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    You this big fool Angela, am so sorry for you. God will see you through….

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    U are just suffering for a guy who doesn’t deserve u

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    Hmmm dis girl no wan wise

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    Final Episode

    Season 2 (Love by Mistake) By Okon Daniel
    Episode 26 (Final Episode)
    A Story of Love and Betrayal
    #Brightlovestory #Isloveacrime
    When she got back to the dormintory, she just lied on her bed and slept off, meanwhile Cecilia sneaked out of the dormintory to see Kingsley who was also waiting to see her, Kingsley was at the school field playing ball with his friend, she quickly signaled Kingsley to meet her in an empty class, as Kingsley quickly fell on the ground, pretending to have acquired an injury so that he would be substituted, His plan worked to his favour, as he quickly sneak to an empty class to see Cecilia, when he entered the classroom he quickly locked the door as he hugged Cecilia tightly and started smooching her, the romance was so intense as their sexual urge build up and they started having sex in the classroom, ignoring the environment and punishment they might face if they were been caught.
    Gloria was strolling in the school compound to check if her notebook was still intact in her locker, when she heard some strange sounds coming out from the JSS 2b Classroom, it drew her attention as she quickly move to where the sound was coming from, when she near the door of the classroom, she was shocked to hear sounds of students having sex, so she quickly peeped at an opening in the window to see who it was, and she was shocked to see Cecilia and Kingsley in the act, she quickly ran back to her dormintory without them noticing her presence, when she got to the dormintory she wanted to inform Angela, but Endurance stopped her as she drew her hands out of the room.
    ENDURANCE: Is anything the problem
    GLORIA: Yes, dear, I just caught Cecilia and Kingsley having sex inside Jss 2 classroom
    ENDURANCE: And what is the big deal about that
    GLORIA: You there is nothing surprising about what I just told you
    ENDURANCE: It’s not a new thing to me because I have seen them on several occasions having sex but I just kept it to myself #Brightlovestory
    GLORIA: Why do you not open up to Angela
    ENDURANCE: Angela will never believe, so there is no need telling her, anyway keep it yourself and make sure you do not tell Angela anything that happen
    GLORIA: Hmm… I will try to
    Meanwhile after John finished playing ball he started looking for his Bae Cecilia, but to no avail, Praise noticed that he was searching for Cecilia, he quickly called John.
    PRAISE: Na your babe you de look for
    JOHN: Yes bro, how you take know
    PRAISE: I be guy like you na, so I understand when we de look for our banny
    JOHN: Nonsense boy, anyway you don see her
    PRAISE: Hmm… bro I never see her oo, but I hope say Kingsley de room
    JOHN: The dude no de room, I no know wey him even de
    PRAISE: Bro, make e no be wetin I de think ooo
    JOHN: Wetin be that
    Just in, they saw Kingsley coming out from the school compound, as he strolled to where they were standing, he chatted with John for some minutes as he walked to his dormintory with his friend, Praise was still standing at the spot Kingsley met them, he was staring at the school gate wondering what Kingsley was doing in the school compound, all of a sudden he saw Cecilia coming out from the school compound as he smiled and shook his head in disbelief.
    One fateful evening while Angela and Endurance were strolling, Endurance decided to have a little chit-chat with Angela, so that she can expose all Cecilia evil deeds to her. WhatsApp +2349071507271
    ENDURANCE: Angela I have been thinking of something
    ANGELA: What’s that dear
    ENDURANCE: How much do you trust Cecilia
    ANGELA: Not that much, ever since I discovered that she had a crush on my boyfriend, I find it difficult to trust her
    ENDURANCE: But you always forgive her whenever she does something wrong to you
    ANGELA: What do you mean, Cecilia is my best friend and I believe she cannot do anything to hurt me, everything that happened in the past was a lie, and we all know that she was been framed for it
    ENDURANCE: Framed indeed, sorry if this question might hurt you why do you find it difficult to leave Kingsley
    Angela stared at her for some minutes as she shook her head and smiled. #IsLoveacrime
    ANGELA: Kingsley is like a whole world to me, I can’t afford to lose him, he is the first guy that I have ever love deeply
    ENDURANCE: Wow that’s nice of you, am happy for you
    ANGELA: Can I tell you a little secret I hope you will keep it to yourself
    ENDURANCE: You can count on me for any secret
    ANGELA: Kingsley is the only guy who have seen my nakedness
    ENDURANCE: What do you mean by that
    ANGELA: He is the only person that have had sex with me, I Love Kingsley and I can’t afford to lose him, how do you expect me to survive dear
    Endurance was shocked as she pitied Angela, as they were about to continue their discussion, they saw Gloria coming towards their direction so they quickly changed the gist.
    GLORIA: Hello girls, what you people doing here
    ANGELA: We are just receiving some cool breeze
    GLORIA: Wow that’s nice
    ANGELA: OMG I just recalled that I forgot my notebook in the exam hall, please can follow escort me to get my book
    So they strolled to their exam hall, immediately Angela opened the door, she saw Cecilia and Kingsley smooching passionately, she felt like the earth should open and swallow her, she screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks, she turned and ran out from the classroom, Kingsley wanted to chase after her but Cecilia held him back.
    The End
    How is the story so far..

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    Angela always the fool and her friends are not in anyway helping matters. Next please

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    Let’s see where d whole thing will end, nice story.

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    senator danielsenator daniel
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    This Angela is so dumb

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