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    INDIVIDUAL CROSS a story by mzinumidun Episode 01
    My name is madam Douglas, I’m in my early 40, I
    married at the age of 20, I am very light in complexion,
    not too tall nor short. My husband died after 18 years of
    our marriage, I have 2 kids for my husband named; Denis
    and Dave. Denis is my first son, he is handsome, brilliant
    and very tolerance but when he was a kid, he has missus
    but due to our ignorance, we took him to the hospital and
    he was given an injection since then, Denis was unable to
    walk, as a sociable person, I can’t take him out. I deprive
    him of his right and anything that belongs to him, I gave
    it to Dave. Dave is not handsome like Denis but his also
    breathtaking. Although his not brilliant but I’ll spend my
    last card to make sure he gets the education he want. I
    torment Denis life after my husband demise because
    when he was alive, he loves Denis than Dave. You can say
    am callous but how did you feel? A boy that is disable, I
    felt so disgust anytime I saw him. Although he still lives in
    the same compound with me but I put him in the boy’s
    cutter…at the end, what ends my story is misery!
    My name is Diana, I’m in my early 20, I’m fair in
    complexion, I’m the only child of my parent. My mum
    died after she gave birth to me. My dad raised me up
    with the help of nanny. At a point in my life, I thought the
    nanny was my mother while my dad is her husband
    because my dad does not have a relative or friends
    except his business associate. I got to know my nanny is
    not my mother one day when am on my way from school,
    I heard my dad shouting on my nanny; Go away! Who
    ask you to stay? If you go I’ll employ another nanny for
    my daughter. You can go if you care. I was so surprised
    that faithful noon to heard my dad shouting because
    since I was born, I have never saw him do such. I was still
    in deep thought when my nanny came out with a
    straight face. I walk up to her and ask what’s the problem
    was all about. She told me since I was born, she was the
    one taking care of me and took me as her own child but
    now its time for her to get married,she said she’ll not be
    living with us any longer. On hearing that, I started
    crying. She said that was what she went to tell my dad
    before he started shouting on her,she told me to stop
    crying that anytime I need her help, I’m free to call her.
    That was how my nanny left. Then I was 14 years of age
    later in the night I went to my dad room I confronted him
    for being so harsh to my nanny. He told ♏ε̲ he’s so sorry
    and promised to get me a new nanny as soon as possible.
    He pat me on the back and we slept together in his room.
    The following morning was Friday, when I woke up, I
    couldn’t see my dad beside me, I sprung on my feet and
    went to the bathroom, I did not see my dad there I
    checked everywhere but my dad was no where to be
    found. I went back to his room and saw a piece of paper
    on the table indicating he has travel as usual. I sat on the
    floor and started crying. That day, I couldn’t go to school
    because I was so tired! Wait sef, what is the essence of
    going school when all they do is to bully me, I don’t have
    friends in school but I have many enemies. My classmates
    always abuse me . Some even call me an orphan because
    they haven’t met my mum and my dad only my nanny
    which everyone of them knows as my nanny. I stood on
    my feet and went to the bathroom, I sat inside the bath
    tub with water rushing on my head for some minutes
    before I stood up and left there for my room. After I
    dressed up, I went to kitchen to prepare egg and toast
    bread. 2 days later, my dad is not yet back as I slept all
    alone in the house which was so weird. Story to be continued….

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    Nyc start

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    Episode 2
    My name is dennis, I’m in my early 20,am chocolate in
    complexion,tall in height and most of all am disable! I lost
    my leg when I was a kid due to ignorance of my parent.
    I’m daddy’s pet. I love my daddy and he loves ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ too
    unlike my mother who hate me like a piece of rag. I’m
    brilliant right from my primary school days. My dad
    always took me to school even when I was in secondary
    school. We slept together in his room and at times, he
    bath for me. I eat anything I want anytime my dad is
    around. Thank God m through in secondary school before
    I lost my father the sufferness I would have encounter
    won’t be able to say.
    The day my father died was the saddest day of my life. I
    just got back from school that day when they brought
    the news of my dad death, I broke into tears. I cried
    many days because the day my dad died was the day I
    was given scholarship. My dad driver was the only friend I
    have and he was the one that help me to my room, I
    cried so much. Not up to 2 days after my dad demise,
    madam Douglas! You can be amazed I did not call her my
    mother! I can’t because she’s not worthy to be my
    mother. She bugged into my room that day and told me
    to move to boy’s cutter tagged with my new room! I tried
    to protest against her decision but my dad driver named
    dele ask me not to say anything. He took me out to the
    boy’s cutter and packed my belongings there. Boy’s
    cutter was where the driver was staying right from time
    and from that day, we slept together there. I told him
    about my scholarship and he broke into joy he was so
    happy for me.
    There was some time Mrs Douglas decided not to give us
    meal, dele will go for a petty job and will come back home
    with many food. Some weeks later, Mrs Douglas did not
    pay him his monthly salary. Dele shout on her at first to
    the extent of fighting her but I begged him not to. I
    stand against Mrs Douglas when he told him to pack his
    loads and leave the house.This man is not going
    anywhere because my dad build this housedriver tried to leave
    afterwards but I begged him not to go because if he go,
    I’ll face much suffering. He accepted and stay with me.
    One day, I was strolling in the compound when I heard
    Mrs Douglas and her friend discussing about me, Mrs
    Douglas friend was advising her to send ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ to higher
    institution but she declined. She said she can’t because
    she don’t think I can be useful. I felt let down, I was
    devastated and unhappy. I went back to my room and
    narrate everything to my driver. He said I should be
    happy because I have a scholarship already.
    I’m so annoyed with my friend Dolapo. How can she told
    me to send that disable imbecile to higher institution
    when she knows he can’t be usefull. Although Dare that I
    like doesn’t know anything infact to spell his name is a
    big problem for him but that doesn’t stop me from
    sending him to school. That stupid driver that turn
    himself to Dennis driver I’ll show him hell. I’ll make sure I
    implicate him and send him out of this house. Its now 3
    days now that my husband lawyer has been disturbing
    me that he want to come and read the WILL but I told
    him not to come yet because I know there will be
    something for that disable imbecile and am not ready to
    give him a dime of my husband property.
    My business is still going on fine and dere is sales
    everyday. I have stopped giving those two nonentities my
    food and I don’t know if they eat infact I don’t want to
    know as far as my Dare is well feed, I’m very fine. Some of
    my husband family has complain about me putting
    Dennis in the boy’s cutter but I snubbed them off and
    told them never to come near my house again.
    Hmmmmmm! You may think I’m wicked but no I’m not,
    I’m just a woman of multiple policies. DIANA
    Monday morning my dad is not yet back from travelling,i
    am still thinking of how to go school when the door was
    opened by my dad mechanic. As he came in, he said my
    dad ask him to take me to school. I stand up on the sofa I
    sit and follow him. We drove in silent ttake me to school. I stand up on the sofa I
    sit and follow him. We drove in silent throughout the
    journey to school and I can’t help myself but to think. is
    this the way I’ll continue living, living all alone, sleeping all
    alone in the house, doing things alone, had it been my
    mum is alive, it wouldn’t be this difficult for ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ that I
    know. I was still thinking as the man hand over money for
    me and drove me off to my class. I glanced through the
    money given to me but I’m tired of collecting this man
    money. I have had enough of this. I walk into my class
    and put my head on my locker crying as my classmate
    started bullying me as usual.
    I raised my head up when the 1st teacher came in and
    that was wen I noticed a new boy in my class as he also
    keep looking at me with pity eye. I quickly take off my
    eyes off him and face my study for that day, am not
    brilliant as I used to be but at least I’m an average
    student. After the closing time, I noticed the guy was
    coming towards where I stood. I was at the gate waiting
    for the mechanic to pick me up as. The guy walk up to
    me and told me his name is Daniel a new student, he said
    he likes me and want me to be his girlfriend.
    After one week, my dad came back from his trip and
    apologise for leaving only me at home. He promised me
    that when next he’s coming back home he’ll bring ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ a
    new nanny because he said he’ll soon travel back.
    I so much love my dad anytime he’s at home, he always
    play with me. He cooked for me even though he don’t
    know how to cook much and that why I always miss him
    when he’s not around. Two days later, my dad went back
    on travelling and its up to a week now that Daniel has
    been disturbing me I decided to tell him yes since I don’t
    have anybody to talk to.. Story to be continued…………..

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    Mzokeowo Inumidun Motunrayo
    Individual cross episode 3:: DIANA: Some weeks later, I
    and Daniel has become more intimate, I don’t feel
    bothered anytime my dad is not around. Daniel’s family
    are not poor nor rich but they are ok.
    I was disvirgined by Daniel on my 15th birthday, we
    normally eat, sleep and play together, he do come to
    spend time with ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ anytime my dad is not around. I have
    knew his mother but I haven’t met with his father
    because he is a drunkard dat don’t usually stay at
    home.any time I went to visit daniel’s mum I do give her
    money and food stuff. She always allow Daniel to stay in
    my house anytime my dad is not around but she do
    advise us not to do what married couple do. Anytime my
    dad is around, Daniel won’t come. My dad is yet to bring
    new nanny has he as promised and I don’t feel bother to
    ask him since I now have Daniel. I used to give Daniel the
    half of money my dad gave me attyms I will give him all
    the money I just want to see him happy.
    After secondary education, I and Daniel wrote jamb and
    got admission into same university. Before we enter
    university, I and Daniel have had sex several times at
    times with condom and at times without condom. There
    was a time I would sneak out of the house to go and have
    sex with Daniel when my dad is around. I’m now sex
    Daniel’s parent were unable to send him to school
    because of money but I promised them I’ll sponsor him.
    My dad doesn’t fail me when it comes to issue of money
    so it was easy for me to send Daniel to school. My dad is
    yet to have another wife and I don’t know why. I always
    feel like asking him why but I just keep my mouth shut
    because I don’t want him to get annoyed with me. When
    we got to school I and Daniel stay in the same room
    because my dad rent me a self contain so we make use of
    it together. Since I resumed to school, my dad came just
    ones that is how I and Daniel started living as a couple.
    I have a week left to go for school but I don’t have money
    to buy food stuff, I told my driver about this and he
    promised to help me get money at all cost. One noon I
    left our room and headed to meet Madam Douglas mayb
    she can give me some money. As I step inside the house,
    I overheard her having discussion with my dad lawyer,
    they were arguing and the man was shouting on her ‘I
    can’t wait any longer’. I step inside the house and Mrs
    Douglas was the 1st person to question me;
    What are you doing in my house? Haven’t I told you not
    to enter here again? The lawyer came in immediately and
    he cut short Mrs Douglas ranting. How could you be so
    callous to your own son? Dennis pls come and sit down I
    walk pass them and sat on one of the sofa as the lawyer
    also sit. The lawyer start to read out my dad WILL. I was
    so surprised because my dad did not WiLL anything for
    Dave. He only WILL the current house we were staying in
    for Mrs Douglas but my dad gave me all the remaining
    properties. I can see sadness and hatred in the face of
    madam douglas when the lawyer read the WILL I thank
    the lawyer after we left the house and told him to help
    me keep all the properties because am going to school
    very soon. I told him about my scholarship and ask him to
    give me some money for my upkeep in school which he
    oblige. 2pm that day, I saw alert of 200,000 on my
    phone,I was so happy when my driver came back home, I
    told him about the development he was so happy as well.
    The following day, I and my driver went to my school. We
    arrive at the hostel prepared for me by the
    government,my driver arrange the room and parlour. He
    went to the market to buy all sort of food stuff, he
    arranged it neatly.we did not go to Mrs Douglas house
    that day. My driver help me with my school registration
    before he went back home to pack our belongings.
    When he came back to my hostel he told me how Madam
    Douglas approached him! He said Madam Douglas ask of
    me but he did not even give her any answer that he just
    went in, pack our things and left the house. He said Mrs
    Douglas just stood there with her mouth wide opened. I
    and my driver named Dele started living together and
    anytime I have lectures, he will drive me to my lecture
    room and come back to pick me. I told him to also write
    jamb so that he can enter school as well but he said he is
    not interested in school. I was made my class REP in my
    100 level due to my brilliance.
    MADAM DOUGLAS. After the stupid lawyer read the will I
    found out my late husband does not give Dave anything
    out of his properties, I told the crazy lawyer to change the
    WILL in favour of Dave but he decline. Its now 3 days that
    my driver and Dennis left home, I don’t know there where
    about although I hate them but I don’t want them
    missing. I was still thinking as the driver walks in I try to
    ask him where my son is but he snub me. He pack there
    things and left the house. Not that i care about them
    anyway I just want to share out of his property,to hell
    with wherever they are, all my concern is with my son
    He is now in SS2 and by next year, he’ll be through and
    will go to higher institution.
    Since my husband did not bother to give me much
    property except this house, I see no reason why I should
    not look for a man that will be servicing my body for me.
    After some weeks, i met a small guy called Dayo, his
    handsome but young, he always come to service me
    anytime I need him and I normally pay him handsomely…story to be continued…

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    Some women sha:: and please i don’t realy get this right(about Denis being disable) and he is walking. What type of disable please? Can you make me happy by posting the next episode? Mzinumidun!

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    Nyc one,dat woman ll surely regret her action

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    Dennis has measles when he was young but due to the ignorance of his parent, they took him to the hospital and he was given an injection so since then, he was unable to walk on his own without the help of walking [email protected]

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