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    Staring dumbly at the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng that was close to forty thousand years in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, Ao Kun and his brothers felt shivers down their bodies.
    With the aid of the Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng, Ao Kun’s injuries were fully healed within three days’ time.
    On the fourth day…
    “Go, to the Violent Lion Temple!” Huang Xiaolong gathered Ao Kun, Ao Sen, and others as well as the Nine Dragons Temple’s Saint realm experts in one place, and instructed.

    This time, on his journey to the Violent Lion Temple, he decided to bring along the Nine Dragons Temple’s experts.

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    Chapter 485: Captured For Temple Master’s Pleasure

    Huang Xiaolong led Ao Kun and the group of Nine Dragons Temple experts flying out of Nine Dragons City in a grand manner. Their destination: Violent Lion Temple.
    The Violent Lion Temple was located not far away from the Nine Dragons City. With their group’s speed, they could reach the Violent Lion Temple in three days’ time.

    Three days later.
    Violent Lion City.
    The Violent Lion Temple stood proudly at the centermost location of the Violent Lion City. Looking down from an altitude, the Violent Lion Temple resembled a ferocious giant lion, spanning over several hundred li of land.
    The ferocious lion’s mouth was the Violent Lion Temple’s entrance.
    At this time, over a hundred people assembled at the square behind the temple, the majority of them clad in black robes with an overbearing momentum surrounding them. Each one was a Saint realm expert, and the weakest amongst them was a late-Sixth Order Saint realm expert.
    On each person’s black robe was embroidered the pattern of a majestic flame lion.
    Standing in front of the group was a tall and brawny middle-aged man, his bare arms exposed under the sunlight were twice the size of an average man’s. A crimson cape hung from his shoulders, exuding a potent aura that surpassed anyone present.
    The middle-aged man suddenly raised an arm and his palm struck down on an empty area some distance ahead. A fiery crimson palm imprint rumbled forth, piercing a hole in the fabric of space, forming a space tunnel.
    “Congratulations to Temple Master for achieving major completion in Crimson Sky Lion Emperor’s Palm!” A demonic beast expert standing behind the brawny middle-aged man took a step forward, lauding words of praise and congratulations.
    The middle-aged man was Violent Lion Temple’s Master, Lei Ge.
    The other demonic beast experts seized the chance, each of them rushing forward to speak good words, while Lei Ge observed the damage made by the attack and nodded in satisfaction.
    This Crimson Sky Lion Emperor’s Palm was left behind by a lion Beast Saint ten thousand years ago, and it was hailed as one of the demonic beast clans’ highest techniques. He had stumbled upon it by chance around a hundred years ago.
    After a hundred years of bitter practice, he finally achieved major completion of the technique.
    The Nine Dragons Temple had nine hall masters, but the Violent Lion Temple only had one, and it was precisely this Lei Ge. Standing behind Lei Ge were his subordinates, his one hundred and eight generals retinue, with the weakest having the strength of a late-Sixth Order Saint realm, and the strongest demonic beast general within this retinue being a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.
    Whereas Lei Ge himself was widely recognized as the second person on the Ten Directions Continent, just below Ao Kun.
    “I dare say, our Temple Master’s strength has far surpassed Ao Kun’s!”
    “Rightly so, our Temple Master is the real number one expert of all demonic beast clans. If that Ao Kun had the guts to do battle with our Temple Master now, he would lose for sure!”
    Lei Ge’s retinue broke out in fervent discussions.
    Lei Ge laughed, “Then I shall send out a letter of challenge next month, a battle with Ao Kun!” A burning desire for battle shone in his eyes.
    That time when he stumbled into the abode left behind by that Senior, not only did he find the Crimson Sky Lion Emperor’s Palm, there was even a number of divine grade spirit pellets. In the last hundred years, he had been cultivating while swallowing those divine grade spirit pellets. Believing that his current strength had surpassed Ao Kun, a trace of unwillingness emerged in his heart toward the current expert ranking.
    “At that time, Temple Master will surely be victorious!” The group of general retinue cheered.
    “Temple Master, these are ten human race beauties that I specifically selected, you see…” At this time, an old man with steward appearance came over, leading ten young women.
    Lei Ge’s eyes did a quick sweep over the ten young women, nodding his head: “Fairly good.”
    He spent his last hundred years in dullness in order to achieve major completion in the Crimson Sky Lion Emperor’s Palm, of course he would find some pleasure in women to relieve some dullness. However, Lei Ge felt that demonic beast clan females lacked flavor, and he personally favored beautiful human women more.
    “Rumors say that the first beauty on the Snow Wind Continent, Shi Xiaofei, is three points more beautiful than the Elf Queen, how about… we make a trip to the Snow Wind Continent to capture that Shi Xiaofei for Temple Master’s pleasure?” One of the higher ranked generals stepped forward and suggested.
    “This doesn’t sound very good. I heard that Shi Xiaofei is Huang Xiaolong’s woman. Several years ago, the Cosmos God Cult’s Young Lord Xie Hui captured that Shi Xiaofei, then Huang Xiaolong killed his way to the Cosmos God City, slaughtering numerous Cosmos God Cult’s genius disciples!” Another high rank generals stated.
    “Only our Temple Master is qualified to enjoy a beautiful woman like Shi Xiaofei. How can that Huang Xiaolong compare to our Temple Master! He’s just a brat acting arrogant by relying on a few Poison Corpse Scarabs! Based on real individual strength, he doesn’t even compare to one-millionth of Temple Master’s power!” Another person exclaimed.
    “The Cosmos God Cult is afraid of Huang Xiaolong, but we, Violent Lion Temple are not afraid! There’s a rumor circulating outside that the beastmen’s Lion Tribe Young Patriarch ran away and betrayed the beastmen, seeking allegiance under the Nine Dragons Temple. Such a long time has passed, but that so-called Beast God Huang Xiaolong didn’t even dare to let out a fart about this matter!”
    The group of generals clamored to upstage each other.
    Lei Ge raised his hand, signaling everyone to quiet down.
    “Wait until I sent out the letter of challenge. After I defeat Ao Kun, I will personally make a trip to Snow Wind Continent, I also want to see if that Shi Xiaofei is really as beautiful as the rumors claim she is.” Lei Ge said.
    If that Shi Xiaofei was truly as alluring as the rumors claimed, he would bring her back here. Coincidentally, the Violent Lion Temple Mistress’ position was unoccupied.
    “Next month? There’s no need.” A heartbeat after Lei Ge spoke, an icy-cold voice sounded. The appearance of this voice was too abrupt, startling everyone on the square.
    “Who?!” A demonic beast general under Lei Gei shouted, leaping up into the sky, his hand made a grasping motion as if trying to capture something.
    His feet barely left the ground when an overpowering giant hand emerged from the void, casting a shadow over the sky, descending down on the general. With no way to dodge, fear took over the general as he countered with his palm in panic. But the power of his palm waa shattered in an instant.
    A resounding boom rang in the square.
    The ground shook violently. When things calmed down, there was a human-shaped hole in the square, with the demonic beast expert at the bottom of it, unmoving.
    The others s----d in a cold breath, alarmed and shocked. This demonic beast general under Lei Ge ranked third amongst the one hundred and eight, an early Ninth Order Saint realm.Yet, he was defeated in the blink of an eye.
    Lei Gei’s eyes narrowed watching this.
    Space above the square rippled as more than a hundred people appeared in the air, exuding monstrous demonic qi that wholly overpowered Lei Ge and his generals.
    “It’s the Nine Dragons Temple!” One of the Violent Lion Temple’s demonic beast generals shouted.
    Weapons were quickly drawn in the face of a great enemy.
    “Ao Kun!” Lei Ge fixed his eyes on Ao Kun’s silhouette up in the air. An intense desire for battle skyrocketed from Lei Ge’s body as he yelled, “Ao Kun, what is your Nine Dragons Temple trying to do breaking into my Violent Lion Temple? Also, you gravely wounded my general the moment you arrived, what is the meaning of this?!”
    Actually, it was Huang Xiaolong who wounded the demonic beast general earlier, but Lei Ge believed that only Ao Kun was capable of wounding his general in one hit.
    “No special meaning to it.” Came Ao Kun’s nonchalant replied.
    Lei Ge flew up from the square, “I’ve just decided to issue a letter of challenge to you, but since you’re already here today, the timing is perfect. There’s no need to wait till next month.” Finished saying that, demonic qi gushed out from Lei Ge’s body as he wasted no time to strike a punch at Ao Kun.
    Cutting wind chased Lei Ge’s fist, shining like a dazzling golden sun, its great force roaring toward Ao Kun like layers of angry waves.
    Right at this moment, the same giant hand from before appeared again, slamming into Lei Ge’s hurricane fist. Space split and heavens shook as two opposing energies collided, causing all others to retreat swiftly in fright.

    Lei Ge only felt a terrifying aura envelop him. To his surprise, he was unable to resist, staggering back a hundred meters.

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    His shocked eyes searched in the direction where the giant hand appeared, and it actually led him to a young human standing beside Ao Kun!
    Just now, the one who wounded his subordinate was also this human? It wasn’t Ao Kun!

    Because Ao Kun brought more than a hundred people, Lei Ge neglected the presence of the young human beside Ao Kun.
    But now, he had noticed him!

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    Lei Ge you are next for the beating

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    Welcome bank bro

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    Welcome back

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    He actually defeated the Ao brothers? this is monstrous

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