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    #1 highest rankings in Top Hot 22 billioniare stories w-----d

    IRIS is the first series of four books
    A love that bounds despite all odds

    the past is bound to repeat itself when Iris Ezinna a village girl with big dreams set to a big city to study in a prestigious university where she was awarded schorlarship but falls in love with a prince

    There is a big price to pay when everyone around her is after there own selfish interest

    A story of true love, betrayal, class clash, secrets and scandals…sit back and enjoy this toe curling romance.
    Though they are worlds Apart would fate give them a chance at love

    This book is not allowed to be produced or used in any form without the writers permission.
    To all those who are hopeless romantic like me and don’t intend to give up on love.


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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Hello FAM
    Am Back lovelies
    LET GOD JUDGE was a huge success thanks to all who followed to the end
    Point and kill the next book will probably be ready by next year

    Stick with me till the end of this new package trust me there are lots of cliffhangers.

    Update would be every Monday

    Hit the love Botton and I might upload before next week Monday.

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Before we begin
    Kindly put your Playlist here

    Aren’t you something to admire
    Cause your shine is something like a
    And I can’t help but notice you reflect in
    this this heart of mine
    If you ever feel alone and the glare makes
    Me hard to find
    Just know that I’m always parallel on the
    Other side
    (Mirror by Justine Timberlake)

    BENIN 2009

    The rain seemed to have increased this middle of the year since the friendly sun only peeked through the clouds with a slight glow that didn’t seem to please mother earth.

    Iris Ezinna held her small red umbrella to shield herself from the drizzling rain as she left her hostel paying little heed to the wet tarred road which led to the campus it was only a twenty minutes walk from her lodge,she didn’t have that kind of money to waste on shuttle plus her roommate already left with her car.

    The young girl was clad in black Jean trouser and a long sleeve yellow sweat shirt to shield her from the cold,because it was believed these little rain that drizzled down the earth were the ones responsible for fever,malaria or possible pneumonia and that she must avoid,because things around this side was darn expensive.

    Iris didn’t think she would be able to make it to class before her lecturer did,she cursed the d--n rain which was the cause for her woes,she didn’t mind the water that tickled wetting her slippered feet at least she didn’t have to worry about stepping her foot in a mud apart from most part of the road that is waterlogged.

    The prestigious royal university of Benin owned by a wealthy traditional ruler in Edo state was living up to its name as been modernized, equipped,flexible and came along with an attractive environment, most times Iris found it too good to be true she had finally been given a unique opportunity and privilege to achieve her academic goals in one of the most expensive university in Nigeria, if someone had told her a year ago that she would further her Education she would have doubted them back then such wishes were like asking the moon for breakfast,she had solely given up on furthering her education due to her grandfather illness which had required funds.

    Growing up with her mother and maternal grandfather in umueze a local village in Anambra state still yet to be developed Iris had kept to helping her family in the oil mill business since it was there means of lively hood,her grand father had hoped that she would enroll in one of the state universities immediately after her JAMB (Joint Admissions And Matriculation board) examination but was met with partial stroke that left him paralyzed ,the old man became bed ridden since her mother could not afford a wheel chair lots of money had been exhausted on her grandfather medication which had made her shun any hope of furthering her education.

    her former school principal had told her about the scholarship in Benin and had helped her apply without the family permission she passed the exams and was granted admission on scholarship immediately , her grandfather was elated amidst her mother been against it, she couldn’t tell why but through constant cajoling her mother agreed with much reluctance.

    All Iris needed to worry about was her upkeep and feeding money thankful she met a generous lady who gave her a part time job in the school canteen whenever she was free from the school activities.
    With a profound feeling of assurance iris felt she could take on the world…she turned her back as she heard the roaring sound of a power bike coming with speed from behind her,deep in thought she hadn’t realized she had walked close to the center of the road,she quickly pushed herself out of the road when she lost her footings the bike speedily passed her splashing water all over her.

    she shouted at the top of her voice but the occupant couldn’t hear her with the outrageous sound of the bike and that d--n helmet she could had sworn he saw her out of anger she threw her umbrella at the already distant figure.

    What was it with Spoilt rich kids born with platinum spoon in there fragile mouth,was it that they were all breeds of arrogance

    she shouted out of frustration when she couldn’t fathom anymore abusive word to throw at the reason for her woes.

    Could this day be anymore unkind to her not only was was she late and wet for her class,she didn’t want to miss the test or risk her name from been marked absent,with tears she looked at the horrendous damage done to her and her note book

    “that dratted devil” she swore

    “that was exactly what he was a devil incarnate clad in all black”
    Left with no choice she limped to school enduring the mocking stare from the people that saw her.

    “I am going to make sure that jerk have a piece of his own medicine whenever i see him again”
    She mumbled to herself feeling down in the dumps.

    Sometimes the dreams that come through
    are the ones you never even knew
    you had.

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    Links To Available Chapters.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2-3

    Chapter 4

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    Go on

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    got popcorn

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    Hmmmm!!! No be small suffering

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