, leave me let me finish this b—h.
    (You know normal women ranting, but even at that my
    macho friend use him strength drag am commit.
    Then I finally faced the so called girl called Nkechi.
    Me :What’s the problem?
    (omo this girl no answer she only hissed and tried
    walking out, I just reason the kind shame wey go wash
    me if she just waka commot like that, so dragged her
    back by her right hand)
    Josh :Answer my question?
    ( The next thing she did shocked me, she suddenly
    burst into tears, I was perplexed but as a gentleman I
    took out my white handkerchief from my pocket and
    tried wiping her face with it. she took the handkerchief
    from me and ran away. Hope she no won steal am that
    thing na 1000 naira o.)
    Finally I made my way back to class and met my gf
    still fuming. as soon as she saw me, she ran towards
    me and asked me a question I considered stupid.
    Peace :What’s going on between you and that b—h
    called Nkechi.
    (all the people in class at time now focused on us,
    with stupid friend sitting and laughing. Before I
    answered I looked around to see whether Deborah was
    in class, cause I don’t want to disgrace myself before.
    coast is clear she wasn’t in class).
    Me:Nothing (well, it was the truth I don’t even know
    this Nkechi until that day)
    Peace :You are lying, I have proof that guys have
    something going on.
    I was now beginning to lose my patience.
    Me:What proof?. (she started bringing out something
    from the side pocket of her skirt, it was——-
    what was it?

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