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    Road To Hell
    By Akhigbe. Oziegbe
    in case you missed season 2 click the link

    The person drag me to one big cave like that she throw me on the ground
    carelessly not even minding that i just escape accident, i cant move
    my body because of the pain on my body especially the back of my head
    where she hit me hard, the person still wear her mask so i nor fit
    Know who the person be, she walk to the front of the cave and use
    branches to cover it, as she cover the entry she on the light of her
    phone and came to me, she took my head and raise it up.
    Lady: where are you going?
    Me: who are you?
    Lady: you dont know me but i was sent here by someone you know very well.
    Me: who?
    Lady: that i cant tell you.
    Me: what do you plan to do to me?
    Lady: nothing.
    Me: then what is your mission?
    Lady: i just complete my mission i will leave you here and you will
    find your way back.
    Me: whaaat i dont understand.
    Lady: yes a bomb was planted on that bus and the only way i can stop
    it is to shot it down.
    Me: what i dont believe you.
    Lady: whether you believe me or not i dont give a f--k my mission is
    complete you are on your own now.
    She got up and started walking out of the cave.
    Me: wait “i shouted”
    Lady: wait what?
    Me: who sent you?
    Lady: somebody that care about you, am BA by the way i guess you
    already sense that.
    Me: but you cant leave me here.
    Lady: police have arrive and i dont want them to see me here, just come
    outside after five minutes and they will take care of you..
    Me: but your name.
    Lady: you can call me black scorpion. (as she said that she walkout
    leaving me alone in that dark cave).
    I stood and manage to find my way to the front of the cave and as i came out i try to
    remember where the accident took place but it seems like i have
    amnesia because i cant remember anything, or maybe its because I didn’t know how we came here so probably it will be difficult for me find my way back, i started
    struggling walking to nowhere in particular as i reach one side i
    started seeing our footprint so i trace it back to where we had the
    accident, i saw police and road safety everywhere with medics, one
    police man came to me and started asking questions about how i got
    separated from them i told him somebody took me there, they wanted to know
    more but am not in the mood to talk so they leave me, they treat me
    and another RTC bus came to carry us to portharcourt some of them
    that were badly injured were left behind and taken back to Auchi for
    treatment while we travel to portharcourt in peace along the way our
    driver told us that a bomb was found on the bus and we should be
    thankful that the accident happened before the bomb blast because
    assuming we didnt had that accident all of us might be dead by now so
    we should thank God, when he told us that i started thinking about
    what the mysterious lady said about the bomb and about the person that
    send her, could it be that BA planted the bomb on the vehicle
    yes of course thats for sure, but why sacrifice all these people
    because of me?
    Well thats a question that i cant get answer i just wish my phone is
    here so that i will contact Edna right away because we have alot to
    talk about.
    We get to Portharcourt the treasure base of the nation and i must
    confess that the city is really beautiful, this is the first time for
    me here in PH city and the tall building and wide road amaze me alot i
    open the window and started looking outside the bus, starring at
    hawkers i wonder how them they manage to stand on road and sell their stuff and even small
    children join them self, hmmm as i they look them as them they rush
    sell pure water and gala i shake my head and thank God for making my
    own case different but seriously is my own case really different?

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    Episode 2&3

    Episode 2

    As we enter port harcourt people started coming down one by one, i beg
    the person sitting beside me to use her phone to call my sister, she
    agreed so i took the phone and called my sister and she told me that i
    should wait and come down at the last bus stop that is waterline and
    that i should call her when i reach there, she ask what happen
    to my phone that she has been trying my number i told her
    that we will discuss when i get down.
    I have another phone but is
    inside my echolac bag i cant search it now.
    We continue our journey till night because of traffic, thats one thing
    i observe in port the traffic is much so if you want to travel you
    have to leave home one hour before time or else you will be stuck in
    traffic and you will have only yourself to blame, i must confess
    portharcourt is really beautifully and yes its the most beautiful city
    i have seen at that time.
    Around 7:15 pm the driver turn left and drive for 3 minutes more
    before packing at the place where they wrote RTC, the park is very big
    and they have many buses we all came down and took our luggages, i
    bought 500 naira card for the lady that help me with her phone and i
    also called my sister to tell her that we have landed, she told me to
    wait there that shes coming.
    I waited for good 15 minutes before i see my beautiful sister coming,
    shes a nurse and she senior me two times so imagine the respect i will
    have for her, her name is lara and shes very beautiful i remember when
    five guys fight for her in secondary school that time one person Die, i wonder what guys gain fighting for a girl that after you
    kill yourself they will continue to live their life and dont even know
    if you exist.
    Me: Good evening ma (i greet her as she approach).
    Lara: how far wetin happen?
    Me: na accident oh.
    Lara: Jesus for where?
    Me: make we they go first na we go talk for house.
    She use her hand to feel the injury “chai this one serious oh” she
    help me with my bag (thank God e no wet because the bag fall commot
    from boot before the bus enter river)
    She lead the way as we walk to main road before boarding taxi to
    garrison park, we came down and cross to the other side (oh men the
    road is d--n wide and na so vehicle they speed pass and na four lane),
    we cross and walk to were we will enter bus to Abuloma we reach there
    and thank God na two of us just remain to complete the bus, na so the gutter
    they smell anyhow and people they sell things there oh i wonder how
    them they manage oh, the driver start the bus and we leave the smelly
    park heading to Abuloma, we reach Trans Amadi and enter the road to
    Abuloma there we see another traffic, and one drama come happen one
    keke driver mistakenly hit one jeep the owner of the jeep came down
    and as he walk to the keke man the man start his keke and speed off
    disobeying traffic, the fat man ran back to his jeep and
    also ran after the kekeman, since nowhere for the keke to pass because
    of holdup he stop and na so the driver of the jeep use speed go jam
    the keke man, omo come see chaos na so him use head carry the keke go
    troway for gutter and he also hit and another man with camry 2.2, the
    man with the camry 2.2 came down with correct pump action gun and
    started shooting the man with the jeep na there everywhere scatter and
    everybody came down from bus and start running helter skelter, me and my
    sister also came down and took shelter behind one bar till everywhere
    is cleared and cool thanks to Nigeria army, then we start our journey
    again and enter keke since the place no far again, we reach Ozubokor
    and stop then take taxi to her shop where she sell drugs, the shop is
    big and it also contain one room i ask my sister “na so here they hot
    how that man go just carry gun comeout like that?”
    Lara: welcome to portharrcourt.

    Episode 3

    To my greatest surprise all the street in Ozuboko are all tarred with nice
    gutter, we reach house and directly i went inside to sleep while she
    remain in store selling drugs and the way people are coming to buy
    medicine make me believe that she is really popular, they didnt even let me sleep
    because one woman came in and started making noise, she sat with my
    sister inside the shop while they started doing their thing, girls
    they like amebor no be small oh and am a living witness, while
    discussing another girl came and join them she ask my sister about me
    and she told her that am inside sleeping the girl came to were i was
    sleeping and ask if i have eaten my sister told her no that anytime i
    wake up i will eat, she left and said that she will return later or
    tomorrow, but the fat lady is still there with her discussing about
    how some guys stole one woman’s handbag earlier in the morning and
    battered her hand, hmmmm it seems like this is the place were i can
    regain my confidence back and seriously i need to call Edna before she
    started worrying about me because i believe she will enter road if she
    dont hear from me soon.
    I was still thinking about the journey even though sleep no want enter
    my eye but at least i have rest enough, i stood up and open my bag i
    brought out my phone and arrange it then i walk to the shop and
    told my sister to give me airtime, she gave me 200 naira airtime and
    told me that i will pay i told her yes of course i will pay, i walk
    back inside the room and check the time on my phone i was surprise to
    see 10:02pm i ask my sister when she close and she said by eleven, i
    load the card and dial Edna’s number which she pickup at once seems
    like shes expecting my call.
    Edna: hello
    Me: Madam.
    Edna: Oga i thought you wont call me?
    Me: oh well am sorry we had an accident on the way and i lost my phone.
    Edna: yeah i saw everything and am glad you are okay how did it happen by the way?
    Me: a girl with power bike shot the tire of our bus so the bus
    summersault inside river.
    Edna: waoh do you know the girl as in you see her face?
    Me: no she wore mask and she said she was sent by somebody i know.
    Edna: when did she tell you that?
    Me: after she hit me on my head and drag me inside a cave then she
    told me that a bomb was planted inside the bus and the only choice is
    to shot the tire because if she stop the bus they will ask her
    question and probably arrest her.
    Edna: waoh a bomb was planted this is the work of BA.
    Me: yes she also said that shes part of them.
    Edna: if shes part of them then why did she help you?
    Me: that am also confuse about.
    Edna: did she perhaps tell you her name.
    Me: shes said her name is black scorpion.
    Edna: hmmm black scorpion.
    Me: you know her?
    Edna: not much but i’ve heard alot about her.
    Me: what did you hear?
    Edna: that shes very dangerous and the bodyguard of former governor’s daughter.
    Me: former governor, which state?
    Edna: i dont know but i heard something like a northern governor.
    Me: just like you a minister daughter from the north I think say north no sabi cultist.
    Edna: were you hear that one.
    Me: hmmm this is gonna be though governor vs minister, the governor’s
    daughter is also a cultist right?
    Edna: a big one we dont want to mess with.
    Me: hmmm okay if she stay out of our way we will stay out of hers too.
    Edna: what about your sister?
    Me: shes fine dear.
    Edna: good later.
    Me: alright.
    I cut the call and standup to eat something, i met ogbonor soup with
    eba so i help myself with it I can play with anything else but not with food.

    To be continued

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    I have been waiting for this story since



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    Lol… Adanna husband where yhu dy since thix days!
    Tho yhu are welcum bck to coolval world

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