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    A year later,crime,crisis,human killing,and different forces has over shadowed the earth afflicting pain on their felloe human,
    John Cater award winning artist,leader of the cooljo force (immortal force),killer of innocent souls,pain giver
    lived inside my room causing harm to the poeple
    one dark night,where i was buried an inccident occoured,i the dead Matthew Steward came out of the grave yard destroying the whole area
    my body has taken a new form from before,i have seen death and now am not scared of it
    i have being called to put an end to dark forces blending with human
    i bounced from the ground to a city club,it shock the whole area
    i entered the club and met a guy called Sadike it qas a nickname given to him by his friends
    “goodday sir,where am i ?”
    chuckled,”you are in mexico,men”
    “thank you”
    i was about leaving when he called me back
    “lets have some conversation man,whats your occupation”
    “i am Matthew a wrapper”
    “nice so where do you stay ”
    i don’t have a hime i was robbed”

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    “so would you stay with me?”
    i followed Sadike home and that was how we became friends
    i began to get use of most of my powers that i pratice when Sadike is not around
    i got big contract from most of Sadike friends to wrapp for them in their songs
    A month later,i was already used to the human world
    a popular wrapper,i do not sing on stage i do wrapp for poeple
    i was in my room when i saw a lady being chased by some group of poeple
    i closed my eyes using my Telephaty powers which is also called sixth sense to see what was going on,i could hear the communication between the groups they are no ordinary poeple
    just then i imaguned my self in a dark custom to mask myself so no one will get to recognise me.
    with my manipulating power,i manipulated the mind of the group making them loose consetration,i used my imaginative powers to cause a big d--n hole which they fell into that led them to a outer space
    it was fun for me
    i made a big fire surrounding the group
    that was my manifestation powers

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    to imagine things and make them real
    i bounced towards them,unknown to me this guys are no ordinary human they are the warriors of the cooljo force the mysterious John Cater the killer
    one person from the group stepoed forward to confront me
    “hey you,how dare you play with our minds,we will end you”
    “no way,before you get to the lady you have to go through me”
    i bounced hope hitting the ground causing an earth quake,this group were stronger than i thought they flew up using their powers to turn into one very big and huge beast
    they held me with one hand
    police has gotten the lady into safe hands
    cameras were on me and the beast
    the whole human has gathered,watching us
    the beast is so strong that it twisted my bones and threw me to the ground
    i was rendered weak,i felt pain all over my body but not in a seconds did it lasted
    i felt my body coming back together
    earlier i was weak but now i was okay this is my accelerated healing factor
    this beast go know ideal of who i am
    i am the imaginery

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    with my manipulating power i manipulated the beast in thinking i was more than one,i became five in its sight
    i transformed the weather causing it to rain i imagined controling the lightenings then i formed it into many wires trapping the beast
    this beast was strong
    it loosed free
    the beast was about to brush me to the ground,then i used my super human strenght to give it a big resounding blow it flew to the cliff
    then fallen back to the ground,i bounced up using my strength to smash its head which made the beast fell down dead
    i was about giving it one more blow before it changed to arches
    i flew high to the sky transforming the weather to normal
    then i came down about to be questiond from yhe police and news broadcasters
    i controled their minds and left home
    they were upset because they thought i flew into the sky
    when i got home Sadike wasn’t home just as i was about changing to myself he berged in narrating all inccidents
    “you missed the super hero who came to our rescue”
    “wow i was sleeping”

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    “i got a job this night” i told him
    then i looked at the mirror to see me standing there
    i can see the imaginery
    THE END…

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