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    Its gud 2 have u back, meanwhile u owe us double update

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    Chapter 9

    Senator James Osazuwa an averagely tall and robustly built man in his late fifties ,chocolate skinned complexion sat down outside the parasol shade overlooking the expanse and beautiful view of his estate in the capital of Edo state Benin,he was deeply in thought ,he was the type of man who wallowed more in his thoughts when left alone.

    The senator was basically the type of man who wore his heart in his sleeves .
    His family dreams had always been for him to become the governor of Edo state since his father who was also a renowned politician hadn’t succeeded in that aspect.
    He watched as his wife Esomo slightly robust who was also in her mid fourties walked towards him .

    “Darling have been looking all over the mansion for you,I didn’t know I would find you here”
    Esomo queried as she sat opposite her husband pouring herself a glass of bottled water

    “So how was your visit to the queen of Benin kingdom”
    Senator James inquired watching her steadily as she gulped down water from the glass cup

    “Hmmm! I got to persuade her to support my campaign as president for women forum initiatives ”
    She made a gesture with her right hand which was decorated with expensive trinkets.
    “At least am positive ( WFI ) funds would rally slightly now I have gained her support maybe the first lady of the state would be on outside”

    “That’s great those upper hand we will need as allies for the next upcoming governorship election”
    Senator replied quite satisfied with the progress

    “But that isn’t enough to be too confident” Esomo continued

    “What do you mean”

    “If you really want to win this governorship election,looking at it from my own perspective,i think we should find a way to get Erin and the prince shackled together in that way we would have more power”Esome supplied

    Senator James stood up abruptly thus causing Esome to look up at him bemusedly
    ” I have already told you times without number to stop dragging our daughter into our business gamble”
    He spoke with a wild frown etched on his face

    “James this isn’t also all about a business gamble ,it is to secure the future of our daughter,prince Esosa is a perfect match for our daughter, he is the heir to his fathers empire”

    “Don’t you think your daughter opinions matters in this” he asked quite baffled

    “Like I will always tell you ‘êñìõwo bùñgbe ùbê õwunmen rhìà êre’ Esomo spoke in a popular Edo proverb translating
    (Too much meat does not spoil a pot of soup)
    That brought out a snort from her husband knowing who she was ,she always argued her point sorting out proverbs to summarize her arguments.

    ” Esomo I know you are trying to drive a point here as usual but Erin is our only child,I don’t want to loose her ,how are you even certain the prince will choose her”
    He as finding her ideas totally absurd

    “Before you married me James you never loved me,it was a marriage of convenience, so marriage isn’t always a bed of roses since mine started out with thorns before you could learn to tolerate me”
    Esomo spat at him already getting aggregated

    “What does this have to do with how our marriage started” Senator James asked infuriated

    “Common James what I mean to say is Erin marriage to the prince of Benin would be a marriage of convenience, A marriage we are both going to benefit from as in-laws to to the royal household…Don’t you get it not all bed are made with roses”

    “Is that why you sent my daughter to that university”

    She grinned mischievously at her husband who gulped at her in bafflement he knew Esomo was ready to do anything for him to win the Election but he suspected there was more reason behind her plots
    ‘Òbò mà mìeñ ûhumùwm èvbìe’ she replied him translating ( if the hand does not meet the head it does not sleep)
    With that she she stood up leaving her husband to wallow in his thoughts

    Esomo was really determined to get their daughter married to the prince.
    What was it with women
    Senator James watched as she elegantly strolled out of the garden .
    One could only wonder what goes through the mind of women.
    He closed his eyes allowing old memories buried deep to come to life,it was a woman who had taught him how to love it was still a woman who had destroyed him he had no choice in then in his youthful days but to chose family ,his marriage to Esomo was of convenience indeed they started out with a loveless marriage, now it was different after so many years they have both learned to accommodate or rather tolerate each other.

    Senator James found himself thinking of his first love Kashi ,he had always wondered where she was if she was happily married with children,he hadn’t gone looking for her cause he knew what his family was capable of ,even though it doesn’t seem to matter now,the memories of his past always comes back to hunt him.


    The dull moon hid well in the clouds obviously showing no sign of coming out of its hiding ,cold breeze bristled giving signs it was going to rain through the night .
    Iris emerged from out from the school canteen it was so late in the evening she and a few staffs had ended up doing the dishes late .
    She was so exhausted to the bones ,she made an effort to stretch the cramps in her back as she walked down the side lane that led to her hostel only a few people were spotted around the cafeteria and a joint were barbecued suya and chicken was sold.
    She had purposely taken the evening shift to rest through the morning then go for her mid morning lecture although the rest of the next day will be occupied with classes.
    The streets light shone through the lane that led to her hostel Iris resisted the urge to pull out her mobile phone from her cheap brown handbag certain Ivie would be trying to call her,but the girl throws a hundred question in short seconds,Ivie had always called it the journalist traits which runs in her family bloodline.

    “Hey sugar”
    Iris heard someone called from behind her she recognized the voice to be that of peter she groaned hastening her pace remembering his threat at the party.
    Its been two days since the incident at the party now no one was there to save her not even that overbearing jerk.
    Peter father held a prestigious position in the shipping business so he boast about how fat his bank account was
    Peter finally caught up with her gripping her arms to halt her movement which made her yelp in panic
    “Caught you” he said turning her around to face him
    Iris noted he was clothed in rugged jeans and a white shirt he wore a face cap too
    “Let me go peter”

    “Wow! Calm down sugar I have no dirty thoughts in mind”
    “I couldn’t care less what goes through your mind just leave me alone” she snapped at him
    The nitwit thought he could get away with just anything because he comes from money.
    That was the main reason why she meticulously avoided them like a plague since they shamelessly flaunt their wealth to cover up their dirty mistakes.

    “Is it that you despise me that much or is it all about that stuck up bastard at the party”
    “What are you talking about peter”
    “Is he the one that you open those cute little legs for”
    “What ?” She opened her mouth
    “You think I don’t know the shit that happens around the school the way he follows you or eat you up with his eyes…so don’t play dumb with me”
    “Last time i checked I don’t owe you any explanation”
    “If I can’t have you,that bastard can’t have you too,I will make sure of that”
    “Who the hell are you talking about” Iris yelled at him pushing him away from her
    “The guy at the party”
    Iris eyes widened in apprehension she found it difficult to believe that the jerk who had almost ran over her insulted her at the canteen and humiliated her at the party was watching her.
    She looked at peter annoyed

    “You are a stupid fool peter ,so you know I detest him as much as I detest you so stay the hell away from me”
    With that iris hurried away from him
    “One of this days sugar I will get you and then I will make you mine” Iris heard him shouted
    “Stupid fool” she shouted back at him
    “Am sure you have enough birds to snag so stay away from me peter”

    Peter held himself from following her he instead walked backwards towards the Barbecued joint where his friends were hanging out his eyes trained on her swaying backside.
    He needed to think of a more better way to convince the beautiful girl to be his ,for him Iris Ezinna was the only icing he needed on his cake.
    He turned to face the obstructing tree he almost tripped on,silently he cursed at the tree kicking the offending tree as if it was the reason for his plight.

    * The man who fetches firewood infested with insects invites lizard into his house*

    Here is an update as requested
    Thank you all for following this far
    I apologise for the unannounced disappearance

    Air your thoughts on the book so far

    Please hit the Love shape button.

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    Next pls

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