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    Forced to spend two weeks with a monster like Emeliano Alfredo, Innocent and determined Rebecca Lewis’s life, changed for the worse.
    Traveling back to the town where she was born, Rebecca Lewis had a toe to toe argument with the most ruthless bastard in town, little did she know that her not so clever act would put her in danger. ______
    14 days. One mansion. One bed. One innocent woman. One not so innocent man. What could go wrong?

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    Wunmi Ade
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    Welcome. Hope you enjoy this book.
    You may continue…
    {Rebecca’s pov}
    “Thank you.”
    I said to the man who helped me lay my suitcase In the boot of the taxi that was supposed to take me to my father’s estate.
    Settled inside the taxi, I took off my glasses as it began to move, I actually wanted to see everything at the same time, I haven’t been to Orlando since I was five, and everything here had changed from how I remembered it.
    I came back for my sister’s wedding, and once it was done, I’d have to fly back to New York city because of my restaurant business.
    I haven’t seen anywhere yet but I was beginning to miss the place already.
    “You don’t look like you’re from around here?” The taxi driver asked, glancing at me from his mirror.
    I gave a small smile. “I actually am, but I don’t stay around.”
    “Oh, Orlando’s a beautiful place.” The taxi driver smiled.
    “I can see that.” I returned the smile politely.
    I looked through the window and indeed, Orlando was a very beautiful place, it also looked busy, I wonder if my father’s estate has changed- how will he react when he sees me?
    Worry clouded my cheerful face. My Dad and I weren’t exactly the best of buddies.
    Sixteen years ago, my Mom and Dad went through a heartbreaking divorce and my dad begged me to stay with him and my sister, but I couldn’t leave my mom at a time like that, so I decided to stay with my mom.
    Mom was heart broken for some time, but soon she got over it but she never dated, she and I managed the restaurant business, I tried to convince her to come with me but she said and I quote. “Someone’s got to manage the business.
    You go, give April my best wishes.” I knew my mom was scared that April wouldn’t want her there but I was quite sure that April would be glad to have four of us at the wedding.
    The Taxi started to jerk forward with a little force, “Is everything okay?” I asked the taxi driver.
    “Err, not really, the car’s about to break down.” The man gave a nervous laugh.
    Finally, he parked the car Infront of a busy shop, actually we were still in the busy streets. “Is it serious?” I asked him.
    “Not really, I’ll check it out, and then we’ll be outta here in no time.” The man assured, getting down from the car.
    I gave a small sigh and relaxed back on my seat, I looked through the window, scanning the environment, actually, we were Infront of a flower shop and my eyes were pinned on a beautiful girl of about three, who played with the flowers Infront of the shop, her Ponytails blew freely all over her face due to the wind, a small smile played on my lips.
    The sight was beautiful, I could see her mom smiling down at her, but she was soon distracted by a costumer who came for some flowers.
    I continued to watch the small girl who clearly reminded me of me, I loved flowers, sixteen years ago, my dad made a garden for April and I, April was actually seven by then, she took care of me anytime mom decided to leave the house. we were really close… When April contacted me few weeks ago, I was so glad that she at least remembered me. She also asked me to convince mom to be available. Well, we all know how that played out-
    I was brought out of my train of thoughts when I saw the small girl crying, and her knee was bleeding, apparently, the man in a suit knocked her off her feet and never bothered to turn around to see if the girl was injured or not, the man had guards around him.

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    Wunmi Ade
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    What a rude guy!
    I saw people give way for him to go through.
    Before I knew it, I was getting down from the Taxi, if no one bothered to put that rude man in his place, then I think I should!
    “Hey!” I yelled, walking with fast pace, trying to meet up with him and his minions, “Hey!!!” People gasped as they realized I was actually going after the rude man!
    I groaned in annoyance as I increased my pace more, and finally, I caught up to him and pushed him from his broad back, making him jerk forward, and Making his men turn to me with angry stares as if they wanted to attack, I have to admit, it scared me but I had to stand my ground.
    I noticed how people shook their head in pity for me. But why?
    “Leave it.” The so-called deaf rude man said as he turned around slowly, I raised my brows at him, and was about to lash out when I caught sight of his full facial view, I tried so hard to stop my jaw from dropping. He looked dashingly handsome in his very dark shade of glasses.
    Did I just push a god?
    What are you doing Becca! Stand your ground, give this pretty boy what he deserves.
    “Who do you think you are? You can’t just knock down a little girl without saying sorry? I demand you say sorry now!” I said to him.
    He slowly took off his glasses and handed it to one of his minions, he looked around and then his eyes turned to meet mine again.
    “And why would I do that?” He asked, his voice and expression was void of any kind of emotion, not even a slight look of anger in sight!
    I was beginning to feel intimidated. “W-well, it’s wrong! You have to apologise to the kid and her mom.” I said.
    He scoffed and looked around for some seconds, a small crowd was beginning to form. Why weren’t they supporting me in this? Didn’t they see what happened?
    Some people gave me the silly eye signal message to leave the issue, but no! Justice must be served!
    “I’m not doing no d--n thing, so why don’t you turn around and head back to wherever the hell you crawled out from.” His voice was still calm and his face still showed no emotion.
    Someone from the crowd gestured with his hand that I should just leave. But I didn’t listen.
    “You know, I used to think that people like you only exist in movies, now- I’m pretty sure douchebags like you truly exist!”
    He still remained expressionless. “Are you done?” He asked me.
    “No I’m not! You really are so full of yourself, aren’t you? You need to realize your mistakes, you need to apologise to the kid, don’t you see she’s hurt?”
    His eyes moved to an angle behind me. “She seems okay.” He said. “Now are you done?”
    I was stunned by this, I took a quick look at the little girl to see that she was still sobbing and her mom was telling her to keep quiet.
    “I can’t believe this, you’re such an idiot.” I didn’t know what else to say. “You have no common courtesy! Not even a little, just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you trample on the poor.”
    He cocked a brow. “Do you need money?” He asked me.
    I fumed. “What is that supposed to mean.”
    He simply shrugged, his face blank. “You’re an a-----e! You’re such a rude inconsiderate bastard-”
    “I guess you’re done.” He took his shades back then slide it back on. He turned and began to walk away.
    “Hey! Don’t be a freaking coward and apologize to the kid!” I dared to say.
    He stopped and turned around, this time when he took off his glasses, his eyes were filled with anger. “You watch what you say to me.” His voice was deep and dark with anger.
    I moved closer, standing in front of Mr pretty boy. “Or what? What. Can. You. Do?”
    Ohhh… What are you doing Becca.
    Immediately, just like a speed of light, my feet was off the ground, I realized one of the guards had swooped me up in his rough hands to his shoulder.
    “Wh-what are you doing?!!! Put me down!!! Now!!!” I yelled, I threw weak blows at his back as we moved further away from the little girl. “Put me down you big -wide- backed man!!! Put me down this instant!”
    Suddenly, I saw two limos stopping Infront of us, we stopped too and another man opened the limo door that I was soon thrown into.
    They slammed the door shut!
    What? No? What’s going on?
    I tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge! Holy poo! What is happening?
    “Let me out!” I hit the obviously tinted window. “Let me out you psychos!!!” I saw the pretty boy slide into another limo.
    Suddenly we started to move!
    “Help! Somebody help me please! Somebody help!!!!” I yelled through the window as everyone minded their own business, what the hell is going on with this town? Why is no one saying anything?
    Fear began to rise in my chest.
    What the hell have I gotten myself into?

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    Wunmi Ade
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    Rebecca’s pov
    This. Place. Is. A. Castle!!!
    I tried my best not to admire the huge building in front of me, but it was kinda impossible. This place was even bigger than the whole of my father’s estate. Who is this guy?
    Well, whoever he is, he must be stinking rich.. rich people.
    “Move!” A guard pushed me forward. I had totally forgotten that I was surrounded by some strict looking guards.
    The sound of an approaching vehicle made me turn around, I took sight of the limo which had harboured the pretty boy.
    He came out.
    His suit hugged his body, he looked so confident and pride driven, you could see his ego, surrounding him like an aura.
    He made long strides inside the house, without even giving me a second glance.
    “Hey!” I yelled.
    He stopped and turned to me, I took fast angry steps to him. “What is the meaning of this? Is this some sort of kidnap?” I asked, anger lacing my voice.
    He stared at me blankly.
    I couldn’t really see his eyes due to his shades, so I took the liberty of taking off his shades and snapping it into two, I wanted to annoy him, I wanted him to let me go.
    I threw the broken glasses to his chest and watched as his eyes grew dark in annoyance, which also means he’s getting irritated and soon enough, i believe he’ll let me go.
    Or will he?
    “I asked you a question pretty boy! ”
    I saw the way his jaw clenched tightly.
    “Earlier, you dared me… I simply proved you wrong, you wanted to know what I could do? Here it is, here’s your answer… You’ll have to bear the burden of living with-”
    “And who are you to make that decision? Who the fudge do you think you are?”
    “I’m someone who can break your father with just a snap of my fingers… I’m someone who can bring down the Lewis empire in just a blink of an eye… I’m someone who can do whatever the Bleep I want!”
    My eyes widened.
    “How did you-”
    “I know everything, and I also know that you’re going to be spending 2 weeks here, that’s your punishment for disrespecting me.”
    I gave a mocking laugh.
    “I’m not staying here with you, pretty boy!
    Over my dead body will I stay here with you! You’re such an arrogant bastard-”
    “It’s not your choice, if you disagree, your family would suffer and your sister wouldn’t be able to carry on with her stupid wedding!”
    “You’re such a stalker!”
    “I’m not, I just wanted to know the girl who was stupid enough to challenge me. ”
    “Why are you doing this? What do you get out of this.”
    “My respect. I couldn’t let you go Scot free after your little stunt… There were too many eyes… I have to teach you a good lesson so the others would know their fate when they stand up against me. You made a huge mistake coming out of that taxi.”

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    Wunmi Ade
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    How did he know I came out of the Taxi? He wasn’t even looking.
    I turned to look at him again but he had made his way into the mansion…
    No, I must get out of this place!
    I turned around to find six guards with stony faces Standing right Infront of me. The hell?
    “Do you all have sisters?” I asked them in the most softest voice I could muster.
    “Move.” The one in the middle growled out…
    With a sigh, I walked to the direction the pretty boy had gone through… Soon enough, I found myself in the most beautiful, gallant, huge, perfectly furnished sitting room I’ve ever seen. I looked up in awe, my eyes met the glass like ceiling, but then something that looked like the shape of a fish passed by, the reflection of beautiful sea animals were all over the cei- wait a minute.
    I looked at the floor..
    What a-
    The floor was- was an aquarium, like all the fudging beautiful fishes were swimming under my feet, it scared me at first, I thought I was inside the sea, but then, I realized that the huge aquarium was built into the ground!!!
    No way!
    How much will this cost?
    “Don’t just stand there like a fool!” Pretty boy’s voice broke through my thoughts.
    I looked up to meet a blank looking pretty boy, watching me with irritation dancing in his eyes. He clicked a remote control stuff and a soft vibration was felt under my feet, a wooden like surface slowly covered the aquatic ocean beneath my feet, making the ground look like a mere wooden floor.
    What a beautiful site he just erased!
    I looked up at him. “I didn’t peg you for a wild life lover.”
    “Shut up-” he was going to say something but a guard interrupted.
    “Sir Emeliano, the lady’s luggage just arrived.”
    I turned to find my luggages behind me.
    “Thank you- you can leave.” Emeliano, the pretty boy, muttered.
    “Listen here… Emeliano . I’m not staying with you! I demand you let me go now or I’ll call the cops.” I told him.
    “You can try. But before you do, I want you to remember that I have your father’s wealth at my mercy! So think before you act. And besides, I am the cops. You really don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.”
    “You’re an a-----e. You’re doing all this because I spoke the truth!” I yelled.
    With long strides, he walked up to me and held my neck. “No. One. Speaks to me in that manner. No. One.” He snarled.
    “Well, I’m not no one! I’m Rebecca Lewis! I stand for the truth! And I’m not going to let you hold me here against my will!”
    He scoffed and let go of my neck.
    “I can see you have a lot of pride in you… But let me tell you something. I’ll be the one to quench that pride! I’ll use you to pulp!” He gritted out.
    My eyes widened. what did he mean by that?
    “Greta!” He yelled. Immediately, one of the maid rushed out.
    “Yes, sir.” She said softly.
    “Get a room in one of the barns! She’ll be the one to take care of the horses.”
    “You can’t do that!”
    “Watch me. Greta take her luggages to her new room and make sure she has a work
    uniform. ”
    “You’re a psychopath! I won’t be your slave! I promise I’ll make your life a living hell! You’re such a rich spoilt brat that thinks he can get whatever he wants! Just you wait, I’ll get out of here! And when I do, I’ll sue you and watch your stupid ego fade and drain to
    pulp. ” I retorted his last word back to him.
    His eyes went so dark and his jaw clenched so hard.
    “Wait Greta!” He said, and immediately, Greta came back with my luggages. “I’ve had a change of heart.”
    I gave a sigh of relief. Thank God.
    “Take her luggages to my room. She’ll be sleeping there. With me. On the same bed. ”
    My eyes widened even more. “What?!!!”
    He gave a satisfied evil smirk.
    I stood there and watched him walk away.
    Yet again, my mouth never failed to make my life miserable.

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    Wunmi Ade
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    Rebecca’s pov
    I said to Greta, who had helped me unpack against my own will. She stopped right at the door and turned to me, I could see that she felt very bad for me, but I needed answers and I was gonna get them.
    “Yes ma’am?”
    “Just call me Becca,” I told her. “I need to know who this Emeliano is, who is your boss really?” I asked her.
    She raised her brows and gave me a small smile. “Sir Emeliano is everything. If you really want to know more about him, you can check the internet, there are so many interviews and stories about him.”
    “I don’t want to rely on the internet… I need something real… I need to know what I’ve gotten myself into. Is he going to kill me?”
    “No- of course not, Sir Emeliano is all things but a killer.”
    I gave a sigh of relief at that.
    “He’s just a really busy man that demands respect and orderliness. I’ve said all I could, if you really want to know the Sir, you need to check the internet or ask him. I’ll be back up to call you for dinner… You need to freshen up.”
    “I don’t want to stay here.” I sounded defeated.
    “I’m afraid it’s not your choice. I’ll inform you when dinner is ready . ” She gave me a small smile and walked out, closing the huge door behind her.
    Immediately, I brought out my laptop and began to find anything I could, I just glanced through different articles about him.
    Emeliano Alfredo. The youngest CEO in Orlando, one of the richest man in the world, he was known for his good looks and intelligence- there have been some rumors of him being part of a royal family- explains the castle like mansion. There was actually no rumor about him ever dating anyone, but there was a small issue about him having an affair with a married woman, Camilla Schmitt. The wife of a competing company.
    There was also some talks about him being the most ruthless man to ever exist- it was apparent that people feared him.
    He was also an important person in Orlando, he bought so many companies here, including the Lewis empire. No wonder he threatened me with so much confidence!
    There was also a complaint issued against him, but the cops didn’t pursue him, seeing that he was stinking rich and could buy the whole sheriff station and their loyalty.
    “I am the cops.” That’s why he was so sure of himself!
    Immediately, the door opened and a male worker came in… Grabbing my laptop and the purse where my phone was.
    “What do you think you’re doing?” I stood up and rushed to the worker who was already making his way to the door without an explanation.
    “You’re not allowed to use any device. These will be returned to you after 14 days.” The man said.
    “What! You can’t do that!!!

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    Wunmi Ade
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    “It’s the orders.” He simply said and then he rushed out of the room like he was afraid to stay any longer.
    Why didn’t I just call home? I was free for some minutes to call home, instead of doing that, I went to surf the freaking internet. “I’m so stupid!”
    I looked around the room, it was huge, with a king sized bed in the room and a huge couch at the side.
    I can’t let myself be trampled on like this! I’ll stay here and wait for him to come inside his room, that bastard is going to get an ear full from me.
    In the meantime, I walked to a huge door which I suppose was the entrance to the bathroom. Opening it, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped! This was another paradise! There was an area for a gigantic shower bath, there was also an area for a bathtub bath, and in that same bathroom, there was an area for a jacuzzi tub!!! What the actual heaven?!! I was impressed by this, I mean, who wouldn’t be?
    I really felt like having a bath but- no, I won’t let myself get comfortable. I shut the door.
    I won’t let this house impress me so much! I’m going to stand my ground, and I’m going to get out of here. No matter what.
    I paced in the room for what seemed like hours, thinking of ways to get out of here. Whatever Emeliano had planned for me, I don’t want to get to know it- in fact, I don’t want to think about it.
    Something told me that whatever He was planning wasn’t good, he said something about using me to pulp! Did he mean that sexually? Fear began to rise in my chest, I haven’t been that intimate with a man before, my boyfriend; Mason and I never really had any intimate moment, maybe it was because we were too busy with work, all we ever did was kiss and hold hands- boring, I know, but I loved him, that was all that mattered right?
    Although I’d always imagine myself having sex and more with him, but they were all just imaginations. Mason would be trying to reach me now, God, I have to get my phone!
    The sound of the door opening made me turn around, I saw Emeliano, walking in, he looked quite different from earlier, his hair was a little bit wet and he had changed into casual wear. He looked really hot, I could feel my stomach jumping and my pulse raising with awareness.
    “Why are you still in the same clothes?” He asked me.
    I folded my hands to my chest and glared at him. “You must really be a fool to think that I’ve finally given up! I’m not staying here with you, I want to go home now!”
    “Seriously? I didn’t think you’d be this difficult.” He said with a blank expression.
    “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet, pretty boy! I will not rest until I get out of here, and I don’t appreciate the fact that you rid me of my devices, that was so uncalled for!”
    “It’s the rules.”
    “Screw the rules!”
    His eyes widened, “D--n… I didn’t know you speak so bluntly- for a well cultured, innocent church girl, you have a big mouth, I hope you can size me up.”
    My jaw dropped low when I took note of what he was implying. “You are such a pervert! I would never-”
    “Trust me, you’d never want to stop when you start.”
    “Stop this madness! I’ll never s--k you off! Never ever ever! Get that Into your thick head!”
    “Why? It’s not like you haven’t done it before, you have a boyfriend right? Mason?”
    “You really are a stalker! And for your info, Mason and I haven’t-” I stopped myself before I could say something I’d probably regret. “Haven’t been that intimate.” I completed.
    “And you really expect me to believe that?” He asked, amusement was obviously gracing his words.
    “You can think whatever you want, pretty boy! All I know is, I will never put my mouth on your stupid dïçk!”
    He scoffed, “You can lie to yourself,
    Bámbînâ” He made his way slowly to me, “But I know what I know.” He continued to move closer and closer.
    I took few steps back until my back was against the wall, he began to close the distance between us. My heart was beating so hard in my chest and my skin was getting strange chills.
    Why the hell am I feeling giddy all over?
    He leaned in and his lips grazed the lower part of my neck and it felt really good, Mason never did that to me- what are you thinking? Are you seriously comparing your kidnapper to your sweet boyfriend? My whole body was aware of our heated closeness and it made me feel things at my lower belly, things that made me feel so fudging stupid and dirty!
    What the hell are you thinking Becca! Push him away! Push him away now!
    But I couldn’t, some stupid part in me wanted to feel everything he was doing- what happened to the thoughts of running away? What happened to the thoughts of standing my ground?
    “I’ve been thinking of ways to punish you for what you did. Looking at you- you don’t seem to be affected by house chores or other physical embarrassing punishment, but then I thought? What would bruise a well cultured church girl to the core? What would break her? What would make her so unhappy and vulnerable? So I decided to change things, I decided to punish you emotionally. So, this is going to be your punishment.” He murmured against my neck,
    “I’m going to torture you until all the pride you have, slip away from you. I’m going to make you beg me to take you, I’m going to
    fûck that little tight pü33y of yours till you’re swollen and sore, I’m going to make you dream of me fückiñg you, I’m going to break you so bad you won’t be able to look at up at your boyfriend, you came in here as a sweet and innocent church girl,”
    Is it weird that I was getting turned on by his threats?
    His lips grazed my neck softly, until he raised his head slowly and look me dead in the eye, my mouth went so dry, I had no words to retort back to him, for the first time in my life, I was speechless. “But I promise,” he continued. “You’ll leave here as a sex craved, not so innocent church girl, and guess what?” He smirked.
    “You’ll have to get prepared, cause I have just 14 days to fulfill these punishments.”

    Here you go guys.. please do let me know about ur thoughts and criticisms in the comment box. how do you feel about the story? Do I continue or do I quit?? Does it look promising? In the meantime, just know I love y’all. kisses

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