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    Chapter 481: You Used Ten Moves

    A panicked disciple ran into the hall at this time, but before that disciple could say a word, Ao Kun already snapped at him, “What is happening outside?”
    “Reporting to Temple Master, a young human came to make trouble outside, Guard Yan and the others were all killed by him!” The demonic beast disciple blurted everything anxiously.
    A young human!
    Ao Kun and his eight brothers immediately knew that the young man who defeated Ao Shen had arrived, they just never expected him so soon.
    “How dare he! The second brother, Ao Sen, stood up in fury, hollering, “Killing our Nine Dragons Temple’s guards the moment he arrives, this is blatantly not putting us in his eyes! Even if he’s willing to submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, we must still let him suffer!”
    “Right, otherwise any bumpkin can run to our Nine Dragons Temple’s door, kill some of our guards, then quickly submit under us after being caught, won’t that just turn our Nine Dragons Temple into a joke?” Third bro Ao Bi shouted.
    “I say, after we capture the little punk, it will be possible for him to submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, but only if he kowtows every three steps from the Nine Dragons City gates all the way to our Nine Dragons Temple.” Seventh brother Ao Yi snickered.
    “Enough, let us all go out and see.” Ao Kun stood up with an insipid expression, “It has been a few years since I’ve made a move. A lot of people in the Martial Spirit World are curious about my strength.”
    Second brother Ao Sen laughed, “In fact, Big bro, you need not do anything, I alone am enough to capture that little punk.”
    Ao Kun waved his hand, “I’ll deal with that kid personally, all of you just watch, no need to interfere.”
    Ao Sen and the rest exchanged a look amongst themselves, complying with Ao Kun’s order.
    The nine brothers did not ask that demonic beast disciple how Huang Xiaolong killed the guards. With Ao Kun leading the group at the front and Ao Sen and the rest behind him, they walked out of the main hall.
    When the nine brothers marched out, a sharp aura surged from them, whirling up to the air above the Nine Dragons Temple. The weather changed as multiple purple-colored energy vortices rose to the sky.
    This sudden burst of power instantly alarmed the experts residing in the Nine Dragons City, who craned their necks in the Nine Dragons Temple’s direction.
    “What’s going on?! What big matter was able to bring out all of Nine Dragons Temple’s masters!”
    “We haven’t see the Temple Master show his strength in a long time, what happened that it has even alerted the Temple Master? Did something big happen to the Nine Dragons Temple?!”
    “All nine masters showing up together! Go, go, go! Let’s hurry to the Nine Dragons Temple and see!”
    In a short span of time, tempted by their own morbid curiosity, countless demonic beast experts within the city rushed to the Nine Dragons Temple from all directions.

    Outside the Nine Dragons Temple. Huang Xiaolong was heavily encircled by layers of demonic beast guards. A person walked out from the encirclement, clad in fine brocade robes, seemingly an Elder of Nine Dragons Temple, who was glowering at Huang Xiaolong, “A measly human race punk dares to kill in our Nine Dragons Temple?! I say, you’ve been living too comfortably!”
    “Merciless Heartless Sword Burial Strike!”
    Out of nowhere, a large demon sword appeared in his hand and stabbed straight at Huang Xiaolong. Numerous sword rays shot out, filled with a cold heartless and merciless aura, forming a sword burial m---d as if it wanted to bury all living beings in the world within.
    This demonic beast clan expert was a Fifth Order Saint realm expert. Whether it was his rank amongst the Nine Dragons Temple experts or the Nine Dragons City experts on a whole, his strength was generally recognized to be in the upper tier.
    The instant he attacked, gasps of surprise sounded from the spectating crowd.
    “Merciless Heartless Sword Burial Strike? This is Merciless Demon Saint’s ultimate skill from one thousand years ago! Wow, Elder Chen succeeded in practicing this skill!”
    “Rumors say that the Merciless Demon Saint has taken the lives of countless high experts with this one move!”
    “Look! That human brat is standing still! He’s dead for sure!”
    While the crowd whispered among themselves, Huang Xiaolong’s mouth opened wide as if he was yawning, gently blowing air from his mouth. The sharp, lethal sword energies aimed at him shattered in midair. The merciless atmosphere vanished with the sword energies like they never appeared at all.
    That Nine Dragons Temple Elder Chen’s pupils dilated in fear like he had just seen his worst nightmare. In the next second, his body shook and a tragic wail rang out as his body was thrown into the air.
    Ao Kun and his eight brothers had just stepped out from the main hall when Elder Chen flew over their heads, crashing down on the main hall’s floor.
    The whispers were cut short by gasps of shock, followed by dead silence.
    A moment after the dead silence, all the spectating demonic beast experts s----d in a cold breath and retreated a few steps back by reflex, distancing themselves from Huang Xiaolong.
    The many rows of Nine Dragons Temple guard that encircled Huang Xiaolong were shivering as they too subconsciously retreated.
    At this point, the experts that rushed over for a good show arrived from different directions.
    “What happened? Why so quiet? Who’s that human kid? Don’t tell me this is the death-seeking kid that came to make trouble in the Nine Dragons Temple?” One of the demonic experts that had just arrived at the square spotted Huang Xiaolong’s figure at the center, asking no one in particular.
    His voice immediately made all the experts turn their focus on him. Staring at him, that look, that momentum made the hair on his back rise.
    “Nine Dragons Temple, the nine hall masters!” Someone from the crowd shouted.
    Once again, the crowd’s attention shifted, watching Ao Kun’s group of nine as they slowly walked out of the main hall.
    Monstrous demonic qi enveloped everyone present.
    “Greetings, Nine Hall Masters!” The surrounding Nine Dragons Temple guards saluted respectfully on their knees. The surrounding experts also saluted.
    “Stand up.” Ao Kun spoke, his steps continuing toward Huang Xiaolong.
    The nine hall masters stopped several meters away from Huang Xiaolong.
    When Ao Kun and Huang Xiaolong looked eye to eye, the invisible pressure released from their bodies caused the crowd of experts to palpitate.
    “My sixth brother said that you defeated him in ten moves.” After a moment of silent exchange, Ao Kun broke the tense atmosphere.
    Ten moves!
    The demonic beast experts were stunned hearing that and s----d in another cold breath as they looked at Huang Xiaolong with fear in their eyes. Especially the expert that branded Huang Xiaolong as the ‘death seeking kid that came to cause trouble in the Nine Dragons Temple’, he nearly had a seizure after hearing Ao Kun’s words.
    Who didn’t know that the Nine Dragons Temple’s Sixth Hall Master Ao Shen is a peak late-Ninth Order Saint realm expert?! In the entire demonic beast clan experts, the number of people capable of winning over him could be counted on two hands.
    But, the young human in front of them did that in just ten moves?!
    Huang Xiaolong glanced at Ao Shen standing behind Ao Kun; ten moves? Not seeing the need to clarify anything, he smiled faintly, “You can say so.”
    Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s faint smile, Ao Shen felt his face burning. He was further surprised that the young man was willing to acknowledge ‘the truth’.
    “Then, if you can withstand ten moves from me and not lose, I will let you leave.” Ao Kun stated with a calm expression.
    Thick silence followed, but no one present thought that Ao Kun was bluffing.
    From five hundred years ago, Ao Kun was already recognized as the demonic beast clans’ number one expert. His strength could only be described as unfathomable.
    Even if Huang Xiaolong defeated Ao Shen in ten moves, whether he could withstand ten moves from Ao Kun was another matter.

    “Oh,” Huang Xiaolong calmly asked, “What if I fail to withstand ten moves from you?”
    Ao Kun said matter-of-factly, “If you fail to do so, you will kowtow every three steps from the Nine Dragons City gates to our Nine Dragons Temple. The Ape Deity Temple Master’s son was killed by you, right? Don’t worry, after you submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, we will definitely protect you.”

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    Chapter 482: Second Hall Master’s Deific Prowess

    Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong laughed while shaking his head, “I have a different suggestion”
    “Suggestion?” Ao Kun was lost for a second. Curious, he permitted, “Speak.”
    “Let’s do it like this, all nine of you attack together, if you can defeat me, I’ll walk the entire way from the Nine Dragons City gates to the Nine Dragons Temple, one kowtow every three steps. However, if all nine of you attack together but are defeated by me instead, then all nine of you shall do the same walk, one kowtow every three steps from the city gates to this Nine Dragons Temple, and submit to me.” Huang Xiaolong continued in an aloof manner, “Don’t worry, after you submit to me, I can guide your practice, even bestow you with elixirs!”
    “This kid actually wants all nine hall masters to attack together?!”
    “What arrogance! He’s insane!”
    The instant Huang Xiaolong finished talking, the crowd broke out in an indignant uproar at the human’s arrogance. Even Ao Kun, who hadn’t felt anger for the last five hundred years, couldn’t help feeling anger at this moment.
    A juggernaut of demonic qi flooded out from Ao Kun, akin to awakened ten thousand years old magma, erupting to the sky. Demonic qi pooled high above the Nine Dragons Temple, gathering into a sea of purple clouds, rumbling, rolling. The wind howled, as if the prestige of a great ancient demon emperor was provoked. Wrath ensued!
    Ao Sen and the rest were also angered to their limit.
    “Big brother, against this little punk, it’s not necessary to do it yourself.” Second brother Ao Sen leaped out, yelling in fury, “I alone am enough to defeat this brat easily!”
    “D--n brat, go die, eat one punch from me!”
    “Tyrannical Heaven’s Vast Sea of Dire Land Fist [1]!”
    Ao Sen punched out at Huang Xiaolong, using a killing move with the first attack. The demonic qi from his body surged out like tidal waves. With the air of dominance, fist shadows layered on top of each other like endless waves rushing forward, ever-changing. The scene in everyone’s eyes changed, like an eternity passing without leaving any traces.
    Sharp killing intent shone in Ao Sen’s eyes, he had never been this furious in his entire life.
    A human told him and his brothers to attack at together? He refused to believe that the other side was that powerful. He felt like Ao Shen had been exaggerating this punk’s strength too much.
    One of the things Ao Shen mentioned since he returned from the Elf Forest was this human’s strong physique, no weaker compared to theirs. Of course he didn’t believe that. How could a human’s flesh and bones compare to their bodies? They were sea dragons! The bloodline of ancient Dragon Clan was running through their veins!
    “Die, die, die!!”
    Ao Sen’s fist force reached Huang Xiaolong almost instantly.
    Although Ao Sen’s strength couldn’t compare to Ao Kun, he was still a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert. In the whole demonic beast clans, his strength ranked in the top five. In his anger, he didn’t hold back at all in this attack. The entire square’s space was locked by the power of Ao Sen’s fist as it punched a hole in space.
    The Nine Dragons Temple guards began to cheer enthusiastically witnessing their Second Hall Master’s god-like prowess.
    “Second Hall Master’s deific might, kill this little bastard!”
    “Kill the punk!”
    Under the exuberant cheers around him, Ao Sen’s fist hit Huang Xiaolong squarely on the chest. A resounding blast shook the square.
    Watching this, all the demonic beast experts shook their heads in mocking snickers. Just moments ago, this punk was urging all nine hall masters to attack together, but now, merely the Second Hall Master easily dealt with him.
    Ao Kun watched everything quietly. Although he felt something strange when Ao Sen’s fist struck Huang Xiaolong, he secretly breathed out in relief.
    Among the many present, only Ao Shen wasn’t so optimistic about Ao Sen’s attack. Instead, his expression was graver than before.
    “Perhaps Ao Shen did not inform you when he returned that his full force punch felt like scratching an itch for me?” Huang Xiaolong’s voice cut through the echoes of mocking sneers.
    In a split second, all sounds of laughter ceased. Eyes widened to the size of a fist in shock and disbelief watching the scene in front of them.
    Scratching an itch? Ao Sen looked at his right fist, the ugly expression on his face was similar to Ao Shen’s a month ago.
    Huang Xiaolong raised his arm. Not using any battle skills, he threw just a simple and crude punch straight at Ao Sen’s chest in return. The speed was too quick for Ao Sen to react.
    Ao Sen’s ending was also the same as Ao Shen’s. A blood-curdling scream rang out as his body flew back from the force, knocking into the arch of Nine Dragons Temple’s doorway. The door exploded, while Ao Sen’s body rolled on the floor, finally stopping at a corner.
    “I forgot to tell you, truth is, I only used one move to defeat your sixth brother.” Huang Xiaolong stated coldly.
    Dead silence!
    It was like the world ended! A gust of wind blew, carrying sand from the ground.
    Everyone stared at the Ao Sen’s body in a corner of the Nine Dragons Temple—his throat was spasming and legs were twitching so much that even his lower part seemed to be twitching too.
    One move?!
    The crowd felt as if their hearts stopped beating.
    Ao Sen, their Nine Dragons Temple’s Second Master, a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert was defeated in one move!
    Ao Bi, Ao Kuang, and the others turned several shades paler from fright. Even Ao Shen, who was aware of Huang Xiaolong’s power felt his knees buckle.
    Not even Ao Kun was able to conceal the shock in his heart. In all honesty to himself, he admitted that he couldn’t defeat the second ranked Ao Sen with one move. He looked over at sixth brother Ao Shen, a burning fury in his heart. This d--n sixth brother actually claimed that the other party defeated him with ten moves!
    Ao Shen looked away guiltily, afraid to confront Ao Kun’s eyes.
    Ao Kun took a deep breath and faced Huang Xiaolong once again, speaking slowly, “I admit that I have underestimated you earlier, you are indeed very strong. Fine! Today, us nine brothers will come together; if you’re defeated by us nine brothers, you will submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, I would give you the rank of Second Hall Master.” This young human might be strong, but with all nine brothers cooperating, Ao Kun was still confident that they had a high chance of defeating Huang Xiaolong.
    Second Hall Master! Second only under him.
    But no one raised a word of objection.
    Ao Sen managed to climb out from a pile of stone rubble. Ao Kun waved his hand and a pellet flew out toward Ao Sen. “Swallow it.”
    Ao Sen did not hesitate after hearing Ao Kun’s command. He opened his mouth and threw the pellet in. The injuries on his body healed with a speed visible to the naked eye, strong demonic qi started fluctuating strongly around him again.
    “Beast form!” Ao Kun bellowed, fully releasing his demonic qi, the ancient sea dragon bloodline in him came alive. Initially in human form, Ao Kun’s physical appearance began to change rapidly, from human appearance to a giant green sea dragon.
    All eight of them followed, from Ao Sen, Ao Bi, Ao Shen, to Ao Kuang, all connected to the ancient sea dragon within them, transforming into sea dragons.
    Nine sea dragons, fusing from the neck down to the tails, forming a large sea dragon array. Overwhelming demonic qi shot toward the sky, covering the entire square, forcing all spectating demonic beast experts to retreat far back.
    Huang Xiaolong looked at the nine sea dragons in their true forms, unperturbed and aloof, “If the nine of you jointly attack, what happens when you lose to me?”
    “If the nine of us still lose, then we will recognize you as our Master.” The green sea dragon transformed from Ao Kun opened its mouth and spoke in the human language.
    “Good!” Huang Xiaolong’s figure shot up in a blur. At the same time, the black and blue twin dragons materialized, shaking the heavens with their roars. A vast might originating from the ancient Dragon Clan spread far and wide, enveloping the experts below, causing them to have difficulties breathing.
    “Twin dragons martial spirits!”
    “He, could he be Huang Xiaolong?! Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong!”
    “Right, that must be him! He’s Young Noble Divine Dragon, Huang Xiaolong, the beastmen tribes’ Beast God!!”
    The crowd was genuinely shocked watching Huang Xiaolong summon the black and blue twin dragons.

    Ao Kun and his eight brothers were equally stunned, this person was actually the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God, Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong?!
    But… didn’t the rumors say that Huang Xiaolong was only a Seventh Order Saint realm? How did his strength become so horrible?! Ao Kun struggled to deny this. It was because of the rumors claiming that the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God was a Seventh Order Saint realm expert that he did not link these two together.

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    Chapter 483: Will Annihilate All Beastmen Tribes

    While Ao Kun and his brothers were still immersed in their shock, the soul transformed Huang Xiaolong disappeared from sight. In a flicker, he reached Ao Kun’s side while gripping the Great Dragon Saber in his hands and slashed down.
    Piercing rays of slaughter energy burst out in frenzied madness, trailing behind an enormous roaring blood dragon, rushing straight at Ao Kuang.
    Watching the enormous blood dragon, Ao Kuang paled, becoming stiff with fear.
    The blood dragon was the tool spirit sealed within the Great Dragon Saber, refined from an ancient blood dragon’s soul, and possessed the coercive aura of an ancient blood dragon. Before this immense pressure that cut at his soul, Ao Kuang trembled from the core of his being.
    The blood dragon slammed into Ao Kuang, knocking him into the air as a tragic scream ensued. His sea dragon body shattered countless buildings before crashing to the ground several li away, sending great tremors through the earth.
    Huang Xiaolong could easily tell that among the nine brothers, this Ao Kuang was the weakest link, only possessing a mid-Ninth Order Saint realm strength, therefore Huang Xiaolong targeted him first. As long as one of the nine was incapacitated, a weakness would appear in this Nine Sea Dragons Array that the brothers laid out, significantly reducing its power. Dealing with Ao Kun and the rest would be much easier.
    “Ninth brother!” Ao Sen and the brothers cried out.
    Huang Xiaolong twirled the Great Dragon Saber in his hands, an outbreak of a thousand sabers rays shot through space, creating turbulent waves, ripping out a giant black hole with pure brute force.
    The shower of sword energy instantly swallowed Ao Yi. Caught in a whorl of sword energy, Ao Yi’s body was instantly filled with cuts and slashes. After a short moment of anguished screams that seemed to last for a long time, Ao Yi plummeted to the square floor, the luminous scales on his sea dragon body were hacked and cut. The gory wounds were bone-deep, making others turn their heads away.
    Ao Kun and his brothers cried out in agitation.
    Being enraged after seeing his brothers being wounded one after another, Ao Kun bellowed, “Sea Dragon Mutilation Technique!”
    Immediately, the seven remaining sea dragons formed a loop. With a slight tremble like a released bow, angry waves roared forth, overcasting the sky, creating multiple space cracks. Raging waves like razor-sharp blades slashed down at Huang Xiaolong simultaneously.
    Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, the Great Dragon Saber in his hand made a vertical cut.
    “Blood Dragon Swallowing the Sun!”
    A massive blood dragon flew out and a horrifying suction force came from its wide opened jaws, swallowing the countless blade waves. In the end, the blood dragon exploded in the air and disappeared.
    Huang Xiaolong leaped up in a flicker, his left hand aimed a Great Divine Void Fist toward the center of the Sea Dragon Mutilation Array formed by the seven sea dragons. The brute impact shook the seven sea dragons, forcing them to separate from each other, thus breaking the array.
    On the ground, more and more demonic beast experts gathered in the distance to spectate this great battle only seen in a millennium, shocking them to the core.
    Huang Xiaolong, the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God, one person against the Nine Masters of Nine Dragons Temple! Moreover, he even held the upper hand!
    Once this news spread out, it would shake the entire Martial Spirit World.
    In the previous Asura Square Battle and Beast God Shrine Battle, despite killing Li Molin and other Deities Templar’s experts, sending great waves of shock through the Martial Spirit World, Huang Xiaolong did not rely solely on his own strength, but instead he relied on the Poison Corpse Scarabs. Hence, everyone’s fear of Huang Xiaolong was in actual fact a fear of the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs that he controlled.
    But this battle was different. When the crowd of demonic beast experts looked at Huang Xiaolong now, the shock, fear, and awe they felt was due to Huang Xiaolong’s own strength.
    A volley of booming blasts thundered high in the sky.
    Burst after burst of destructive energy shockwaves destroyed the large areas below into ruins; buildings were flattened to the ground, streets disappeared.
    As time passed, the nine Ao brothers were picked and dealt with one by one by Huang Xiaolong. One hour later, only Ao Kun remained capable of battle.
    A shadow was cast over Ao Kun’s grim face. Despite reevaluating Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he never imagined that Huang Xiaolong’s strength was beyond his estimation, and this was not the most astonishing point. What blew his mind was that Huang Xiaolong had yet to even break through to Tenth Order Saint realm. This young man was merely a late-Ninth Order Saint realm! If he was already able to display this level of strength at late-Ninth Order Saint realm, how terrifying would Huang Xiaolong be once he stepped into Tenth Order Saint realm? Did that mean that he could even fight at the same level with a God Realm Master?!
    These five hundred years, he cultivated with painstaking effort, yet he still failed to comprehend the laws of time, unable to pierce through that barrier into the God Realm.
    Ao Kun’s thick powerful tail came sweeping toward Huang Xiaolong. Choosing not to use the Great Dragon Saber, Huang Xiaolong simply struck a palm at Ao Kun’s tail.
    Bang! An ear-splitting collision rang, and Ao Kun’s massive body was sent tumbling a few li away before he managed to regain his balance. Fury erupted in his heart. He genuinely could not understand how, as one of the human race, Huang Xiaolong was able to cultivate his physique to such an extent, even more terrifying and stronger than his, a real sea dragon’s.
    If he only knew before the bet started that Huang Xiaolong’s current True Dragon Physique was reconstructed by the Dragon Clan’s ultimate treasure, the Dragon Pearl, and on top of that he had refined eight primordial divine dragons, Ao Kun would have turned tail instead of betting with him.
    Huang Xiaolong did not pursue relentlessly after striking Ao Kun away, he stood in place, looking at Ao Kun with an aloof expression.
    Eight out of nine were taken care of, only Ao Kun remained. Judging from this, it was obvious to everyone that the outcome was already set in stone. Then again, Huang Xiaolong was aware that it wasn’t so easy to make Ten Directions Continent’s number one expert admit defeat and surrender to him.
    That being said, one of Huang Xiaolong’s best virtues was his patience.
    Half an hour passed.
    Ao Kun had reverted to his human form from his true sea dragon body during battle. Glaring saber cuts and slashes, fist prints, palm prints, and bloodstains decorated his body all over.
    Still, the desire for battle was burning fervently in his eyes.
    Suddenly, Ao Kun let out a thunderous roar, lunging at Huang Xiaolong, just as he got close enough to Huang Xiaolong, before he could do anything else, Huang Xiaolong sent him flying back with a palm strike, crashing into the crumbled ruins below.
    Gravel ricocheted in all directions, raising a veil of dust. It didn’t take Ao Kun long to get to his feet, lunging toward Huang Xiaolong again.
    Huang Xiaolong raised both his fists, competing in crude raw strength with Ao Kun’s double fists.
    A loud boom rang out and Ao Kun felt both his fists quiver from the collision, his flesh cracked and blood seeped out, trickling along his arms.
    In the distance, the demonic beast experts watched the battle in quiet palpitation.
    Ao Kun fell repeatedly, but he stood back up every time, that unyielding will made everyone watching lament in their hearts.
    Another half an hour passed. Once again, Ao Kun was sent flying with a punch, this time however, Huang Xiaolong’s figure flickered, arriving beside Ao Kun, and dealt him another heavy punch. Ao Kun was buried deep in the ground from the neck up.
    The square was quiet again. This time, Ao Kun had lost the strength to continue fighting.

    A few thousand li outside of Nine Dragons City stood a small scale city called Great Thousand City. One of Nine Dragons Temple’s Great Thousand Hall’s central branches was set inside this Great Thousand City. And this Great Thousand Hall’s Leader was none other than the escaped Lion Tribe’s Young Patriarch, Jesse.
    Jesse licked the blood dripping from his hand as he looked at the dozen beastmen corpses sprawled before him.
    “Hall Leader, if we continue killing beastmen at this rate, once the beastmen tribes find out, I’m afraid…” A demonic beast expert beside Jesse couldn’t resist speaking up.

    “Afraid of what!” Jesse sneered, “You think that Huang Xiaolong dares to come to our Nine Dragons Temple? If he dares, he’s dead for sure!”

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    “That’s right, that Huang Xiaolong is merely relying on some Poison Corpse Scarabs! If he is to fight with his own strength, the youngest of our nine hall masters, Hall Master Ao Kuang could easily squash that him just using a thumb!” Another demonic beast expert nearby laughed mockingly.
    “Our Nine Dragons Temple will be joining hands with the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple to exterminate all beastmen tribes, conquering the whole Ten Directions Continent!” Jesse said.

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    Chapter 484: Just Huang Xiaolong Alone?

    But Jesse’s proclamation had just left his mouth when the Great Thousand Hall’s Deputy ran inside in panic, barely able to string a full sentence as he heaved more air out than breathing in, “Hall, Hall, Leader, I, I, just received news, say–saying that Huang, Xiaolong, he came to our Nine Dragons City!”
    “Huang Xiaolong went to the Nine Dragons City?!” Jesse was stunned for a second, then he pursued, “How many people did the beastmen tribe send?”
    “Only Huang Xiaolong alone.” The Deputy replied.
    Jesse burst out laughing hearing that answer: “Only him alone? I didn’t expect, ah, that Huang Xiaolong is so mad, showing up like a lone soldier in the Nine Dragons City! This time, he’s absolutely dead!”
    “Right, even if he has those Poison Corpse Scarabs, he’s dead! Our nine hall masters have the ancient sea dragon bloodline, Poison Corpse Scarabs can’t harm them!” A demonic beast expert standing behind Jesse mocked, obvious disdain in his voice.
    “Go, we’re rushing back to the Nine Dragons Temple right now, let’s watch how that Huang Xiaolong’s going to die!” Jesse laughed out loud as he sped out from the hall.
    The Great Thousand Hall’s experts trailed behind Jesse, heading to the Nine Dragons City.
    Although that Deputy knew that Huang Xiaolong was in the Nine Dragons City at the moment, he did not know that Huang Xiaolong was fighting one against the nine Ao brothers.
    Jesse’s large group flew at rapid speed, getting closer to the Nine Dragons City as time passed.
    “Imagining Huang Xiaolong kneeling on the ground, screaming tragically, really makes me look forward to seeing the real scene!” On the way over to Nine Dragons City, Jesse laughed as he said.
    A short while later, Jesse and the Great Thousand Hall’s group reached the city. However, the instant Jesse entered the city, he picked up on the strange atmosphere within the Nine Dragons City but didn’t pay too much attention to it. The group flew in a conspicuous manner all the way to the Nine Dragons Temple.
    Not long after Jesse flew in the Nine Dragons Temple’s direction, he saw the destroyed buildings spanning into a large area of ruins. The experts behind him were stunned.
    “These buildings all were destroyed by Huang Xiaolong?” One of them blurted the question everyone was thinking in their minds.
    “There are no energy fluctuations anymore, looks like the fight has ended. That Huang Xiaolong was probably beheaded by our Temple Master!” Another expert spoke.
    Jesse nodded in agreement, “What a pity, I wasn’t able to watch the Temple Master kill Huang Xiaolong. Let’s go, if we hurry we might be able to see Huang Xiaolong’s corpse.”
    “The Beast God Scepter must be on his body, once he’s dead, the Beast God Scepter would definitely fall in our Temple Master’s hands. With the Beast God Scepter in our Temple Master’s possession, he’ll become the new Beast God, conquering the entire beastmen race!”
    “Correct, once we conquer the beastmen tribes, conquering the Ten Directions Continent will only be a matter of time!”
    Enthusiastic words flew back and forth within Jesse’s group as they flew, and the Nine Dragons Temple came into sight moments later.
    The first thing they saw was the mass of experts surrounding the Nine Dragons Temple’s perimeter. Because there were so many demonic beast experts crowding the area, Jesse and his group were unable to get a clear view of what was happening inside.
    Jesse snickered at the situation, “Even in death, that Huang Xiaolong is still able to attract so many experts’ attention, it can be considered his blessing!”
    Jesse did not bother to lower his voice at all, thus many experts close by heard his words clearly. All of them turned to look at Jesse with a weird expression on their faces.
    Despite detecting the oddness in the people’s gaze, Jesse was too big-hearted to mind these miscellaneous things. Working with his subordinates to separate the crowd, they moved further in, all the way to the front, their eyes actively searching for Huang Xiaolong’s corpse.
    In the next second, Jesse stiffened on the spot. His eyes were fixed on the figure standing at the center of the Nine Dragons Temple square. That figure stood tall like an everlasting divine mountain, regardless of the fierce howling winds or the grinding of blasting sand.
    That figure was so familiar!
    Moreover, littered around that standing figure were nine other sorry figures—the Nine Dragons Temple’s Nine Hall Masters!
    Their Nine Dragons Temple’s Nine Hall Masters actually laid undone! Furthermore, their Ten Directions Continent’s number one expert, the strongest person, the Temple Master of the Nine Dragons Temple lay crumpled at Huang Xiaolong’s feet.
    Jesse’s mind blanked from the shock. The wide smiles on the experts behind him froze on their faces, changing to disbelief in the next second, then despair gradually set in.
    Only now did they realized why the city’s atmosphere felt strange when they entered earlier. Why wasn’t there any laughter, or any other noises?
    While Jesse and the newly arrived group were still in a daze, Huang Xiaolong suddenly looked over in their direction. Jesse shook, feeling as if he was pinned in place. His face became deathly pale.
    Huang Xiaolong raised a hand, fingers slightly bend and a terrifying suction force emerged from his palm. Caught unprepared, Jesse stumbled forward, rolling all the way to Huang Xiaolong’s feet.
    “Beast, Liege Lord Beast God!” Jessi lifted his head, looking at Huang Xiaolong with eyes brimming with fear.
    “You think that by hiding in the Nine Dragons Temple and having their protection, I won’t be able to kill you?” The look in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes was chilling.
    “Liege Lord Beast God, please have mercy, ah!” Jesse repeatedly knocked his forehead against the ground, causing a dent on the square floor.
    Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger at Jesse’s head, the force of it pierced a hole through his skull. Jesse slanted to the side stiffly, crumpling to the floor without another word.
    “The ones that I, Huang Xiaolong, want to kill, even the Nine Dragons Temple won’t be able to protect you.” He snorted, throwing a last glance at Jesse’s lifeless corpse.
    If Huang Xiaolong said this before his battle with the Nine Dragons Temple masters, the surrounding demonic beast experts would have laughed as if they heard the biggest joke, but now, no one dared to laugh.
    With a wave, Huang Xiaolong collected Jesse’s corpse into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda as nourishment for the Poison Corpse Scarabs.
    A long time later, Ao Shen and the others struggled to their feet, led by Ao Kun. The nine brothers respectfully knelt before Huang Xiaolong, greeting him as Liege Lord Beast God.
    The nine Ao brothers showed with their action their submission to Huang Xiaolong!
    The Nine Dragons Temple guards and Elders followed suit, kneeling to Huang Xiaolong.
    “Greetings, Liege Lord Beast God!” Voices resounded in the sky.
    But, watching this magnificent scene, the expressions of those of the sea tribe, Violent Lion Tribe, and Ape Deity Tribe members that stayed in the Nine Dragons City didn’t look so good.
    The Nine Dragons Temple submitting to Huang Xiaolong meant that more than half of the Ten Directions Continent forces submitted under Huang Xiaolong; then Huang Xiaolong’s next move would be…! Thinking of what Huang Xiaolong’s next move would probably be, unease gnawed at their hearts.
    “Pass down my order! Lock down the Nine Dragons City, within one month, only entry is allowed, leaving is forbidden!” Huang Xiaolong scanned the crowd and issued an order.
    At the moment, he preferred to keep the matter about the Nine Dragons Temple submitting to him hidden, otherwise it would be troublesome if the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple cooperated.
    One month later, after he took over both the Violent Lion Temple and Ape Deity Temple, the result would already be set. Even if news leaked after that, it was of no significant by that point of time.
    “As per Liege Lord Beast God’s order!” The nine Ao brothers led by Ao Kun answered respectfully. Orders were quickly relayed down to all city gates.
    Huang Xiaolong looked at the ruined buildings and unrecognizable streets around him. Earth element essence energy rumbled beneath his feet like racing waves, spreading out in all four directions. The places where the earth element essence energy passed by were restored to their previous appearance.
    The nine Ao brothers and the spectating experts watched the inexplicable scene before their eyes with agape expressions. Huang Xiaolong was once again shattering their knowledge.
    In a few breaths’ time, the buildings and streets destroyed by Huang Xiaolong and the nine Ao brothers stood tall, just like before.

    “This is a Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng older than thousand years, swallow it.” Then, Huang Xiaolong took out the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng from the Asura Ring, giving it to the nine Ao brothers.

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