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    Link to season 1

    link to season 2

    Copyright© 2016

    Genre: Romance/Love Thriller
    100% absent of erotic contents

    That you were allowed to copy/repost the last seasons on your blog, pages and vice versa does not guarantee
    automatic access to this season.

    Notice:Please, i plead with everyone, avoid the temptation of reposting this story else i will have no choice than to stop posting. Thanks

    “My name is Ben Derrick”
    ”You don’t look like him and will never look like him”
    “But we are already friends, the best of friends for that matter”
    “I want you to tell me more about yourself”
    “You like visiting people like your friends?”
    “Believe me, you are the only one that makes me happy and that is why I always want to be with you”
    “: Coming to your father now is not a good idea, moreover, you still have to further your education after secondary school and so will I. So, there is no need visiting your parents now, we only have to know each other better and that is what matters or are you in a hurry to get marry?”
    “My father is one of the influential personnel in this country; the incumbent senate representing our constituent and I have everything I need”
    “I want a place where I will influence little children, bring them up in the best way and help them in mathematic as it is becoming the highest challenge this country’s education system is facing”
    “Yes, I will be your girlfriend”
    “I don’t want to be under any man but I want to get pregnant and raise the child by myself and the father will not have anything to do with the child when he/she grow up”
    “: it is the weirdest thing to say but since we become friends, I have begun to develop a very strong feeling for…”
    “: I don’t really care about disgrace or anybody, all I care is you. You may think that my misfortune is responsible for me bringing myself low before you but I don’t care because I am following my heart”
    “I always want to surprise you”
    “You shouldn’t have done that Ben”
    “You don’t have to trust anybody or else, they will send you into your greatest regret of trust in your entire life. Just watch and see, you can go for now but remember that I will not stop fighting for your love”
    “I know that you will be because you brought me here to contract this”
    “I have been seeing her with him frequently. She was always in his office, in her car and the way she acts when the teacher is in the class shows everything”
    “That is very strange because I don’t think you will call me that on a normal day, maybe you are having some poignant exertions; can you tell me about it?”
    “Did you portend that you don’t tru…trus… trust me?”
    “: I know that she will go immediately you are okay but I pray that your sickness will not heal so soon, I mean, you will continue to be sick for two three years. I don’t even want you not to sick again, just keep on with your sickness but don’t die because I know that if you die now, she will not be here to cook of us”
    “So you now have the guts to ask me stupid questions. You are asking me what brought me here, have you forgotten that I was assigned to look after you? To provide you with everything that you needed? You seemed to have changed a lot; I have done everything in my power to bring you to the right part but all my efforts were now all in vain”
    “Why are you calling me, am I indebted to you?”
    “I never knew that you are such a fool when your uncle told me to extract money from you but you fell for my first trick. Thank God that I never had sex with you. You are just a capital fool, I thought that your friends are even stubborn but they are even more foolish than you. But I want to tell you that the mastermind behind everything was your uncle, your own blood. I think it is the time the truth is revealed; I never loved you but was playing according to your uncle’s instruction. Thank you for all your love and attention and may God grant you the zeal and strength to bear the pain of heartbreak”
    “What, what are you trying to say. Don’t tell me that you are truly responsible for her pregnancy”
    “You have to change your decision Ben. He loves you and has a reason for doing everything he does”
    “You know, everything seemed complicated and disgusting and telling you that will subsequently raise your spirit leading to unexpected demand from you which will in turn bring about suspicion from people”
    “If you don’t return within six months, I won’t have any other choice than to find you where ever you are”
    “You are sleeping with two sisters, twin for that matter. Do you know what that will cause between them if they find out that you are sleeping with both of them?”
    “I want you to leave this house and never return”
    “Maybe you should check the trending news on twitter and tell me if you can explain. Idiot”
    “Is it because I gave myself to you willing that make you think that I don’t know what I wants or who I love?”
    “And what did I do? I am responsible for what happened? That she caught me with her sister”
    “Okay mum. The truth is that I don’t love any girl as for now”
    “I think you guys are really getting together”
    “He will not do anything and could sleep anywhere he like either on the street, in the guess house or rather the unused gateman quarter”
    “I am leaving”
    “I told you that you are an idiot but you think that i am joking. How could you tell me that you are in town?”
    “Why did you bring me here when you cannot even reply my greeting?”
    “I didn’t reply because there is nothing good about this evening”
    “There is nothing like love. Everything is just infatuation; who delights your sight”
    “My name is Lady”
    “My name is Kelvin but my mum calls me Kay”
    “We timed our movement and hit at the right time and at the right area”
    “I know that you censure your uncle but i don’t think you have to do that; you only have to blame me. I have been hiding this from you but i think i have to let you know now; i want to change, you can do me anything. Your uncle loved you; i was the one that was blackmailing him”
    “I am B-X”

    source Here

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    Wow…The season 3 is out!

    @vivian8 @hi-bee-kay @oluwaferanmi @emergencia @hormortiyor Over to you dudes and divas.

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    Episode 1
    I ogled at the car solicitously, circumventing the gape of Frank who was striving for every potential means to initiate a conversation. After listening to what Tracy had to say, i had irately picked up my car key and hurried out of the house. Frank found his way into the car before i was even able to get to the car. I gave him a quick homicidal glance before focusing on the road.

    FRANK: please dude, it is not what you are thinking; it is just some form of malformation. You know that I will never do such thing, not when knowing too well that she was your girl then*he pleaded*

    I simply glanced at him without uttering any word. My mind was totally made up and there was no way the relationship could work out; not any more. Keeping secrets in any relationship is not the real problem but keeping an important thing away from your partner is very disastrous to the relationship.

    FRANK: i know how you feel right now Ben but you have to listen to me*he appealed*

    ME: you don’t know how i feel right now traitor because if you do, you would have gotten yourself out of this car * i shouted*

    FRANK: you are taking this too far man. For God’s sake, you should please give me a chance to explain. All that I said there were just means to achieve an end. I don’t mean everything that I said out there but I can’t watch a girl threaten me

    ME: What are you trying to justify man? Everything you said about what happened between both of you corresponded with her own sides of the story and you are trying to deny an unadorned truth? Or are you now regretting your misdemeanor? *I questioned lividly*

    FRANK: Oh my God! What on earth are you trying to insinuate? *He asked*

    ME: What I am trying to insinuate is that you should please keep your mouth shut and allow me to concentrate on the road. I know that you are having another bad thing in mind but please, I want to reach home alive *I responded*

    He kept on blabbing notwithstanding my adamant to listen. I drove into their compound and ordered him out of the car. He hesitated for some seconds before getting out. The bad feelings i had were intense, I felt like my world was crumbling; the only one that I intended to trust turning out to be the worst traitor I have ever had. The worst being that Frank could not tell me about it even after our breakup

    I drove into the compound recklessly and rushed inside, avoiding Kay who was tremendously stunned at my unexpected revolutionize of character. I got into my room to behold Anna sited on my bed in only her under wears. Her reluctant smiles infuriated me, enhancing my anger.

    ME: What are you doing here? *i shouted angrily*

    ANNA: I am here to see you *She smiled seductively*

    ME: Look Anna, you have to go now, i am not in the mood of this now *i with calm but angry tune*

    ANNA: What is the problem? *she asked with concern, standing up on the bed* are you okay?* she added with her gaze firmly fixed on my phizog*

    ME: Do I look okay? Please Anna, I am not in the mood for any question now* I replied*

    ANNA: What is it Ben? You can confide in me please * she pleaded*

    I shook my head in frustration; my head running thousands of thoughts without comprehending any. Telling her about my best friend’s affair with my ex-girlfriend was not the real predicament but explaining everything in detail to her will be appalling as it will reveal my real plan toward her husband. Being desperate will subsequently lead her to a wrong part so as to help me and I don’t want to involve anyone in my now aborted quest

    ME: please, you have to leave right now*I pleaded calmly*

    ANNA: I entrusted you with my entire secrets and instead of involving me in your life, you are sending me out of your room? *she asked as tears began to trip down from her eyes*

    ME: get out! *I shouted angrily without thinking*

    She climbed down from the bed slowly and began to walk toward me; my eyes drifted off from her, searching the room for her material. I quickly picked them up and pushed her out of my room as she was too reluctant to leave.

    ME: please don’t return back again and consider everything that we shared over *I said as she stood by the door in her under wears*

    What I said obviously surprised and infuriated her as she rushed to me and landed me two successive slaps on my either cheeks but that never bothered with tears drooling down her cheeks.

    ANNA: I loved you Ben; I have sacrificed a lot for you and after having your way with me to your satisfaction, you decided to pay me back with this because you have discovered another rich cheap s--t that will spend more than I did for you? *she sobbed. As she hit me on chest*

    I wondered how she got to know that I had another girl but it occurred to me that Timmy would have happily told her about it not knowing that he was setting up unstoppable fire. It was obvious that I have being too daft not think about that

    ME: Look Anna, all the things we have being doing are extremely crazy and perilous. You are my uncle’s wife to be crying out loud and he could do the unthinkable if he mistakenly finds out about us *I tried to explain though knowing too well that that does not matter at that moment. I began to regret shouting at her initially rather than explaining things to her amicably.*

    ANNA: You know since that everything we have being doing are very crazy but you accepted the deal *she shouted*

    ME: I accepted the deal because you gave me no choice, moreover, you haven’t fulfilled your own part of the deal *I retorted*

    ANNA: I haven’t fulfilled my own part of the deal because you never asked. I am always ready to fulfill my part of the deal

    ME: Fulfilling your own part of the deal does not make any sense because the deal is all for your own interest. I never asked you for anything because I needed nothing from you. All I did was to make you happy and I have now discovered that I have being trailing a very dangerous part and I can’t continue with that *I explained*

    ANNA: You think that I don’t know you? *she shouted* I know that you are nothing but a heartless playboy; a monster *she screeched* I know you more than yourself Ben. You dated Evelyn after dumping Tracy because you have gotten enough from her. You accepted me after dumping Evelyn and now you want to dump me because you have found an old fool to manipulate like you did to me. But I want to assure you that you have reached your cross road; I am your last point because I am not letting go of you no matter what. “She threatened*

    ME: Believe me Anna; I never dumped anybody neither am I a play boy. I am just the bad guy who is trying to do the right things. All that I am doing is for your own good. I want you to concentrate with your husband and forget about all these crazy things. You are still young to care much for sex than love

    ANNA: Either if what I do is crazy or being too young to care much for sex is none of your business; it is my life and my body. Moreover, I am not craving for sex but to be with whom my heart yearns for. *She replied nonchalantly*

    ME: whatever. This relationship is good as dead *I replied unflappably*

    ANNA: Really! *she laughed wickedly *don’t worry, when your uncle get to know that you have being sleeping with his wife, you will know what it takes to mass with the wrong person *She threatened and stormed out of the room*
    All these while, I never thought that Timmy might have returned and have being eavesdropping our conversation.

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    Ben be careful

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    Wow!! Finally finally, the imaginary questions would be answered.

    Seated… Don’t keep us waiting

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    Abeg make one show sharp sharp

    @froshberry-2 @victoriouschild @jummybabe and others

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    Thanks for the beeps. @froshberry-2.

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