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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    What was it na? Na u sabi oo!!!

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    Pedro vibezPedro vibez
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    Episode 3
    She brought out a piece of paper and gave it to me, I
    quickly glanced through it. It was a love letter which
    nkechi wrote to me, but how did it get to peace hand.
    me:Where did you get this?
    Peace :From your bag, you cheater.
    (ok,I may have cheated before with other girls , but
    this time she was accusing me falsely and am not
    going to take it)
    me:You were going through my bag right? ok, for your
    information I’m not a cheater and I’ve never seen this
    letter in my life before.
    Peace :I don’t believe you.
    Me:If you don’t believe me then am going to prove you
    wrong after school closes, and after proving you wrong
    this relationship is over cause I can’t have a gf who
    doesn’t trust me.
    (Immediately I said that I walked to my seat, took my
    headphone and started playing music with it. It was
    the only thing that calms me down whenever am upset
    or angry. Peace just stood there and stared at me, i
    knew my last words pained her cause I could sense
    fear and guilt in her eyes.
    Finally the closing bell was rang, I didn’t even pay
    attention to Josh who was trying to tell me something.
    I took my bag and went over to Peace seat and told
    her to follow me.
    Peace :What for?
    Me:To prove you wrong
    Peace :Let’s just forget about it and move on
    ( hell no I wasn’t going to allow that, is not as if I can’t
    forgive but the truth is have actually gotten tired of
    Peace. I need more fresh pussies and she seems like a
    barrier to that dream, now an opportunity has
    presented itself and I shouldn’t take it)
    me: we are not forgetting anything o(I forcefully
    dragged her by the hand and went to school small field
    where one can see any student going to the school
    gate.Finally nkechi was passing she seems dull)
    me:Peace I want you to wait at the back of the school
    Peace:what am I going to do there.
    Me:You won’t do anything but just wait there (with
    that she went over to the school hall and I started
    moving towards nkechi).
    what is my plan.

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Plan??? We just dey watch u sha!!!

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    haha nobody call me but i come anywhere *sad*

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    Pedro vibezPedro vibez
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    Episode 4
    me: Nkechi!, Nkechi!! (I called out to her as I got close
    to her, but she pretended not to hear me. Anyway sha
    nothing spoil, I ran over, overtook her and stood at her
    front, this forced her to stop as well)
    Nkechi :What do you want?
    me :for us to talk?
    Nkechi :why?, so that you can now insult me as your
    gf already did.
    me:Not at all.
    Nkechi :Then what do you want to say?
    me:I think here is a bit crowded.
    Nkechi :Whatever you want to tell me, say it here.
    (this girl won prove difficult, but I get way to bend her)
    Me :If you ever had any feelings for me I think you
    should grant me this one favor.
    (as I said that she became weak)
    Nkechi :ok where do you want us to go?
    me:Follow me.
    (I led her to the school hall, getting close to it I sighted
    Peace spying us from the left hand side windows at
    the back of the hall. l led Nkechi inside the hall and we
    walked to the end part of the hall precisely at the left
    hand side windows where I know peace can hear us.
    well now my plan or interrogation shall begin)

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