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    Woow it’s Victoria Ezekiel again,den I can be assured of a real n nice treat…
    Fire on my lady!!!

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    Lolz, this is better than a wealthy prince hit some hitting a poor village beauty with his car.. You re doing well, will follow this

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Chapter 1

    Kindly put your playlist here

    Wait a second let me catch my breath
    Reminds me of how it feels to hear
    Your voice
    Your lips are moving,I can’t hear a thing
    Living life as if we have dreams
    (Sing me to sleep)
    Alan walker

    “Iris…Iris Ezinna ”

    Iris heard her name and paused when she recognized the familiar voice of her roommate turning towards the direction she saw Ivie Enaghoro her roommate and close friend hastily walking towards her using a long note book to shield herself from the still drizzling rain which showed it had no intention of ending any time soon.
    Lectures for that day was over Iris only tried to hide the fact that she felt embarrassed of her disoriented state sulkily dragging her pained leg out of campus. Ivie hurried into the umbrella her face lit up with excitement

    “Nawa oh! if you dey waka for road you no dey hear your name” (if you are walking on the road you don’t hear your name)

    Ivie asked vanacular English was her favorite way of communicating gregariously with friends.
    The young lady took a moment to scrutinize her friend with a light scowl on her face

    “This is definitely not your favourite kind of looks. What happened to you” Ivie pointed out
    “And I saw you limping”

    Iris openmouthed stared at Ivie
    “shouldn’t it be one question at a time” with a shrug she explained what happened to her

    “Am this way because some doff jerk almost ran over me,he didn’t even bother to stop just sped off,I had to come to lecture like this because of an important test” she spoke with anger.

    “Sorry” Ivie sympathised “have you gone to the school clinic to get checked”

    “No I didn’t have the time”Iris replied

    “Wait up so I get my car “Ivie said concerned for her friend

    “Wait why did you leave the hostel without an umbrella” Iris frowned at her friend

    ” look at you now you are a bit wet from the rain” she eyed her dressing snorting in disapproval

    “Sorry mum” Ivie joked” I just had to leave in a hurry…I was following a story”Ivie said smiling

    ” you and this your gossip career eh,yesterday someone tipped you with the silly notion of getting rid of cold with ice,now you left this morning under the rain, you are not even covered well”
    Iris queried oblivious of her friend scowling

    “What is this na, maybe I should rethink following you back to the hostel”
    Ivie groans”have asked you several time if my mum pays you to always be on my neck”
    she fumbled with her fancy hand bag to find her corrola car key
    “Have told you before phuemonia no be small paracetamol case”

    “Abegee ! You should know am bigger than that”

    finding her keys they walked towards the school parking lot waving to a few students that waved back in greeting
    “Do you want to hear the latest gossip in this school or not” Ivie asked

    ” you will still tell me even though am no interested”
    Iris knew how persistent her friend could be.

    ” I heard from peter-

    “Who is peter again self” Iris asked

    “Are you sure you are in this school or is it memory loss” Ivie gave her a wield look ” Peter Okafor ”

    ” oh! Is it that h---y ashewo (more like a douche bag) I wonder what reasonable information he gave you this time ”
    she said hissing quit loud to show her displeasure
    Ivie looked at her knowing that peter was one person in the whole of the school that Iris felt repulsive towards

    ” the son of the owner of this school had been in this school for three years and nobody knows”

    “Really so that’s why you want to get yourself early on a sick bed,besides since when did you start rolling with peter” Iris asked annoyed

    “Yes oh my main attention is to find out who the unknown prince is…it would be a big story on the school magazine,the guy has the information na”

    “Ivie Enaghoro stop poking your nose in other peoples business,its not a career oh,and you know peter okafor is a womaniser,a chronic one at that”

    “Dont be a joy killer common” Ivie shrugged.

    They both entered the car oblivious to the attention they were creating without much effort.
    Unlike Iris who came from a poor background,Ivie is the last daughter of her family, her father is an Eligible figure on the media business who owns several radio stations and television channels recognised in Benin and other states while her mother was an international fashion designer with her two siblings abroad,Ivie was forced to study in Nigeria due to her reckless nature and care free, spirited way of living…but Iris felt there was more behind that facade she let people see.

    The two girls had a genuine relationship given the fact they were both different in many ways
    Ivie was a chocolate complexion, tall with pretty long legs. Iris had always encourage her to go for modelling she insists it suits her more than her gossiping career,she was freely endowed with the quality of a model

    Meanwhile Iris inherited the features of her mother light skinned, averagely tall and well endowed,she wasn’t as skinny as Ivie but still doesn’t fall under slim,she had this striking feature that drew attention to people her striking fishlike coffee eyes only that Iris lacked the basic requirement to outshine herself.
    It was her second semester in year one she didn’t really care what people thought of her she just wanted to do her best and graduate ,unlike Ivie who stood out much in the crowd Irhs felv like a square in a peg hole but never forgot her reason for been there in school.

    ‘How will I know when I find you
    My heart awaits too long in
    anticipation ‘

    Update timetable for

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Lolz at Ele1

    Thank you all for the comments am touched.

    Thank you family that followed me from Let God Judge

    Heart you guys.

    This chapter is dedicated to ya all.

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    Ride on my lady!!!

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    @fb-victoriaezekiel, abeg share the link to “Let God Judge”

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