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    Okay oh…next

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    So u will do all dis with her n den decide to dump her abi? Don’t forget karma no sleep oo!!!

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    Pedro vibezPedro vibez
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    Episode 8
    Peace was lying on my body naked when I woke up
    from our post sex sleep. I quietly left the bed, had a
    shower and put on my clothes. Then I wrote something
    on a piece of paper and left it for her on the bed. The
    note says:I hope you enjoyed yourself, but know my
    decision still stands we are no longer together.
    That was too harsh and it will make her feel bad, but
    surely it will do the magic. I headed down outside the
    compound planning to go out into the neighborhood
    and clear my head. As I was leaving the gateman
    called me, his name was Garuba a Hausa man, he
    should be in his mid thirties. We relate very well.
    Garuba :How far guy, you dey comot?
    Me:Yes o, I won go see front small.
    Garuba :Wat of the yarinya wey find you come.
    Me :She go comot very soon, she dey sleep.
    Garuba :I trust say you service am walla, bad boy!!.
    Me :I no bad reach you na, abet we go see later.
    Garuba :OK, find something for your guy if you dey
    come back.
    Me :no p.
    I left the house and went strolling down our street, it
    wasn’t too busy since almost all the houses in my area
    was fenced, you know as ajebo people area dey be. I
    was walking gently down the street, thinking about
    how to scope girls for school now as Peace don comot
    kpatakpata. My thought went to Nkechi,my admirer,
    then to Deborah the big girl in my class. Deborah was
    far more matured than any of us in my class, One may
    think it that perhaps she was a dullard that’s why we
    all were in the same class, but reverse is the case
    Deborah was kind of intelligent.
    I was still on this line of thought when I saw a beautiful
    fair creature coming out from one of the compounds
    ahead, she was on a red polo and tight white leggings.
    As soon as I saw her Flavour music :baby your black is
    beautiful came into my head.
    I remixed it saying :baby your white is beautiful.
    Her destination was going my way but she was ahead
    of me, I could see her ukwu shaking as she was
    walking. I quickly started walking faster until I was in
    same pace with her, in fact walking right beside her.
    I didn’t make any move, I wanted her to first feel my
    presence and get distracted, I had a glimpse of her
    breast and it was above average to my own personal
    I pretentiously acted as if I hit my leg and bend low
    groaning, she rushed towards me and asked, her name
    was amaka an Igbo girl.
    Amaka :Are you ok? ( heavens, her voice was angelic)
    Me :Yeah, I guess is worth the pain to walk beside an
    angel like you (she smiled at my words, Immediately I
    started floating in an ocean of joy, I feel like shouting
    to the whole world,:this smile on this beautiful face is
    because of me.).

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Hmmmmm dis guy!!!

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    Ride on…

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    Carry on

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    Pedro vibezPedro vibez
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    Episode 9
    She got up and started leaving, making me wonder if I
    said something wrong. Well I wasn’t giving up easily, I
    continued following her, but she acted as if she didn’t
    notice. For my mind I being dey think say wetin dey
    worry this one, no be person wey just smile give me
    be this one.
    She suddenly turned and entered a big supermarket
    beside the street, I followed suite even if I have no
    intention of buying anything. She was just inside there
    some stuff, while I kept gallivanting around the
    supermarket. It occurred to me that Garuba wanted me
    to buy something when coming back. I decided to buy
    some cookies at least to throw away suspicion.
    She finished buying paid and took the products in a
    cellophane and started going, I also packaged my
    cookie and followed her again. Call it foolishness, but
    this girl was just too beautiful. She got to her house
    gate, but I didn’t allow her to go easily, I rushed and
    blocked her.
    Me:wait a minute, at least tell me your name?
    Amaka:I don’t have a name.
    Me:If you don’t have a name then I will give you one.
    Amaka :And what will that be?
    Me:Angel, I will call you angel from now henceforth.
    Amaka :ok o, can I go in now?
    Me :ok, see you later then.
    Amaka :And who says we will see again.
    Me :Time will tell.
    I left her there and walked home with no doubt on my
    mind that we will see again. I got home handed over
    the cookie to Garuba, I didn’t bother to reply his thank
    you, I was all smiles even tthe letter I saw written by
    Peace didn’t remove my smile. The letter was filled
    with threats of revenge on me, well I don’t give a d–n
    the future looks bright, isn’t it

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    Next pls

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