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    To those of you who are yet to read the story so far,here are the links to previous episodes

    IN The House Of God season 2

    In the house of god season 3

    in the house of god season 4

    5: Judgement Day
    Author: Akhigbe Godsgift
    From the beginning they were the best of friends and the greatest cultist I
    have ever seen, they
    do things together like family infact you will think they are blood
    sisters, they protect me from
    Afuze to Auchi, From Auchi to Port Harcourt, now they are about to face
    each other? who is
    going to protect them from themselves? Tina is angry with Edna because I
    broke her heart, it is
    time to run with Edna because even with super strength Edna can never
    defeat Tina because
    Tina control all the cultist in South South, let’s watch as the story
    unfold between Tina (Cult
    leader) and Edna (her subordinate).

    Chapter One
    I sat quietly with Edna under the gutter bridge filled with water, I look
    at Edna and saw her falling
    asleep so I woke her up because its not a normal sleep but a sleep of
    death, I know she need
    medical care immediately but I can’t leave while Tina girls are still out
    “You have to leave without me, safe yourself please”
    said Edna.
    “Be quiet and safe your strength, I can never leave you behind” I said
    slowly so that they won’t
    hear me up there, I they craze say I leave her behind before?
    I raised my head again to check if they are still there, oh yeah they are
    still standing with Gaga
    making the call.
    After few minutes they started coming back to the crash site maybe to check
    if we are inside the
    van or not, “time to go” I said to Edna when I saw them coming back.
    I took her hand up and we started crawling under the bridge running away
    from the crash site,
    Edna is just struggling because its obvious she’s losing it and she need
    medical care as soon as
    As we kept on moving we came over a pedestrian crossing the one in GRA
    before waterlines, I
    raised her up and we enter the walkway in which they can’t see us because
    they covered it with
    mirrow, we cross over to the other side and when I look back I saw them
    looking for us, I smile
    when i saw them following the wrong direction, I took Edna pass one filling
    station and then
    cross over to the waterline road, I plan to buy tickets for both of us back
    to Edo state but I
    believe Edna need medical care first so after crossing the filling station
    I saw a taxi, I stop the
    taxi and told him to take us to the nearest hospital.

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    Chapter two

    As we move quietly people have started coming out for their business, I
    don’t think Gaga will still
    be trailing us because she can’t just walk with guns in the open unless she
    want to get arrested,

    as we move I saw many police can driving pass us, I know where they are
    headed, I pray they
    arrest Tina but i know it’s impossible but no harm in praying.
    The driver stop us at a nice hospital and immediately I brought Edna out
    the nurses rush out
    and help me to carry her, I didn’t want to follow her I just stand there as
    I watch my love being
    wheeled away, I was startled when the driver called me to settle him.
    “Oh am sorry” I said as I put my hand inside my pocket and gave him money,
    he took it and
    drive away while I cross over to the other lane, I saw a place where they
    are selling drinks more
    like a bar, I went there and bought soft drink, I saw there facing the
    hospital waiting to see if
    Tina girls will show.
    I remain there for more than one hour and even bought more drinks just to
    make sure I don’t get
    thrown out, after three hours and everywhere is now very busy I stood up
    and cross to the
    Chapter three
    “Hello am looking for the lady that was brought in earlier this morning” I
    said to one of the nurse.
    “Are you her relative?” The nurse ask.
    “No am her friend I brought her in” I said.
    “Oh I see, you brought her in and you just left like that? How do you
    expect us to treat her when
    we don’t know who will pay us?” She ask.
    “I don’t know I thought you people are train to save life?” I fired.
    “Mr man I hope you know this a private specialist hospital, not a
    government owned” she said.
    “Please am sorry, I will be the one to pay I just rush back to get
    something” I said.
    “Oh well she said something about being a minister daughter and when we
    check she was right
    so we quickly administer treatment, I think she’s stable now and sleeping”
    the nurse added.
    “Oh thank God, where is she can I see her?”
    “Yes, I will take you to her” she said.
    I follow her from behind as we pass many nurse and patient on the passage
    way, she stop at
    one room and open it and there I saw my Edna sleeping like a baby with drip
    flowing through
    her vein.
    “Don’t wake her up” the nurse said as she walk away.
    I walk gently to her and pull a sit, I sat close to her watching her breath
    like a baby, she’s so
    beautiful I know many Muslim girls are beautiful but her own is out of this
    word, I still wonder
    why shes still here in Nigeria when her father is a minister, the day I ask
    her she said she will tell
    the story another day, am praying for her to wake up so that she will tell
    me the story.
    As I continue gazing at her I just can’t help myself so I took her hand and
    started rubbing it, she
    breath and then open her eye, she turn and saw me smiling, she look around
    and ask.
    “Where are we?”

    “In a hospital” I said.
    “Oh, (she recall) you just drop me yesterday and disappear huh?” She said.
    “Am sorry my love, I had to stand watch to make sure we are safe” I said.
    “So are we safe?”

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    @jummybabe thanks for the iv

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    Thanks for the i’v @jummybabe

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    thanks for the IV @jummybabe

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