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    In The House Of God (16 +) – Season 8

    The Redemption

    Written By=> Akhigbe Oziegbe

    Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379

    Episode 1

    I dive inside the big river not minding my injured leg, Thank God I can swim very well, I swim to the deepest part searching for Edna, I search and search and search but still yet I didn’t see her, I will come out from the river to breath and then dive in again to look for her, I tried many times with no avail, I was frustrated, why did I launch the rocket? I started regretting, I didn’t see her nor Tina. I didnt want to go even though the police siren are close by, I saw their boat approaching still yet I dhve inside the water again looking for Edna, as I was swimming inside I started loosing myself, I was out of energy, I couldn’t move again.

    I passed out inside the deep water, I felt someone grab my hand and started pulling me up, the person started giving me CPR, I coughed out water and when I open my eyes I saw myself in the police boat, the police men have saved me.

    I was cold and shivering, they ask me questions when they saw that I wasn’t ready to answer any of them they kept quiet and took me out of the water, they put me inside ambulance and they speed of to Lagos state university teaching hospital.

    They took me to one room and fix drip for me ontop one white bed, I was cold and still shrivering, I was thinking of Edna till I fell asleep.

    It was all my fault, now I have lost my baby and Edna, what am I going to do now? All my plans have been shattered by that witch “Tina” what did I do to deserve all this?

    I opened my eyes, its morning already, I slept for long, I remove the third drip from my body, I manage to stand up from the bed, I came out from the room they put me, there are so many people in the hospital, I walk to the visiting room where I saw everybody watching the plasma TV including one police man probably waiting for me to get my report, they were reporting the news of what happened in the bridge, I heard they rescued two females from the water, one pregnant, they were transporting her to the hospital when some ladies with gun attack them and took her and the other girl, the only link to the incident is one other guy which they also rescued from the water who is currently receiving treatment in LUTH, that’s when i regain my strenght automatically.

    I ran out of the hospital as the police men started chasing me

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    In The House Of God (16 +) – Season 8

    The Redemption

    Written By=> Akhigbe Oziegbe

    Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379

    Episode 2

    Oh my God, I hope Edna is alright oh, with that incident I hope she and the baby is alright, I just can’t imagine what she will be going through now, now that she’s in the hand of the devil herself how will she cope? God save her for me, funny thing when I was doing evil I didn’t remember God oh.

    I escape the hospital as the police men continue chasing me with their hilux van blowing siren and disturbing the peace of Lagos, am not with any money I don’t know how I will cope, anytime I hear the siren I will hide in any store and allow the van to pass before coming out.

    I was stranded in Lagos, with no money, no gun, no cellphone, I guess I will have to make some calls and request for backup because I can’t do this alone, I don’t know If phonebooth even still exist.

    Lagos is a busy city, the most populous city in Africa, I was walking on the express road drawing my leg on the ground because I still feel the pain even though I was treated, I need sometime for the Injury to heal, but it seems I don’t have time for that, as I was walking I bump into one gentleman on suit, more like a banker and gently removed his phone from his pocket.

    “Am so sorry” I said and continue walking, I took the guy phone out, I wanted to make call but I can’t because the phone is password protected, thank God I know how to reset android phone, I went to one small shop and relax there, I was tasty I needed water but there’s no money to buy.

    It took five minutes for the phone to reset to default, I quickly do the welcome back settings before I was able to make call.

    I touch the phone icon and dial her number.
    “Hello” I heard from the other end.
    “Hi Tina, let’s meet” I said.

    “I know you will call Ozila” Tina said.

    “please don’t hurt her, its me you want not her, let the innocent girl go” I said.

    “Seriously? Are you fvcking kidding me? She’s all I want, she took you away from me and betrayed me, I have what I want and the time for negotiation has ended” she shouted.

    “Tina, I will give you anything you want please just don’t her or our baby”
    “From what I head they said the baby isn’t yours dear, they just deceived you to get you London, you have been protecting another mans kid”

    “It doesn’t matter Tina, I caused everything that’s happening to her so I will take responsibility”

    Edna said the baby isn’t mine so that I won’t feel attached to it but I believe the baby is mine from my calculation, I won’t believe it until the baby is born and we run DNA test, so as far as am concern now the baby is mine and am going to protect it like mine,.

    “Tell me what to do to release her please Tina, if you ever love me you won’t hurt her” I started crying.

    “You have forgotten about Annabel and your kid huh, you didn’t even ask about them, am curious to know why, is it that you don’t care about them or what?”

    “Tina, now that you own my life in your hands what are you going to do, what have I done to deserve all this?”

    “You haven’t seen anything yet, just wait and see what I will do, come to Edo state”
    “Where in Edo state?”
    “Where it all began” she concluded and hung up.

    I know exactly where they are, I dialed Edna’s dad, and ask him to send some money that things has gone sideways, he was happy to hear from me he thought we were even dead, he said he’s in Lagos because he heard the news about what happened on the bridge, he told me to find my way to eko hotel that he is waiting for me there.

    “What happened in London Ozila?” Edna’s dad ask as I sat on the comfortable chair in Eko hotel.

    “Things got complicated, Tina is stronger than I imagine, we will have to call the police for help because I can’t do this alone” I said.

    “We can’t, the government cannot find out, I have lost so many positions because of what happened in Portharcourt, now that am just starting to get my feet back I cannot let this pull me down again” he said.

    “Even if its your daughter?”
    “Yes, I will give you and support you with whatever you need but you must not involve me again, if you save her then take her to a place where she will be safe, don’t bring her to me, she has disgraced me enough”
    “Good, I will need guns, alot of them and money”

    “You will have them, there is a hilux waiting for you outside, you will find anything you need there, The driver John Is a soldier so you won’t have any trouble on the way”.

    “Thank you” I said and stood up.
    “Please try and save her, don’t let her die please” he said touching my shoulder.
    “I will do my possible best, I promise” I said and walk away from the room.
    “I know you will, I have contacted your friends you left in London, they will find you on your way to benin, am surprised only three of them survive, they must have hit you hard” he said.

    “They used rocket, they took us by surprise, am glad they survive”
    I walk down the hotel and as he said, I saw a white hilux van parked outside with one person inside.

    He opened the door for me and I sat with him in the front.

    “You must be the notorious Ozila” he said.
    “Yeah and you are John”
    “Yes, its a pleasure, so where are we going?”
    “let’s go to Benin city” I said.

    As we drive away from Lagos, we haven’t gone far when John told me that two power bikes are following us, I look back and saw them “dont worry, they are with us” I said to him.

    “So what’s our plan when we get to Benin”

    “I haven’t really think about that, I really don’t have a plan” I said
    “You do they are not just going to hand her to us right?”

    “Yeah, that’s why I think I will go in alone first”

    “Tina want both of you, if you go in alone its game over for us” he said.

    “I don’t have any other idea”
    “Okay, let’s do it my way” he said.
    “Okay, tell me your way”.

    If you live by gun you must surely die by gun, it might take time but it must surely happen, I didn’t beg Tina to teach me how to be bad, I was just a kid trying to explore other things that’s how she took advantage of me, she now thinks I belong to her and with that she decided not to let me have peace, she took everything away from me but am not going to let go, I must fight on till my last breath, I know am not going to survive this but I must do it anyway, after all nobody will miss me.
    Four hours later we arrive benin city, we didn’t actually go inside town we just divert to the road leading to Afuze direct, where it all began.

    We arrive Afuze in the night, I like it like that, we went to one hotel in hospital road to rest, I hugged taiye and kehinde, am really glad they are alright though taiye lost one eye, we drinks and have some fun before the final battle, we rest for 24 hours and then around 8 in the evening the next day, , I arrange my bag and decided to pay Tina a visit in her black gate, I was alone with some weapons on my backpack, I came out from the hospital road and then cross the main road, I walk to the street where Tina house is located, I saw some girls guarding the black gate. the moment I got to the gate I knock.

    The moment they saw me they opened the gate and surround me with their heavy guns, they pushed me inside the gate and lock, they collect my bag and then handcuff my hand, two girls walk me to the room while the others remain outside guarding the front gate, they opened the front door and there in the sitting room I saw Tina discussing with the D.P.O, what’s the divisional police officer doing in Tinas house by this time.

    “And the prodigal son returns” Tina said as she saw me, she walk the officer outside and then return back facing me with her red eye like a dragon.

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    Wow thanks for posting

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    Hmmmm this battle is strong o.
    I hope Edna will b fine o🥺?

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    Can’t wait to watch the final fight. Next please

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    In The House Of God (16 +) – Season 8

    The Redemption

    Written By=> Akhigbe Oziegbe

    Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379

    Episode 3

    “Leave us” she commanded her girls, they tie my hands together and then they push me to one of the chairs,

    “Are you sure you will be okay alone with him?” One of the girls ask.

    “I will be, there’s nothing he can do afterall am his lover too” she said to them and they all walk away.

    I was sitting in one of the sofa chairs with my hands tied to my back.

    “Where’s Edna?” I ask.
    “relax, she’s fine for now, you know the kind of love you have for Edna is the one I hoped you will have for me, seeing you here trying to save her makes me angry more and more, that’s why am going to kill her so that I will watch you suffer the way I did for so long”.

    “You were gone for so long, how do you expect me to know you were alive, after all I never loved you, you just took advantage of my fragile heart, I was young and stupid and you used that as an advantage” I said.
    “If I recall correctly I did save your live countless times, infact saving your life is what put me in that position, you never find out if I was really dead”

    “Tina look, am sorry for everything, I know I hurt you so for that am sorry, but you cannot kill Edna just to get back at me, it is not right”
    “Everything we have been doing from the beginning, does any of them feel right to you? Now that you are going to have a child now you are a change person, waoh interesting” she said with hands akimbo pouncing round the room.

    We continue our discussion, she took wine from the fridge and started drinking.

    She walk to where I was sitting, “you know I have missed you alot, your face, your touch and even your sex” she said as she sat close to me and started touching the hairs on my chest.

    “I know what you are trying to do it will not work?” I said.

    “Really? if i know you well your d!ckson never say no even the midst of war” she said and started robbing me.

    “Stop it”
    “Quiet, you are in no position to talk” she said and continue touching my chest, of course I know my d!ckson will not respect me this time, she put inside inside my trouser and smile.

    She got up and remove her dress completely, she remove my zip and bring my hard rock out, I just sat there watching her as she sat ontop me and started fvcking me, there’s nothing I can do anyway, my hands are tied to the back, even if I manage to defeat her in here I will face twenty more men in the front gate, so its better I play along.

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    In The House Of God (16 +) – Season 8

    The Redemption

    Written By=> Akhigbe Oziegbe

    Episode 4

    After she finish having her fun, she excused herself and enter the bathroom to bath,.

    I wonder what’s going to happen now because in five minutes time the bomb in my bag will go off, that’s when the battle will start, I just need to know where she’s holding my Edna first.

    “You know maybe there’s something you can do for me after all, you do this for me I will leave you and Edna alone forever”
    she said coming out from her room with black trouser and black top, she was holding wine in her left hand and using the right hand to smoke.

    “What is it you want, I will do anything” I said, eager to know what she want me to do.
    “Kill rivers state governor” she said.
    “you are joking right?”
    “Am not, you know those politicians after using someone they will dump that person as if that person does not exist, I help him to become the governor thinking I will be his new wife but instead he dump me and continue with the wife he said he will divorce for me, I use my girls to help him get to the office now that he is there he doesn’t even want to see me again” she said smoking her pipe.

    “I can’t do that, I can’t even kill you how can I kill a governor that always have hundreds of police guarding him all the time?” I said..

    “But you came close last time, all you have to do is to take another shot this time I won’t be there to protect him, you can take him out with ease” she said.

    “That’s a death wish, am already a wanted man in port Harcourt, I will be arrested the moment I step foot in Rivers, and even if I suicide how will I return when the whole military power will focus on me?”.

    “Well that’s your own problem, you have thirty minutes to make up your mind before I change my mind, they will focus on you meaning you won’t be my problem anymore, and also you hide yourself and they won’t find you, unlike me that know all your weakness and every move, so think about it” she said and stood up, she return to the room calling two of her girls to come take me out,

    “And by the way I found the bomb in your bag, so don’t expect any miracles,” she said and they took me to a quiet dark room in the back of the house, I was left alone to ponder about what she said.

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    Okay nah yawa don gas b dat.

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