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    The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

    Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

    n a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and becoming a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined.

    However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World

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    episode 1a

    Night slowly settled in a quiet manner and bright stars began to appear.

    On the hillside, a child about six years old was standing in a strange position. The child’s feet were stretched apart, toes touching the ground with the heels lifted, hands raised high above the head, his head tilted up, and faint spiritual energy constantly circled within his small body.

    Moonlight shone down, enveloping the child’s body.
    The boy continued his practice in this bizarre position, inhaling spiritual energy into his body, letting it flow along his meridians.
    Night slowly passed.

    As the moonlight faded, replaced by the first rays of sunshine, the child slowly lowered his palms. His eyes opened to reveal deep, dark pupils that seemed to have a sharp golden glint deep within them.

    Huang Xiaolong breathed out a mouthful of foul air, his eyes staring at the rising sun. From the day he was born to the present day, it had been seven years since he came to this world. He started practicing the Body Metamorphose Scripture at the age of three. Now four years later, he had managed to reach the Third Stage: Palm Propping the Sky Gate.

    In his previous life, his ancestors had trained under the banner of the Shaolin Temple and the Body Metamorphose Scripture was an inheritance from his ancestors. Until now, Huang Xiaolong had been unable to understand the reason why someone like him, who was hailed as a martial arts prodigy in his time, was brought to this world.

    And the matter that depressed Huang Xiaolong the most was that he awoke in the body of a newborn baby.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at his small thin arms and smiled sourly. He had reached the age of seventeen in his previous life, and after fourteen years of hard work, he had managed to train in the Body Metamorphose Scripture up to the Ninth stage, but never could he have imagined that he would have to start all over again.
    At this moment, Huang Xiaolong heard the soft rustle of footsteps coming from the direction of the hillside. Huang Xiaolong knew who it was without having to look over his shoulder and sure enough, soon a tender, childlike voice cried out: “Big Brother, I know that you are here to see the sunrise. Dad and Mom are looking for you.”

    Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder and saw a lovely little five-year-old girl with big round eyes and hair braided into two long braids, trekking up the small hill. This little girl was Huang Xiaolong’s sister, Huang Min.
    Other than Huang Min, Huang Xiaolong had another brother, three years younger than him named Huang Xiaohai.
    “Mom and Dad are looking for me?” Huang Xiaolong asked. “What is the matter?”

    “I don’t know.” Huang Min’s voice was laced with innocence, “Brother, let’s go back. If we are late, then Mom and Dad will spank your backside!”
    When Huang Xiaolong heard this, he smiled and squeezed Huang Min’s cute little cheeks before saying, “Let’s go then,”
    Huang Min rubbed the spot where Huang Xiaolong had pinched her little face, pouted then said sulkily: “Brother, you are truly hateful. I have told you, don’t pinch my cheeks!”

    However, just as Huang Min finished speaking, her cheeks were once again pinched by Huang Xiaolong, who laughed heartily as he made his escape. Huang Min chased after him screaming, trying to catch up.

    “Brother, don’t run!”
    The siblings frolicked all the way down the hill until they had made their way back to the Huang Clan Manor situated at the foothills.
    Although he was already seventeen in his previous life, being with his sister Huang Min brought out the child in him.
    Soon, the siblings got to the Huang Clan Manor.

    Back in the manor, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall. When he arrived at the main hall, there was a scholarly looking middle-aged man in his mid-thirties dressed in a white robe, sitting on the head seat. Next to him was a pretty woman. This married couple was Huang Xiaolong’s parents in this life: his father Huang Peng, and his mother, Su Yan.

    “Dad, Mom, you were looking for me?” Huang Xiaolong asked as he walked into the hall.
    Huang Peng raised his sharp, sword-like brows: “Where did you run off to so early in the morning?”
    “It’s fine. Don’t frighten the child.” Su Yan interjected with a smile: “Long’er, in a few days you will be seven years old. It’s about time to awaken the Martial spirit in your body. Your father and I are planning to bring you over to the Martial Hall for the awakening ceremony.”

    Martial spirit awakening? Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment.
    In this world, humans have an existence termed as martial spirits in their body. Human warriors’ strength was closely related to the talents of these martial spirits, and they were graded into low, average, and high; martial spirits graded ten and above were considered as superb talent martial spirits, a heaven-defying existence. The higher one’s talent, the better it was for their body to absorb the world’s spiritual energy and become a strong Warrior.

    Nevertheless, there were also people born without martial spirits and also those that had crippled martial spirits, rendering them unable to train. In Martial Spirit World, these people were labeled as wastes!

    Martial spirits… A light flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes for he too wanted to know if he possessed any martial spirit in his body, and if he does, what martial spirit would it be?

    Thus, Huang Xiaolong was led by Su Yan and Huang Peng to the Martial Hall of the Huang Clan Manor. When they arrived at the outer area of the sacred hall, it was already packed with people waiting with their children wanting to awaken their martial spirits.

    Other than Huang Xiaolong, there were also other brothers of the Huang Clan Manor who were present.

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    episode 1b

    An imposing middle-aged man stood in the center of the Martial Hall; he had a square face and thick, dense eyebrows, and emanated an oppressive aura. This man was Huang Peng’s older brother, Huang Ming. He was also Huang Xiaolong’s Eldest Uncle. Next to Huang Ming stood a boy the same age as Huang Xiaolong; Eldest Uncle Huang Ming’s second son, Huang Wei, who was also here for the martial spirit awakening ceremony.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan led Huang Xiaolong to the center of the hall. Greeting Huang Ming, Huang Peng called out: “Big Brother.”

    Huang Xiaolong followed in their greeting and called out: “Eldest Uncle.”

    When Huang Ming saw it was Huang Peng and Su Yan, his expressionless deadpan face loosened slightly, he nodded lightly and said: “You’re here.”
    According to Huang Xiaolong’s memory, he had never seen this uncle of his laugh. Huang Ming was in charge of the Huang Clan Manor’s Punishment and Disciplinary hall; therefore, he was a very strict person.

    Huang Ming did not utter another word after that, and Huang Peng knowing his brother’s temperament, took no offense.
    Not long after Huang Xiaolong arrived, a hearty laughter resounded from outside the hall. As Huang Xiaolong and the others turned to look, a healthy looking old man surrounded by a group of people entered the hall. This old man was none other Huang Xiaolong’s grandfather, Huang Qide, the Huang Clan Manor’s lord for the past forty years, the very person who established the Huang Clan.

    “Old Manor Lord!”

    Upon Huang Qide’s arrival, residents of Huang Clan Manor present in the hall quickly rushed over to pay their respects.
    Huang Ming, Huang Peng and Su Yan also moved forward quickly: “Dad!”

    Huang Xiaolong and Huang Wei both came forward: “Grandpa.”
    Huang Qide smiled, then nodded his head at Huang Ming’s group before turning to face the rest of Huang Clan Manor’s people– he smiled and said: “Do not stand on ceremony. Today, I came over just to have a look.” Usually, the Old Manor Lord would not make an appearance during the martial spirits awakening ceremony at the Martial Hall, however, this year was special because of Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong. This Old Manor Lord exited his closed-door retreat earlier than planned.
    Huang Qide walked to the front of the main hall, his eyes swept over the crowd in the hall before finally stopping on an old man in a gray robe standing next to him. Laughing amiably, Huang Qide said: “Since everyone is already here, let’s begin.”

    “Yes, Manor Lord.” The old man in gray-robe answered respectfully, and then he walked to the center of the hall.
    The old man in the gray robe was Huang Clan Manor’s Chief Steward Chen Ying; Huang Xiaolong heard his father say Chen Ying had been a follower of Grandfather Huang Qide for a long time– even before Huang Qide established the Huang Clan Manor, he was already by grandfather’s side.
    Chen Ying stood at the center of the hall, a light glowed in his hands, spreading an overwhelming force around the hall.

    Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up; is this power of a Ninth Order Warrior’s battle qi? So strong! Even with the strength of his previous life, having trained in the Body Metamorphose Scripture till the ninth stage, he still would not be Chen Ying’s opponent.
    With Chen Ying’s channeling his battle qi, suddenly, in the center of the hall, a bright hexagonal pattern shone, forming a beam of light.

    “Huang Wei, you first.” Huang Qide looked to Huang Wei.
    “Yes, Grandfather.” Huang Wei answered and stepped forward into the hexagonal patterned light beam. As the beam of light fell on Huang Wei, everyone in the hall focused on Huang Wei who was now standing within the beam of light. Huang Ming’s usually expressionless face showed a faint trace of tension as he watched his son.

    The beam of light wrapped around Huang Wei for a brief moment before a black light took over, enveloping Huang Wei. Finally, the black shadow of a tiger gradually emerged from behind Huang Wei. It was a black tiger with three eyes. As the shape of the black tiger condensed and became more corporeal, a ferocious tiger’s roar echoed in the main hall.

    Everyone was stunned.
    Huang Qide stared at the faint black shadow behind his grandson Huang Wei; his eyes shone brightly as he let out a big laugh, tremendously pleased.
    “This is a grade ten martial spirit, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger!” Chief Steward Chen Ying cried out in a trembling voice.

    A Three-Eyed Black Tiger martial spirit was considered one of the top among the high-grade martial spirits; it was infinitely the closest to being a superb talent martial spirit.

    Huang Wei’s martial spirit turned out to be a grade ten martial spirit, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger!


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    episode 2

    Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirit?

    “A grade ten martial spirit, it turned out to be a grade ten martial spirit!”

    A grade ten martial spirit was very uncommon. Not only in Canglan County, but the entire kingdom.
    Huang Ming looked at the Three-Eyed Black Tiger hovering behind his son. Both of his fists were clenched tightly, barely able to contain the excitement he felt at that moment. Even so, his body trembled slightly.
    Huang Qide’s laughter continued to reverberate in the hall for some time. He did not expect his impromptu visit to the Martial Hall would give him such a wonderful surprise!

    “Good, good, good!” Huang Qide repeated the word ‘good’ three times with a wide smile. Inhaling deeply, he gathered himself as he tried to suppress the excitement in his heart.
    His eyes were full of joy as he looked lovingly at this grandson who possessed a grade ten martial spirit. He believed with the support and cultivation resources provided by the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Wei’s achievements would surely surpass him, allowing his grandson to reach a realm that he spent his entire life dreaming of.
    At this moment, Huang Peng walked towards Huang Ming to offer his congratulations:

    “Congratulations Big Brother.”
    Huang Ming looked at Huang Peng’s sincere face, then he patted Huang Peng’s shoulders and said: “Thank you, Second Brother. Let’s wait awhile, Xiaolong has yet to awaken his martial spirit, there is a chance that he too might possess a grade ten martial spirit.” However, those who heard this understood that they were only words of comfort. After all, grade ten martial spirits weren’t white cabbages.

    In the big hall, Huang Clan Manor Elders and some stewards were busy congratulating Huang Ming.
    “Wei’er, come here.” At this time, Huang Qide, who was standing in the center of the hall, laughed as he waved at Huang Wei.
    “Yes, Grandfather.” Huang Wei replied. Before arriving at Huang Qide’s side, he passed in front of Huang Xiaolong, and his eyes inadvertently swept past Huang Xiaolong, carrying obvious complacency and arrogance. This little exchange went unnoticed by others, however it did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s perception.
    Grade ten martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong calmly looked back at him.

    Although Huang Wei was his cousin, the two of them weren’t close. Two years ago, Huang Wei and several other children of the Elders were bullying his sister Huang Min and coincidentally, Huang Xiaolong happened upon the scene. Thus the consequence needs no explanation. Huang Wei and the several Elders’ children were beaten up miserably. Ever since then, Huang Wei has held a grudge.

    Huang Wei walked over and stood in front of his grandfather. Huang Qide’s hand reached out to rub Huang Wei’s head, smiling and filled with love. Laughing, he turned to Huang Ming and said, “Huang Ming, you did a good job of giving birth to an excellent grandson!”

    On the other end, Huang Ming felt a little embarrassed while listening to his father’s praise, ”Dad, don’t you think we should first continue with the awakening ceremony?”

    Huang Qide nodded in agreement, this was not the proper time to discuss this matter. Smiling amicably, he said: “Right, let’s continue with the awakening ceremony.”

    After Huang Wei, it was Huang Xiaolong’s turn. When Huang Qide spoke, the elders, stewards and disciples could not help but turn to look at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Wei as one of Huang Qide’s grandsons has a grade ten martial spirit. What about Huang Xiaolong?

    With the assembled clan members watching, Huang Xiaolong calmly stepped into the hexagon-patterned light beam.
    Huang Peng and Su Yan could not help but hold each other’s hand nervously, even their heartbeats quickened while watching their son stepping into the hexagonal light beam.
    Huang Xiaolong did not stay inside the light beam filled area for very long. Just like Huang Wei, a black light also appeared around Huang Xiaolong’s body. Seeing this scene, the crowd stared blankly, and subsequently a blue light suddenly appeared next to the black light. Two different lights flashed intermittently, giving off a devilish sensation.

    Then, a black shadow and a blue shadow appeared behind Huang Xiaolong’s head. Everyone saw a serpent-like creature that had two heads − one with a black head, the other a blue head.
    The surrounding people exchanged glances with each other.

    A double-headed serpent martial spirit?!
    Within their knowledge of beast type martial spirits, a double-headed serpent was either red or yellow in color, but this double-headed serpent appeared in black and blue.

    Huang Qide looked at the martial spirit behind Huang Xiaolong, his puzzled eyes were tinted with a trace of disappointment. In his opinion, this grandson’s martial spirit was nothing but a variation of the double-headed serpent martial spirit. Some Huang Clan Manor disciples also possess variation types of martial spirits. Therefore, the emergence of a variation martial spirit was not uncommon. Even though a grade seven double-headed serpent was considered a high-grade martial spirit, compared to Huang Wei’s Three-Eyed Black Tiger, the difference was like heaven and earth.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan looked at the martial spirit hovering behind their son, Huang Peng’s expression differed not from Huang Qide. Although compared to the majority of the clan people a grade seven martial spirit’s talent was considered high, Huang Peng was still a little disappointed with the outcome. Which parent doesn’t wish the best for their children?
    “Old Manor Lord, what do you think?” Chief Steward Chen Ying couldn’t help but refer to Huang Qide.

    wHuang Qide declared: “A variation of the double-headed serpent, grade seven martial spirit.”

    All Elders and stewards present in the temple hall nodded their heads, apparently agreeing with the Old Manor Lord’s judgement.
    Grade seven martial spirit, a variation of the double-headed serpent? Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the hexagonal patterned light beam, his face calm. Only he knew his martial spirit wasn’t as simple as a variation of the Zdouble-headed serpent.

    Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was only a grade seven variant double-headed serpent, Huang Wei’s mouth curved into a mocking sneer, his eyes provoking as directed them at Huang Xiaolong.
    Huang Xiaolong naturally noticed Huang Wei’s provoking eyes, but he didn’t mind in the least, for he was too lazy to play a staring game with a little kid.
    The child after Huang Xiaolong was Elder Zhou Guang’s son, Zhou Xuedong. Zhou Xuedong was one of the Huang Clan Manor children Huang Xiaolong beat up for bullying Huang Min.

    Very quickly, Zhou Xuedong’s martial spirit was revealed to be a grade six martial spirit − the Blood-Eyes Wolf. One by one, more than a dozen of the Huang Clan Manor’s children stepped into the light beam and had their martial spirits awakened. Most of them possessed grade four martial spirits, some five, and even a few grade six martial spirits. There were a number of waste martial spirits and low-level ones as well.

    In this round of the martial spirit awakening ceremony, though Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit came in second, there was not much of a difference. He and the rest of the Huang Clan Manor children were just a sideshow, overshadowed by Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit.

    After the awakening ceremony ended, Huang Qide smiled and said to Huang Ming, Huang Peng, and the other present elders: “I will personally be advising Huang Wei’s practice from now on.”

    Personally advise? Everyone was astonished.

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    Personally advise? Everyone was astonished.
    “Yes, Dad!” Huang Ming’s face bloomed, agreeing immediately.
    Looking at his own son, Huang Peng sighed regretfully in his heart after hearing his father’s plan to oversee Huang Wei’s cultivation personally.
    After a while, the crowd dispersed and the Martial Hall was closed.
    Returning to the Eastern Courtyard, Su Yan’s heart was brimming with dissatisfaction, “How could Dad show such favoritism? He wants to oversee Huang Wei’s practice personally. What about our Xiaolong? Is Xiaolong not his grandson?”
    Huang Peng frowned and waved his hand, his voice heavy as he said: “Don’t mention this anymore. No one is allowed to bring this matter up in the future.” However in his heart he too felt aggrieved, but with Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit it was granted that his father would want to do so.
    “Xiaolong, your talent is also good. Put more effort into your practice, achieving Eighth Order Warrior will not be difficult for you.” Huang Peng turned towards Huang Xiaolong and attempted to comfort him.
    “I understand, Dad.” Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth wanting to tell Huang Peng and Su Yan that his martial spirit shouldn’t be grade seven. In the end, he could only reply as such and not say anything more.
    Before Huang Xiaolong left, Huang Peng gave him a cultivation technique for training battle qi and explained the important points Huang Xiaolong should focus on during practice. Huang Xiaolong listened attentively and memorized them to heart.
    After leaving the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall, Huang Xiaolong returned to his own small courtyard and began practicing his battle qi according to the cultivation technique his father gave him. He sat down on the bed and started absorbing the world’s spiritual energy according to the first order instruction.
    As Huang Xiaolong utilized the cultivation technique, his martial spirit emerged from his body; the variant double-headed serpent manifested behind Huang Xiaolong. The so-called grade seven double-headed serpent suddenly stretched its jaw wide and devoured the surrounding spiritual energy at horrific speed, attracting the spiritual energy around Huang Xiaolong.
    The spiritual energy devoured by the double-headed serpent flowed into Huang Xiaolong’s body, traveling along the meridians and gradually transformed into battle qi.
    Night approached slowly. Moonlight came shining in from the small courtyard window.
    A short while later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes. His face wore an extremely odd expression. Earlier, he followed the instructions from the cultivation technique his father gave him, the Xuan Qin cultivation technique’s first layer, to condense his battle qi by running spiritual energy along the meridians. He managed to direct the flow of spiritual energy for one complete turn without obstacles or difficulties.
    Within these few hours, not only did he successfully convert spiritual energy into battle qi, he broke through to First Order Warrior!
    Huang Xiaolong’s heart was filled with a sense of disbelief. If he remembered correctly, his father mentioned that his grandfather spent nearly six months before successfully breaking through to First Order Warrior!
    His grandfather’s martial spirit was one of the top grade eight martial spirits, the Six-winged Golden Ape!

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    episode 3

    Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong Did Not Get Any?

    If others discovered that Huang Xiaolong not only managed to convert battle qi, but also broke through to become a First Order Warrior in just a few hours’ time, it would probably scare them half to death.

    Even Huang Xiaolong himself found it hard to believe, much less the others.

    Although from early on Huang Xiaolong had the suspicion that his martial spirit was not just some simple grade seven martial spirit, still, this result was too heaven-defying. According to his father, the higher the grade of a martial spirit, the higher the cultivation talent and the faster one’s cultivation speed. His grandfather, Huang Qide, possessed a top-tier grade eight Six-winged Golden Ape martial spirit and yet it took him half a year to breakthrough to First Order warrior, whereas he had only spent a few hours. In other words, his martial spirit’s grade was even higher than his grandfather’s!
    Grade ten martial spirit? No, a grade ten martial spirits cultivation speed wouldn’t be this terrifying. A thought streaked across Huang Xiaolong’s mind …
    Superb talent martial spirit!
    Superb martial spirits existed only in myths and legends.
    Above grade ten there was said to exist grade eleven and even twelve! Although people were unsure about the highest grade a martial spirit could reach, it was certain that Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was definitely above grade ten.

    Moments later, Huang Xiaolong managed to calm the excitement in his heart and continued running the Xuan Qin cultivation technique. The double-headed serpent once again emerged behind him with its mouths wide open, devouring the world’s spiritual energy while battle qi circulated along his meridians, following the First Order Warriors’ meridian route.
    This time around, the battle qi’s circulation speed was a lot faster than before and Huang Xiaolong clearly noticed the battle qi within his meridians had grown thicker. Although the difference was not obvious, after circulating his battle qi a dozen times, the battle qi’s thickness increased by almost half the original density.
    By the time Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, the gentle moonlight had dissipated and was replaced by a ray of sunlight streaming in through the window onto his small body.

    Under the warm morning sun, Huang Xiaolong stretched lazily and got out of bed. During last night’s practice, not only did he experience a breakthrough and became a First Order Warrior, he actually reached mid-First Order.
    “Mid-First Order.” Huang Xiaolong’s deep eyes watched the rising sun. According to this practice speed, within three days he would be able to reach late-First Order, perhaps even have another breakthrough and become a Second Order warrior!
    Huang Xiaolong walked out from the room to the little yard, his small hands clenched into a fist. Gathering his battle qi in his fist, Huang Xiaolong punched towards a half-meter big rock at the corner of the small yard.

    “Boom!” The sound of an explosion rang out and the half-meter big rock flew back and fell, rolling a few meters away. A corner of the rock crumbled into pieces and scattered on the ground.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at the result and nodded his head in satisfaction. In general, a late-First Order warriors’ battle qi has the strength of one stone. While he was only at mid-First Order, because he trained in the Body Metamorphose Scripture, his attack power was comparable to a late-First Order warrior.
    The power of one stone was calculated at one hundred and twenty pounds.

    Huang Xiaolong also noticed after one night of practicing battle qi, the muscles in his body were stronger and more firm.

    Warriors from the First to Third Order were grouped into the initial stages of cultivation. In this initial stage, as battle qi flows along the meridians, it refines the body’s muscles. By the time Huang Xiaolong reaches the pinnacle of Third Order warrior, his muscles will be fully developed, enhancing his reflexes, strength, and defense several times over compared to his current self.
    At this moment, sounds of light footsteps could be heard from outside the yard. Huang Xiaolong was startled for a moment and then shook his head, smiling when he realized the visitor was his little sister, Huang Min.
    Sure enough, Huang Min’s innocent, tender voice sounded: “Big Brother, Big Brother!
    Huang Xiaolong turned around and saw Huang Min running into the yard. When she reached Huang Xiaolong, Huang Min was panting heavily: “Big brother, Mom and Dad are arguing.”
    “Mom and Dad are arguing? What’s the matter?” Huang Xiaolong was confused for a moment. To his recollection, his parents had never quarreled.

    “I don’t know the reason, but it seems it’s related to Eldest Uncle.” Huang Min said.
    “Eldest Uncle?” Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly, saying: “We’ll go and see.” Leaving the small courtyard with Huang Min, they hurried to the Eastern Courtyard. However, even before they reached the Eastern Courtyard’s hall, from some distance away, the sound of their parents quarreling echoed out.

    “Big Brother is too much!” Su Yan’s anger filled voice exclaimed. “After the martial spirit awakening ceremony, all the children received a Battle Qi Dan except for our Xiaolong!”
    Huang Xiaolong’s pace halted.
    Battle Qi Dan?− a second-grade pill. After awakening a martial spirit, if one could get a Battle Qi Dan, it would speed up battle qi conversion. Of course for warriors belonging to the initial stages, a Battle Qi Dan also aided in enhancing battle qi’s quality.
    “Didn’t Big Brother already say the Manor’s supply of Battle Qi Dan just ran out? He will compensate Xiaolong next time.” Huang Peng’s irritated voice was heard coming from inside the hall.
    “There was a total of twenty-six children during the martial spirit awakening ceremony and even those with low-level and waste martial spirits received a Battle Qi Dan. All others received one except for our Xiaolong who has a grade seven martial spirit!” Su Yan raised her voice in anger.
    “Why is it so? Our Xiaolong is his nephew!”
    Huang Xiaolong furrowed his brow. Listening to his parents’ quarrel, he understood clearly – other than him, all other children were given a Battle Qi Dan to aid their cultivation.

    Two years ago, when Huang Xiaolong seriously beat up Huang Wei, Huang Ming did not say anything at the time. It seems Eldest Uncle Huang Ming’s resentment towards him had been stewing for a long while.

    Although his grandfather Huang Qide had yet to pass the Manor Lord position to his Eldest Uncle Huang Ming, it was irrefutable that most matters of the manor were handled by him, especially in recent years. Just as his mother Su Yan said, even those with waste and low-level martial spirits were given a Battle Qi Dan. Only Huang Xiaolong, his nephew, did not get any. This was blatant bullying!

    No matter what, Huang Xiaolong was Huang Ming’s nephew– was it really necessary for Huang Ming to act so crudely?
    Huang Ming’s action not only proved he resented Huang Xiaolong, it also equaled sweeping face for Huang Xiaolong’s parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, in front of all the Huang Clan Manor Elders.

    “This cannot be. I’m going to ask Dad to judge the fairness of this matter!” Inside the hall, Su Yan discontentedly retorted for she was unable to swallow this down.
    “You come back here!” Huang Peng shouted furiously, “For some small matter, you are going to trouble Father. Do you think that I haven’t lost enough face?”
    Outside the hall, when Huang Xiaolong heard this, he silently turned to leave. A small matter, is it? A glint flashed across Huang Xiaolong eyes. His Uncle Huang Ming has yet to obtain the Manor Lord’s position, but once he has officially taken over, these types of small things will become much bigger!
    Huang Min saw Huang Xiaolong remain silent, turning to leave without a word. She could not help but stand there in a daze for a moment before reacting. She tried to catch up to Huang Xiaolong: “Big Brother, Big Brother!”

    Huang Xiaolong did not reply, the two of them left the Eastern Courtyard. Coincidentally, just as he stepped out they came face-to-face with Huang Wei. Trailing behind him was his usual gang of brothers, the same group that bullied Huang Min.

    Seeing both Huang Xiaolong and his sister exiting the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Wei was startled for a moment before he stepped towards Huang Xiaolong with the group.

    Sweeping/Slapping face- actions of insult.

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    episode 4

    Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly

    Seeing Huang Wei and the several boys behind him walking their way, Huang Min swiftly hid behind Huang Xiaolong.

    Huang Xiaolong stood there, his expression indifferent towards Huang Wei and the others who were approaching.

    Huang Wei walked over and stood in front of Huang Xiaolong, looked at him with condescending eyes, then said: “Huang Xiaolong, do you think you can protect your sister for an entire lifetime?”
    Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong revealed a sinister, evil smile. His eyes were dotted red with bloodlust as he retorted lightly: “So what, do you want to fight?” His heart was already fuming while leaving the Eastern Courtyard.

    The eldest son of Elder Zhou Guang, Zhou Xuedong, was standing behind Huang Wei and was unhappy with Huang Xiaolong’s attitude. “D--n it, who do you think you…!” Before his sentence finished, a pitiful cry rang out which was due to Huang Xiaolong kicking Zhou Guang’s belly so hard that he flew back, curling his body like a cooked shrimp.

    Since Huang Xiaolong’s heart was burning with rage, the power he exerted in his kick was naturally not light. Zhou Xuedong flew back, dropped to the ground and rolled six to seven meters before coming to a stop. His hands clutched his belly and his mouth was wide open but no sound came out – it was as if all of his internal organs were burning in a sea of fire.

    After gasping a few breaths, Zhou Xuedong cried. And d--n, it was an earth-shattering, ugly-looking kind of cry. Huang Xiaolong glanced at the dust-covered Zhou Xuedong, his face wet with tears cascading down like a waterfall. Huang Xiaolong curled his lips thinking; “A little brat is a little brat, tears streaming down like piss… just touch it a little and it will start leaking.”

    “You!” Huang Wei and his gang reacted in that moment. All of them stared at Huang Xiaolong with shock and panic in their eyes. Huang Wei didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to be so ruthless, even more so compared to two years ago.

    “What about me?” Huang Xiaolong looked directly at Huang Wei and the boys behind him, a brilliant smile surfaced: “You also want me to give you a kick?”
    Hearing this, Huang Wei and the rest retreated a few steps by reflex, looking warily at Huang Xiaolong’s right leg.

    Huang Xiaolong laughed while watching this scene, his laughter causing Huang Wei’s face to turn beet-red with anger and shame. Fire raged in Huang Wei’s heart and he shouted at Huang Xiaolong in order to cover his embarrassment, “Huang Xiaolong, you dare assault an elder’s son without good reason, just wait for your punishment!”

    “Assault without reason?” Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze swept across Huang Wei’s body as sharply as a knife.
    Huang Wei did not dare to look directly at Huang Xiaolong’s eyes and instead declared weakly with false bravado: “You… just you wait until the end of the year’s annual assembly. I will let you look good[1]!” Then, Huang Wei left with the boys trailing behind him in quick, panicky steps, not forgetting to bring along Zhou Xuedong who was still clutching his belly.

    “Big Brother, you hit Zhou Xuedong. If Huang Wei complains about it to Eldest Uncle, at that time will he…?” Huang Min asked with a worried expression, thinking how their Eldest Uncle Huang Ming whipped people during punishment, Huang Min couldn’t help but feel afraid.

    “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Huang Xiaolong said without any concern as he looked at the awkward retreating backs of Huang Wei’s group.

    He was confident that his kick would not leave any detectable bruises or injuries. Even if Huang Ming or Zhou Guang checked Zhou Xuedong’s body, they would not find any evidence. Even if his Uncle Huang Ming wants to punish him, he would still need to have some evidence– just like two years ago when he beat up Huang Wei and the several Elders’ children miserably, Huang Xiaolong received no punishment.
    “The end of the year’s Clan Assembly…” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself after Huang Wei and his group disappeared from view, his eyes glinting with a sharp light.

    At the end of every year, the Huang Clan Manor holds a clan assembly where young people from the Huang Clan Manor of similar ages were allowed to spar with one another as a learning experience.

    It seems Huang Wei was planning to oppose him during the Clan Assembly at the end of the year. By doing so, Huang Wei would not only display his strength and talent in front of everyone, but also settle his grudge with Huang Xiaolong in public.

    There was still five months until the Clan Assembly, and with Huang Wei’s talent, five months was enough time to reach late-First Order. Moreover, Huang Wei has Grandfather Huang Qide’s support and advice in cultivation.
    Huang Xiaolong could not help but to laugh, albeit a little sinisterly– in that case, five months later he would beat up Huang Ming’s son right in front of his face until even he couldn’t recognize Huang Wei.

    “During the Annual Clan Assembly, Grandfather would probably come to watch.” In Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, since Huang Wei was his valued grandson and under his personal tutelage, he would certainly make an appearance.

    A short while later, Huang Xiaolong sent his sister along before heading to the back mountain.

    At the back of the mountain, Huang Xiaolong practiced the Body Metamorphose Scripture before returning to his small courtyard.

    The Body Metamorphose Scripture was Huaxia’s [2] secret martial art from his previous life. Even if Huang Xiaolong did not cultivate battle qi, he would continue to train in the Body Metamorphose Scripture. It was rumored that once trained to the highest level, there was a mysterious force hidden in the Body Metamorphose Scripture.
    During last night’s battle qi practice, Huang Xiaolong noticed the internal force inside his body circulated along his meridians at the same time as the battle qi, complementing each other. Huang Xiaolong reaching mid-First Order warrior was due to his training in the Body Metamorphose Scripture for four years. Otherwise, even if Huang Xiaolong had a superb talent martial spirit, it was impossible to reach mid-First Order warrior in just one night.

    Back in his small courtyard, Huang Xiaolong started running the Xuan Qin cultivation technique and continued his battle qi practice.

    Three days passed quickly.
    Apart from eating and answering nature’s call over the past three days, every minute was spent practicing, trading between practicing battle qi in his yard and running to the back mountain to train the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

    On the fourth day.

    The silvery moonlight shined in the dead silence of the night.
    Like the past three nights, Huang Xiaolong sat on his bed and practiced according to the Xuan Qin cultivation technique. The double-headed serpent martial spirit emerged behind him, devouring heaven and earth’s spiritual energy at horrifying speed and channeled it into Huang Xiaolong’s body, converting it into battle qi. Compared to three days prior, the thickness of Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi inside his body had increased by ten-fold.
    Running the cultivation technique, battle qi rapidly surged along his meridians.

    After three days of non-stop practice, Huang Xiaolong reached the peak of late-First Order; he had a hunch that he would have a successful breakthrough to the Second Order tonight.

    About one hour later, as battle qi surged within Huang Xiaolong’s meridians, its speed grew faster and more volatile, like stormy waves, inducing pain as it crashed against his meridians, but to Huang Xiaolong this level of pain was nothing.

    As battle qi crashed violently throughout his meridians, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling his breakthrough was close but there was a barrier hindering him. He was unable to forcefully cross over the threshold, akin to a giant wave crashing against a solid wall.
    Huang Xiaolong was not discouraged. He knew it was important to remain calm and continued to run the Xuan Qin cultivation technique, circulating battle qi along his meridians. Suddenly, a sound permeated his body that only he could hear: the second barrier finally broke!
    The first layer meridian broke like a popped cork, battle qi instantly and enthusiastically gushed into the second layer’s meridians.
    Huang Xiaolong was delighted.

    He finally broke through to Second Order Warrior after a few days of hard work.

    [1] will let you look good – read as I will let you suffer (tremendously) / You’ll pay the consequences

    [2] Huaxia – usually used to describe the C country.


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