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    Hope say na the same story we still dey read sha??

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    Victoria Ezekiel
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    Chapter 7

    The late afternoon weather turned out to be favourable the shining sun smiled down on mother earth slight breeze bristled silently as students and lecturers trooped in and out of the ever too busy canteen most students wore their expressions on there faces,the loud creaking of chairs,clatters of plates and cutleries,the place was rather crowdy and noisy.
    Iris and Ivie walked into the canteen accompanied by sagbore there close friend and a course mate of Ivie they both work at the school press club but Iris was yet to understand the mystery between the two why he always seems to get on Ivie nerves though she thought he was a perfect match for her loquacious and tenacious friend,the moods between the two was rather

    “My love tell me what you would like to have for lunch,I will ensure you are treated like the princess you are” Sagbore purred he was in a playful mood as he drew out seats for the
    ladies”see I can be a gentleman”

    Ivie grunted as she sat down facing Iris “I told you it was a bad idea following him here the whole school will know he is the one treating us for lunch”
    Iris chuckled as sagbore drew his seat closer to them.

    Sagbore was as tall as Ivie dark complexioned with a polished chiseled face that looks almost innocent hiding any trace of sin he had this smooth sweet voice that caught people attention whenever he speaks,he wasn’t fat but was all meaty and fresh smooth skin which he treated with delicate care spending most of his free time in a spa or massage house .
    The first time Ivie had introduced her to him she had almost confused him for a sissy,never the less he was just a cheerful person and fun to be with he was that kind of guy that was rather seen in the company of girls rather than his male peers.

    “Will you stop fussing over me at least Iris is here too” she complained as he smuggled more closer fussing over her hair

    “I have just missed you so much love of my life” he stole a quick kiss from her cheeks he made an attempt on arranging the strands of weave on that had dropped to her face but she quickly swatted his hands away sagbore laughed obviously enjoying himself he just didn’t know why he enjoyed getting to her.

    “Pretty do you believe me when I say am head over heels for this girl” he chuckled turning his attention to Iris who seem to be enjoying the childish banter replied with a muffled laugh

    “yes I do believe you ”

    “Wetin that one come mean na…I reject every sagbore in my life” Ivie replied with a smile

    “Okay I think I have gotten under your toes enough for today,can we order”

    “Finally” Ivie leaped with excitement “am going to make sure I empty your pocket before we leave here” she threatened as she motioned for the server

    “The pleasure is all mine”sagbore smiled

    ” so I heard you finally put Mr jerk in his place

    “Ivie asked as they were served the food they had ordered with a wave from Jude who sighted Iris it was her half day today

    ” how news travel fast…though serves him right…he called me names “Iris mind brewed at the thought of him

    ” like what”sagbore asked with a chuckle

    “Impulsive,rude scary and ugly…” she tried racking her head for others but her two friends was finding it funny.

    “That guy must have gotten under your skin…even peter didn’t made you that pissed”

    “Lies they both make my skin crawl” she pointed out

    “Whatever” Ivie slurred

    “So you guys coming for the girls night or what”sagbore asked excited of the next day that happened to be Friday

    ” why does it had to be in a club”Iris frowned she had never been to a club before and had several times declined to follow her friends there

    “Loosen up spoil sport jeez!…it’s not a club its just a night lounge and many of our students will be there and you are coming “Ivie replied glaring at her

    “Fine …am coming with you guys” she spoke with a slight hesitation

    “Good girl…you won’t regret it” sagbore clapped happily giving her a wink as she flipped her tongue at him.

    Liam sat down at the other end of the restaurant he had purposely choose that spot when he spotted miss firecracker that’s iris sitting with a group of friends there he could get a clear view of her.

    He was beginning to admit grudgingly that the d--n name Philip gave her really suits her when she wasn’t all wild and scary,she no longer wore the oversized worn out shirt but a chocolate faded tank top that did little to accentuate her shape ,even from a distance her smile was contagious, he didn’t realize he was smiling too.
    If she kept that up the world will lit up
    he thought her musical laughter rang out through out the restaurant
    What was it about her ?
    Picking at his food he had for a moment forgotten that Erin and Philip were sitting close to him

    “Helloo am here flesh and blood ,alive and breathing” Erin spat our irritated as she waved her beautiful manicured fingers at him

    “Isn’t obvious” Philip drawled as miss high and mighty glared at him then turned to Liam

    “Care to share what or who might have piqued your interest”
    Erin smiled painfully a trace of sarcasm in her vioce

    “Well you wouldn’t guess” Liam replied her
    Philip scoffed given Liam a knowing look of what had piqued his interest

    “Common intrigue me” Erin let on

    “Quit it Erin,can we just eat and make out of this day a peaceful one,you promised”

    “I wasn’t making a fuss or anything” she replied wanting to have the last say

    “There she goes again” Philip rolled his eyes

    “Just mind your d--n business nose pucker”
    She cut him off she just hated the guy he was just one of the many obstacles that stood in the way of her and Liam getting together.

    Liam silently chewed on his lunch,he inwardly wondered what his mom had seen in Erin to try to encourage a thing between them all he saw between the both of them if they happened to end up together was an imminent crash he wouldn’t have the patience to endure her dramatic display,he wondered why she was after him her father has his own fair share of wealth and a senator of the state,what does she really want from him.

    Liam eyes drifted to where miss firecracker was paying less attention to Erin who was going out of her way to be chatty with him as she hovers close dotting her attention on him he knew her better she was creating a perfect picture of how close they are she was like a dog ready to bite at girl who came close to him
    He followed Iris every move with his eyes even when she went to the counter to talk to the mancho guy that looked like a sack of rice the familiarity between them made him frown.

    “You are staring at her again” Erin spoke with a frown etched on her face “could you at least get a grip of yourself and respect the fact am here”

    “What? Do I look like have lost it,you are been irrational” Liam replied surprised at himself too

    “Is she the latest” Erin asked not minding if she was actually creating a scene
    Philip almost choked on the water he was gulping
    Liam glared at him unsmiling.

    “Even if she is what is it to you” he asked now testy

    “Is she the reason why you are rejecting me” she asked ignoring Philip upsetting presence

    “What is it she has that am lacking in tell me Liam,s far as my senses permits me isn’t she the canteen staff” her eyes widened in as if in disbelief

    “How could you stand me up for some random impoverished gold digger,a scruffy staff at that”
    Liam snapped dropping his spoon

    “Do you know what you are lacking Erin,self control,you are too overly illusive and irrational for my liking” he glared at her and spoke in a low tone”and don’t you dare give me that sassy attitude maybe you have forgotten who I am I can do as I d--n well please”
    Erin was in no way close to his level and can never be his type,he couldn’t even consider been with her it would turn out a disaster

    “Besides I don’t even recall giving you an impression we have an us” Liam added knowing there quarell had attracted peoples attention he saw as Mrs firecracker looked at him with disdain and turned away from him

    Erin gave him a chagrined look picking her fancy
    handbag and half ran out of the canteen.
    He couldn’t careless if she was crying

    “Am not certain if you really put her in her place, trust me she would come back to stake her claim”
    Philip replied with a worried frown

    “At least I have a few hour of peace and rational thinking” Liam signed with a loss of appetite

    “And an eyeful of someone I guess”. Philip completed grinning from ear to ear

    ” you know what I think my friend ”
    Liam asked motioning for Philip to come closer

    “What?” Philip whispered with a chuckle

    “You are really feather brained”
    Liam concluded his face expression less doing his best to ignore wiping the stupid smirk off his friend face.

    Love is like the wind
    You can’t see it but feel it
    *Nicholas Spark*

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Dis Erin gal sef,what be her own na? Luv na force?
    Liam,de way u r acting tough towards luv,don’t let me have de last laugh oo when I see u wallowing/entangled in it sha!!!

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    I see wat between iris and erin oo

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    What happened to de story [email protected] Ezekiel

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    Victoria Ezekiel
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    Chapter 8

    CHILL girl the party has just started and you are all tensed up”Ivie told her friend seeing her discomfort as she ordered another bottle of wine

    “I can’t chill when am this exposed” Iris frowned

    “I feel all eyes are directly on my chest and laps”

    Ivie laughed as her eyes scanned the spacious lounge that at the moment it could pass for a club the place was clogged with people and different activities going on most were lost in the rhythm of P-SQUARE ALINGO dance style blasting from the DJ while orders were lost in there bottles she noticed truly several glances were thrown there way actually they had warded off a lot guys who obviously thought they were playing hard to get

    “Where is that fat fish anyway”

    “Am sure going to tell him” Iris smiled as she sighted sagbore at the dance floor with a pretty girl that really outdid herself

    “he is probably busy with a big fish he caught” they both burst out laughing

    “That’s what you should do loosen up and have fun” Ivie handed her wine in a disposable cup

    “Make a toast girl” she raised hers up smiling at Iris

    “To having fun and friendship” Iris smiled deciding not to try adjusting her dress since it proved futile.
    She was wearing one of Ivie sleeveless gown that had a V neck spilling her cleavage and exposing her legs with low heels to avoid pains from the already healing foot she twisted.

    The wine tasted sweet with a flavour that lingered the two girls giggled as they found joy in sipping and savouring the taste of the wine.

    “Am not ever refusing wine from you again” Iris smiled at how exciting her first taste of alcohol has turned out

    “Hey girls care if I join you guys”

    Ivie raised her head to meet the tall cute guy as he stood grinning foolishly he was probably doing his best to be charming

    “No” Iris slurred

    “Yes” Ivie replied too quickly”but I don’t want to sit I want to dance” she stood up as she staggered a bit holding the arms of the guy

    “Oops! Easy” the guy snaked his arms around her waist as he smiled sweetly at her

    “Just a bit tipsy but not foolish” Ivie admitted as they sauntered to the dance floor .

    Iris watched as her friend shamelessly moved to the beat of All I WANT IS YOUR WAIST BY IYANYA and Mr tall seem to take advantage of the fact she was tipsy as his hands seems to be all over her having donned the last drop in her cup feeling all alone she stood up from their table feeling a bit too lightheaded and hot as if she was been baked in an oven.

    Iris pushed through the crowd wanting nothing but a breath of clean air the lounge smells of alcohol smoke and sweat she had refused company of all the guys that had asked her to dance or hang out.
    Outside the lounge was dark but she could hear the loud smooching from the corner where she could see the two couples all over themselves obviously that wasn’t privacy what’s wrong with every one.
    Almost every guy and girl had their lips locked on each other and hands wondering she felt so out of place wishing she was in the comfort of her bed with a novel or sleeping.


    Iris gave a loud yelp as someone slap her on her hips with a low whistle she turned to see Peter Obi
    Smiling widely

    “hey sugar”

    Iris frowned peter is like a torn in her flesh since she entered the university he is a renowned skirt chaser but Iris saw him as a mental case who was meant to be in an asylum.

    “Are you mad” she moved backed a bit feeling her skin crawl at his closeness

    “Yes sugar,mad for you alone ” he whistled again as his eyes travelled from her chest down to her legs

    “D--n you look hot sugar”

    “Stay away from me” Iris warned as she walked away from him wanting nothing but to go home she didn’t even want to go back inside she felt so out of place here

    “You can’t run away from me forever sugar,soon I will make you mine”

    The average height man ,muscularly built in his early twenties was good looking with a lip ring that made him look beautiful but he was a mess upstairs he had constantly boasted on his father owning a shipping company with millions to spend he obviously wasn’t used to been turned down as he blocked her way enjoying her dishelved state

    “If you touch me I will slap you so hard ” she warned again slightly frightened as he made a move to touch her .

    “Let her go dude” A calm voice rang out from the dark directly at her back she could feel theΒ  hairs at her neck rise.

    “Who the hell are you,if I were you I would puck my nose elsewhere” peter bellowed back as he glared at Iris supposed defender trying to prove a point he tried dragging her away.

    Iris slapped him hard on the chin giving herself much distance her back hitting on a hard surface loosing her balance she yelped as hard arm circled her waist keeping her from falling she felt fragile and small in his arms.

    “D--n you witch…” Peter cursed rubbing his chin as he took a step closer

    “You should have a rethink,if I were you I would back off” her defender warned again in a calm tone she felt a strange Summersault of butterflies in her stomach as he drew her close to his chest.

    “Bastard…” Peter cursed “sugar am sure you know you won’t get away with this” he made the words lingered in the air as he went back inside .

    Iris took a deep breath”than…thank you”she stammered slightly as she moved away from his arms surprised to see the last person she expected to be her knight in shining armour


    “Yes me ” Liam replied as his eyes scrutinized her from head to toe she was transformed from the oversized T-shirt girl he knew d--n any man would go crazy seeing her dressed like this

    “And am sure you took a look at the mirror before you left your room are you that stupid”

    “What?” Iris seemed confused

    “What?” He mimicked “you are half naked outside this godforsaken place in the middle of the night why won’t any one want to touch you”

    “I didn’t …am not…” Iris caught herself pushing him out of anger “who the hell do you think you are”

    “I am the guy who just saved your ass”liam replied her annoyed as he pulled his jacket wanting to cover her from all the hungry eyes that ogled her

    ” take this and give yourself a bit of decency”he tossed it at iris “and if you can’t hold yourself avoid alcohol” he glared at her

    “you are not my father I can dress as I please and you are no one to tell me what to do”

    Iris thought Liam was another madman she had to deal with everything he said was a word of insult to her for a moment she felt like slapping him too as she tossed his jacket back at him a whift of male scent and expensive Cologne lingered on her nose.

    “You are a real firecracker” he chuckled

    “You are a real jerk”

    she fired back not finding any fun in it, turning to move away before she slapped him but he moved closer and caught her hands they both yelped as some sought of electric current jolted through them there eyes met in confusion Iris holding her breath as his warm breath fanned hers she studied him lost for a moment his kind of looks was the kind that screamed heartbreak.

    The pure male assessment jolted her heart into a frenzy the way he looked at her made her felt torn between running away or kissing those full lips
    She found herself staring into his dark eyes.

    Liam gulped realising he was deeply mesmerized by her eyes her thinned lips begged to be kissed

    Gosh!…were devils meant to be this handsome Iris thought to herself

    the spell was broken when she felt something warm on her shoulder he tucked her arms in and took it upon himself to button the leather jacket covering her exposed chest

    “That was easy” he said with a satisfied smile
    Iris swore never to drink again maybe the wine had started playing games with her brains.

    “Are you always an arrogant Jerk”

    Liam gave her an intensed look as his hands grazed her cheek and then her lips sending tingles through her

    “Maybe am doing a good Job in being a gentleman by depriving myself of knowing how those lips of yours taste”

    “I hate you” Iris spoke weakly as she licked her lips moving away from him

    “The feeling is mutual”

    Liam replied her as she turned away and stomped backed to the lounge he followed her inside wanting to make sure she was safe from the hungry mongers that couldn’t wait to pounce on her. What was he even doing Liam had asked himself but was not ready to give himself a perfect answer,he saw her whispered to the chubby guy he saw her with yesterday he assumed was her friend and whatever miss firecracker told him he frowned standing up and hugged her .

    Liam didn’t like the fact the guy was too familiar around her he cursed as they held hands half dragging the her friend out of the lounge
    Iris sighted Mr arrogant leaning close to the wall that led to the exit she looked at him with disdain or that was what she thought as she followed her friends out of the disaster of a party not wanting to give a thought to why she was all fired up when he was close.

    “One never knows what destiny has in

    Happy new year family
    Am back
    Let’s continue from where we stopped

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    Wow! Good to have you back…next

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    Welcome back!

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