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    Empress AngelaEmpress Angela
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    Please i prefer putting my stories as a play
    am not that good but enjoy
    i promise to update once in a while

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    Empress AngelaEmpress Angela
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    Chapter 1

    Jake: (sits on her bed) baby where are you?
    Mitchelle: am in the bathroom, i will be out in a jiffy
    Jake: okay (picks a fashion magazine from a shelf)
    (in five minutes time mitchelle came out of the bathroom with a towel around her chest)
    Mitchelle: sweet, you didn’t tell me you were coming!
    Jake: am just coming back from lectures now but i can’t go home without seeing your face
    Mitchelle: (smirks) you’ve seen my face….. You can go home now
    Jake: (looks hurt) are you chasing me?
    Mitchelle: why would i?
    Jake: but you said it
    Michelle: (laughs) i was just joking, why would i chase my baby boy?
    Jake: (laughs)
    Mitchelle: (walks up to where he was sitting down and sat closer to him on the bed) so how did the lectures go?
    Jake: it went well sha! (moves his eyes to her chest)
    Mitchelle: jake! jake! (shakes him)
    Jake: (jerks) yes!
    Mitchelle: i’ve been calling your name. Are you okay?
    Jake: babe it’s been 2 weeks and you’ve not allowed me to kiss nor touch you. It’s not fair o
    Mitchelle: jake just………

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    too short oo

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    Empress AngelaEmpress Angela
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    Chapter 2

    Jake: (interupts her) i know what i did was wrong, i apologised and i promised you that i won’t do it again (kneels) babe am sorry, if that’s what is still on your mind; forgive me.
    Mitchelle: (touch his shoulder) i’ve forgiven you long ago, don’t just remind me of that
    Jake: then why have you been starving me?
    Michelle: am not starving you
    Jake: you are
    Mitchelle: is that why you’ve been staring at my boobs?
    Jake: yes, i really want to feel the softness of it in my mouth
    Mitchelle: (stands up and was about to move away from him)
    Jake: (draws her back and pushes her flat on the bed)
    Mitchelle: just leave me
    Jake: (climbs on top of her)
    Michelle: (tries to wriggle out of his grasp)
    Jake: don’t start (takes her bottom lips into his mouth and starts kissing her, moves his lips to her jawbone, her neck and then to her boobs) so soft!
    Michelle: (moans)
    Jake: (loosens the towel and gasps) babe your boobs are fuller, has another guy been touching my property?
    Michelle: (in a husky voice) you know i won’t allow that.

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    Empress AngelaEmpress Angela
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    Chapter 3

    Jake: (groans and bites the left n----e)
    Mitchelle: (puts her fingers in his hair) ooh…….
    Jake: (starts s-----g it)
    Mitchelle: (gasps and wriggle under him) baby gently
    Jake: (continued s-----g the left boob and uses his right hand to foundle the right boob)
    Mitchelle: (moans)
    Jake: (uses his two hands to foundle her boobs while he moved his head to her lower region)
    Michelle: (tries to stop him)
    Jake: (opens her leg and covers her honeypot with his mouth)
    Michelle: (holds the blanket and cries out) oh…… my……
    Jake: (bites her c--t gently and sucks on it)
    (jake continued his assault on her c--t for 2 minutes, she was screaming without knowing it)
    Michelle: baby am going c-m…… (cries out in esctasy and releases) oh my goodness
    Jake: (cuddles her)
    (A knock was heard on the door)
    Michelle: f--k… my roomie is back
    Jake: guess i will finish up in the bathroom (stands up and goes into the bathroom)
    Michelle: Daniella am coming (cleans up and re-ties her towel)

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    I have taken my seat

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    Go on ohh

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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