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    episode 5

    Chapter 05: Wants To Cripple Both Of My Arms?

    Second Order Warrior!
    From the first day of cultivation up to reaching Second Order warrior, Huang Xiaolong spent little more than three days! This was an unprecedented event.

    In general, a grade ten martial spirit would require at least one year’s time to breakthrough to Second Order. Even if one possesses a superb talent martial spirit, one needs at least six months to achieve this result.
    However, Huang Xiaolong only spent three days!

    Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he continued running the Xuan Qin cultivation technique so that the second layer’s battle qi that was flowing into his meridians became smoother and calmer, circulating slowly.
    If first layer battle qi meridians are akin to a small stream, then the second layer battle qi meridians are comparable to a small river, wider and larger, accommodating more battle qi.

    The night passed.

    When the morning sun’s warmth streamed through the window onto Huang Xiaolong’s body. Huang Xiaolong stopped his practice and opened his eyes. After one night’s practice, he had stabilized his Second Order warrior cultivation.

    I wonder what little brat Huang Wei’s progress is like? Huang Xiaolong thought, before jumping down from his bed and heading out of the room, stretching his limbs while facing the sun.
    Leaving his room, in the little yard, Huang Xiaolong caught sight of the very same half meter sized big rock in the corner that he hit several days prior. He couldn’t resist himself so he walked up to the big rock while lifting his right hand– battle qi wrapped around his palm as he landed a strike on the rock. The big rock trembled violently as small pieces of rubble crumbled down, scattering all over the place.
    On the surface of the big rock, one could see minuscule crack lines. Retrieving his right hand while observing the power of his palm, Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction. As per his expectation, after advancing to Second Order warrior, his strength was actually comparable to a late-Second Order warrior– that’s equivalent to the power of two stones.

    Back on earth, if a seven-year-old child had the strength of two hundred pounds it would be an unbelievable marvel, but here on Martial Spirit World it was nothing to be lauded.
    From the little courtyard, Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Eastern Courtyard.
    Not far from his little courtyard he heard several manor guards’ gossiping.

    “Gee, I heard that Young Lord Huang Wei successfully condensed his battle qi in just three days! During our time, it took us two months to condense our battle qi. At this rate, Young Lord Huang Wei will be able to break through to First Order warrior in less than four months!”
    “I wonder how Young Lord Xiaolong’s practice is going?”
    “Young Lord Xiaolong? Although Young Lord Xiaolong’s talent is not bad, to successfully condense battle qi would require at least a month’s time. That is simply incomparable to Young Lord Huang Wei. To break through to the First Order would be a minimum of one year’s time!
    So, that little brat Huang Wei was already successful in condensing his battle qi? Huang Xiaolong stood there with his hand behind his back, just like a small-sized adult as he watched the several manor guards walk away.
    Looking at the disappearing backs of the manor guards, Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Eastern Courtyard’s hall. Moments later after reaching the Eastern Courtyard and entering the main hall, other than his father and mother, there was also his little sister, Huang Min, and his four-year-old little brother, Huang Xiaohai.

    “Dad, Mom.” Huang Xiaolong called out as he entered the main hall.

    “Sit.” Huang Peng raised his head indicating to Huang Xiaolong that he sit at a particular chair inside the main hall, a trace of worry on his face. Sitting down, Huang Xiaolong found that Su Yan’s expression was the same as his father’s, so he opened his mouth and asked: “Dad, Mom, what happened?”

    “A few days ago, you beat up Zhou Guang’s son?” Huang Peng stared at his son and asked.
    Huang Xiaolong directed his gaze towards his little sister, Huang Min. Without a doubt, this matter was reported by his sister. Conscious that Huang Xiaolong was looking at her, Huang Min stuck out her small tongue, afraid to look at Huang Xiaolong.

    “That kid was looking for a beating.” Huang Xiaolong calmly said.

    Huang Peng and Su Yan were taken aback, looking at each other.

    “How is your practice these few days?” Huang Peng asked moments later, no longer questioning on the previous matter. These past few days, Huang Xiaolong had been training day and night, regardless of the time. Huang Peng and Su Yan had of course noticed this, and they felt comforted that Huang Xiaolong was putting effort into his cultivation.

    Hearing his father’s question about his practice, Huang Xiaolong hesitated for a moment, should he tell them the truth? Or should he conceal part of his strength, or perhaps reveal that he already condensed battle qi?
    Seeing his son’s look of hesitation, Huang Peng comforted him: “It’s only been a few days, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t condensed out battle qi– I spent a whole month before I successfully condensed out battle qi.”
    “That’s right. Xiaolong, your talent is higher than your Dad’s. You’ll definitely be able to condense battle qi after a month.” Su Yan said.

    In truth, the two of them seeing the look of hesitation on Huang Xiaolong’s face made them think that Huang Xiaolong was embarrassed to answer that he had yet to condense battle qi.
    Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment listening to his parent’s words. However, after a little thinking, he went along his parent’s line of thought, saying:

    “Dad, Mom, rest assured that one month later I will surely be able to condense out battle qi.”
    Listening to their son’s ‘oath’, both Huang Peng and Su Ya were very pleased.
    Although Huang Xiaolong said that, worry deepened on their faces as they thought about the dubiousness of Huang Xialong’s oath. Huang Peng then replied to his son, saying: “Xiaolong, the day before yesterday, Huang Wei announced that he would cripple both of your arms during the Annual Clan Assembly!”
    Huang Xiaolong finally understood the look of worry on his parents’ faces.
    Others might not dare to do so, but since Huang Wei dared say as much, then he probably will cripple his arms during the clan assembly and claim that it was accidental. At that time, even Grandfather Huang Qide would not penalize him and instead just reprimand him with a few stern words at most.

    “Cripple both of my arms?” Huang Xiaolong smiled, a trace of viciousness rising in his heart.
    Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s look of unconcern, Su Yan was afraid that Huang Xiaolong did not know the gravity of the matter:

    “Xiaolong, Huang Wei has successfully condensed battle qi and by the end of the year, he will be able to achieve late-First Order warrior. He’ll do what he said– at that time, he will definitely cripple both of your arms.” As Su Yan said this, an image of Xiaolong’s hands being crippled flashed through her mind and her eyes turned red.

    “What should we do? What can we do?” Su Yan broke down in tears.

    Huang Peng looked at his wife that was drowning in tears and was extremely vexed: “Woman, why are you crying? Can crying be of any help?”

    Su Yan turned over with a face full of tears: “If Xiaolong is disabled, what will you do then? If both of Xiaolong’s hands are wasted, how will he continue to live? Huang Peng, why don’t you seek Big Brother out, let him ask Huang Wei to let our Xiaolong off!”
    “Implore big brother?” Huang Peng frowned.

    “I know this will cause you to lose face, but do you prefer to see Xiaolong’s hands crippled?” Su Yan said, crying even louder.
    Seeing Su Yan crying so miserably, the two little ones, Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai, both walked over to her side and started crying together with her.
    Just when Huang Xiaolong wanted to say something, Huang Peng suddenly stood up while gritting his teeth: “Okay, I‘ll go!” After saying that, holding Huang Xiaolong’s small hand, he led him towards the direction of the Northern Courtyard.

    “Father, I–” Coming out from the Eastern Courtyard main hall, Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth wanting to say it was not necessary to look for Huang Ming, but he was interrupted by Huang Peng: “Xiaolong, in front of your Eldest Uncle, you must behave, understand?” After saying that, without waiting for Huang Xiaolong’s reply, he and Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Northern Courtyard.

    When they reached the Northern Courtyard, Huang Ming and Huang Wei, this father and son, were in the main hall.

    Coincidentally, Zhou Guang and Zhou Xuedong were also there.

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    episode 6

    Chapter 06

    Chapter 06: It Is Useless to Beg Me!

    As he sat in the hall, although Huang Ming found Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong’s visit a little sudden, he remained seated and did not rise when Huang Peng entered the hall.

    “Second Manor Lord.” Zhou Guang and his son, Zhou Xuedong, seeing it was Huang Peng, immediately stood up and greeted Huang Peng, not daring to remain seated like Huang Ming.
    Huang Peng first nodded at the Zhou father and son pair and then he turned to Huang Ming: “Big brother.”

    Huang Xiaolong followed with a somewhat reluctant voice: “Eldest uncle.”
    Huang Ming’s face was expressionless as usual and said: “Second Brother, you’re here. Sit.”
    Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong sat down on the chairs to the side. As Huang Peng was sitting down, he was contemplating how he should word his request to Huang Ming.

    “Second Brother, what brings you over here?” At this moment, Huang Ming asked.
    Huang Peng hesitated for a moment before honestly saying:

    “Big brother, I heard Huang Wei had said that at the end-of-the-year annual Clan Assembly, he will cripple both of Xiaolong’s arms, so…” Huang Peng’s words
    trailed off here

    “Oh, is there such a matter?” Huang Ming looked astonished.
    Huang Xiaolong looking at his Uncle Huang Ming’s deadpan expression and snickered inwardly. Even his father, Huang Peng, has heard about the matter, which means the news had already spread to the entire Huang Clan Manorㅡthere is no way that Huang Ming did not know about it.

    “Huang Wei, is there such a matter?” Huang Ming turned over and asked his son, Huang Wei.
    Huang Wei answered with unblinking eyes and an unchanging facial expression:

    “There is no such thing.” Glancing at Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong, Huang Wei continued: “In my opinion, there are people who are deliberately using this as an excuse to cause trouble for our Northern Courtyard.”

    Huang Peng’s face turned beet red from anger when he heard this. Did this mean that he and his son were idle people with nothing better to do so instead would run over to cause trouble for Huang Ming and his son?
    Huang Xiaolong was watching Huang Ming and Huang Wei. This pair of father and son’s ‘performance’ where one person asks innocently and the other answers in kind was ridiculous. He sneered in his heart.

    “Big brother, what do you say about this matter?!” Holding back his anger, Huang Peng turned to Huang Ming.

    Huang Ming waved, still maintaining his deadpan expression: “Well, Second brother since there is no such thing, you can go back now.”

    No such thing! The meaning behind Huang Ming’s words was extremely clearㅡthat Huang Peng came over to look for trouble.
    Repressing his rising anger, Huang Peng said: “Big brother, you mean to say that us, father and son, have nothing better to do, so we came over here to make trouble for you?!”
    Huang Ming frowned as his face turned cold: “Even if the matter is true, what about it? Sparring between same age peers during the Clan Assembly is a common event.”

    Huang Ming said this frivolously but he did not mention anything about Huang Wei wanting to cripple both of Huang Xiaolong’s arms.

    Huang Peng stood up in a rage, staring at his Big Brother Huang Ming: “Are you saying even if Huang Wei wasted both of Xiaolong’s arms, this is normal?!”
    With indifference on his face, Huang Ming said, “Then, are you implying that I should ban the peer sparring event during the annual Clan Assembly? The peer sparring event is a rule set by Father. Do you mean to say the rules set by Father are wrong?”
    A harsh light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. His father’s intention was just to have Huang Ming advise his son to let Huang Xiaolong off. Everyone in the hall knew what his father’s intention was. But Huang Ming twisted the facts, claiming that Huang Peng was requesting him, Huang Ming, to ban an event set by their Father to make things difficult for him.
    Zhou Guang and Zhou Xuedong, both father and son, sat there without speaking. In their eyes, their gloating pleasure was obvious.

    Huang Peng’s face flushed red
    with anger. Clenching both of his fists and taking a deep breath, he said to Huang Ming: “Xiaolong is your nephew!”

    Huang Ming raised his eyebrow, glanced at Huang Xiaolong and said to Huang Peng, “Do I need you to remind me about this? Don’t I know he is my nephew? Even if he is my nephew, it is useless for you to beg me!”
    Huang Peng laughed despite his anger. “Good, good.” Now, he finally sees his big brother’s true face and a chilling feeling filled his heartㅡdecades of brotherhood, yet they are no better than strangers!

    Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist saying in a cold voice: “Huang Ming, do you truly think that your son is capable of crippling me during the Clan Assembly?
    “Impudent!” Seeing a little brat like Huang Xiaolong daring to refer to him by name in front of Zhou Guang, he furiously stood up and he raised his palm to strike at Huang Xiaolong. An overbearing battle qi was aimed towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest. Suddenly, a silhouette flashed and blocked the battle qi for Huang Xiaolong.

    “Boom!” An explosion resounded and the silhouette blocking the attack in front of Huang Xiaolong staggered back heavily with a “deng deng” sound.

    “Dad, are you okay?!” Huang Xiaolong was anxious as he sped to his father’s side.
    Huang Peng waved his hand, shaking his head: “I’m fine.”
    In the end, Huang Xiaolong was still Huang Ming’s nephew. Although he was angered, Huang Ming struck with control. Otherwise, with Huang Peng’s late-Sixth Order strength, it would be insufficient to block a palm from Huang Ming, a late-Seventh Order warrior.

    Huang Xiaolong seeing that his father was not injured breathed a sigh of relief.

    At this time, Huang Wei who was quietly standing on the side came up and said: “Second uncle if you want me to let Huang Xiaolong off, it is not impossible as long as Huang Xiaolong kneels down, kowtows three times loudly, and lets me slap him twenty times at the end of the year Clan Assembly. Then I will let him off!”

    Kowtow three times and twenty slaps? Huang Peng’s brows creased tightly and he looked at his son.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Wei and said with a cold voice,

    “In the past or now, I, Huang Xiaolong, kneel before Heaven and kneel before Earth, but never before a person!” Then, turning to Huang Peng he said, “Father, let’s go!”

    Kneeling before Heaven, kneeling before Earth, but never before a person! Huang Peng was startled but he smiled appreciatively:

    “Good, son! Let’s go!” Saying that, Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong turned to leave.
    Huang Wei looked at Huang Peng and Huang Xiaolong’s departing silhouettes and with anger rising in his heart he started yelling at Huang Xiaolong’s back: “Huang Xiaolong, do you think I wouldn’t dare to cripple your arms during the Clan Assembly?”

    Huang Xiaolong didn’t even turn around as he left the Northern Courtyard entrance with his father. Huang Ming looked at the two disappearing figures, his face complicated.

    “Eldest Manor Lord, just because of Huang Xiaolong’s identity was he disrespectful to family elders, even daring to refer to Eldest Manor Lord by name. This is too-” At this time, Zhou Guang walked up to Huang Ming and was speaking.

    However, the words had yet to finish before Huang Ming’s palm swept past Zhou Guang’s face, leaving behind a clear red five-finger mark on his face.

    Huang Ming looked at Zhou Guang, his face expressionless but his eyes were as sharp as knives: “This is something between us brothers, you are not qualified to butt in!”

    “Yes, yes, Eldest Manor Lord, it is subordinate’s mistake, subordinate’s mistake!” Zhou Guang panicked and apologized over and over again.

    After a while, Huang Xiaolong and his father, Huang Peng, returned to the Eastern Courtyard. Su Yan, knowing that Huang Xiaolong and Huang Peng had returned, quickly walked up to them and asked in a worried voice: “How was it?”
    Huang Peng did not know how to explain. Instead, it was Huang Xiaolong who said: “Mom, you don’t have to worry about the Clan Assembly, I will be fine. Nothing will happen to me.”

    After hearing this, Su Yan thought Huang Wei had promised to let Huang Xiaolong off during the Clan Assembly‘s sparring event and her worried heart was finally appeased. Smiling, she said,

    “That’s wonderful, then all is good!”

    Huang Peng opened his mouth wanting to say something, but looking at his wife’s happy smile, he said nothing in the end.

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    I dey feel this tori, carry on my broda

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    Nxt episode abeg

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