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    In lv with the housegirl
    Episode 3

    “Jade, come and open this gate” Mr. John Ola thundered from outside, interrupting my sleep.. I jumped out of my bed and opened the gates.
    “Oga have a nice day ohh” I waved at his car as he sped off. I returned to my room to put on my shirt as I was used to sleeping shirtless. I heard a knock on my door…

    “Come in” I echoed
    “Jade, good morning” Anne said, presenting to me a tray. In it was a cup of tea and soft milk bread. Her beauty seemed to be increasing by the day. My heart melted, as I stammered..
    “good morning Anne. Thanks alot. Please, just drop it right there” I said, pointing at the table.
    “Jade, I’ve been wondering, you’re new here and I haven’t shown you around. D-do you mind?” She asked, holding her left hand with her right hand, and her head bent to the floor. Her words hit me like a lightening bolt. My heart throbbed in joy and sweetness.

    “Oh, that’s so good of you, Anne. I don’t mind. I will join you soon.
    “Okay” she said and took her leave.
    I had dreamt about her the previous night. My heartbeat increased each time I thought about her. There was something special about Anne but I just couldn’t place my finger on it. I had met a lot of girls back in the village but I had never felt the way I was feeling. I quickly rushed to the window and saw her walk into the mansion.
    “Jaaaade!” A voice called from the living room. I could tell it was Mrs. Ola. I quickly wore my slippers and rushed.

    “Yes ma” I answered as I arrived the living room.
    “Don’t call me ma. Call me Ola”. she said as she turned and glanced at me…
    I was surprised, I couldn’t fathom why she would ask me not to call her ma.
    “Now, Jade, I want you to listen carefully. Behave yourself and your stay in this house will be comfortable. One step out of line and I will make you wish you weren’t born…

    “That would be all. You can leave” she said as she turned and continued watching TV.
    Without a word I took my leave. Anna was waiting outside….

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    In love with the housegirl
    Episode 4

    Anne showed me around the compound. She increasingly felt at ease around me unlike before.
    “That of ours, is he okay? He never seem to smile. Seems he is always angry. I mean, what’s his problem?” I asked Anna as we toured the compound.

    “Mr. John is a difficult person. He hardly smiles or laughs even with his wife. He has been like this ever since his wife had a miscarriage. That was 2 years ago” Anna narrated
    I kind of felt sad for Mrs. Ola. No wonder she is being so bossy with me.
    “Mrs. Ola can go extremes just to get what she wants. 2 months ago she locked up her husband in their room and insisted he gives her 1 million naira. Not even neighbors could stop her.” Anna added.

    “I really have to get used to such an environment where everyone is difficult” I said, surveying the carved grass hips.
    “Mm come on, not everyone” she said, this time giving me a short glance.
    “I have to go now, there are some chores that need to be done inside. I will bring your supper when it’s ready” Anne said.
    “Thank you for the tour. Am grateful” I responded.
    “See you later” she said and rushed into the house.

    Few weeks on, I was loving the new environment and Anne. Deep within me, I loved her. I had no idea of how she felt about me.
    “Jaaade! Mrs. Ola called from the living room one evening as I sat at my duty post, dusting my shoes.
    “Yes ma” I answered immediately I arrived the living room.
    “Here is your salary” she said as she put 3 bundles of money on the table. It was 35,000 naira.
    “Thank you ma…sorry…Ola” I said and picked up the money.

    “There’s something I want you to help me with this evening. Meet me in my room upstairs” Mrs. Ola said as she continued watching TV. I nodded and left.

    I came back around 8:00pm as instructed. But she wasn’t in the living room. I went upstairs to check for her. But I heard strange moans coming from her room. I tiptoed to her door and peeped through a small opening. My eyes could not believe what I saw!

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    Bãd bøy
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    Ur madan dey m--------e, e shock u….. Nxt episode

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    Next,hmmm becareful

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    The woman is servicing her self and need need you to help her with some oil.

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    Next episode

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    Itz Reindy
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    Self lubrication

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