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    You don kill someone

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    Next episode asap

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    It’z Wizzy
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    Wisdom u f----d up big times dis keeper would av been d one to keep against other schools and i bet it will b heard to win u guys, hope he’s not dead as u say

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    Episodes 41
    There are some tough decision you make at times just to scale through some circumstances and you end up regretting them,instead of you to be happy you find yourself doing otherwise.the goal was a wonderful one which is suppose to be highly Celebrated but due to the situation on ground only few people celebrated me while others were running hectar scatter to the goal post in other to save the goal keeper who has already stopped breathing laying lifeless on the floor with Blood tripping out from his nose and ear. The feelings of guilt surge through me and my legs started shaking like an epileptic patient as I saw the best keeper I have played with so far been surrounded by students at that point I started praying vibrantly for him not to die.i was still deep into my meditation when someone tap my shoulder from the back and I turned to see Isabella,vincent,adaeze and anabel at my back smiling cheerfully which reduce my pain a little as I forced a smile out of my lips too.
    “calm down dude, everything will be alright”.Vincent cautiously retorted with a. Cheerful smile.
    “is not that it is even youŕ fault, you made us proud don’t worry please just free youŕ mind”.adaeze said staring at my eye brows directly Like she wanted to remove my pain from them.
    “yeah, I did but at the contraction of someone life, what if he… “.
    “he won’t die”.Isabella interrupted my speech with a sharp blunt Voice.
    “he just fainted and will soon be up on his feet with proper medication”.she added and I stare at her with my mind a little bit at ease at the sound of her sweet melodious voice which always heal my wound and calm my heart.
    “please just calm down OK!,atleast for us, your friends”.Anabel elucidated slowly.
    “yes we are always here for you, that is what friends are for”.Vincent added and I exhale deeply. We watch as gabriel is been carried into the school bus on a stretcher and they drove out slowly out of the premises and I said my last prayer pleading for his life.
    We were called back to the field and the ss2 pass their ball signifying another start,a new keeper is seen standing on the goal Post as they played, yes they cos my mind was not at rest I felt like been substituted as I stare at the second keeper with the fear of playing a ball toward him in other not to break his head again like the previous encounter with Gabriel. As fate will have it the referee blow his final whistle which signify the end of the match and a pure winning to the ss1 as people started trouping into the field to congratulate us with shout of joy forgetting that someone is in the hospital cos of the match played, this is really football, anything can happen.
    The principal later summoned us along with the ss2 students with the golden cup rested on the projector and we match in line standing close to him on the stage made for announcement at the sport.people clap and cheer at us from different seat and I smile at interval as the guilty feeling was already dead inside me replaced by joy which were been bestowed on me by isabella beauty and Voice.
    “finally,the long Race is about to start now, I must accolade all the participant of this game for a job well done, you guys are Great and are good keep it up”.the principal announce and cheers followed up immediately from the crowd of students while Uncle Victor was busy smiling cheerfully close to us.he later made some few speech and he gave some silver medal to the ss2 as they march down slowly shaking hands with us which we reciprocated in a cheerful mind filled with harmony.
    “wisdom wealth!!”.he called aloud using the mic and teachers with students clap and shout at the mention of my name as I match slowly toward him facing him on the high projector and he started smiling aloud.a photographer Was busy taking pictures of the event and the principal stretched his hand for a handshake which I took with an open welcomed mind and people started cheering aloud once again.
    “you came to this school just two weeks ago on a scholarship,and I sat in my office thinking so loud on why a school will award one of their own a scholarship to leave the school but I was unable to picture a good reason out of my mind. Now I know why, they actually sent you out of the school not that they awarded you as it seems to like,they sat down and plan on how to send you out because they saw your star, because you are more than them,you are greater than the whole School, you are a conqueror!!”.the principal exclaimed aloud and people shouted in affirmative.
    “call him conqueror!!”.the principal shouted.
    “conqueror!!!!”.the crowd shouted back.
    “I said call him conqueror!”.the principal shouted again.
    “conqueror!!!!!”.the students shouted back.
    “I once told your mom that this School need you just like they need the staffs,you came to this school as a bare footed boy,embarrassed by your fellow mate, punished unjustly by people who felt your are not suppose to be in their mist,yes they are very correct. You are not suppose to be in their mist you are suppose to be in a league of people greater than them, above their standard over their reach, but above all you remain determined and focus keep it up wealth,the sky is not just your limit but your stepping stone”.he concluded and he pulled me into a tight hug for minutes before releasing me and I thank him Ernestly for his courageous advice and statements.he hand the cup over to me followed by echoes of uproar from the cloud and he also gave a golden medal to all my other teammate including uncle Victor as they smile cheerfully with joy.
    “am sorry sir I cannot take this medal, it belong to Gabriel Johnson he deserve it”.i bluntly elucidated when he wanted to put my own medal on my neck and he smiled.
    “you are not just good but also meek in Heart keep it up boy”.he replied and gave me the silver medal that was suppose to be giving to Gabriel before and he kept the gold medal for him.
    Vincent and matt raised me up my feet the moment I step down from the stage and other students join in the merriment shouting on the top of their voices while switching the cup from themselves happily.i stare at Isabella seat and I saw her applauding happily for me with a thumbs up which I reciprocated with a wink. As fate will have it the closing bell rang which signify the end of the day school and also the end of schooling for the week as I walked home as usual discussing with my best male friend Vincent,rejecting Isabella offer to help us not because I don’t want to enter a Lamborghini infact I yearn to be in the car with her but because I don’t want her to know where I am me stupid, I have never been shy of where am living before but with Isabella I am.i don’t even want her to know the name of my area not to mention the street and Ofcus the house.
    _____________TWO DAYS LATER _______________
    It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the sun was resting vehemently at the east zone hitting the Earth with it beautiful rays which seem totally magnificent and awesome beyond measure, I and my mom were already back from service some hours ago and we sat down discussing happily with a mother and son endless sweet spike visibly seen in our fun discussion and laughing cheerfully amidst sweet sensational joy.i remember her happiness when I told her about the outcome of the final match. She caught me and embrace me in a very tight hug like a day old kid I was extremely happy.
    “wisdom please go out and get me some water”.my mom requested stopping our sweet discussion abrutedly.
    “ok mom!”.i replied picking a bucket from the floor and I went out heading to the well.
    The well is at the extreme of our compound with a low fence close to it making it possible for someone to see and interact with people outside, I was busy fetching the water and humming a song when suddenly a pink Range Rover sport stopped abrutedly close to my mom kiosk.i thought the owner came to purchase something untill I saw something that grip my soul and mind, I watch in fear as two guards putting on complete black wears with guns holded famely in their hands,one of the guard open the back door and she step down majestically,yes she step down,i said she step down,isabella step down from the car.
    To be continue……….

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    She finally knows where you stay

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    You see you’ve been a bit foolish not sitting in her car all this while

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