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    In love with the housegirl

    Episode 1

    “Welcome, Jade, this is where you will be living” mrs. Ola welcomed me to the new house. I held my Ghana must go sack in my hand and stared at the living room for almost 2 minutes. It was like nothing I had seen before. There were 4 black beautiful and comfortable chairs with a table at the center. There was also a table near to the wall with a very large tv set. The floor was tiled and there was a staircase that led upstairs.

    “Come let me show you to your room” Mrs Ola interrupted my survey as she moved outside. I followed. Mrs. Ola had been married for 3 years but they were childless. I couldn’t fathom the fact that her husband hadn’t consumed the beauty I saw moving in front of me. Mrs. Ola was fair, of average height and stunningly beautiful with large hips. Her figure was like that of a calabash. She led me to my room next to the gate.

    “This is where you will be sleeping. Better behave yourself, am I clear? She asked, looking at me in a strange way.
    “y-yes ma” I stammered. She left the room, stood at the door and gave me a short glance before walking away.
    I wondered to myself why she would look at me like that. I quickly waved the thoughts away. I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, lost in thoughts. I had come to the city to make money and take care of myself and my family in the village. I also had plans on enrolling into the university in the future. I was determined to make it. I planned on staying away from anything that would disturb my job or tamper with my loyalty to Mrs. Ola and her husband.

    “Food is ready” A feminine voice said. I jumped from my bed, suprised at how someone would enter without knocking. I lifted my head and saw a brown skinned beauty. She was of average height, and her hair was unkempt. But she was one of the most beautiful ladies I had seen….

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    In luv with the housegirl
    Episode 2

    “how can you just badge into my room like this? What if I was naked?” I asked, trying to be real.
    “Am so sorry” she said in a subtle soft voice.
    “It’s fine. Just drop the food over there” I told her, pointing at an old wooden table at the corner of the room. She dropped the table and was about to leave when I called her attention
    “Hey…am Jade, the new gateman. What is your name?

    “Am Anne, hope you enjoy the meal”. She said as she rushed out, not giving room for further conversation. I watched her walk into the mansion. I felt terribly bad. Why did I yell at her? Omo see as I take ruin things. This girl fine oh. I done hit jackpot. I waved the thoughts away and moved to the table where she kept the food. It was rice and stew. I devoured the food like a hungry lion. I finished, parked the plates on the table and decided to unpack my stuff. I neatly parked my clothes on the old dusty wardrobe when I heard a car horn. I guessed it must be Mrs. Ola’s husband. I opened the gates and he drove in. Mrs Ola’s husband was a short and fat man with no neck and a pot belly. I know no one was created ugly but Mrs Ola’s husband was somehow. Calling him ugly would sound rude.

    “So you are the guy my wife told me about”? He asked
    “Yes sir, I am” I answered, bending my head toward the ground.
    “You’re welcome to my house. Behave yourself and we won’t have any troubles”
    “Yes sir”, I answered. He nodded and walked into his mansion. I closed the gate and retired into my room.

    It was about 6:00pm. I lay on my Matress and stared at the ceiling when I heard a knock on my door. I rushed and opened, knowing it was Anne the house help.

    “I came to collect the plates. And sorry about I acted earlier. She apologized
    “It’s okay, and I enjoyed the food” I said, bringing out my best smile.
    “Thanks, she responded as she carried the plates out. I watched her carry the plates into the mansion. But I noticed she was nervous and couldn’t look me in the eyes

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    Next please

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    Next pls

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    Wetin dey ur eyes wey she wan look

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    next pls @valentine tag me

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