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    Liam, love will soon catch-up wt u

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    love in the air

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    Next…you are doing well

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Chapter 6

    Ànambra state

    Chief Chibuzor Madueke sat down propped in his favourite comfortable upholstered chair with his legs crossed, an elderly man in his late sixties black in complexion,he wasn’t classified as tall or short ,his robust belly could have been what had slightly reduced his height , his hair showing evidence of ageing with a receding pate of hairline.

    Chief as popularly addressed adjusted his medicated reading glasses to his comfort apparently something is keeping him busy ,the sun newspaper had published the weekly stocks of well to do companies in the state been a man who enjoys getting information he scrolled down the paper.
    Instead of whirling away his vacation outside the country Canada to be precise some trivial issues had made him stay back in town to settle for a few days.

    Chief signed in frustration when the creeking sound of the door and approaching footsteps distracted him from his peaceful reading he raised his head up to meet that of his first son as he stood totally at a distance totally unruffled his gaze literary burning holes into chief heart.

    “What is it Chukwudi this one you are acting as if you want to fight me”

    Chief asked not in the list bit shaken by his attitude

    Chukwudi a tall young man was in his late twenties dark complexioned like his father,his seven o clock beard sprout out on his chin showing obvious sign of maturity .

    “Well,what is it?I don’t have the time to amuse myself with this drama you are displaying” chief said quite amused though he hid it well

    “What is this i hear about you arranging a marriage engagement for me without my consent” Chuks asked

    “Oh!i don’t think i need your consent chuks” calmly chief replied as he dropped the sun newspaper at the glass side stool close to him carefully he removed his medicated glasses placing it in its case those slow actions made Chuks snort loud with irritation getting all riled up at every passing seconds

    “Cancel it. There would be no d--n marriage Chuks spoke with finality in his tone as he curled his fist into tight balls

    ” This is more like a bethrodal, if ever you will take over the family business then you would need to settle down with a wife that would set you straight”
    Chief explained trying to be logical

    “Dad you have no d--n right to do that,besides I don’t intend to get married now or anytime in the future”
    he was screaming at the top of his voice now

    “All you have done is cause me problems since the day you were born,I spent millions of naira that I would have been of good use to me getting you out of the bunches of dumpholes you always get yourself into instead of been ungracious you be agreeing to everything I tell you”

    “Seriously” Chuks grunted “if it is all about the millions of naira you have spent on my behalf Dad I don’t feel compelled to be sorry because I am your son” he spat out

    “A son who has been nothing but a pain in the neck,you think you will succeed in sending me to an early grave,it won’t work I am a step wiser and ahead of you idiot,if I know where they discard sons like you that are abominations to parenthood I would have done that a long time” Chief said now standing up

    Chuks was now in a fit of rage
    “if not that you give a hoot of what people would say I know you can be that heartless,but I would be damned if I do what you say Chief”he mocked
    Chief hastily went to jack the already unglued Chuks at the hem of his shirt holding him tight heaving in anger

    “Now you shut up and listen to me fool you are going to marry the girl I have picked for you because I have wasted my money on that family,you have no choice in this or else I will disown you not only that I will disinherit you”

    “You must be joking”
    Chuks choked out as he felt a pang of hysteria take over his senses laughing out loud

    “Off course Chief chibuzo make sacrifices only if it involve his filthy lucre”

    “Ah What was that saying again money the root of all evil…it runs in our vain as much as I hate to admit it….we are both alike dad…so alike”

    With that Chuks pushed his father hands away and stomped out of the living room with a pause when he reached the door “you and your damned asset can go and burn in hell for all I care” he left slamming the door being him with a gratifying loud bang.

    Chief forced himself down to the wine bar with the urge for something strong he poured himself a glass of strong whiskey gulping all down in a jiffy

    Why has God decided to punish him by giving him a devil incarnate as a son,the old man was finding it difficult to admit he was paying for his past mistakes because Chuks was an incarnation of everything he was in his youthful days stubborn,impertinent and cunning,having been threatened with expulsion several times from school for either beating up someone to a pulp,arrested for doing drugs or for molesting a girl.

    Chief claimed his mistakes was what made him who he was today his mistakes favoured him,he was able to secure a good future for himself but seems the price was loosing his wife to child birth and having miscreant as children.
    Chief found himself studying the spacious living room richly furnished with expensive upholsteries ,ornately carved chairs at the wall hung a family album of him Chuks and his daughter everyone seems stiff and awkwardly close another wall opposite hung a masterpiece of African most possessed art. He realized he was lonely and was going to die sad and lonely without his children love.

    Chuks parked his car at the front of his friend compound,drinking from a bottle of McDowell his attempt to cool his burning rage with alcohol only fueled it more

    “D--n d--n d--n” he cursed hitting his steering drawing the attention of few passerby but he didn’t care he had long ago been branded crazy he stepped out of his car banging the door a he paused at the black painted gate that had lost its touch he hit the gate hard as if it was the reason for his plight

    “Guy wetin na! Is it my gate that offended you this afternoon”

    The young man named pascal tall, dark complexioned was clad in shorts and a white singlet he stood akimbo outside his fathers compound watching his friend as he strolled towards him

    “I have not even banged the gate well,am in deep shit because of you” chuks lamented refusing to accept pascal offered hand

    “You looked pissed man lower your voice my old man is around” pascal said wondering what was getting him all worked up

    “If you have not pushed me out out of my house that night I guess wouldn’t be in this shit right now”
    He gulped down the McDowell badly in need of drawing a smoke or two

    “Are you drunk chuks you need to lower your vioce”
    Pascal said turning to peep inside the gate thinking it will open any minute if he didn’t take his drunken friend out of the compound.
    He quickly dragged Chuks a bit further from the house “what shit are you in”

    “Chief is getting a marriage fixed for me”
    Pascal burst out laughing as Chuks glared at him

    “You think this is funny punk ass”

    “I thought you have been disowned and kicked of the house”

    “I will be disowned and he threatened to disinherit me too if I don’t do as he says”

    “And what did you do” pascal asked now serious

    “I faced the bulls by the horns telling him to go to hell”

    “So what do we do”

    “All I care for now is a wrap of Coke got any” Chuks replied

    “You know I can’t keep that at home” pascal chuckled as he stroked his chin mentally trying to figure out what to do

    He was yet to tell his parent the reason for his long stay at home having been expelled from the school with a serious allegation against him,he could already guess his father reaction.
    The old man was a proud and dedicated catholic,recognized in several pious society in the church and also been recently appointed the catchiest of umueze catholic church, he predicted the old man would die of shame but now he had to figure out how to help his friend.
    Pascal had always been the brainstorm ,the one with solutions while chuks was the one who always got the money to spend, now this involved his inheritance one he was certainly going to benefit from because Chuks sure can’t do without him.
    School was a waste of time in his understanding because the only fun part he could remember was the women,gambling,drugs and dealing with terrible hangovers in the morning,soon when the father get the news of his expulsion he will be disowned and homeless

    “we will figure out a way”

    “All I know is I can’t keep on letting that man control my life but I bloody need his money” chuks ranted

    “Why does he hate me so much,most times I feel I should just strangle him and he is giving me every reason to do it”chuks went on ranting viciously

    “Its not getting to that chucks, I will find a way” pascal assured

    “How long”

    “Is it not me again”

    “Go change lets look for where to get that wrap before I lose my mind” Chucks replied walking towards his car as pascal smiled at the thought of having a smoke or two.

    Okay FAM

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    Victoria EzekielVictoria Ezekiel
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    Thank you all for the incredible comments

    Sure William and Iris story is set to keep you on toes trust me its not the usual love drama you can predict before the end.

    Seat tight and put on your seat belts

    The faster the votes the quicker the updates
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    next pls

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    Lovely…new characters to spice up the story…fire on

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