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    Link to Let God Judge

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    Kindly put your playlist here
    When you hold me
    In the street
    When you kiss me
    On the dance floor
    I wish that it could be
    Like that
    Why can’t it be like that
    Cause am yours
    ( secret love by Little mix)

    Prince William Esosa Obazee came out of the huge library carelessly he slug his Prada designer brown shoulder bag over his shoulder busy with his android phone, clad in a black tight designer pant an Armani black shirt covered with a black jacket and brown matching boots.

    One would wonder why the uproar in the suppose to be serene part of the campus,the ladies couldn’t avoid risking a second glance as he passed,others made an attempt to gain his attention or try talking to him.

    Liam was already used to their silly putty lines on him,not surprised they knew his name,he only waved passed them pretending not to notice.

    His friends had found it quite amusing that girls always flocked around but none of them seem to pique his interest either they teased him that he lacked passion or his libido was dead which of course made him laugh,well they couldn’t blame him because he just wasn’t the ladies kind of man,he was a business minded person,the conservative type,apart from his foreign accent ,Liam had a staggering gorgeous good looks to compliment him,he was light skinned and ruggedly handsome to a fault with thick dark croppy hair that contributed to his beautifully chiseled face ,he was tall with a muscular body shape,he exude that aura of authority he was born with.

    Liam spent most part of his life in France his maternal side that explained his accent,his father the Oba of Benin had cajoled him to come back to Nigeria and learn the ways and culture of his people as his only child he came on one condition to be treated normal and he wanted to keep a low profile not wanting any scandal on his long stay to school in Nigeria.

    He walked towards his power bike about to place his helmet when someone tapped him slightly on his shoulder he turned to see Erin Osazuwa smiling widely at him

    “here you are have been looking all over campus for you”
    she spoke with a phew sign of relief he kept silent with his brow irked at her wondering if she came to throw another of her tantrums at him,she was such a drama queen and very unpredictable.

    A week ago he had decided to keep his distance from her…hell so many times he had sworn to keep his distance but she keeps on throwing herself at him,she had gone about spreading irrelevant story of them been a couple,though it was of less importance to him only that she expected a lot from him,she literally fights with everyone that even tried to get close to him. She had accused him of been immobile and blind that’s why he couldn’t see her advances.

    The two stood there saying nothing to each other,Erin fiddling with her hair knowing she had to apologize if she really wanted to achieve her aim of making the prince fall in love with her.
    Liam was every woman’s dream good looking and wealthy she didn’t want to build castles under the air fantasizing of what can be Liam was hers and hers alone.

    “Look there is somewhere I have to be. What do you want?”
    Liam asked in a blunt tone that lacked warmth

    “Is that how we are now,you haven’t even seen me for days Liam,don’t tell me you would dare walk away leaving me like this”

    Erin pouted placing her two hands in the side pockets of her designer white stripped jeans
    “Seriously Erin I don’t want to start another brawling match with you if that’s why you were looking for me,so just give me a break okay”
    he whispered quietly as he climbed his bike.

    Erin quickly grabbed his hand and he couldn’t tell what she was playing at so he just watched her

    “Am sorry about the other day Liam,the last thing I want is for you to hate me,I have really given it a deep thought —

    ” what are you talking about”
    Liam asked impatient

    “I love you Liam and am willing to wait for you,so let’s go back to been friends”
    Erin spoke hoping she sounded desperate.

    he gathered her two hands together taking a deep breath

    “we have already talked about this, I don’t know what my mother told you but it can’t work between us can we just be friends at least that’s what I promised you”

    “I love you Liam,is it a crime”

    Erin asked already letting the tears drop but Liam knew better she was a drama Queen

    “Just don’t harbour any feelings for me because I don’t feel that way and can’t force myself to”
    he dropped her hands and sped off leaving her standing.

    She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes,what was it about her that he didn’t like or was he just playing hard to get,her reason for coming to this school in the first place was to win his love.
    Erin was classically beautiful,chocolate skin and tall she was the daughter of a senator in Edo state,they were family friends to the Obazee royal family and she tried to get close to the prince her family saw this and encouraged her to not give up her feelings for him..hopefully one day he would give in.

    Though it had always plagued her why her mother was so intent on making her be in good favours with the prince,her mother was always calling to know the latest update about her relationship with Liam if there was any improvement, Ivie sensed something fishy going was on.

    Sometimes not all wishes come true

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    If wishes were horses

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    Still following….
    Victoria Ezekiel at de wheels,it’s a cruise control…

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    Chapter 3

    #End SARS

    Iris cursed for the umpteenth as she prepared her working uniform for the next day limping in pains the drugs the pharmacist had prescribed to her was yet to fuction in her system and it left her restless through the night.
    Ivie turned from her side of the bed with a frown etched on her face as she spotted her friend mumbling words she couldn’t decipher

    “I hope you are not thinking of going to work in that condition… Isn’t that ankle enough stress to handle”she queried

    ” I can’t sleep the drugs seem to have left me restless “Iris shrugged

    ” as lame as it seems I don’t know why you took that part time job in the first place–

    “Oh please girlfriend do not start again” she growled using a pillow to shield her two ears
    Ivie signed tossing the pillow out of the way with a worried look
    “it makes me feel bad that I can’t help you because you won’t allow it”

    “Am so lucky to have met you Ivie but I won’t take your generosity and kind gestures toward me for granted, my pride won’t let me”

    “Pride they say goeth before a fall ” Ivie blotted out not ready to give up

    “Chilvarous heart like yours deserve a gold medal ” Iris joked

    “What? That’s a lame joke do I look like a knight to you” Ivie smiled

    “What’s up with you and that Philip guy,he’s really head over heels for you”she said diverting her attention

    ” what do you mean he likes me”Ivie asked resting her back on the bed

    “Is it that you don’t know or you are just feigning interest”

    “Love is not what I want now ohh”

    “At least loosen your sleeves a bit when you are around him”

    “What on earth is this ,why don’t you loosen your sleeves too around Peter Okafor and all those other guys throwing themselves at you”

    “That’s not funny..peter is a man w---e you know that”
    Iris said shocked tossing a pillow at Ivie who did the same back at her they ended up exhausting them selves with pillow throw and slumped on the bed breathless

    ” I hope we both find that Man that would make us at least stay in love “Ivie chuckled

    ” yeah! Don’t you think we place our dreams too high to allow ourselves fall in love”
    Iris signed
    Distant in thought Ivie signed too

    “love most times ain’t the best experience… Me I never want to fall in love again”

    “Good night girl sweet dreams”
    Iris whispered as she gave in to exhaustion letting sleep take over her.

    Ivie signed again her eyes roaming through the slightly dark room ,someone who had been stung with the bee of love wouldn’t want to taste the honey again. Ivie felt her past resurfacing back of how beautiful it felt to be in love…she cursed silently closing her eyes knowing heartbreak was the price she paid .


    Cleaning the school canteen had not been easy today since Iris winced in pains through her task,griped with exhaustion she slumped down at the chairs close to her in few minutes people will start trooping in for breakfast she needed to gather enough strength,Ivie had persuaded this morning not to go to work but she was determined and here she is regretting why she didn’t call in sick.

    “Seem like you had a bad night” Jude one of the canteen staff asked from the counter where he sat observing her

    “Actually the whole of yesterday was so not my day”

    “That bad huh”

    “Yes Jude you just can’t imagine” she sighed

    The restaurant pushed open sending in early morning chills as two young men walked in,they sat at the other end of the table by the left where they could get a clear view of the outside field.

    What caught Iris was the helmet the other one held,it was the same as the one from yesterday
    She recognized the macho built student as Philip limping to where they both sat,one could glint the hostility in her eyes, the idiot was smiling while she was in pains,he wasn’t all black today this time he wore a black knee stripped Prada jean which hung tightly on him with a Burberry grey shirt and a grey jacket which of cause reeked of money.

    “Good morning Phil” she looked directly at Philip ignoring the other guy.

    “Good morning pretty” Philip greeted catching her obvious mood

    “What would you like to order”

    Liam raised his head to look at the young server,clad in a faded jean trouser and an XL polo shirt that had the signature of the canteen,as much as he would love to compliment her good looks which he rarely does to anyone he thought other wise with the way her coffee eyes turned cold towards him he wondered why.
    She was also acting all rude, mentally he searched if they had met somewhere he did not realize he was down sizing her until when he caught her glare with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes

    Now she looked at him with a slight frown etched on her face before he realized she had said something
    “What?” He snapped looking stupid

    “I was waiting for you to place your order”
    She slurred

    Liam found himself admiring the smooth melodic voice instead of annoyed at her manners

    “Emm… I would like to have black coffee,no sugar please and anything edible for breakfast”

    “Sure even the devil himself lack taste”
    she muttered as she jotted down his order
    Liam furrowed his brow in a derisively questioning grow

    “sorry did you say something ”

    “Huh!” Iris raised her brow”oh no nothing at all”

    She limped back to the counter passing the order to Jude, well the jerk should be greatful she was excerting control,his presence alone upsets her with that she decided to put the events of yesterday behind her.

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