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    *True love doesn’t mean being inseparable. It means being separated and nothing changes*
    Have you even been deeply in love with someone? Have you heard your heart beat for someone? When he hold you close every night, waking up to you each morning. Walking with you in the sunshine and cuddling with you in the cold. When she takes good care of you when you are ill. Sometimes you can’t sleep thinking about him/her. Everytime you hear his voice, it runs through your mind every second. Ever felt like it’s just you and him in the planet or world because of the way you feel about him/her.Love is what you feel inside of your heart.
    There are things you would love to hear that you will never hear from the person who you would like hear them from but don’t be so deaf as not to hear it from the one who says it from their heart. Once you lose an opportunity you will never get one..just saying.
    Inseparable love- a love which cannot be separated. A love which people try and try but could not separate it. Stevie was looking out at the sea, dressed in a dark suit, as she approched the balcony. When he turned and his gaze met hers her breath caught in her throat. It wasn’t right that a man could be so sexy. The cloth of his suit had been cut with precision, emphasising his broad shoulders and strong thighs to perfection. She swallowed hard, desperate to calm her racing heartbeat. Acting as if she is seeing him for the first time. Her attraction to him was stronger more than he could ever imagine.
    “You look beautiful,” he said, his voice deep, with a husky edge to it. “Exactly what I had in mind.”
    “I am glad it meets with your approval,” she said and walked past him to the table, selecting a drink from those prepared. In a bid to rein in her rising and very mixed emotions she all but downed her drink in one go.
    “Steady, babe.” He smiled. A mocking smile, as if he knew her turmoil. “That drink is pretty potent.”
    She looked at the almost empty glass. The remains of the liquid looked more like a soft drink, but it’s effect on her head was already clear. Whatever was she trying to do to herself? She put the glass down and turned to look at him, holding her artificial hair back as the sea breeze toyed with it just as he was toying with her.
    “When are we going back to the country?”
    Already she thinking about going back, he thought as he looked at her pretty face.
    “Whats there to rush? We are in Spain at our honeymoon. Ashley is with her grandmother. I was thinking..maybe next year.”
    “What?!” she raised her voice and looked aside not wanting to show her anger at him. “Ashley is still young to be raised by someone else. She is just two years old.”
    “Someone else, really? We talking about my mother here. I know you don’t like or trust her but she has changed. She must have treated you badly but please bury the hatchet. She is trying her best to be a good grandmother to our daughter. If you ready shall we go?”
    He didn’t wait for her to answer, but placed his hand in the small of her back, it’s heat scorching through the silk of her dress, and all but propelled her towards the door. Outside, a sleek gleaming sports car waited, fiery red. Exactly what she had imagined him driving.
    “Suits you,” she said in a cavalier tone and dropped down into the low seat as he stood by the open door. He raised his brows and smiled at her.
    When Stevie climbed in beside her she became all too aware of just how close she was to him.
    “Is it far?”
    “No, it’s close by. ”
    The car growled into small harbour town and Adela couldn’t help but take it all in. Car as sleek and powerful as Stevie’s lined the narrow streets, parked outside global designer shops. Yatchs that looked more like floating palaces we moored alll around the harbour, many with lights glinting and parties in full swing on board. This was most definitely a playground for wealthy. Stevie parkec the car, expertly manouvering it into a space in front of one of the bigger yatchs. He switched off the engine and silence seemed to cloak them. The leather seat crunched as he turned to face her.
    “You look absolutely stunning tonight,” he reached up and pushed her hair back from het face and she trembled.
    She didn’t say anything.
    “I am still wondering why you chose Spain. We could have gone to Victoria Falls,” she finally spoke.
    “I have always wanted to come to Spain. It’s a beautiful country. Let’s just enjoy our days here.”
    “So it’s not a year,” she said with a laugh.
    “No, I was joking. Your daughter needs you right now. You were right she is still young to be away from her mother. Shall we?”
    He got off the car and opened the car door for her. They walked hand in hand to the restaurant.
    This is a sequel for Unbreakable love, meaning I am continuing with the story. It’s just the title that I had to change. I hope we are or will be on the same page. Any questions feel free to ask. Amy is here. She will help. Enjoy reading

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    first to comment . Bring it come dear we are enjoying it. May God bless ur effort

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    Bring it on

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    Holalal fire on….we da your back

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    Continue Am following steadily

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    owkay,,,, bring it on!!!

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    go on

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